While I got a ride from work today by an associate of mine, she brought up today being International Women’s Day.

She mentioned how we need more women leadership and women in power.

And how we need to get these crazy men out of office.



I totally agreed with her, and I added that the time for this change is far overdue.

She acknowledged how we have a few wacky women in congress and other places that need to go too.

However, for the most part things would be better if more women ran the show.


13 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

    1. Thanks dear and I also appreciate you💕🤗😊
      By the way can I ask a question.. Are you a Girl Or a boy..?
      Actually I just read your name so..

    2. That’s Great dear friend🥂💕
      Actually Do you use Snapchat..?
      Actually I’m asking because so that we both can connect there if you are ok then.. Because I’m nee here and want to discuss some points so..

    3. No. I never had or used snapchat but I have heard of it before a while back. And I have seen people on there using it.

      I have used Whatsapp and Google Duo in the past.

      But I would love to talk with you one day!❤

    4. Yes it’s ok dear friend🥂
      And Same here! I’d also like to know more about things from you! But some else day, because as you said that you don’t use snap so..
      Bye tc

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