Another short Miss LaToya Bio

My mother, Patricia

I’m Latoya Lawrence; my site is about my natural connection with the universe and spiritual realm. My true knowledge, gifts and powers of enlightenment and spirituality. I am one genuinely born with a caul/veil, and I am a natural born writer. 

August 26, 2007

I am a thirty-two year old African American female. I’m very strong-minded, honest, confident, and determined. I’m also an unconventional individual.

I love certain types of puppies. All types of music. I love the outdoors when I am set to go somewhere. I detest liars. I detest jealous people, and ignorant people turn me off as well!

Owner:   Miss LaToya Lawrence

Website: Born With Second-Sight

Bio:  Hello, I’m an author who loves to write. I write for business and for fun.

I don’t limit the stories that i write to one particular subject matter i create real-life, mystery, suspense and thriller novels.

I have two published books out there on the market and plenty more to come!

I’m a strong-minded person who goes for what she wants regardless of what others think.

I am very opinionated and very outspoken but not so pig-headed that i can’t listen to another’s point of view.

I’m also a very independent person who mostly likes to do things for herself and, i am confident in the things that i do when i set my mind to it and once my mind is made up no one can discourage me!

I respect people who are very intelligent and who respect themselves. I like people who think for themselves and who are not easily influenced by others. I like to see good people succeed in life and don’t like no good people who seek to bring them down due to their feelings of envy and jealousy.

Other than writing, I am a person who likes to go out and enjoy herself from time to time by traveling to good restaurants. I also enjoy watching good movies, listening to good music and talking to people who are worth my time.

I’m a person who is very spiritually inclined and, have a strong knowledge and belief in things of a higher power.

I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I’ve traveled through other states but i plan to live in New York for the rest of my life. I was brought up by a very good mother who taught me right from wrong and who did her very best to make sure that i had all the things i needed in my life as a child. She bought me my first electric typewriter when i was twelve years old.

I inherited the gift of writing from my mother who majored in secretarial science and who could also write music and play the sax! I’ve been a writer ever since the age of ten.

And when i turned eleven i had the opportunity to get the short horror stories that i use to create published but i turned down the offer.

Sometimes i wish i had of gotten my stories published back then. It would have been nice to be that young and have books out that no one helped me to write.

I’m thirty years of age now and published my very first book when i was twenty-four so i still was able to achieve that goal. People came back to back at my first book signing buying my books.

As a young child, i also practiced gymnastics. It was nothing major, i didn’t take it far because eventually i grew out of it.

I collected a large variety of Archie and Betty&Veronica comic books along with the rest of their gang such as Jughead. And i collected a bunch of movie videos and video games. I loved Miss Pac-Man.

There was a lot of fun activities i did as a child. I kept myself so busy doing positive things while i was younger that now i feel like an old person.

Not too many things can really excite me or hold my attention because i already had most of my fun! Now i just want to sit back and write and spend time with myself. I don’t need to be around a lot of people to have a good time. I can be alone without being lonely.

Anyone interested in buying my books can call the following numbers:

My Cup Overflows, A biographical tale of my life growing up as a child. It’s a story of love, violence, jealousy, street-life and the supernatural. The price is 13.00 at Dorrance Publishing Company 1-800-788-7654

Danielle’s Diary, A fictional tale of a neglected teenage girl and her younger siblings. It’s a story of a mother who sits by and lets her daughter be abused at the hands of her degenerate boyfriend. The price is 14.50 at Author House Publishing Company 1-888-280-7715

14 thoughts on “A Bit About LaToya

    1. 🌼Okay. That is very nice of you and it is nice to hear from you. I appreciate your visit.🌷🌷🌷

      I hope you are having a lovely day.♥️

  1. Dear Miss Latoya,

    I am very happy for you having found self-awareness in your personal universe. Hopefully, you are at peace. However, I must beseech you to discontinue posting photographs of other people who may not be of the level you have attained. This is a very negative act that can only perpetuate even more negative vibrations. Innocent people have been hurt by your words, accusations and postings…individuals who have done you no harm and who in fact, hardly know who you are. If you are correct in your perception that you have been wronged, committing a similarly unsavory act only brings you down to the level of those who have wronged you.

    Please remove all name references and photographs of other people from you webpages. Such slander, justified or not, are not the actions of a highly spiritual individual.

    I hope you realize that although you have traveled a long way to attain the level of enlightenment you have achieved, you…as all of us do…have a long way to go. Every day is a lesson. Your message has been received. Hopefully, they have learned from it and will eventually grow as you have grown.

    Please remove the photos and names. it has caused great harm. A person of your insight is way above such negativeness.

    Thank you.


      Oh poor Lizette, she doesn’t want her face shown in a truthful article that I wrote about years ago in regard to an incident that she and others had took part in, and that many others know about, yet she did not mind to expose her vagina to the array of “universal” penises all over and throughout the New York area of queens and beyond. The whore that would fuck different niggers every night for years and who was continuously having a numerous amount of abortions how in the world could her rotten ass have escaped disease I bet her nasty ass has caught every STD known to man.

      If she were able to dish it out back then “baby ho” should be ready to take it much harder now!

      Why does she want to hide? She once ran to live in Puerto Rico with her grandmother years ago but that move did not last for very long I guess it was too boring for her. She came back to New York stayed for a while then ran down to Raleigh, North Carolina; Bitch can’t hide from her past.

      “This Clark person is full of shit too”. Read more of the truth that the liars (They all know who they are) do not want to hear and admit to through the above link

      I could have posted this Clark Hardcastle link-originating where the silly and obvious alias came from because George thinks that he’s such a genius but he is just a sick and twisted jealous/envious male gossipy bitch-last year but I knew the sick mother fucker would have just deleted the link of him being sloppy just as he changed his number to private years ago after he got caught and felt stupid for crank calls to my home and to an associate of the family at the time.

      George Owens aka Clark Hardcastle(

      George is Clark and they both are Taalib! He never was too bright even though he thinks that he’s the smartest thing in the universe yet never knew what he was actually talking about. He thinks that he’s so intelligent and that is so funny as he is nowhere as intelligent or bright as me or my mother. If he was so smart why did he sleep with a woman who had AIDs? We knew the woman had it back in the day before it had got out to everyone! We knew one day he was going to get his! Nigger use to call my home back in the nineties every Saturday and Thursday then hang up, what a sick fuck! We saw him on our ID caller plus we had *69 him (when the feature first came out he had no clue about it) and got his answering machine with his voice and name yet he still denied it and we weren’t the only one’s he had done it too. He’s such a big liar and not a very good one only the dumb ones he can fool! Stupid ass George also got arrested for tax evasion/fraud (


      Hey Georgie, Georgie Jose can’t get it up! Mrs. Perez had said. But you got it up didn’t you “Georgie boy” (and caught something big-the big A) even though you said her daughter was stupid and that you didn’t like white meat. I have an excellent memory! When I was fifteen years of age do you remember telling me that slut bitch Joanne Anderson slept/fucked two of her brothers? I bet you’d deny it but I remember! You just loved to run your mouth but you ran it once too many!(

      I remember when this guy by the name of George Owens (who always thought he was the smartest thing in the world and that he knew everything but was nothing but a dumb ignorant undesirable fuck who didn’t know what he was talking about who’d constantly gossip about everyone then go smile in their face) said “She can’t even do this”, talking about me doing the annual account for my mother who was conservator over my grandmother’s affairs years ago as my mother would ask him to do it once a year (he didn’t even know me personally or well enough to know what my capabilities were but I knew him as I could read him like a book and knew that one day he would get his and he sure has gotten his! I won’t mention what it is though as I have already discreetly mentioned it in a post last year).

      And I thought that was interesting since the lawyer over my mother and another professional woman had stated that he didn’t know what he was doing as he kept getting it wrong every year. The annual account didn’t start getting done accurately until I became the one to complete it from then on and it was documented, we didn’t need him. The stupid ass George Owens even got arrested for tax evasion ( he goes by a muslim name now. I’ve always filed and done my taxes completely on my own without the help of anyone every year. I’ll tell you, jealousy is a bitch. (

  2. I am Ra’Tonya. A caulbearer, rh neg, born 4-21-1975. Real deal but not involved in anything but being there for info. You may contact me.


      So strange. I knew a amazon-looking crack-head street whore from back in Hollis, Queens who went by the name Venus who was very jealous of me and her blood type was RH negative and she was born April 29 (4/29/I don’t remember what year she was born) but she was way older than me at the time, she was in her forties when I was in my twenties.

      Anyway, she had AIDS and one night went into the emergency room using my name, date of birth and address, but where she was stupid at is that I do not have RH negative blood type which Venus often described as monkey blood. And I did not ever go into the emergency room because I never attended that hospital.

      I had found out about what she did years ago not so long after she had done that stupid shit and confronted her.

      She was trying to get back at me and thought by using my name, date of birth and address at the time it would get out, hoping that someone who worked there and who may have at the same time lived in our area and who may have known me would come across her medical file about her having AIDS and think that it was me. But like I said before she was stupid because she and I do not even have the same blood type.

      So her garbage failed and to her or anyone else who is jealous of me and wishes that I actually had that nasty disease or any other disease or downfall for that matter it is too bad because It is just impossible. It is not my fault that other people have fucked up their lives and I didn’t fuck up mine through sex, drugs and/or alcohol so just get over it.

    1. No, my last name is Lawrence just as my blog is titled. And I have no aunt by the name you’ve mentioned. “Let’s not play silly games!”

  3. Dear Latoya, I never know or believe in black magic or voodoo before until i feel it i’m one of the victim. I believe who make this to me is one of the family friends jealous on me. I always feel depress, can’t sleep, i feel my whole body is in pain. My hair start to get thinner. I can’t even think to work anymore. I always feel like to be alone because of pain that i feel. Please i really need your help. Tell me how to heal it. Please help…

  4. Dear La Toya,

    I hope you would please reply me. I arrived at your writing, in which you said that you believe from your personal experience that man can have sexual relations with spirits. I am interested in female Jin and Succubus.

    I shall be very greatful if you please reply to me, preferably in my email address, which will remain hidden here, but might be you can see.

    Kind Regards

  5. Queens in the house! It was so nice to discover your blog today. It bought back my own memories of riding the F, E trains. Congrats on your success and much more.

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