If I Ever Get The Chance


There are wonderful puppies and dogs that come in a variety of breeds, shades, and sizes.

However, I was one who preferred large dogs over smaller ones.

The only small dogs I ever owned was a Poodle and a Chihuahua, and I did not keep the Chihuahua too long. I was not crazy about the tan puppy I named “Peaches”

If I was to get a small breed of dog it would be the Beagle and the Shetland Sheep dog (Shetland’s are in the Collie family).

A gorgeous-looking stray Beagle with blue eyes wandered to the front of my yard years ago when I still lived within the home I grew up at.

I was in my thirties and I would have taken her in, but I did not know where she came from and if she was free of disease. I did not want to take the risk.

My next-door neighbor ended up taking her in and I regretted not being the first to scoop her up as one day she came over to me and ignored my neighbor who was calling her to come back.

I had to pick the Beagle up and hand her over to my neighbor. That is the only way she departed from me.

There was something very special about that dog. We connected instantly.




Tina’s Beautiful Cat



I have an aunt named Tina who I am not too fond of and who I do not want to be bothered with, however, she loved my dog Brandie as did I and other family members.

Tina had a dog of her own during her teenage days before I was born. But, for the most part Tina is a cat person.

When we shared our family home many years ago, she had a couple of pet cats.

Now as Tina is in her early sixties, she continues to own cats.

Tina had been trying to contact my mother and I through the years, yet we did not respond. So, I finally gave her a chance to connect with me a year and a half ago.

She told me how she watched one of her cats take their last breath and how she planned to get a new cat to keep her other cat company.

I kindly purchased some supplies for her pets from Chewy.com. She did reimburse me though I was looking for nothing in return.

Tina had even invited me to her apartment.

I met one of her cats who had been with her for the longest while the other new cat she adopted was hiding somewhere around the apartment still adjusting to her new home.

The white-colored cat that came over to greet me was adorable and so sweet. She had beautiful eyes and such a wonderful essence about her that I could sense.

Within that moment I understood why Tina loved her so much. In fact, I had an adoring feeling for this lovely creature.




My Poodle


As I have been blogging for about sixteen years altogether, I have mentioned throughout that time more than once, for those who are not aware, that I had my very first pet, a pure-bred German Shepherd puppy when I was the age of seven.

From then on, I welcomed many puppies, dogs, and even a few cats inside my home.

My family were not strangers to animals as on my mother’s side of the family- her mother’s mother- they owned a farm in Halifax, Virginia.

So, they had plenty of dogs, chickens, pigs, cattle and so on. My family had their own business in the south.

Most of the dogs that I had were German Shepherds who were mixed, Labrador’s who were mixed, one Chihuahua, and I had a pure-bred poodle.

“Dancer” was an adult small-size white-colored poodle.

She was the second dog I ever owned as a child.

Dancer was very smart and would exhibit human-like behavior just as “Brandie” did (my beloved dog who I adopted later).

Dancer was still at home when I brought seven- to eight-week-old Brandie home from North Shore Animal League in the summer of 1986.

Afterwards, another puppy came from North Shore. Then came “Benji”, a Labrador puppy who I got from a litter through a neighbor.

There was a time I had three dogs in the home all at the same time.

Dancer and I spent a lot of time together, but she was an old dog I had up until the age of twelve until someone stole her away from me.

Our family had a certain idea of who took and sold her.






Dogs Over People



Yesterday, a client of mine was visited by his physical therapist.

During the session the subject of dogs came up due to my client mentioning how much he loved his thirteen-year-old pet Terrier.

I heard the physical therapist tell my client that it is easier to be fond of dogs 🐕 than of people.

Immediately, I interjected. “Did you say something to the fact of liking dogs more than people?” I asked the physical therapist to make sure that I heard his words correctly.

“Yes”, he said.

“I totally agree”, I said in response.

“I like them more than I do people. I love them. A lot of people feel that way”. I continued.

I also mentioned how great dogs are, and how they are not devious, and so on.

The physical therapist went on to explain how loyal dogs are, and how they do not lie, and how all they want from us is our love and care. He concluded by saying that dogs don’t play tricks.

Then the physical therapist added, “Well they do play tricks”.

“Yeah, but when they do it is innocent”, I quickly interrupted.

“They play tricks just to have fun”, the physical therapist agreed.





It Was Made Obvious


I remember in my early twenties when a guy from the old neighborhood I grew up in came up behind me in the 1990’s and uttered, “You love animals more than you love people”.

This was after news had gotten back to him that I had told a small crowd of guys on a street corner one night how ugly they were.

These guys used to act silly and harass me because I would not date them, so I had to put them in check.

Anyhow, the guy who came up behind me heard about the incident and called me a bitch.

He was looking for a reaction because usually the average female would get offended by this word, which, in my opinion, has no meaning unless one decides to place value on it.

If anything, I took “bitch” as a compliment even though he meant it as an insult. I was never the average type of female anyhow. I was very unique in many aspects.

When this guy saw that I did not respond to the word bitch, he knew the reason was because I did not care.

So, the next time he approached me it was about the regard I had for animals, as he would observe the moments, he saw me share in the neighborhood with my dogs.

He was correct. In general, I did care for animals (canines) more than I cared for people- and with good reason!

My two favorite individuals in the entire world were my mother and one of my dogs named Brandie.

Dogs are easier to like or love than most people. I am one who did not love easily to begin with, as I know the true definition of love.

Love in any instance should and has to come naturally.

There is a circle of few I call and who are true friends. There are even people around me who are good and trustworthy.

However, my mother and my dog are the ones who knew me best and who I both consider my friends for life from here on earth to beyond.






It is a jungle out there. People behave like savage wild beasts, while certain domesticated animals remain the calmest, loving, trusting, loyal, joyous and innocent creatures within existence. 
Some of us are prone to love and to care for our animals more than we do other people. Some of us even prefer them over other people. 
Our animals don’t care what we look like, what color we are, or anything else for that matter. 
All they care about is how we treat them, and even animals who get mistreated still give out undeserving volumes of unconditional love and affection. 
It may seem that our animals do better than us when it comes to being humane. They teach us a lot about love, forgiveness, and childlikeness. 
Attributes Jesus described, then he said, I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven. -Matthew 18:3 
Our animals are very smart, observant, and crafty. We need them just as much as they need us. 
Perhaps the world would be a better place if our pets ruled. We surely could take quite a few significant lessons from them on how to behave and to treat one another. 
Thank God, he blessed us with canine companions and other animals of preference to adore and to share our homes with, because those furry buddies are the best things on the planet earth! 
Sincerely LaToya Lawrence 





Friends For Life ❤🐕


The German Shepherd/Collie mix love of my life has been gone for twenty years now.

Time has no bearing when it comes to love as I still think about my precious baby every single day. I always loved her so much from the moment her little body was placed in my young arms at the animal shelter.

Brandie is long gone but she will never be forgotten, and I surely hope to see her one day as many of us whose pets have passed on do.



There will indeed be dogs and other animals when God brings heaven down to earth for our eternity.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of the Bible stating that we will ever see our pets again as we will our deceased relatives.

Nevertheless, although there is no guarantee, we can hold out hope.

God is the almighty creator and ruler. He can do anything that he pleases, and he may surprise us one day.

I really hope to reunite with Brandie again. I do not want to imagine never seeing or being with her again.



Beautiful Darlings! And A Sweet Reminisce

Little sheltie (shetland sheepdog) so darn cute!!! I could just eat up this pooch!baby collie

The collie family is one of the most beautiful breed of dog that is within existence.

Anyway, I had a great weekend I laughed so hard watching some of my favorite comedy movies.

Last week during my off days besides going out to the mall to get some delicious take out and aside from taking care of some business I watched some good action flicks including the Al Pacino classic “Scarface” which, to me, never gets old, I remember how my mother and I sat for six whole hours inside the movie theater watching that three hour movie twice when I was a kid (I was about eight or nine years old), in fact, none of the audience members got up to leave there everyone present had remained within their seats to catch another viewing of the film.

Back then the movie theaters use to play double features and audience members were also allowed to stay and watch the movies again without paying an extra movie ticket fee so we actually was in that theater for about seven hours and over thirty minutes because there was another picture that was also playing while we waited to see Scarface, and it was a boring movie I remember, but it was worth sitting through, those were the good ole days. Scarface really rocked in the early eighties and it still rocks now till this day it is completely superb!

rough collie

In Response To: “What I Want For The Holidays!”

just chillin


When we last faith on people naturally we go for fine creatures like puppies which show their gratitude , faithfulness and love towards us.



In reply to diwakar.Everything is not about losing faith within people. Some people in general do choose puppies/dogs over people do to being hurt, disappointed, or whatever their circumstances or situation may be but that has absolutely nothing to do with me and my case at all.

I had my very first puppy at the age of seven and I have always been attracted to them and have cared for them way more than I have cared for people and I had never ever been hurt or disappointed or lost faith within anybody (people turn me off with their ignorance), I by nature just had taken to certain puppies/dogs much better than I have with people and it is much more about and has much more to do about with their magnetism.

I never loved anyone easily I am not the type I am very particular because love has to come naturally and I have never within my forty years found too many people that I have felt that emotion for and I am proud of that because If somebody like me loves one that means that person has got to really be something.

I have genuine family within my life that have in the past as well as still up until now to this day that have shown me nothing but fierce and genuine gratitude, faithfulness and love yet I do not need that from anyone to thrive as I already have that within myself. I do not need any substitute through the animals.


What I Want For The Holidays!

napI stopped celebrating Christmas as well as my birthday when I was twelve years of age it was just another day to me just like the other holidays became to me and anyway the holidays aren’t the same as the way that they use to be years ago.

I do not need certain or specific days to celebrate an event any day can be a special day of significance to me “thanks giving”, “remembrance” and so on are for an everyday sentimental or pleasurable devotion.

I define my own holiday of celebrations and one of the perfect gifts for me during any season of the year is the four-legged furry canine companions.

I just love puppies and dogs they are one of the most beautiful things in the world I always had one or more of them growing up as a child and during adulthood and I just cannot wait until the day I eventually move into my brand new gorgeous lifetime home so that I can welcome in two or three of those adorable creatures.

I just can’t deny it, I enjoy them, want to kiss them, want to hug them, want to love them, want to play with them, want to talk to them, want to have fun with them!

My favorite of the bunch though is the German Shepherd/White Shepherd, Collie and Golden Retriever, the Bugles are cute too!



Hey Baby! I Love You!

Pretty White DogLast summer I stepped into a pet shop that is located not too far away from where I live.

From time to time I may enter into the store to observe all of the new puppies that are up for purchase and up for sale.

It is no secret that I am very fond of the German Shepherd breed.

On this particular visit that I had made upon last year was a very attractive white shepherd pup who inhabited one of the first cages that came into view.

The puppy was kind of big probably about six or seven months.

I went up to knock on the glass cage to get this beautiful puppy’s attention and did I catch an eye-full!

Although the young canine had been wrapped up in her own amusement at the back of the cage while taking sharp gnaws against the glass with the tips of the teeth I had been enough of an arousal to cause a distraction.

The puppy rushed to the front of the cage, now to come bite at the opposite side of the glass yet all alert puppy eyes were all on me!

I adoringly waved at the young canine. And the pup waved right back at me!

I turned to my mother and asked “Did you see that?”

“Yeah”, my mother had said nodding her head.

I then waved my hand two more times at the puppy and she waved right on back twice again by raising her left paw to rub up against the glass of the cage.

The shepherd breed never ceases to amaze me with their sharp wit and keen intellect.

This particular puppy had cost nine hundred dollars which was affordable for us at the time. The only reason I did not buy the puppy is because my landlord does not accept pets to reside at the apartment building where I currently live.

Sometimes it just seemed like pure torture.

I would think about the encounter between me and the pup and how much I would have enjoyed loving and raising the animal.

In due time that moment will come when I can afford a house or an apartment that allows these particular pets.


Our Canine Companions





Canines are indeed my only type of favorite pet to share a home with. From birth, and as they grow, many of them are so cute and cuddly, intelligent and inquisitive, loving and protective.

So fiercely loyal, canines make the best of friends aside from being extra added-on members to a family.

There is something very special and unique about puppies and dogs.

6812-1024x768-[DesktopNexus_com]They have an appeal that is irresistible to the avid admirer of the canine species.

I as a human being have always been enamored with their character and behavior.

285308-1024x768-White_German_shepherd_puppyOnce they pass that destructive stage of chewing and tearing up things around and inside of the house they develop and progress into their own distinct personalities along with their natural inherited traits.

6709-1024x768-[DesktopNexus_com]There are so many breed of canine to choose from depending on preference and temperament.

My breeds of choice are the German Shepherd, the Collie, and the Golden and Labrador Retrievers.

I love the fierceness and the intelligence within the shepherds.

The Collies and retrievers are also very bright and they have such a sweet, fine nature.

All puppies and dogs love to play and eat. Their sudden energy spouts may at times tire one out, however, in my opinion that spiritedness is what keeps the atmosphere within the home lively.

These animals bring a lot of life into the environment as they are so innately animated and energetic. They are exciting creatures to have around.

Canines have allure. They are mysterious, fun, sneaky, mischievous.

They have a particular charm and charisma about them. It is in their stance, their bark, in the wag of their tail, in the way that they snarl.

Canines are good for our overall wellness and state of mental health.

They bestow upon us therapeutic properties, physical as well as emotional. They do this through their auras.

They have the ability to help us relax. They give to us comfort while at the same time they manage to bring to us much great joy.

No devoted puppy or dog owner can deny the extreme love and attachment that can be acquired over the years between them and their pet.

The canine and human connection is exceptional. The relationship is a kind, considerate, demanding, and sometimes challenging one. And it is an association that the world should never be without.



Nurturing A Beloved Pet/My Puppy Loves And My Doggy Days


I fell in love with canines the very first day my grandmother brought home a pure breed German Shepherd puppy.Til this day I still remember. It was thirty years ago. And I was six or seven years old.

The first moment I laid eyes on the male pup I was excited and happy. I named the puppy Brownie because of his pretty brown colored coat. I brought him straight up to my bedroom and sat him down onto the floor. He was so cute and little and he pooped right in the middle of the bedroom floor. After that Brownie and I were inseparable.

The puppy and I instantly became attached to one another. I fed him, walked him, played with him, and I had him doing tricks.

I taught Brownie how to jump through my hula hoop and I learned just how intelligent and talented my baby shepherd was.


Weeks went by and I watched how Brownie began to constantly grow and develop. I learned a lot from observing my pet’s behavior.

My grandmother had brought the animal into our home because she had intended for it to grow up to become an attack dog. So she didn’t approve of the way that I was raising Brownie. I gave him care, love and affection. And I was teaching him how to instinctively respond to people and the things going on around him.

My grandmother wanted Brownie to stay chained up outside in our backyard all day and night without any communication from others so that he would turn out to be mean and vicious and protect the home.

In my opinion, my grandmother had a few “screws loose”. I don’t feel that one has to mistreat or neglect a dog in order for it to learn to protect you. If you give them good care they will naturally love and protect you.

I refused to give in to what I considered to be absurd. I explained to my grandmother that I felt her way was wrong. And that I would continue to train and treat the puppy in the correct manner in which I saw fit.


All of the care, attention and affection I gave to Brownie had come natural to me. I was a child. And I had much more common sense than what my grandmother did at the time.

Nevertheless, my grandmother failed to accept the logic regarding the situation and not so long after our disagreement, I returned home one evening to find out that Brownie was nowhere to be found. I searched the backyard and allover the inside of my house and discovered that my mean old grandmother had given my precious puppy away.

I ran up to my bed and cried as much as a little girl could cry for the puppy I didn’t think I’d ever see again.

Later that particular evening, it just so happened that I accompanied my mother to a store two blocks away from our home and I spotted Brownie right there outside the market tied to a rail.

The person who had my puppy was inside of the store making a purchase. And as I waited outside for my mother to return, my intuition told me that that was indeed Brownie, but I still wasn’t completely sure.


Then we made eye contact and he kept staring at me and reaching toward my direction. When my mother came out of the store I told her that I was tempted to snatch Brownie back up. But we just left and went about our way.

Two to three years later I got another pet. My mother took me to get this one. We went and adopted a six to seven week old German shepherd and Collie mixed breed from North Shore Animal League. And she was gorgeous. This time no one was ever going to take my puppy away from me.

My mother came up with a name for the new puppy. She named her Brandie. And Brandie also had a very pretty coat. She was three different colors-black mixed in with tan and white.

Brandie remained with me for seventeen years before she was put to sleep. The years that we spent together were the most beautiful years of my life. We had the most special and unique bond and love for one another.

Strangers and acquaintances alike could see the love that my dog had for me. It showed in her eyes and in her body language.

Brandie was very loyal, exceptionally intelligent, protective, obedient, playful and sensitive. And when I say sensitive I mean that in more ways than one. She was extremely intuitive, she had a sixth sense, she was gifted.


I know because I myself was born with a caul (veil) and possess the abilities of clairvoyance. There were on numerous accounts where Brandie expressed and displayed her “magic”. My dog and I were made for each other. We called Brandie a “human dog”. And she was treated just like a member of the family.

During the time I was growing up there were other puppies that were brought into the home. I had quite a lot. Most of them were given to me by neighbors. One of them I had gotten from going back to North Shore Animal league. However, none of them lingered around as long as Brandie did. I’d end up eventually giving them away to someone else.

All puppies and dogs have there own different qualities and personalities. They are all not compatible with certain people and certain other animals. Some are annoying, difficult and destructive.

With all canines it takes patience, understanding and determination. I was lucky to have found my right match. She had all of the perfect traits that I could ask for. And we complimented one another. Dogs do take after and start to favor their owners after a while of being together.

An animal knows when he or she is truly loved and cared for and they never forget how they were treated. They have feelings just as humans do and they deserve the same amount of respect. They do just as much for us as we do for them.

Puppies and dogs are very therapeutic to have around. They are exciting and fun. They cheer us up, they make us laugh, they give us comfort, they keep us company, they make us happy and they keep us healthy. They are our furry friends-true friends.

I cannot imagine my childhood growing up without a puppy or dog. Aside from other things life just would not have been the same.

I am so glad that I had Brandie in my life. And that I had the opportunity to home my other canines as well.

Puppy Passion/A Spirited Puppy Who I Was Meant To Recruit


I am extremely crazy about puppies. They are some of the most adorable creatures that exist on the planet.

I do not at all understand how and why certain people in the world go around abusing and mistreating them.

There is no logical explanation except for them being mentally ill and/or deranged. A lot of people are sick minded. Low and degenerate.

Doing the most despicable things.

For all of my life I have been an animal lover. I had a set of the most cute “teddy bear” hamsters when I was about ten years of age.

One hamster was a pretty light tan color and the other was a pretty light brown and white.

I had both a male and a female. And they would always fight one another for the possession of the wheel that was hooked onto the inside of their cage.

Eventually I had to purchase another wheel to place inside of the cage.

As I thought I had solved the problem between my two competitive pets, I was wrong.

The male hamster would get out of one of the wheels that he rode just to go and push out the female from the one that she rode in.

He would continue on back an forth doing the same routine constantly.

His name was Toby.

I named both my hamsters Tiffany and Toby.

Tiffany could never get any peace.

Toby was always bothering and fighting her when she went to eat, play on the wheel, and while she went to rest.

He’d even chase her around the cage from time to time.

Things got to be a bit more serious as I had began to see Tiffany bleed. Toby would bite her hands and feet.

I immediately separated them apart from one another.

I placed Tiffany inside of a cage by herself and from then on she was much more content and at peace.

The only reason that I could come up with at the time-for Toby’s negative behavior-and still rationalize now til this day is that Toby may have wanted and tried to mate with Tiffany but she continued to instinctively refuse his rodent advances.


I have had quite a few puppies that I shared my home and life with through out the years.

However, the most recent puppy that I had was the most unique and strangest of them all. She was mysterious in her own specific way. Yet at the same time she was very bright, funny, and affectionate.

And I did come to love her a lot within the short time that we spent together.

I adopted the two month old light tan and white mixed Labrador Retriever that had the prettiest dark brown eyes from North Shore Animal League in the month of September 2011.

When I first brought the puppy that I named Lailah home I noticed that she was already paper trained.

I was impressed.

I never had a young pup who would automatically relieve them self on newspaper without me constantly having to make an effort to train them.

Not only was I amazed by Lailah’s intelligence to have already learned where to appropriately poop-and what to properly poop upon-I was also astonished, delighted, and tickled by her gracious and prompt attitude.

When I or my mother would go to clean up behind her she would always run up to us, wagging her tail.

She’d then lick one of us and give us a little nip on the skin with her teeth-as to happily say “thank you”.

If one of us were late in picking up her dirty newspaper that was stained with feces or urine she’d summon to us by barking.

I could not believe how much sense this new puppy of mine had.

How can I say that though when I know I had a dog before who was extremely keen, and have come across other exceptionally intelligent canines who would amaze one with excitement.

It is not at all hard for me to imagine the stories and experiences that many people could tell about their most special and treasured pets.

Aside from the positive advantages that came along with adopting Lailah there was a few negative aspects as well.

Lailah appeared to have an unnatural fear.

She would not go to eat at her bowl unless no one was close by around her.

If Lailah heard someone’s footsteps she would instantly run away to her rest area then quickly make a u-turn run back towards the direction where the person left from.

Whenever I tried to walk her on a leash she’d refuse and pull back fiercely.

Lailah would not budge while she was on a leash and collar.

She also would never leave the second floor of the house. She never walked down the stairs. I had to carry her up and down the steps.

Otherwise she was a very normal puppy.


Lailah was very greedy and loved to eat just like most other canines. She loved to bark, bite, play, and chew onto things just like the rest of them do.

There was just something not right within her spirit that she needed to overcome and eventually she seemed to be making progress.

Every day when I would come home from work I could here Lailah upstairs whining in anticipation to greet me.

And when we’d meet one another inside of my bedroom she’d charge at me with expressions of love, jumps, and licks.

Lailah slept in bed with me every night even though she had her own pillow bed. I was unable to keep her off of my bed.

I had gained her trust.

Lailah had gotten use to her surroundings and to the three people living their within our home.

She surprised me one day when the doorbell rang and she barked. I was so proud of her.

Lailah had totally reacted on her own. By her own natural instincts.

I know that gradually she would have come more out of the acute negativity that was plaguing her due to the love and encouraging environment that I had provided for her well being.

However, Lailah did not get the opportunity to conquer and develop into the true canine that she had the potential to grow up to become.

Due to certain circumstances I had to relocate to a new home and neighborhood and unfortunately my lanlord did not allow pets.

I reside in a nice and comfortable apartment building right now.

One day I will move into another house or find an apartment that I can afford that will allow puppies and dogs.

I returned Lailah back to North Shore Animal League by the time she was eight months old. It was a sad departure.

I will never forget her.

The adoption shelter claimed that they were a no kill safe environment for animals and that they would not euthanize Lailah.

Nevertheless, she had to be evaluated before they were able to accept her back there at the facility. And she was not responsive to their efforts.

Lailah still would not walk on a leash. She was terribly frightened while in the shelter’s care.

Lailah had found a sense of comfort and familiarity at home with my family and I. The animal shelter-even with all of their experience could not understand what she was going through-but I did.

There was not anything that I could do about the situation. I had to sign Lailah back over to North Shore Animal League and get on with my life.

A few months after I moved into my new apartment I had a precognitive dream about the complicated puppy that I was meant to help.

I dreamed that Lailah was sharing a space within the spiritual realm where my other dog of seventeen years peacefully resides.

I know that there are many people in the world who do not believe in spiritual visions and things of this nature but for those who do the experience is real and meaningful.

I get visits from both of my pets now and again.

At least I know now that Lailah is free in any and every way possible from all of the fears that were effecting her character and growth (her sweet and innocent soul).

Lailah is definitely in a much better and safer place.

My Golden Girl

I have a pretty labrador/ golden retriever that I adopted from north shore animal league back in September of this year. She is a nice cream color. I named her lailah. She was eight weeks old at the time and so very smart. Already she was paper trained and knew what it meant to give a kiss. She shows gratitude when we clean up behind her and feed her. She is very feisty, gives much attitude and I just love her!

Lailah is four months now. She jumps into my bed to sleep with me every night even though she has her own pillow bed.

Twenty-six years ago I adopted a shepherd/collie from north shore and she was amazing, a very special dog with psychic ability. I was told by a family member that I would never get another dog like her within my lifetime, that I may get something close to what she was. And I know that no dog will ever compare to Brandie or take her place and they don’t have to because she’s still around in the spirit realm we have visits in my dreams.

Lailah does come close. When I got Brandie she was seven weeks and I had seen her potential which proved me right later on down the road. Shortly after I brought lailah home I detected she was a spiritual puppy. She confirmed it the day after yesterday morning in front of us all as she fiercely stared, barked and sniffed at an apparition. I’ve been blessed again with a pup designed just for me.

Most dogs are special and those who have a little something extra should be treasured

I feed lailah the best. I give her Purina one/puppychow/beneful/one step beyond. I give her a little table food from time to time but not so much that she will stop eating her puppy food. And a few months ago I went on the pedigree website printed out a form for recently adopting a new puppy. They sent me two coupons. One for a twenty-pound bag of food and one for four cans of food. A whole month’s supply of free puppy food sure came in handy!

A Message To The Fellow Gifted And Spiritually Inclined

My Spirit has lead me to write this post and whenever my spirit gives me a message i definitely know that it is for a reason. I never doubt. I know the feeling and why.

Every now and then there will always be sick envious people who are very furious because they cannot get under our skin and bring us down. They will say and do anything just for a reaction. Believe me, they are truly miserable because we are satisfied, happy and at peace with ourselves and have no worries because we know that our lives are fine and will continue to go right.

I know that i was born to lead not even intending to. I’ve always been a leader not a follower. There are plenty of assholes – as there will always be in all walks of life. They are very insecure and afraid of the truth in all aspects of life. I ignore them because i know what is really behind the root of their problem, they don’t realize how much they give themselves away by their actions.

Anyhow for those who may be unaware of the tactics and wiles of their shenanigans Gifted people and/or people who are very smart ( who know too much ) will always be targeted in life. Don’t fall for the game. Continue to believe in yourself and definitely do not doubt and be discouraged.

I don’t understand why certain people continue on with their stupid bullshit that is so obvious to see right through. And specifically this caul/veil post http://www.caulbearer.org Order Of The Ancient Way.  And after this i will speak no more on this particular jealousy that some have of my gifts and knowledge. This happened once in the past, someone left a comment however i did not approve it because it was nonsense, but now just to let the record show, regarding this crap about how most topics concerning what i’ve written on my blog concerning the caul and, how the information i wrote can be found anywhere on the internet is very truly a lie because everything i have written is from my own personal experience. I’ve only copied and pasted one article concerning the caul from caulbearer.org (which was removed from my site by Order Of The Way) and that was for reference to those who wanted to come to their own conclusions.

I am highly educated about being born with a caul due to the fact that i was born with a double veil. Animals are also born with cauls and have psychic ability as my dog did. I’m clairvoyant. I have all the abilities including healing and the ability to make things happen by doing spiritual work. I’ve worked with other psychics and priestesses. I have been foretelling the future since the young age of three and my powers continue to get stronger as i age.

I’ve experienced things that know one will ever come across on the internet. I am so spiritually sensitive that my body physically reacts . I am absolutely aware of everything going on around me at all times and nobody can touch me. Now everyone born with a caul will have their own different experience. So if i or anyone else has not experienced something that someone else has does not mean that it does not exist or that it is not possible. In fact, that is beautiful and it is a blessing. Experiencing things that no one has heard of means that you have a special protection.

Here Is An Example Of Bullshit That I will Not Cater To:

  • Vasak Says:

    August 5, 2009 at 11:04 pm eI despise people like you and if you want to challenge me you will not succeed .So as far as i am concerned you can go and fuck yourself!

    Wow Miss LaToya! You have really shown that you are a truly “sensitive” person.

    Peace and blessings to you.

  • misslatoya Says:

    August 5, 2009 at 5:58 am eSomething definitely has to be wrong somewhere in your life for you to be worried about me and my business! You are the sad one! You are a very ignorant person. I have not stolen anything. People copy my own original writings from my blog and post them on their sights as mere reference or because it is of some interest to them and i do not have a problem with it! I don’t put significance on posting from other sites. It is no big deal. I’m not claiming them as my own , i don’t need to and i don’t want to. My experiences bare much more significance and value than what is posted on the world wide web. And, as far as delusional is concerned- I pay you no mind whatsoever. Everything that i have been taught spiritually has been verified. And i have plenty of other people to back me up even though i do not need any back up. You talk about unprovable things. Nobody has to prove anything to the world, or reveal everything that they know- and without me going into further detail if you were bright you would know this. It doesn’t matter what people like you think. You have no idea who i know and the things that i have accomplished so if you think that it’s all ego and contradiction, i really do not care. Your opinion is of no value to me. I am more special than you could ever imagine just like certain others in particular. I despise people like you and if you want to challenge me you will not succeed .So as far as i am concerned you can go and fuck yourself!

  • Mordekai Says:

    August 4, 2009 at 10:33 pm eI am a natural born clairvoyant with extremely strong abilities and do not need to learn anything from anybody i’ve been taught by spirits and the spirits of my ancestors. So know what you’re talking about before you speak on it!

    What a load of nonsense! You “don’t need to learn anything from anybody”, yet you claim to talk to dead people? So these dead ones are as real to you are living people, yet only they can teach you things? Very convenient indeed…just like the priests of religions who claim the unprovable as a shield from provability, lest their lies be seen for what they are.
    You speak in the spirit of contradiction, and those who think in such a manner confuse not only themselves but those who are also confused by the rains of unreason and delusional thinking. The net seems to be infested with such sad individuals there days, going on about “gifts”, “powers” and “psychic abilities”.
    Miss La Toya, do you deny that the main texts on this blog concerning caulbearers have been shamelessly culled from caulbearer websites that have been copyrighted and in existence for more than twelve years, yet you dare to steal from the caulbearers whilst ignoring the damnation that comes upon the blood of men and women who dare to do such evil? So be it Miss La Toyah, but even if you think you can avoid the wrath of the Force of The All that watches over all true caulbearers, your false beliefs will not prevent what will be taken from you. The choice is yours, and you will receive warnings to change your course, though you may have already missed some of them because of your inflated ego.As always in The Way, the choice is yours.

  • misslatoya Says:

    August 3, 2009 at 12:21 am eYou must have misinterpreted something because i have not been influenced by anyone or anything. I have my own knowledge and my own judgements through my own experiences and know what to and what not to take as the truth. I was born with a caul and can honestly tell you that i do not relate to most of the people who claim that they were born with cauls. I have never been lonely or confused about anything in my life. I don’t know where you get that i’ve been influenced a lot by caulbearer.org, if you are insinuating that i’ve learned things through websites and through other people, you better think again. I am a natural born clairvoyant with extremely strong abilities and do not need to learn anything from anybody i’ve been taught by spirits and the spirits of my ancestors. So know what you’re talking about before you speak on it!

  • Wing Says:

    July 31, 2009 at 2:08 am eI was born in sept 1984. I too was born with a veil.
    I read some of your stuff around a year ago LaToya, I can see that the caulbearer.org site has influenced you alot. Which I cant say if its a bad thing or not. But I’ve still been looking for the meaning to everything, I wish I could travel the world asking the elders of all religions, races, about their cultures views on veils. To know the truth.
    But I can say, that everyone is born with innate abilities. Everyone has the capability to feel/see things outside of this reality. But our society has been twisting truth for longer than any of us could know. And there are alot of different factions fighting for control of what is truth. So you have to take anything you hear with a grain of salt. Be careful of what you believe. But its always good to have a open mind.
    I will also say on a side note, as a general truth for me, caulbeares are truly lonely creatures.
    Its hard for me to listen to people (especially women) talk about the most mundane and selfish stuff. Meanwhile I have thoughts of millennium long conspiracies, and the end of our society hanging on my shoulders. It just doesnt mix, especially when youve always felt like you were just watching everyone else live their life while you live on borrowed time.
    Thankfully I pick the greatest friends, and I wouldnt trade them for anything, including control of the world. So I dont feel as lonely as I did as a kid, but still some days are harder than others. I just wish I could find a decent woman that wouldn’t lie to me, I always know then they are lying to me. But really thats my own problem and I shouldnt be bringing it up.
    In the end, I dont bother my friends with my deep thoughts and feelings, I just enjoy my time with them and try to laugh, but for the most part I have just gotten used to being alone, I will take on the world by myself when the time is right, if I have to. Id prefer to have the help of my fellow brothers and sisters at that time though. But as i see it, I am probably most definitely making up for things in a previous life.
    My biggest influences in all this, is my dreams. My dreams have showed me alot of things, some things make sense, and others dont. Other dreams just feel like im preparing for something.
    Its a confusing existence. All I know is that when I die, I will die fighting, until the very end, just like all my dreams…

The German Shepherd

I had my very first pet when i was seven years of age. It happened to be a male full-breed German shepherd. My grandmother had brought it into our home because she had intended for it to grow up to become an attack dog. The moment i first laid eyes on the pup i was excited and happy, he was just as cute and little as i was. We instantly became attached to one another. I named my new pet “Brownie”. I fed him, walked him, played with him, and had him doing tricks! I taught Brownie how to jump through my hula hoop and i learned just how intelligent and talented my baby shepherd was.

Not so long after, i returned home one evening to find out that Brownie was nowhere to be found. I searched the backyard and all over the inside of my house and discovered that my mean ole grandmother had given my precious puppy away. My grandmother didn’t approve of the way i was raising Brownie. I gave him care, love and affection. And i was teaching him how to instinctively respond to people, and the things around him. She wanted him to stay chained up in our backyard all day and night without any communication so that he would turn out to be mean and vicious and protect the home. In my opinion, my grandmother had a few screws loose! I don’t feel that one has to mistreat or neglect a dog in order for it to learn to protect you. If you give them good care they will naturally love and protect you.

I ran up to my bed and cried as much as a little girl could cry for the puppy i didn’t think I’d ever see again. Later that particular evening, it just so happened that i accompanied my mother to the store and spotted Brownie there right outside tied to a rail. The person who had my puppy was inside the store. And as i waited for my mother to return, my intuition told me that was indeed Brownie, but still i wasn’t completely sure. Then we made eye contact and he kept staring at me and reaching toward my direction. When my mother came out of the store i told her that i was tempted to snatch Brownie back up. But we just left and went about our way.

Two to three years later i got another puppy. This time a female German shepherd who was mixed with collie. She was awesome in every way, and we were together for seventeen years until her legs gave out. And that is the only negative thing about having a German shepherd as a pet, having to put them down to put them out of their misery.

There were other breed of dogs that came and went while i had Brandie but she was the one i always kept close to my heart and never got rid of. And her shepherd traits had a lot to do with her great personality. Between the short time that I’d spent with Brownie, and the very long time that was spent with Brandie, they both proved to be very loyal, keenly intelligent, protective, obedient, sensitive and playful companions.

I do plan on getting about two or three puppies to raise in the future. I like the collie and Labrador breeds. They are also beautiful nice dogs. So whether i get just two pups or three of each, the German shepherd will definitely be one of my choices!