I was told twice yesterday by a mature (ninety-five year old) woman of experience that because of the way I look physically, and the way that I carry myself, I should be in movies.

This is not the first time I have been told these words and similar ones alike.

As a teen and young adult, some people would ask me if I was a model and would tell me that I could be one.

Another person told me they saw me as a movie actress type who was supposed to be writing screenplays.

Aside from other things, I could have been a lawyer or a psychologist if I had really wanted and chose to. I have both the smarts and the mindset.

The fact is, I never wanted a life in Hollywood to be broadcast on television, or to be photographed for magazines walking down the runway.

I never had the desire to be a legal representative or mental health specialist either.

Though many of us are qualified or can do or become professionals in more than one area, it does not mean this is a preferred career or path to seek.

Jobs and job labels do not define us as individuals.

Even though there are narrow-minded misinformed people who believe the higher the title or higher the income, the higher the stature.

Someone who does not have a job or who has a job that is considered low rank in comparison to high-level/high-profile jobs can have far more integrity, intelligence, ability than the one touting their so-called credentials.

They may have just not gotten the right opportunity, could have fallen into hard times, did not believe enough within themselves or did not have any support.

There are several reasons and factors for why those who could achieve great heights do not.

A lot of people who are in positions of power or who hold positions that are praised within society are not as adequate as they think they are or would like to believe.

Many of them are nothing but shit! They are as common as they come- there is nothing special about their existence.

Novel within character and mindset unlike the ordinary are what define true standing within its authenticity.




11 thoughts on “A Job Does Not Define One’s Worth

  1. Strong words and so true, I find almost how you have labelled achieving “great heights” plays into this narrative. I quite enjoy having a job I can do well rather than one I can shout about. I don’t need to have a job with a high salary to prove I am intelligent, unique or interesting. In fact many celebrities I find do lack a characterful personality, and often die young through drugs etc, as they can afford them. How our society is setup feeds into this narrative so I don’t think it is peoples fault per se for being narrow minded, although that is not to say that they can’t learn to truly appreciate the joy that is actually around them. Thanks for this post 🙂

    1. You are 100% correct in your statements. I could not have said it all better! I appreciate you sharing your input and insight. 🧸🌷

      Since childhood I was so sick and tired of seeing certain people downgrade and judge other people because they felt these people did not “appear” in their eyes to live up to or meet their standards of what is expected educationally or job wise when nothing could have been further from the truth.

      And it isn’t always about work or education with them. They even make judgements about people who do not drive and operate their life in the fashion of what they do to fit the norm- a bunch of ridiculous nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with the character, knowledge or capability of a person.

      Some of the strongest, good-hearted, sufficient people I have met are the ones who have often gotten snubbed at.

    2. Very nicely said and I fall into so many of these boxes personally. I think it begins at school and perhaps is influenced by family views on certain life choices. I do not drive but have been repeatedly asked “when am I going to learn”. I think these kind of assumptions are stigmatising to so many people like you say who aren’t close to the middle of the spectrum of popular choice …

    3. You are absolutely correct about everything you said!

      P.S. I too am one who does not drive. I personally do not have the desire to and so far I do not ever plan to. Vehicles are sometimes convenient to have but they are not a want or necessity in my life.

    4. Which is totally okay. I find whilst they have got a little better. Job adverts used to say so frequently you need to drive when based at one place. I think society does need to cater better for people who like to commute by other means. Our public transport systems are worse than a lot of other countries e.g. Spain and France, and our pavements are inconsistent at best, not to mention the cycle lanes that don’t go anywhere or become pavements. I do think the climate change issue isn’t really being considered properly, as these modes of transport would be much greener …

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