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The All Seeing Truth/Not Blinded By The Lies

My third eye is open. It is very clear and very active. I can see things and people for what and who they really are. And I can “see” and “feel” from many miles away. I have looked at pictures of people and spotted who was demonic.

There is nothing too big or too small for my spiritual antenna to “pick up” when the moment calls for it. Feeling, knowing, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting all go hand in hand for me.

Those of us who are “in tune” do know about the unknown and do have a lot of knowledge. I knew what life was all about at a very young age, about eleven or twelve. And even though that we are aware of so much, we don’t know every single thing as there is always something to be uncovered and discovered.

We have our own different origins, belief systems and experiences so therefore we may not come in agreement regarding all or certain terms of what is fact, which definitely does not make a “claim” false or non existent.

Can anyone actually “dictate” to you what you comprehend and what you’ve experienced? Absolutely not, what is truth to one is foreign to another yet both is real but not to each other.

“God” is a subject that is controversial to some when held into question. Though he does exist, many do not believe in him or what he is supposed to represent. And the bible teaches that anyone who does not follow him and serves something “other” is being deceived by Satan himself who is suppose to be a liar.

Now I am not going to get heavy into this but I do “know” of that to indeed not be true. And I can back it up for myself even if I could not prove it to anyone else who would not agree. I don’t want to persuade no one about anything. I am here to take what I “recognize” is genuinely for me, and in accordance apply it to my life.

Very frequently, there are these public candle lit vigils and makeshift memorials that are dedicated to people who are murdered and killed. The “vigils” which are meant for the gathering of friends, family and those alike, to offer prayers on the behalf of the deceased and their relatives, and to call on god to receive the deceased into the eternal kingdom of heaven.

Although it may look pretty-the mixture of balloons, flowers, teddy bears and other articles-it is a very demonic event, especially when the individuals have died violently.

“Clean” mourning ceremonies should be regarded and held in a sacred manner, such as in a home or a particular church or temple. There are definite ways to elevate a departed soul that has crossed over into the spirit realm, but the act has to be done properly.

“He or she is with god/Jesus now”, I’ve heard so many repeat after completing their task of outside in the open public devotions. “Yes”, I will agree “they are with god”. However, who is to say that actually means this is good, and that they are in a good right place?

What those in particular have actually done is “assisted”, “bounded”, and “sealed in” an open invitation into hell for the targeted souls.

I remember some years ago, a member from a very famous rap group who came from around my old neighborhood, was shot and killed. As usual, there were people who made a display memorial outside in the open, in his honor, on a side street against a gate with candles and other articles of choice.

As a highly sensitive spiritual person passing by the scene, I felt nothing but intense negative energy. Malignant spirits were hanging all around in that spot.

Another highly public makeshift memorial event (which took place a decade ago) that also happened to be displayed alongside a gate, involved the murder of two young girls, who till this day are still given candle lit vigils upon an anniversary date.

And while lots of people believe these girls who died between the ages of twelve and thirteen, are dwelling in “a beautiful place of peace” with their lord. I guarantee for a “fact” they are not. I know firsthand.

These girls are evil spirits roaming around and getting energized every time a ritual is carried out in remembrance to them. And, their lord is right along with them as he is energized and glorified every time he indirectly perpetuates tragedy for his own “eternal” benefit.

There are a very many of secrets, cover ups, lies, manipulations and conspiracies. And some that even include affiliates of the government who are involved, as they too are instruments of evil forces.

Some everyday people know exactly what is really going on and pretend that they don’t if you are not one of them. Some actually are in the dark, not aware by the operation and activity of spiritual dimensions. Some have their own divine sustained path outlined through whatever was appointed for them. And you have a lot of others who are caught in between.

This world is bigger than all of us and sometimes way beyond our control. There is so much more that could also be said and deliberated on, and a lot is kept behind closed doors. And, sometimes that is for the best depending on the circumstance and the repercussion that may follow.

There are explanations of ”great” purpose as to why I and those in particular are able to see, feel, hear and amongst other things, know into what is hidden.

The truth always finds a way to identify itself, even if it doesn’t sit right by those who’ve been blinded by lies and deception. It isn’t a matter about who does not believe though. It is believed only to those who “matter”.

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I Am Blessed So Keep Your God To Yourself!

I recently received this message in my email. And while I totally agree with this person about the harmful effects of black magic and governments and evil demonic individuals that endeavor to enslave people through witchcraft on many levels I definitely do not at all agree about the views when it comes to “god”.

I am a real person, as real as they come. I will be thirty-seven years old in May and was not born yesterday. God is not the only “so called” way to conquer black magic. Every one has their own spiritual beliefs which definitely do not work for every individual.

I am familiar with the novena to the Holy Spirit and just like the bible it turns me off. My first encounter with the “holy bible” was during childhood and I didn’t at all like or agree with much of what I read and as I grew older during the years I continuously came to see how right and justified I was in my interpretations.

God is a master manipulator as well as demonic himself. His “so called” supernatural effects are also a form of magic (voodoo). So many and I mean a great deal of the world is blinded and brainwashed when it comes to this very negative force that is considered the “almighty”.

I will readily admit that god in his spirit has communicated with me within my lifetime, appearing as a means of help. Some years ago his spirit came and spoke to me through my empathic abilities and thoughts to impart that “to come to him and that he was my source of protection”. I refused to go to him, me personally knowing his track record and because I am not gullible or easily influenced, or desperate for that matter. And I absolutely made the right decision.

I in no way am here to change or discourage anyone who serves or truly believes in his doctrine. I could care less what anyone believes in or follows as it has absolutely nothing to do with me. I am a writer who connects with the universe and share my experiences and truths the way that I know it to be. I do, however, have a serious problem with those who may try to change or discourage my beliefs and what I know to be definite truth.

There is negativity and positivity all over the world. Even in the spirit world. And that is just the way that life is right now. All voodoo is not bad or harmful. I conquered black magic through white magic (a genuine form of a “holy spirit”) and it saved my life in many aspects. Even when I wasn’t doing it ( the supernatural has a way of working on it’s own to nurture and protect what it holds dear). Voodoo and orisha ancestor worship is my nature and has been nothing but soothing and beneficial to me and my life.

I’ve experienced so much in my life from a very early age up until now and know very much of what I speak of. Unlike many who serve god, I have never ever experimented with or been on drugs-never had the desire to. I have never been promiscuous or lustful-never had the desire to. My nature gives me so much love and respect, something “god” never gave to me. And it shouldn’t always be about what a person has or has not done but why. What was the reason for their actions?

I have never indulged in the many negative things of this world, I never desired to, and not because I am a good person or because I am a bad person, but because I am my own person who is not influenced by anything that is not of me.

I could sit here for hours debating my notions and experiences and reasons what I feel about god to anyone who’d question me, nevertheless, I wouldn’t waste my precious time.

There is a reason many in particular can’t, won’t and never will see him for the kind of spirit that he really is. And then there are those who do truly recognize him and serve him because they are truly of him.

I thank my lucky stars for who I am and for what I have centered around me. And when those who come around trying to recruit me in all kinds of underhanded ways I will always escape my true “enemy”.

Now I believe this person who contacted me meant well and I appreciate their kindness. For the record though, I have and never had any true connection with god, he and I do not mix. He is not my idea of anything truly good and I will not go any further.

Now as far as this person asking me not to “blaspheme” god, for me it comes very easily and I will never apologize for the way that I believe and feel and here are a few examples from a few of my posts:

This is part of a comment that I left for someone on my as an asexual person I’m sharing my personal feelings- June 20, 2009-

I don’t want to hear anything about what the bible says about not trusting in my own judgement of things due to the fact that we as humans are suppose to be incapable of understanding God’s plan and that he knows best for us better than we do for ourselves. I don’t agree with everything in the bible. And i don’t fear the God of the bible because he does nothing for me ( meaning that his scripture stimulates me in no way whatsoever! ), he turns me off. I am very happy in my life. As a child i always knew that God was no good for many in depth reasons that i will not go into and i don’t care what anybody thinks or has to say about it. Don’t take my comment as being angry, i’m feeling no contempt. Just letting you know that i have a mind of my own and will live my life the way that i want to under my own terms and through the guidance of my ancestors and Orisha. And i really don’t care what the bible has to say about serving anything other than him which he claims would be from the devil. I guarantee from experience Elegba is not the devil and if he turned out to be he’s done a hell of a lot more good for me than that sicko in the bible who created everybody.

My Confessions Post- january 28,2012-october4,2006-

Everyone makes mistakes and indeed this was a big one! Everything in my post is the truth except for what I mentioned about god.

I wrote this post about fives years ago and now I can come out with the total truth that I could not say at the time. I don’t really feel that I did anything wrong. I don’t really believe that the only true protection comes from the god of the bible.

My actions did not cause me to be open for any attack because I don’t believe in or follow that god of the bible’s sick will especially that garbage about a man and a woman becoming one flesh. I will always be whole and complete and no one flesh with nobody.

I truly feel that god was responsible for allowing those sick witchcraft experiences because I never cared for him and belonged to him, and I thank my lucky stars because I don’t ever want to be one of his children.

I have true supervision and protection from my ancestors and orishas like I had all through out my life I just had to get reconnected and reacquainted since I was attacked by witchcraft at such an early age ( ever since I was seven ).

Even though I didn’t truly from my heart mean what I said in this post regarding “god” I really regret having done so because I would never intentionally want to give him any type of glory or justification whatsoever!

And I know damn well that my beautiful soul will never enter a place of hell. “I’ve seen where I’m going” god of the bible has no claims over me. He does not apply to me or my life. And I am so glad that I am at a place in my life where I can acknowledge it and back it up fiercely. And I don’t give a damn what anyone who is blinded by him has to say about it!

This Is What I Received In My Email Yesterday-

Submitted Information:

Caring Person

“I Removed This Person’s Email Address For Their Privacy”

Dear La Toya,
I have taken a look at your website, and whereas you are creative, or an artist
poet, with talent, you are most definately
courting demon activity.
In viewing your article about Voodoo,
I thought you were concerned about how horrible and deadly it is to the body, mind, and soul. Death to the soul is eternal. The symptoms to the private parts,
is just as abusive as rape, and molestation.
Governments, and possessed persons, trying to enslave people, and kill their souls, are performing this witchcraft to destroy devout people, and too liberal people.
Here’s what works to rid it. No one in their right mind would want it. The Holy Spirit is the only conqueror of Demons. Find a copy of The Novena to The Holy Spirit, and you pray that Novena, everyday.
Recommend it to everyone.
Obtain confession for all sins, attend Divine Mercy Sunday, remain faithful to the 10 commandements, and read the Bible, everyday. The Word of God is also infused with The Holy Spirit, and you will see why
witchcraft is spreading, today. Look in Revelation, and other related scriptures.
It isn’t spreading to become popular, and create healing, or spirituality. It is spreading to kill souls, because that is what Satan (The Dragon)is doing now!
Don’t mess with it, and please use your website to help others get rid of it, and not blaspheme God.

I’ll be praying for you all.

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A Revelation

All of my life i have been able to sense and see through people. There have also and always been those in particular who i have detested. No one is going to like or get along with everybody no matter what walk of life one comes from. The hatred that i have for those who i speak of goes deeper in the eye than what most if any are able to see. What is felt is not so much a part of my innate human tendency of being snooty but more of a divine awareness of what is here and subordinate.

Some looking at particular people with the “Human Eye”, and who are conscious of what they show, may see a sight they would clearly determine as undesirables and etc. When looking through with the “Third Eye”, however, the sight goes much deeper. They are then identified more in depth.  And they “Indeed” are “The Wicked”, the devil’s children. I’ve seen it in their appearance and have sensed it in their body language. I have also seen these particular people after death in spirit form-confirming the mark made to me of those who are here on earth.

They are very recognizable. Radar picks up on them instantly, alerting, verifying and sending warning of them. When i view them in person or if the thought of them comes into mind due to visions i see their presence literally makes me want to vomit. I keep clear away from these people as much as possible. And I don’t want any parts of them in my life if i can help it.  Understandably, my reasons are of course not defined as “Fear” since these particular kinds are absolutely nothing to fear even though many of them want to intimidate others out of their own insecurities. Nevertheless, it has everything to do with negativity, and negative energies they continually carry within and without, and which can be detected and rejected. They are all an abomination. A reproach.

( These Particular People Are Warp-Minded. They Act Out In Illogical Ways. Reason Cannot Be Explained To Sick Individuals. I As A Human Being With Strong Spiritual Inclination Would Never Want Their Essence Up In Me, Outward Of Me, Or Around Me. Their Absences Brings About Peace, Happiness And Cleanliness To The Mind, Body, Spirit And Path )

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My Confessions

January 28th, 2012

Everyone makes mistakes and indeed this was a big one! Everything in my post is the truth except for what I mentioned about God.

I wrote this post about fives years ago and now I can come out with the total truth that I could not say at the time. I don’t really feel that I did anything wrong. I don’t really believe that the only true protection comes from The God Of The Bible.

My actions did not cause me to be open for any attack because I don’t believe in or follow that God of the bible’s sick “will” especially that garbage about a man and a woman becoming one flesh. I will always be whole and complete and no one flesh with nobody.

I truly feel that God was responsible for allowing those sick witchcraft experiences because I never cared for him and belonged to him, and I thank my lucky stars because I don’t ever want to be one of his children.

I have true supervision and protection from my Ancestors and Orishas like I had all through out my life I just had to get reconnected and reacquainted since I was attacked by witchcraft at such an early age ( ever since I was seven ).

Even though I didn’t truly from my heart mean what I said in this post regarding “God” I really regret having done so because I would never intentionally want to give him any type of glory or justification whatsoever!

And I know damn well that my beautiful soul will never enter a place of hell even if I ever did get an abortion. “I’ve seen where i’m going”, God Of The Bible has no claims over me. He does not apply to me or my life. And I am so glad that I am at a place in my life where I can acknowledge it and back it up fiercely. And I don’t give a damn what anyone who is blinded by him has to say about it!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 at 8:17 PM EDT

I don’t know why I’m calling this post my confessions. I’ve never had anything to hide. What i really mean by confessing is just acknowledging more in depth how i feel about particular things regarding myself.

I am a female. A woman. And I’m very glad to be. I am strong-minded, strong-willed, determined, stubborn, confident, opinionated, outspoken and a few other things. When i was a little girl i loved to have fun just like most children and i was very creative.

A lot of children have an idea of what they want to be when they become an adult. I knew by the age of ten that i would write and that is the age that i began writing the short stories that i use to. I also knew that when i grew up that i never wanted to marry. I am thirty-one years old now and have never had a boyfriend.

So i really did know what i did and did not want early on. I also knew that one day when i was ready i would want to have two children, preferably two female children. Two daughters. My two little girls. The only problem was how would i get them? I didn’t want no man on top of me.

I thought going to a sperm bank would cost too much money for me at the time since there was no guarantee that conception would occur during the first insemination. I’ve heard of women spending up to six thousands of dollars after numerous tries before actual conception occurred through being artificially inseminated by a doctor.

So if i really wanted to have a child I’d have to do what i had to do and that would mean lying down with a man that i didn’t want. It wouldn’t have been a problem. A whole lot of men were interested in me during my younger years. They just didn’t understand why i didn’t want to be bothered since most young women are man-crazy and are heavily into a man.

I was just the opposite. A few of the reasons i paid my admirers no attention was because the majority of them were nothing, nobodies. They were in my opinion unattractive and definitely undesirable as far as their physical appearance and level of mentality. What turned me off the most, though, is them approaching me like automatically without them even knowing me, that i was suppose to have an inclination for males.

They made a general assumption about me that was definitely not true. I am Asexual and very proud of it. I’ve never ever had any emotional or physical desire for a man. When guys had crushes on me and expressed their feelings in their own ways it disgusted me where others would think that it was cute or normal. And i am very sure most consider having a crush on someone then acting on it normal.

I felt if a guy was attracted to me and wanted to be with me he should have kept it to himself because he didn’t stand a chance with me. Then i began to think about it a little bit, and thought about using a man’s feelings for me to my advantage. You know when someone is into you and you are not into them then you have the upper hand.

Some of the guys who were interested in me had heard that i was a virgin and probably thought ( in their mind if they were to ever get the chance) by having sex with me they could turn me out or that i would change and become attached to them and fall all over them then a man would have some significance to me. Boy did they have me figured out wrong! Some of those male egos and ignorance’s need to go! There is a whole lot that some men really need to learn.

Yes, i was a virgin as far as never ever having intercourse with a man. A male penis had never penetrated my vagina but i had already experienced sexual pleasure without the aid of a man.

You see, i had discovered my clitoris years beforehand. It is a very sensitive area connected to nerves inside the body that with the educated touch of a finger ( i learned naturally on my own ) there are very nice sensations and climaxes to experience. There is absolutely nothing wrong with self experimentation, getting to know and love your own self sexually before letting someone else take control. But when a man is inside of you he is not the one really in control of giving you your pleasure.

It is all up to you and your mind whether or not your body will allow his penis to ignite those sensations. You have to already have an attraction or desire for a man in order to feel any pleasure from him. This particular subject is not embarrassing and it should not be. It is important.

When i was a little girl i curiously took a mirror to see what my vagina looked like. What’s wrong with that? Nothing! None of these things mean that you are being a bad girl or fresh. It is being smart and knowledgeable.

During the very first and only time period i tried to get pregnant by attempting sexual intercourse i felt absolutely nothing, no kind of sensation or pleasure whatsoever from the penis i endured because i had no desire and emotion to be with any male. On the other hand though, i could go and stimulate my clitoris on my own while i was alone and feel all the pleasure in the world because my mind was happily accepting that i was the one who was causing sensations received by myself.

My mind and body was and is not receptive to the thought of being touched by a man since nothing about a man arouses me. My body doesn’t want something pounding inside and out, that is just plain stupid! During clitoral stimulation, there is no penetration. Only i can arouse myself as i am in love with myself. And i haven’t ever been with any other man since. That was years ago. And for the future there won’t be another one.

My vagina is strictly off limits as it has always been. There is no man anywhere around me or in my neighborhood who can honestly say that they had me or will have me because now i have the money to go to a sperm bank if i really want to.

Even if i didn’t have the money i still would not resort to lying down with a man because that is not who i am and because to me it is so unnatural. My clitoris is natural. I was born with it. I know how to take care of myself. If i want a vaginal massage, i prefer myself.

When and if i eventually do get pregnant, like i mentioned before I’d prefer to have girls. My girls because i know they’d be very similar to me i have very strong genes. If i unfortunately get pregnant with a boy I’d be very pissed off and disappointed then I’d go seek an abortion. You see, there is no way in the world that i would want or have anything male growing up inside of me.

I know the way that i feel goes against God’s will just as fornication. God would prefer that i get married then have children and accept the children no matter what the sex is especially since I’m so spiritually blessed the way that i am.

However, i have my own will. And it goes against God’s. Now i live a very clean life as it is. I never went astray. I fornicated on only one occasion and that was done purely to make a baby and not out of any type of lust but i think the act itself left me open and vulnerable to the attack of evil spirits when my enemies worked their witchcraft.

Protection comes with God’s Holy Spirit and his spirit is not to be defiled by any spiritual uncleanliness. Now while witchcraft was unable to affect my strength, mind, actions and emotions it was able to affect my progress in life by interfering with my destiny.

So it wasn’t so much about my enemies having the ability to attack me it was that at the hands of my own actions i gave them the opportunity by disobeying God and defiling his Holy Spirit. If i had been married the act would’ve been clean.

Nevertheless, you know what? I still say even though i am spiritually restored now i don’t think that was fair. And life is not fair. I am a very good person and i don’t deny the power and works of the Lord but my heart is hardened against the way God set certain things.

The only real big sin that i was and am guilty of is rebellion. I still refuse to want to do it the Lord’s way by getting married to have a child and I’d still get an abortion or want to if i ever get pregnant with a male child. If i did get married I’d just be using the man for what i want. It just wouldn’t work out.

I lose patience in just two weeks of being around a man. And like i said before I’d never have any sexual dealings with a man as long as i live so if i lose God’s partial protection again by trying to conceive a child out of wedlock through going to a sperm bank and getting rid of a fetus because it turns out to be a boy then the Lord is just not right. My feelings will never change even if i risk spending an eternity burning in hell for it.

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I’m Steps Ahead

Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 9:15 AM EDT

As some may know at birth i was born with a double veil which means that i have very strong spiritual abilities. Aside from already being intelligent the reason i have so much knowledge is because i am a very accurate clairvoyant.

This is the month of September, there is only about three and a half more months left before a new year comes in and still my enemies won’t stop endeavoring to destroy me. I’m so tired of having to mention them but they just won’t leave me alone.

I don’t write about each an everything they do and have done but i write about a great deal of their actions because they definitely need to be exposed and because i’m not afraid to and will continue to speak on the things going on in the world that aren’t right.

While there are some in the world aware of my enemies wrongdoings due to their own experiences or through the experiences of others or through things that get wind there are still a great deal who aren’t aware and Divine Spirit may be using me to get the word out to deserving people who are in the dark.

I know i am not the only one who these type of sick people are doing this to it just so happens that i’m a spiritually gifted person who is well aware an in tune with what is going on around me. And i also have a significant source of protection in my favor that my enemies don’t seem and choose to accept.

Obviously they have greatly underestimated my strength, knowledge, power, and purpose. I am set way apart from them and this world-if not they would have been had me by now. They’ll never get me. No one can stop what my higher power almighty “Orisha” puts out!

I am a person who is pure in heart and in mind.

I don’t, and never have smoked, indulged in drugs or alcohol, and i don’t have sexual relations with anyone and that is my business. It is who i am what keeps me strong and standing. My physical self as well as spiritual-but more so my spiritual self because my spirit has got me the way that i am.

I’m truly a good person. This is all a part of my character. I live a clean life which causes no strains in my life because i am naturally this way. In the same it is in a way making me a target.

The way that i am may be foreign to a lot of people but i feel the same way about them. Their way of life is foreign to me and i may think of some of their lifestyles as crazy nevertheless i don’t care.

To me, smoking is stupid, alcohol unnecessary, and men the easiest thing to stay away from.

Now, i don’t knock anybody for what they do because i don’t do it, it’s just i don’t stand for any belittlement for the way how i live my life especially since i’m very proud of the person i was born to be.

This past Sunday and Monday things got a little heated “as far as my enemies are concerned”.

They started their usual crap when they “think” they’re “doing something”. I guess they spent a lot of time indulging in their chanting and candle burning to try to have an affect on my emotions that never really works on me anyway. So when they see me they proceed with talk that is suppose to make me paranoid, nervous, or feel down.

You see, i’ve always known these things because i’m fed knowledge through spirits and intelligence.

Within those two days, as soon as i came into their view, they began referring to me in a sexual nature. In other words insinuating that i’m a wild sex-crazed person who sleeps around all of the time.

As smart as i am i don’t understand why they stay on this particular subject when it comes to them using witchcraft to try to bring me down. With all of the other lies that they can use to say at me they stay on this whore tip. They don’t make any utterances about me being a crackhead, lesbian, or thief. It’s always mostly about me being the big whore that they absolutely wish i was. And it’s so interesting since i know i have never actually done any of the things they are describing yet they feel it should bother me.

So on Monday night when a small crowd finished uttering things about me which never existed i overheard one say to another “It’s not working”.

And, the other responded “It’s okay” or “Don’t worry about it” something to that nature.

They gave themselves away!

Why should it work on me? What they are doing is crazy. They even got certain people on my job going along with it by acting stupid. How can i get paranoid or feel down about things that don’t have anything to do with me? Shit they all created?

Like i mentioned before they have greatly underestimated me.

I know they want me to have a mental and emotional breakdown but i never have, i’m far from it, and so on to them. I wonder how many people they’ve succeeded with who didn’t know any better. It is such a shame. I hope more an more people catch on to these type of sick peoples games because for so many years they have been destroying the lives of so many good people who may have thought that they were crazy due to the subtlety of this matter.

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People In The Church

Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 8:46 AM EST

Some people in the church are the worst people out there. They use their God as a cover, to hide what they really are. Some feel that everybody has skeletons in their closet and that nobody is a saint because everyone has done something wrong and made mistakes in life. But there is a difference between being unscrupulous and making honest mistakes. And everybody who has done something bad is not innately a bad person.

People often have their own interpretations of what is right or wrong and judge others by their own standards. What i’ve observed though, is that people who are too religious and act overly self-righteous have serious issues with themselves. They’ve done things in life that they can’t handle and tend to put their own insecurities on others to mask what they regret.

Sometimes what they see in another person is just a reminder of what they could have been. There is just as much gossip and dirt going on in some churches as there is anywhere else in the world. Some people just go to church for a fashion show, dressing to impress. Some go to church to meet a man. And some just keep putting on airs. Going to church doesn’t prove that one is a good person. You can have church in your own home. Having your God or deity in your heart is what truly matters.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006 at 11:13 AM EST

I find joy in having a peace of mind. I find joy in the strength that my ancestors gave me.

I found joy during bad times because when darkness was around me my light still shined, leading me straight to the path of my success.

True joy comes from the Orishas.

And the joy that i have the world didn’t give it to me, and the world can’t take it away.

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It is nice to know that somewhere along the road of discovering ourselves, whether struggles or lessons, We come across realizing that we meet half conciousness of the society we belong too. Keep track knowing God deeply, cause i am sure innate happiness is so intimate that nobody could ever take it away from you. The feeling of security comes with solitude cause God is with you.Godbless. 🙂

Posted by Life_Quest on Monday, April 17, 2006 10:15 AM EDT