I Just Love It!


It is after one in the afternoon as I write this and the snow has not yet stopped. It has been coming down continuously all morning long.

Anyhow, last Monday or Tuesday night, I caught the classic 1946 flick “The Postman Always Rings Twice” starring Lana Turner and John Garfield on the Turner Classic Movie Network.

I loved this film. I remembered hearing about it from my youth but I do not recall ever seeing it before. It was probably one I either I totally forgot or never paid any attention to back then. I had intended to view the movie at a more previous time but did not get around to it because I was preoccupied.

I loved Lana Turner in the 1966 flick Madame X which also starred John Forsythe, Constance Bennett, and Ricardo Montalban. This wonderful, sad, and touching film had genuinely brought tears to my eyes. My mother and I had watched the heartbreaking drama years ago.

I am an old soul who still loves her a great classic every now and then whether it is an old series, film, or whatever. Many of these programs, shows, and flicks are far from corny, well-made, are relevant, and have interesting storyline. It also takes us back to memorable times of enjoyment and nostalgia.





Looking Into View

The snow that fell yesterday did not last for very long and the flakes did not stick. It is still cold and cloudy as for today.

Yesterday, a little after 4PM, I watched the Alfred Hitchcock flick “Rearview Window” cast with James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter, Wendell Corey and Raymond Burr. This classic was entertaining. I enjoy old-time crafty, tasteful suspense.

A lot of film these days are filled with garbage, poorly made having no real depth. It is nice to innocently and adventurously escape into the creativity of well scripted cinema designed in fashionable settings that fit into an engaging interest. The contribution is a great enhancement for the audience that it suits.

As I look into the rearview window of my life, the nostalgic mirror of time reflects a host of good memories past events that will never be replaced but fondly remembered.

I never considered the world my home. I am just a sojourner passing through until I fulfill my purpose. Nevertheless, while here, I am consistently blessed with divine essence which imparts to me moments of ease and pleasure to comfort upon my journey.

Looking back, I have no detrimental life regrets I am filled with peace. Moving forward, I take the love inside that was built and nurtured within me from an infant into the path that will lead unto infinity.





Excellent Classic Cinema

Two of my favorite childhood movies of all time based on scripture are The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston and Jesus Of Nazareth with Robert Powell.

Whenever I read my bible or think of Moses Charlton Heston and the 1956 film automatically comes to mind. I actually see Charlton as Moses he played the role so well.

The Ten Commandments was a beautifully and wonderfully made depiction of the book of Exodus.

Every year on ABC from my childhood on up the television station would air the three-hour movie for the Easter holiday and I would eagerly and joyfully watch it every year. I remember during one of my teenage years it had come on at midnight and my eyes were glued to the screen as I was snuggled comfortably in my bed with the lights out.

It’s best to view the Ten Commandments uncut in its entirety. Back when I was growing up in the 1980’s we had VCRS (video cassette recorders) where we rented or purchased VHS or Beta tapes for movie watching. These days we have DVD’S and DVD players.

Jesus of Nazareth was another outstanding and beautifully created film that I first originally seen when I was about nine or ten. It was released in 1976 or 1977, however I didn’t get to see it until the 80’s. I was glued to my television set back when the mini-series aired too, I couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards.

In my opinion these two movies based on biblical history are the ultimate best ever made, and they will always be my favorites. They both hold a special place in my heart.

The Ten Commandments and Jesus Of Nazareth had major impact and they were cast so excellently with the perfect actors and actresses.


Summer In The Air: Everything Is All Good And Fair

I look forward to the summer; spring and summer are my favorite months of season (after all I was born in the spring during the month of May) when the weather is within accordance.

Yesterday was a beautiful summer-like hot day. It was tiresome as I ran around  in that heat, especially having to wear a mask.

I drank me a bottle of water while I was out, ate me two cold pints of vegan vanilla coconut milk ice-cream when I got back home, and chilled out under the fan.

I stayed up late to watch my classic Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, and Mannix episodes.

Today wasn’t so bad either, a nice breeze delightfully carried through my living room window every now and again

Hope the weather remains nice so that I can enjoy the rest of spring into the summer.


Cozy Night At Home Enjoying A Classic

We have such a peaceful home and a nice, quiet life.

Last night at 8pm my mother and I watched the 1976 Stephen King classic thriller “Carrie” on Showtime.

We hadn’t seen the film in a while (even though we’ve seen it numerous times in the distant past through out the years) and we both reflected on the movie and agreed that it was such a great film. They just don’t make genuine quality horror films like that anymore.

Race With The Devil” was another great 1975 classic horror movie and one that was underrated, it is also an all time favorite of mine.

My mother and I were always fierce hanging partners. When I was a little girl she use to take me to the movie theater to see just about everything I wanted to see. We have a great relationship and still enjoy our entertainment together.

Months back on HBO we watched the last installment of Halloween (2018) with Jamie Lee Curtis who had made her return. It was a very good horror flick, not corny at all!

Late Night Entertainment

I spent last weekend catching up on and enjoying my favorite television programs and entertaining movies. I stayed up almost all night. I retired when nothing else was on that interested me.

Then, there was a night in which I had various sets of great programs lined up for me to watch yet I was too tired to view them all. I tried my best, however, sleep creeped upon me and I had to go to bed.

Last night, I was at it again, starting off my weekend ready for more television.

After watching an action packed crime show, and a old 1980’s two episode comedy show, I viewed the old classic Alfred Hitchcock flick Dial M For Murder. I had actually never seen that movie even though I have been aware of it for years through advertisements. It was such a great film, but most of Hitchcock’s presentations are anyway.

Saints And Sinners Fourth Season

I prepared and ate another good meal last night. I can’t wait to cook me something to eat this evening!

Tonight I’m going to be ready to watch another exciting new third or fourth (I forgot which one) episode of the season four serial ” Saints And Sinners“.

It just gets better and better! So scandalous and treacherous are the characters on the show.

The storyline constantly has one wanting for more as it captures the full attention and before you know it, the hour is up, and I have to wait another whole entire week to catch a continuance of the saga.

A Meal And A Few Movies

The weather has simmered down to a more comfortable temperature I wish it could stay like this all year around.

I prepared and had a lovely vegetarian meal of yellow rice and spices last night.

In addition, I cooked green peas and corn in a separate pot. I steamed broccoli which I added curry spice to and blended it in with the rice and other vegetables after both dishes were done.

My food came out so delicious. I loved every bite of it!

Afterwards, I sat down to watch a few movies. About three weeks ago, I got to catch a favorite classic of mine titled “I Wake Up Screaming” starring Betty Grable, Victor Mature, and Carol Landis.

I know this movie has been on many times over the years just not at periods where I was able to catch it. Anyhow, I first saw this film as a young teenager yet this was another film I had never got to see within its entirety. I’d usually come in on the middle of it just like at my original discovery of the flick.

So just recently I viewed this noir from the very beginning to the end and enjoyed it once all over again at more detail.

I also discovered there is a remake called “Vicky” in reference to one of the murdered characters in the movie.

I’ve missed it the few times it has aired, however, I’ll catch it soon to give it a try and determine whether or not I like the version.

A few nights ago I watched a 1954 movie titled “Black Widow” which starred Ginger Rogers, Van Heflin, Gene Tierney, and George Raft. It was a great film.

Towards the end, I had gotten the feeling that I’d seen this movie before but it was probably so long ago that none of the scenes were spoiled for me because either I didn’t remember it all or hadn’t seen it all back then whenever I had initially viewed it the first time around.


Classics Galore!

I viewed some more good old black and white noirs last night up until the early morning around 3am I just love the ambience and scenery in which many of these good flicks project.

I can be entertained by them anytime of the day, nevertheless, I like those times during the evening, with the lights out quiet in the dark or dim lit, with my full attention focused on the suspense, thrill, and fun anticipation, and I reflect with a great appreciation for the era and creativity from back in the day.

First, I watched a film titled “The House On Telegraph Hill”, which I really enjoyed, it starred Valentina Cortese along with William Lundigan, Fay Baker, Richard Basehart, and Gordon Gebert.

Then, I checked out “Out Of The Past”, which starred Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, and Kirk Douglas.

A few weeks ago I watched “Possessed” with Joan Crawford, Van Heflin, Raymond Massey, and Geraldine Brooks. “Clash By Night” with Barbara Stanwyck, Marilyn Monroe, Paul Douglas, Robert Ryan, and Keith Andes. “Born To Kill” with Claire Trevor, Lawrence Tierney, Audrey Long, Phillip Terry and Walter Slezak.

There was another two black and white movies a few months ago I kept missing while I just glimpsed at bits and pieces of them while I was in the midst of doing something around my home. I can’t wait to catch up with these two films in their entirety when they are featured back on.


Memorial Day


I slept good last night except for having to get up to pee from time to time.

Outside my window I could hear the decent partying going on from neighbors in celebration of Memorial Day the festivity continued on throughout the wee hours the music, singing, and the excited crowd and outpour of laughter and talk wasn’t a disturbance to me at all.

I enjoyed hearing the near distant gaiety. I live in a nice and quiet multicultural community and when they party it is delightful.

Before I went to sleep last night I tuned in to watch my film noirs. Alfred Hitchcock’s “Strangers On A Train” came on and for the first time I’ve got to watch it in its entirety.

Whenever it came on before I’d only see a few minutes of the beginning or didn’t get to see it at all because of other distractions, preoccupations, or just not having the time, but the film was phenomenal and entertaining I was too tired to look at the other noirs airing afterward so I went on to bed.

I’m enjoying the serenity of my home right now at the moment, I’ll cook me some food, relax a little bit, then head off to another day of work.

This Sunday Evening

The radio is playing some good old tunes from the seventies and eighties, jam after jam, back to back!

The rain was coming down here in Queens, New York, its finishing up right about now as the sun is partially back into view.

I made a dinner of rice pilaf and shrimp It was delicious. I plan on watching some good old black and white suspense movies later on tonight before I head off to bed.

Tomorrow I’ll spend my scheduled Memorial Day working a holiday shift that I took on and don’t mind doing.

Its all going nice and good I’m genuinely enjoying my day.


Oldies But Goodies

I just love those old black and white movies from the 1940’s on up there are so many and too many to mention but just to name a very small few such as Mildred Pierce and Straight-Jacket with Joan Crawford.

Dark Passage, In A Lonely place, and They Drive By Night with Humphrey Bogart.

Framed, The Big Heat and Gilda with Glen Ford.

Sorry Wrong Number with Barbara Stanwyck.

The movies and stars are countless as the list goes on and on I’ve been watching these flicks since I was a teen and am loving the ones that I didn’t get a chance to see back then now as every week I get to view those suspenseful noir.

A lot of these classics hold up today and are not corny many were ahead of their time, especially Alfred Hitchcock and his old entertaining series, along with One Step Beyond and Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone.

I also loved the private detective and cop series 77 Sunset Strip and Decoy. Whether these old classics were films or television shows from the past either in black and white or in color they are phenomenal to watch and enjoy still!


Movie: Hereditary

I went to the movies earlier this afternoon and viewed the horror film titled “Hereditary”. I knew that the movie was going to be good after seeing the coming attractions last month when I went to see another film.

I had been wanting to see a good chiller film and this was indeed one of them and one for those that could get into it and understand the storyline and occult twists that are brought to a spooky head during the conclusion.

It was a very well designed horror flick and one with an ending that was hauntingly authentic within it’s creativity and one that would make me want to stay clear away from anything associated with the devil.

The film’s depth centered around other deeper issues other than the supernatural even though that aspect figured prominently, however, that tree house scene was eerie and so realistic to a satanic worship “feel” that I’d never want to indulge in.

Movie deserves all the entertainingly thrilling hype!


Mother’s Day/My Birthday

My birthday fell on Mother’s day this year as I turned forty-three last Sunday and I spent the day at the movies with my mother since she planned earlier within that week for us to go see the thriller “Breaking In” starring Gabrielle Union.

The film was of very good quality with plenty of action, fantastic movie!


Avengers:Infinity War

It’s after one in the morning and I just got back from the movies.

I wanted to see one of the early evening premiere showings around seven, however, they were all sold out.

One theater was sold out for the entire weekend fortunately I was able to order in advance for a later showing tonight and the Avengers was really good, so full of action and great special effects, I especially loved the scenes of the fictional place in Wakanda where some of the Black Panther characters reprised their roles and collaborated/joined in battle with the other super heroes.

The entire film and cast did wonderful, Robert Downey Jr. looked good, I liked spiderman’s scenes along with the Captain America crew and much more.

The beginning of the film is entertaining as well, loved the scenes that was referred to as New York location they started off with action and such creative talent and imagination.




The Return Of Saints And Sinners

Just got finished watching the premiere episode for the third season of Saints And Sinners on Bounce TV.

I’ve been waiting for the longest for its return as the first two seasons were excitingly interesting and tonight’s continuation was just as engrossing, not one boring moment.

The show is a attention grasping delight that keeps one wanting more thrill and suspense and as art imitates life the show boldy and realistically delves into just how dirty and scandalous ruthless people are and how they can be.

I anticipate the future episodes with confidence knowing that the storylines won’t disappoint as they just get even more intriguing. I know the rest is going to be good!

I just wish the seasonal episodes lasted a little longer they go so quickly but that’s how it goes when stuff like that is hot and juicy.

A Classic

As a youngster I had the durable Barbie townhouse that included an elevator that rode my dolls up and down the floors of their multiple shared home.

When my mother was a youngster she had the original Barbie dream house which wonderfully and temporarily came back on the market through Mattel.

The item was priced at 100.00 which in my opinion is a reasonable amount for a top quality 1962 reproduction that includes a version of the vintage Barbie doll.

My mother had shared with me years ago the details of the fun she had playing with the dream house that was made of thick strong cardboard and that folded into a suitcase for convenient storage.

Now I actually get to experience a piece of that nostalgia for a collector’s item as I anticipated purchasing me the classic “Barbie Dream House” from the online Mattel website after discovering its availability last year.

When I recently went to finally buy the product from Mattel the item no longer was available luckily I was able to order the 1962 Dream house from Toys R Us online website and it will be arriving to my home within a few days!

The product is also available at Wal-Mart online for  $99.99




Acrimony/Black Panther

I just got home I’ve been gone all day as soon as I got off work earlier I came to get my mother and we both went to the movie theater.

First we saw Tyler Perry’s Acrimony which was very good and entertaining it was full of thrill and suspense then right after as I bought the movie tickets in advance we went in to see Black Panther which was fantastic and action packed! It was well worth all of the hype and praise!

We had such a lovely time and so much fun both movies were totally awesome!

Us Barbie Collectors


bedroom bureauI love to go out and enjoy myself from time to time and when the moments call for it aside from when I am out and about within the world with doing my day and night job assignments in the health care field and other field of occupation, however, as a true person born under the zodiacal sign Taurus I am a homebody by heart and I keep my home-life separate in all aspects of relation as my home is an extension of my own personal sociable and spiritual temple where I entertain myself as well as continuously nurture myself.

baby shoesI’d never let anyone violate the sanctity of my spirit or the personal space of my environment.

An Occurrence

spring bearI have an excellent memory and I can remember things from back afar I even have recollections of certain moments when I was just three years of age.

During the summer in the year of 1982 my father Simmie Brown had came and paid me a visit. I was about seven years old, a neighborhood associate (she was about six or seven) and I were outside in front of my house playing when he stepped out of a cab.

He was dressed in a leather jacket with a hat, staring at me as he walked over to approach.

“He looks high”, my young associate had said as his eyes were red and watery. She knew what that particular state of being “high” appeared as because she had older brothers who use to smoke weed.

I headed straight for the door, entering into my home as this man followed in behind me. When I reached into the kitchen I asked my mother “Who is this man?”

“He’s your father”, she had said. I hadn’t remembered him since the last time he was around me I was a bit younger then.

Anyhow, he took my mother and I out to eat and then to a movie theater they both left the choice up to me on which movie to see. It was a toss up between “The Outsiders” or “Bad Boys” so I had chose to see Bad Boys which had starred Sean Penn and Esai Morales.

Afterwards he took us back to his sister’s apartment located within the Bronx and on her living room couch was loaded with an assortment of stuffed dolls and animals. One had caught my eye in particular and it was a Holly Hobbie rag doll that I kept holding and playing with.

daisy and teaAfter some time had passed, a few months later, there was an unexpected visitor that rang our doorbell. My mother was greeted at the front door by a woman who was accompanied by her husband.

The lady name was Dorothy whose nickname was “Cookie” and she introduced herself as Simmie’s sister.

My mother let the couple in and seated them on the couch then came upstairs to wake me up from a nap that I was taking. When she brought me downstairs to the living room I was still half asleep.

When I came to full attention I saw that the woman that I had noticed was holding a stuffed doll in her arms the same stuffed doll that I continued to play with while I was at her apartment in the Bronx.

She had had two sets of the Holly Hobbie rag dolls there at her home a brown faced one and a tan faced one, she had brought me the brown-colored faced stuffed doll the one I had took a liking to.

Simmie obviously had told his sister how much I was fond of playing with the doll and she took a trip out to Queens to meet me and to give me the doll as a present. Dorothy also informed to my mother that she had an aunt that lived not too far away from us who I later got acquainted with when I became an adult in my early twenties.

My mother had long ago met and known Georgia Mae Williamson (Simmie’s mother) and visited her home, and one of her sister’s had remembered seeing my mother and I from way back around in the 70’s sometime as I heard them recall a encounter of them all coincidentally meeting up at the butcher’s market around the corner along with Simmie’s brother Tony when I was an infant.

As a teenager on up I had spoken from time to time to Simmie over the telephone along with the other relatives of his down in South Carolina and when I visited down there in the year of 2001 I got to meet many of them face to face (https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2016/01/27/resurrection/).

I had gotten along will all of the young adult cousins of mine, however one who’d I had spoken to over the phone that had wanted to meet me when he once visited New York but didn’t have time because he had to go catch his flight didn’t live down there and didn’t like being around all of the drama constantly created down there by their relatives so I didn’t get to meet him face to face. The up in age male seniors were congenial, the older women on the other hand were nothing but jealous, miserable, lying, underhanded gossipy bitches that no one who was reasonable could stand to be around.

flower in bookBefore I went down to South Carolina I had came into contact with so called Dorothy “Kookie” who this one had spelled with a “K” (the sister that Simmie use to party hard with) and when I brought up about the doll that she had given to me and how I still had it-because I still had a lot of articles from my childhood hanging around-she acted as if she didn’t have any recollection of it. She didn’t even know the directions to my house her aunt’s husband had to show her how to get there when she picked me up.

I know that people do forget but that wasn’t it.

When Dorothy arrived she was not the same woman who had visited me when I was a child. She was indeed in relation to Simmie but she was not the same sister who had come by back in the early eighties. This woman didn’t even know that the “real” Cookie had come to see me!

Simmie was only supposed to have had one sister and one brother so what happened?

Simmie wasn’t all there in the head due to drugs just like most who are addicts (https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2015/12/02/the-perils-of-substance-abuse/) and just like most who are trash, and I could always see through him when he’d tell his lies although he did reveal a lot of information to me about his family that I would weigh out because as an intelligent human being I know not to believe everything that people tell me and that I hear some of the information I would confirm whether or not if it was true from was by one of his family members who had dirt on all of them, and one who would speak the truth, and that was one of his aunts-the one that his family would all call “crazy”.

Yeah, we know those so-called crazy ones. Crazy because they are too smart or too tough so people have to try to downplay and discredit them out of fear and corruption.

Anyway, Simmie once told me an interesting story about how his mother was pregnant with twins and how his mother fell down a flight of steps and how one of the twins had died. One of his other aunts denied this actually happened, though, expressing “I don’t know why Simmie would say a thing like that”.

So I had to read in between the lines and figure out the scrambled details for myself.

She, another one of her sisters, as well as the Kookie that I went down south with all told me about the ESP that their mother was born with and that I had inherited on both sides of the family because Extrasensory Perception runs down the lines of generations on my mother’s side as well. They said how accurate and wise that woman was.

chinaI should know I am the very same way and my mother’s side of the family (the kin of my mother’s mother) from down in Virginia who I’ve come to know were very powerfully gifted with clairvoyance and occult and they are my ancestors now. Even my no-good great grandmother Amanda Byars said that her own mother was gifted with second-sight and it was true that woman was also a Blackfoot Indian Amanda showed me her pictures.

That was another thing that I was concerned about within my family tree and that was our nationality when getting familiar with Simmie’s family when I was a teenager because I came from African American and Native American Roots. It was confirmed that Simmie’s father was a 100% full blooded Cherokee Indian aside from the fact that his grandmother was full of Indian as well as African American. I was given loads of pictures of many members of his family to bring home with me.

Simmie’s grandfather was a very light-complexioned man who had white blood in him and my mother had long time ago had his obituary, however, Tina (my mother’s sick degenerate sister) had stolen it to contact other junkie family members of Simmie’s back in the day to serve a negative purpose (to spread her lies but it didn’t matter because birds of a feather flock together).

My grandmother on my mother’s side, Catherine, her own mother was also a 100% full blooded Cherokee Native American Woman.

So I was so relieved to have found out that Simmie’s family had also consisted of African American and Native American ancestry I wanted to make sure that there were no Caribbean backgrounds within the unit. I mean some of them may have dealt with those foreigners and had children with them but it wasn’t within our blood line.

Then I was once told by someone unknown to anyone around my area who lived in another state that recognized my ability how when I was about seven or eight years of age that there was a relative who had something to tell me but that she had died right before she was able to do so.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out whom that relative could have possibly been at the time when this information was gathered unto me, however, it wasn’t until years later that I considered the fact that it could have been Dorothy. The “real” Dorothy

The idea of possible murder and impersonation within a family is not so far fetched, a lot of dark secrets and cover ups within some of these shady people within Simmie’s family and within certain people in general.


Today Was Fantastic!

popcornI just got back home not too long ago I’ve been gone all day long and I had such a wonderful day! The weather was beautiful.

I left home at around eleven this morning, went to a restaurant and had jumbo fried shrimp and fried chicken tenders with french fries for lunch along with a relative, then we headed to see “The Jungle Book” movie.

It was such an adorable action packed film that all of us audience members watched and enjoyed in 3D which made the movie even more exciting to view. It was so cute, a really great film.

Right after, as I had already bought the movie tickets in advance my relative and I went to see “Barber Shop 3” and that was a good movie too but not as good as Jungle Book in my opinion.

After seeing the two films I did some grocery shopping, took a cab home, and now I am going to just lay back and chill out for the rest of the night.

To top it all off I woke up this morning feeling so good with the natural energy that was around me and that was cradling me with acknowledgement and confirmation of a life well deserved. The universe continues to send and deliver to me the most positive of vibrations.

Beautiful Darlings! And A Sweet Reminisce

Little sheltie (shetland sheepdog) so darn cute!!! I could just eat up this pooch!baby collie

The collie family is one of the most beautiful breed of dog that is within existence.

Anyway, I had a great weekend I laughed so hard watching some of my favorite comedy movies.

Last week during my off days besides going out to the mall to get some delicious take out and aside from taking care of some business I watched some good action flicks including the Al Pacino classic “Scarface” which, to me, never gets old, I remember how my mother and I sat for six whole hours inside the movie theater watching that three hour movie twice when I was a kid (I was about eight or nine years old), in fact, none of the audience members got up to leave there everyone present had remained within their seats to catch another viewing of the film.

Back then the movie theaters use to play double features and audience members were also allowed to stay and watch the movies again without paying an extra movie ticket fee so we actually was in that theater for about seven hours and over thirty minutes because there was another picture that was also playing while we waited to see Scarface, and it was a boring movie I remember, but it was worth sitting through, those were the good ole days. Scarface really rocked in the early eighties and it still rocks now till this day it is completely superb!

rough collie

My “Channel” Of Addiction

A general question: Are you an “ID Addict?”

 My genuine answer: “Hell yeah!”



tulipI do not have the need or desire to indulge every single day yet I’ve been hooked for years and I do not want or plan to quit as I just cannot get enough of the specific programs that are aired on the Investigation Discovery channel the shows are essential, extremely interesting, and chillingly entertaining as they are based on the facts that deal with the harsh realities of everyday life.



True Crime Novels:(https://ladylatoya.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/true-crime-novels/)

Mayhem Madness:(https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/mayhem-madness/)

In Style

I literally within the present own over fifty brand new Barbie dolls that I had purchased nine years ago. They are stored away for safe keeping and as a lovely collection of my favorite childhood pastimes.

The numerous variety of Barbie paper dolls as well as Barbie dolls continue to have a place within my memory and heart that I will never forget as the days and nights at imagination and play had given me such great joy and preoccupation.

snow flakesI could not imagine not growing up without Barbie and the rest of her crew and luxury of accessories.







I Still Love Barbie (She Still Has It Going On):(https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2007/08/25/i-love-barbie-she-still-has-it-going-on/)


















Color Me Happy!

pebbles and bam bamWho didn’t have an adoration for coloring as a kid? I know that I did I absolutely loved the extremely pleasurable activity.

I had a host of different coloring books along with a bunch of other accessories to keep me a plenty of occupied during my childhood. All of the variety of toys and things that I had and played with were not only fun but they were also made of good quality, constructive and many of them were educational tools to build upon.

creative pencilsAs a very young creative individual coloring was a great form of self expression, aside from writing, the activity promoted a good sense of focus, the shaping of motor skills and the coordination of multiple color combination.

barbie and kidAs an a adult I am nowhere near ashamed to admit that I would love to pick up a coloring book again and relive the enjoyment that I once indulged in as a kid and I am not talking about those thinly sketched coloring books that are geared toward the adults nowadays I am speaking about the old time styled one’s of my generation even the one’s made specifically for children as they are both more stimulating and appealing to me within design pattern.

Many of them are so cute and elaborate.

coloring pencilsWhen I had actually mentioned to someone months back last year that I still have a “fancy” for coloring they acknowledged to me that they did too and not so long after that I heard on the news that there were other individuals who found coloring in their adulthood quite relaxing and therapeutic for them. I had also began to see advertisements on the television commercials for coloring books and pencils that were geared toward adults but just as I had said before I don’t like those type of arrangement of designed coloring books in particular.

barbie and friendI had never thought of coloring as a vehicle catering to therapeutic benefits it had always been a means of artistic fun and the idea for me now is still as another stimulating form of recreation although I do find the activity very beneficial to the senses as it is a lovely way to spend quiet time alone.

Eventually when I get the opportunity one day when I am out and about within an area and happen to come across a wide variety of good quality coloring books and utensils that appeal to me I will purchase them along in my collection of “Word Finds” and “Jumble Puzzle books” to keep me much delightfully occupied.barbie, ken and kid









Archie Comic Books:(https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/archie-comic-books/)

“Race With The Devil!” (Still So Very Fantastic!!!)

race-with-the-devil-movie-poster-My new years eve rocked! I was never the type to party I spent a very nice and cozy quiet evening comfortably at home after enjoying a delicious dinner of fried greasy chicken wings with steamed broccoli watching in my opinion one of the best cult classic horror action movies of all time that I hadn’t seen since childhood back in the early eighties.

When I was a little girl I remember immediately after watching the film running to get my large “Barbie Traveller Mobile Home” toy vehicle and my loads of “Barbie and Ken” dolls to reenact the suspenseful shocking ending!Race With The Deviil

I love all types of genre, however, horror and suspense/thriller are my favorites and aside from “The Return Of The Living Dead” Race With The Devil is my top bestracewiththedevilfire.

The film was very deep and all so real in so many instances even though it was a work of fiction (art often imitates life). I could relate to it especially since I am a spiritual person and as it pertained to much of my true life experiences of conspirators after and against to destroy due to having certain knowledge (anything that wasn’t otherwise suppose to been seen, heard, felt and/or pursued) that was meant to be kept hidden and so on.Race With The Devil Sacrifice

Afterwards, I watched another deep thriller that I had not seen since as a child titled “Crowhaven Farm” (About witchcraft and reincarnation). It’ was so great and all so new to me now!Crohaven Farm

The 1970’s offered some really awesome flicks.

I even remember “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” which I’d love to see again. The nineteen eighties were also terrific months ago I found
“Visiting Hours”, another great chiller!visiting-hours

And I could not forget “One Dark Night”.

As I looked back at these films they brought back such good memories of my childhood, that era, and all of the fun. I also see how as being a child born with special spiritual ability I was automatically attracted to the particular films that were in relation to my own nature without even realizing it!Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

My mother took me to see every movie that I wanted to see back then. She even bought me my own VCR and I was out of control renting, watching, and recording movies from BQ/Brooklyn and Queens cable (That was the original name before it became Time Warner). I had a blast of entertainment. Atari too!One_Dark_Night_(1983)

(Played my video games all of the time) I had it all growing up!

There was another great thriller that involved mannequins that came to life, I’d also love to see that film again but I totally forgot the name of the film it wasn’t “Tourist Trap” though.One Dark Night Initiation

I cannot forget to mention a few of some good action flicks such as “Ten To Midnight” with Charles Bronson. “Vice Squad” with Season Hubley And “Angel”!One Dark Night Mausoleum

It feels so amazing to relive it all!!!

One_Dark_Night_4angel-movie-poster-P.S. (I watched “Race With The Devil” again last night with a relative-they also enjoyed it very much after all of these years)







Archie Comic Books

Aug1024x768From a young child up until my late teens I’d been a very loyal fan who vastly enjoyed collecting and reading many of the great, unique, and creative and entertainingly designed comic publication of the Archie series.

Betty and Me, Betty’s Diary, and Betty and Veronica, of course, was my immediate favorite volumes of selection as a young girl. I gathered a nice and endearing accumulation of wide range comic Digests, Double Digests, and Giant series magazines.

I loved all of the exciting and various cast of likable characters, stories, and intermittent strips that were included such as Moose & Midge, Dilton, Nancy, Chuck, Cheryl Blossom, Big Ethel, Reggie, Jughead, Hot Dog, Pop Tate, Miss Grundy, Mister Weatherbee, Coach Kleats, Archie Pals ‘n’ Gals, Archie And Me, Archie Andrews Where Are You?, the spectacular issues, the vacation issues, LiL Jinx, Sabrina the Witch, Josie and the Pussycats and so on! You name it, I had indulged in it!Jul1024x768

So long were those years ago since I would lie propped comfortably upon my bed with or without a snack and in a hypnotizing state of glee escaping into the delights of my favorite Riverdale world and neighborhood.

And now I cannot deny and am in no way ashamed to admit that in my late age thirties I have once again taken huge steps back into my past and into my explosive enthusiasm for my favorite comic book adventures of monumental depth and quality laughter. I enjoy and anticipate reading the Archie series now just as much as I did then if not so even more.

I could not imagine life without the big talents and inspirations behind this creation that has brought upon so much genuine happiness and amusement to the millions and millions.Jun1024x768

Two years ago I ordered and received my over four hundred pages of the Best of Archie volume one, last year I ordered volume two, this year I cannot wait to get my hands onto volume three!

Whenever I read and turn through the artistic styled pages of the Archie comic series I sense and feel the success and specialness of the publication, not only is the item an extremely fortunate invention but, a tool of positive stimulating energy and a encouraging source of productive motivation.

As one of my favorite childhood memories and one of my favorite adult hobbies the Archie’s comics will always be number one in my choice of classic and quality books!


Our Canine Companions





Canines are indeed my only type of favorite pet to share a home with. From birth, and as they grow, many of them are so cute and cuddly, intelligent and inquisitive, loving and protective.

So fiercely loyal, canines make the best of friends aside from being extra added-on members to a family.

There is something very special and unique about puppies and dogs.

6812-1024x768-[DesktopNexus_com]They have an appeal that is irresistible to the avid admirer of the canine species.

I as a human being have always been enamored with their character and behavior.

285308-1024x768-White_German_shepherd_puppyOnce they pass that destructive stage of chewing and tearing up things around and inside of the house they develop and progress into their own distinct personalities along with their natural inherited traits.

6709-1024x768-[DesktopNexus_com]There are so many breed of canine to choose from depending on preference and temperament.

My breeds of choice are the German Shepherd, the Collie, and the Golden and Labrador Retrievers.

I love the fierceness and the intelligence within the shepherds.

The Collies and retrievers are also very bright and they have such a sweet, fine nature.

All puppies and dogs love to play and eat. Their sudden energy spouts may at times tire one out, however, in my opinion that spiritedness is what keeps the atmosphere within the home lively.

These animals bring a lot of life into the environment as they are so innately animated and energetic. They are exciting creatures to have around.

Canines have allure. They are mysterious, fun, sneaky, mischievous.

They have a particular charm and charisma about them. It is in their stance, their bark, in the wag of their tail, in the way that they snarl.

Canines are good for our overall wellness and state of mental health.

They bestow upon us therapeutic properties, physical as well as emotional. They do this through their auras.

They have the ability to help us relax. They give to us comfort while at the same time they manage to bring to us much great joy.

No devoted puppy or dog owner can deny the extreme love and attachment that can be acquired over the years between them and their pet.

The canine and human connection is exceptional. The relationship is a kind, considerate, demanding, and sometimes challenging one. And it is an association that the world should never be without.



I Love Barbie ( She Still Has It Going On )

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 at 1:58 PM PDT


stylishYou know, aside from certain other matters I had a really great childhood. And one of my fondest memories was playing with my Barbie dolls.

I played with them from the age of five or six up until I was twelve then I grew out of it.

I had a whole lot of accessories that went along with Barbie such as her clothes, town house, trailer, pool, cars, and so on. I had nothing but pure fun!

I didn’t ever think the day would come when I was no longer interested in my Barbie Dolls anymore. However, normally a person matures as I did.

Much later on though, during my twenties, I began having dreams about purchasing many Barbies and a feeling that came along with it in the dreams was the great love that I had for playing with them as a child.

Even though all of my dreams come true I could not imagine that I would actually start buying Barbie dolls for myself at my grown age.

A while after I had began working at J.C. Penney’s last year I’d go around window shopping, sometimes checking things out during my hourly breaks. I happen to hit a Toys ‘R’ us and a K.B. toy store and I was once again “captured” by Barbie.

I just couldn’t resist starting a collection. One day as I stood at a counter making a purchase a white woman about in her fifties uttered to me that she still “loves Barbie”. I’ve collected quite a few so far, just as many as I had when I was a little girl. I am going to buy a pretty curio to pose them all in.



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Isn’t it nice to know the Barbie’s of our childhood (I have an original from the 60′s) are now worth a small fortune! Yah Barbie!

Posted by Half Century on Monday, April 30, 2007 3:06 PM PDT

I Love Diner Dash 2

Friday, June 16, 2006 at 6:46 AM PDT

When i was growing up as a child the arcade games that came out and that were popular were Miss Pac-Man which i still love and Centipede an so on.

Nowadays the arcade games are much more advanced and much more exciting and fun to play. Yesterday morning i spent an hour killing time by playing Diner Dash 2 on my computer then again this morning i spent a little over an hour playing it.

I think it’s such a cute game and a nice way to occupy some time before going out to do my daily activities. Everybody has their own favorite games and i just felt like mentioning one of mine today!

A Love For Good For Music

Tuesday. March 28, 2006 at 11:30 am PST

A lot has changed in the last past decades. And to me one of the biggest changes is the music.

Good music is not being made the way that it used to be. There are still some nice songs out there these days but not far as many as it was during the seventies and eighties.

I know certain lyrics and melodies go out of style as people go along with the times. And that is a good thing because staying in the same “mode” grows old and gets boring.

Nevertheless, there are particular types of music an songs that i never get tired or bored with no matter how long ago they were made.