I remember when I was in the fourth grade. I had a teacher named Mrs. Yaffey. She was Jewish.

I attended an elementary school in Bayside, New York at the time- P.S. 203.

I wrote a play back then as an assignment in which I chose specific classmates to act out in roles I had created within my story. I even cast a student for the narration in between scenes that I had written.

This preparation took place among us all in our classroom.

I never received a low or bad grade on book reports so knew I could write well at an early age.

Reading and writing were my best subjects.

After Mrs. Yaffey was impressed by one of my book reports- she to my surprise- gave me the lead role as Robinhood for our school play called “Potpourri”.

I was not one who wanted to be in the spotlight, so I gave the part to a girl named Erica Goldstein. She had a narrator role in which I exchanged with her.

Throughout the days up until we were to perform on stage in front of an auditorium full of people we rehearsed and had to get our apparel and costumes ready.

I had to wear a white shirt, a black belt, and black tights as the narrator. “Robinhood” had to wear her cape and each other character according to their required specific wardrobe.

During opening night my mother later expressed to me that she was disappointed that I had such few lines in a small role. I don’t think she liked that I gave up the lead part to someone else.

But things like that were not a big deal to me. I was not a child who liked being the center of attention.

My mother did not mean any harm, she was just a parent who was proud of her kid.


4 thoughts on “Scene Of The Play

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. You did good. Like you, I don’t like being the center of attention, I don’t like taking credits either

    1. Thank you. You’re wonderful.

      Acknowledgement for our talents or accomplishments is a nice thing and we can appreciate when others take notice as they may see qualities within us that we may have skipped over or have not fully given awareness to, yet we do not desire to be recognized for our achievements or abilities.

      We prefer and are perfectly fine staying behind the scenes and, in the background, just being ourselves, doing what we love, and trying our best to make it through life.

      We are to feel comfortable with ourselves and not seek or require the validation of others to feel secure.

    2. Just want you to know I did not at all forget about you either!

      I have been busy working. I have a day off tomorrow. So, I will definitely be visiting your blog.

      Have a blessed day ❤

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