Fortunately, peace of mind cannot be purchased because if so then it could just as easily be stolen.

Some people search for peace of mind through the presence of other people or through the gaining of material assets and worldly pleasures- none of which are the true origin of where peace of mind lays.

My peace of mind always originated within my spirituality, the person I am, the mentality I hold- the essence that beholds. Inner depth of foundation.

My peace of mind is not contingent upon circumstance or chance.

During a wild storm of a hectic life season, I remain cool and calm because what appears hectic to another is a tidal wave that I ride like a breeze.





3 thoughts on “Riding The Wave Of Peace: My Unwavering Peace Of Mind

    1. You will be just fine!

      Things in life can seem or become overwhelming at times and as a result may cause apprehension, worry, concern etc…. And those are valid responses in this unpredictable world we live in.

      We never know what to expect in our lives sometimes. Just day to day things can be nerve-wracking- but you are bigger than that!

      You are strong. 🧸❤

      No matter what you deserve

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