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Writing is such a fantastic talent and gift to have and I am consumed with the natural energy to write through spirit whenever I’m moved to create and express.

When I write, it’s not about getting people to read, I don’t care if nobody ever read my literature, I will always continue to write and speak my truths and experiences regardless, it’s genuinely about a driven force within me carrying out what I was born to do and the universe allowing me to do so within my connection unto it.

And, I understand the vibration completely and it is intangible.

It is mysterious how spirit and destiny works.

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Spontaneous Energy

Writing is an art and a talent, a gift to inspire, and to be inspired by.

When inspiration unexpectedly strikes it will happen anywhere and at any given period. There is not a set time for creative skill to rise into focus. Vision and wit is promoted by energy and drive expression and invention is contrived through originality.

Once all of the faculties range within motion the flair of province instinctively goes into coordination.

I dive on in as I enter the wonderful world of writing!






serveNo matter what I have to keep my self occupied whether it is at my workplace environment, my outside environment or at my home environment.

Even while I am at rest my overactive brain is always ticking with the full force of natural productive energy.

I have a mind that I refuse to put to waste and a voice that I do not hesitate to put forward as it is not wise to hinder our talents and gifts whatever it is that they may be to us and within our capability so I go along with the celestial flow of automatic message and design.

pie slicesSpirit speaks to me on so many levels using me as an instrument to harmoniously transfer the melodies of extraordinary tune.

No One Can Ever Take Away The Beauty Of The Mind And Spirit

Telling the truthThese quotes that I have posted are testimonials to the way I have lived and believed in since I was a young child and someone had to indeed experience these reflections in order to produce them as many of us can honestly relate as it takes strength, confidence and authenticity within character.

I’ve been told myself by those who have read my blogs that a lot of the sentences within my original writings can be used and turned into quotes and when I had looked over and examined my literature and even my modes of speech-because the people who actually know me have always told me that- “I write just like I talk.” I have to admit that these people were correct within their assessments (maybe one day I’ll publish my very own quotes professionally but only if spirit moves me to when the time is right).

People have also told me that I speak about a lot of things that many people think and feel, and want to say but don’t. And that I write with power and passion.

FreedomI do not usually get inspiration from other sources as mainly what I write about comes from deep within and what I’ve noticed about myself and other gifted people or people of intellectual distinction who have been in my circle at one time or another is that we often know and come up with insight and solutions far before it even hits or is even accepted by mainstream society.

For instance certain quotes that are motivational are words that we were already aware of, experiencing and living by. Spiritual, mental and physical findings that have been discovered through research we had already been conscious of and living in accordance to years ago before it had become commercial or more well known among a large group of individuals, and so on.

truth against liesEven particular clothes we were wearing before they became one of the most popular name brand items.

The thing about it is that when those who are not on the level and are only able to perceive from within the boundaries of their own limited outlook when they first hear the variety of wisdom, information and solutions as it comes from us they are quick to judge or call us crazy because we are so ahead of them within our keen sense of knowledge and comprehension yet when they as slow learners finally do get the messages they then develop and acquire a philosophy or mode of life and further understanding that results in possible expansions for those who choose and are able to grow.truth and lies


LaToya’s Autumn

leafIt is in all seasons to “bloom” whether it is winter, spring summer or fall.

Welcome to my world and to the chronicles of my life as an unconventional individual who is not afraid to be herself, who is not afraid to speak her mind, and most of all, who is not afraid to speak the definite truth as I continue to share my experience.

Enter into the pages of a caulbearer, enter into the pages of jealousy, enter into the pages of creativity and purpose, enter into the pages of voodoo and black magic, enter into the pages of asexuality, enter into the pages of spirituality, and enter into the pages of reality.

A reality for those in particular that may interests many of us, a reality that may surround many of us, a reality that recognizes many of us, a reality that describes many of us, a reality that inspires many of us, a reality that puts many of us not within the average category and a reality that many of us can relate to.

And it is all coming from a person (me) with firsthand experience in these circumstances and situations, and who knows that you (those in particular) are “indeed not” crazy yet living and maintaining within a crazy, outrageous world full of very sick and ignorant people, along with very malignant evil forces and unnatural energies, as well as the natural. Visit LaToya’s Autumn

A Literary Agency Literally Not Legit For Me

writing projectI phoned up a literary agency after viewing their website the week before this past thanksgiving to ask if they considered doing revisions for previously titled self published books and I was told yes.

So I sent off two books that I wrote years ago (the first 1998/the second 2001) and I got a written response during the week of Christmas.

The agency wanted and accepted both of my books declaring that they have excellent potential yet I was asked for a fee for analysis and marketing preparation along with a contract. Now I know darn well that no legitimate literary agent is suppose to charge a writer for anything that is absurd. The only money that they are to receive from the author is a 15% commission once they make a deal with a publisher and I knew that ever since I came into the industry.

When I look back I wish I had of accepted the generous offer to get my short stories published by a mainstream publisher when I was at the age of about ten going on eleven at least I would have had my foot in the door. Unfortunately I did not due to the much jealousy that was within the family and the danger that they would have inspired at that type of success it just wasn’t the safe or right time back then.

Self publishing has its own advantages as what is created and written by the author remains mostly within its original form aside from some of the editing, however, with a mainstream publication one risks the experience of having their own personal work butchered up to meet the certain standards or criteria.

I remember when I first self published my books and how my editing was good (I still have my original manuscript) then when the book actually came out I noticed that some of the punctuation was not done correctly yet it was a solid book and still very well-written.

In regard to the second book in which I went with a different self publishing company, I noticed a few misspelling’s not very much but they could have done better than that but both my books came out nice I just did not have the financial resources to promote them, and of course, my envious foes had blocked any of the success from coming into fruition by the usage of evil black magic/brujeria (the big evil “tie/bind” spell).

I wasn’t hurt or disappointed in any way whatsoever though, if anything, I stood strong and developed again as I had to go through that ordeal to discover “the truth” as I was further spiritually enlightened and rearranged for my “original” life production.

documentsIn all honesty, I do not want to ever again, and I do not feel that I should have to pay anyone anything in order to get published.

If it ever does eventually come to be (when the time is right and I am safe because what is the point of prosperity for someone to try to kill you over it out of jealousy? It is not really the family members so much anymore because those ones in particular are all dead except for my aunt Tina but it is the other outside assholes) I absolutely want an upfront payment, traveling and booking engagements, and of course, royalties.

I do not want “fame” I never wanted to be in the spotlight I just want my “money” for whatever talent that I was born to use for a well deserved quiet and private life of contentment.

I phoned up the agency stating that I am not suppose to pay an agent and so on, going into the detail, and I was told to go find an agent who does not charge for revision preparation.

So I declined on the literary agency’s offer and I was returned back my books along with a copy of testimonials by other authors who allegedly found satisfactory and/or success within their company, and a letter still acknowledging that my writings had excellent potential and I know that they do but when the time is right it will happen.

I am not in any drastic rush I just have that very natural and healthy “drive” and “determination” to succeed in more areas than just one!.


My Early Internet Days “Constructively” Resurrected

398692_glasswareWhen I get into my writing modes and creations it is so lovely. I go crazy. Always stimulated with numerous ideas and projects. Designs that are old along with the plans that are new.

Mad with determination, enjoyment, and discipline.

Guided by the natural inspiration and talent for the art of my literature. And also by a higher power to do and to continue to do.

When I first started blogging on the internet at another platform in late January of 2006 the name of my popular blog was titled “My Voice” by Miss LaToya Lawrence: My Voice is all about my creativity and issues relating to society. Everybody may not agree or like what I say but I don’t care because I speak the truth and that’s all what’s important.

In the year 2013 I am still going on strong and led by spirit.

My latest new blog- The Archives: LaToya’s Early Day Internet Diaries has recently come into creation- A resurrection of all my interesting and real life experiences, knowledge, spiritual adventures, and truths from when I first came onto the online scene back in the year 2006 from the archives (over one hundred-twenty posts!).

Of course, I have grown and advanced even further since then.

I loved delving back and having memories to save, capture, and remind me of my moments just as pictures and videos often do. I adore and treasure all of my self-written posts.

Blogs are so great in so many ways for a writer and a creator!

My written posts have long life and have ongoing relevance regarding life in general and in distinct.

I have quite a bit to re-post with links back to the original, however, it will not all be done in one day as the activity is time consuming and I have other things to do and to get done within my day to day life. But here and there I will be adding each post of  about one hundred and twenty something.

The way that I get things done though it will not take me very long to complete!

The Archives: LaToya’s Early Day Internet Diaries

Expression Of Perspectives/Sharing Insights

714601_tulipsSpirit moved me to share this correspondence between another writer and I as we spoke and returned our feedback on particular issues of enlightenment and importance.

This person had read then commented on one of my posts titled Know Thy Self: Not What Others Say Or Claim You To Be:

I can relate. I lived two years at school, where everybody assumed that I was dating a friend of mine, just because we hanged out together. He got some embarrassed by it, we ended up losing contact for 2 or 3 years.

We are who we are. Each person that I had met was unusual by itself. I used to make my first impressions based on thing like that, but even back there I was aware, that I might be wrong.

These days I almost don’t do it anymore. I was proven wrong so many times that you can put people into boxes, that I am no trying anymore.

Thank for that inspiration article. We need to remind people from time to time, that we are who we feel and think we are, and not what other people project on us. No matter how hard is to not agree with the society’s opinion.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 01:15.


Yes, it is very important to not allow anyone to dictate to us who we are as individuals or as to why we do the certain things that we do.

Uniqueness is a blessing to take advantage of and no one should doubt themselves, or have to repress who they truly are and what they truly want to be on account of narrow-minded people who are ignorant.

We deserve the freedom to discover, learn, recognize, and to enjoy the innate beauty of our own existence.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 03:09.

I would not be able to say it better.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 03:11.

Thank you for sharing your perspective and experience. We can all find enlightenment from one another in one way or another.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 03:23.

So true. That is why I like reading things from other people and listening to their opinion. A person can learn so much from it.

It is also more interesting, when person is sure of himself and is not afraid to state their mind.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 03:40.

I totally agree.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 06:41.

1388853_red_tulipsThen this writer had read then commented on another two posts that I wrote titled Asexuality, and Proud To Be Asexual/The Liberating Truth About My Asexuality

I wish, that I would be so sure of my identity, when I was a teenager. But I really respected science back there, and since animals (including people) are made to reproduce, they would all had sexual drives.
This was a great article, describing the asexuality. There is a need for more exposure. I still meet the people, that just try to start kissing me, assuming that I like that kind of thing. And when I stop them, they assume that I must be lesbian.
Sometimes I do not know if I can laugh or not, when they try to explain to me, that I can’t be asexual, because it is weird/unnatural/…

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 05:52.

Believe me. You can definitely laugh because it is the most natural thing to those who are Asexual.

Now I do not claim to speak for all because I cannot. We are all different individuals with various experiences.

However, as a person my self being Asexual “to be sexual” is something very unnatural to me. It is also a turn off to me how so many indulge in the sexual act the way that they do. This is such a highly sexual society. So it is funny in a way seeing how each side is or maybe viewing the other side in the same exact light.

I do not have a problem with what other people feel or do though. But it is not right for anyone to tell anyone else what is not possible unless they have truly and actually walked in their shoes.

That is how we learn many incredible things that actually exist. There are things that people had never believed in until the circumstance or situation transpired in their life or to someone that they knew, or someone other that they may have come across.

This is a huge world with all different kinds of people and many things go on that we would never think of or even imagine.

Some human females who are Asexual only get a sexual urge once in a while during the time around ovulation similar to certain animals. The body’s way of initiating the possibility of conception if one were to follow the urge. Copulation for reproductive purpose, not for desire or pleasure.

Yet even if some do get that particular urge from the body they would not all want to have intercourse with the opposite sex.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 07:18.

I feel for the women getting this urges, as it must be really uncomfortable. I am glad that I made peace with myself. I also have no wish to having anything to do with sex.

I see the proof of how sexual our society is in the movies. I watch other people, how during scenes involving sex they all stop talking and eating. And I am usually the only person looking around.

It is also the reason to introduce the people around me to the concept of asexuality. I sometimes have to be really patient for the people to end up understanding. But is how the world is eventually changed. One person at the time.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 07:36.

I understand one hundred percent. There comes a certain freedom and purity that comes along with not desiring to have any type of sexual contact. It is even obvious just by observing the lifestyle of many others.

It is also a great strength of character to not want to have anything to do with sex. I have the attitude that this is my body and that no one has the right to touch or to violate it. My body is my own personal territory. I do not want anyone to ever touch me in any intimate manner.

I have never even been attracted to anyone whether it be male or female. I am purely attracted to my own spiritual nature and living a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 08:15.

Then I read one of her articles titled How I Realized, That I Am Asexual and I made a comment underneath the other few responses and we corresponded some more.

You are correct that this is something we don’t often hear about. I’ve heard several other people who say their sex drive is so low as to be non-existant but yet some folk will insist on trying to pigeon-hole them into other categories, as if it were possible to be, for example, a heterosexual asexual. (What would that even be? A person who is interested in not being interested in the opposite sex more than they are interested in not being interested about their own gender?!?). Congrats for speaking out!

Submitted by BruceW on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 15:35.

Well, there are people that are heterosexual/homosexual romantic and asexual, so it is not completely incorrect. It simply means that they have a drive for being romantic with somebody, but not having sex with them.
But not every asexual have preferences like that. Some are aromantic as well, having no wish to participate in any romantic behaviour at all.
But I was asexual as long as I remember (I just never realized it). I become aromantic only in the last years. It is not the same thing.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 18:12.

Hello Aviva,
I discovered your writings couple of hours ago and now I’m so much hooked to your contents.
Masturbation is a common phenomena, there is no denying to it. Until we find a partner we all masturbate. However, some continue to masturbate even they have partners. I have read about asexuality before, but not from the one who is asexual. You really are brave to admit this,lot of people do not admit their sexual orientation. I believe there is nothing wrong to have orientation different to so called normal people.

Submitted by Vinaya Ghimire on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 09:15.

I wish I could say I am brave, but I don’t really think that this article shows my bravery. I got just so used to explaining the concept to people, that I found it natural.
After all, do you realize how many times men think, that I am interested in them sexually, just because I am talking to them? Even if they were the ones starting the conversations.
But there is a way to try and predict that in advance. The more they complement me, even when I ask them to stop, the more possibility for that to happens. It is really interesting, when I declared to them, that I am asexual.

Thank you fro liking my writing.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 18:13.

I truly do love this post because being Asexual is truly something to be proud of. It is beautiful. We have an entirely different thought process regarding sex that a lot of people do not understand or relate to.

I was told that it is not normal to not have any nature,or that something had to be wrong somewhere by a chosen few. I had just paid that nonsense no attention.

I had been this way all of my life. It is who I am and I was definitely born this way for a reason.

When one is confident and proud within them self and within who they are there is nothing that anyone can do to change that. No one will ever be able to discourage them or to make them doubt.

Asexuality needs to be put more out into the open and accepted.Your article will be inspiring to those in particular.

Submitted by LaToya on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 07:53.

Thank you for you kind words, Latoya. I am proud of it now, but in the past not knowing about it put me into the feeling of insecurity. That is why I try to explain the concept to everybody asking or misunderstanding my stance. I also do not mind declaring myself as such, when asked.

I really hope that you are right about your opinion in my article. As long as it help at least one person accept that part of himself/herself, I am going to declare this article a success.

And you put the bar really high. I read the article about asexuality on your site (the link in your article) and I know, that my article does not reach that standard. But it is another piece in bringing awareness to the public.

Submitted by AvivA-AvivA on Fri, 05/10/2013 – 09:03.

520775_dutch_flowersAnd here is Aviva’s article posted on 05/10/2013 titled “How I Realized, That I Am Asexual”

( I have read other articles of her’s on different subjects. She is a good writer with her own good, interesting, and reasonable viewpoints and I totally agree with her how it is beneficial to gather the opinions of others-whether we agree with them or not-to learn and to sometimes maybe understand the different levels and where certain people are coming from.

Anyway, that is what life is. Knowing, being a part of, and experiencing all of what is out there and that is going on out there within our world. We have to live, discover, analyze, stay alert, and keep on moving ahead):

How I Realized, That I Am Asexual:

Asexual. The word, most of the people I met had never heard of before. Some of them understand it just by hearing it, but some of them do not.

When the people talk about sexuality, the mostly divide people into three groups: heterosexuals, bisexual and homosexuals. I usually do not see the word asexual even mentions. It is true, that by statistics, we represent only 1% of the world, but we are still people, that do not want to be excluded.

I struggled with my identity for a while. When I was 17 years old, I suddenly realized, a lot of people around me watch porn and masturbate. Some of them talked about their sexual life.

I was unable to participate in the discussion, as up to that moment, I didn’t try any of that stuff. I just wasn’t interested.

But I am a person, who wants to try everything for herself. So I tried watching porn, but I found it boring. I started to read stories with erotic scenes in it, but after a while I realized, that I enjoy the plot, if there was any, and I usually skimmed the rest of it, since it was not interesting to me.

I tried masturbating, but I didn’t feel anything. I could get some sort of body reaction, but it seemed pointless. I even tried it with a person, when opportunity presented itself, but it felt hollow and completely pointless.

But still, I was little lost. I didn’t feel into any definition, that I knew. Since biologically, I would have to feel the need to do it, but I didn’t. I felt like my biology was not normal.

Then one day I read the word asexual on the internet. I was so intrigued, that I started to look around to learn more about it.

I finally find out, that I biologically, there was nothing wrong with me. Or there was a lot of people, that had something wrong with them.

I came in term with it in a moment. I finally felt right.

I am proud to be asexual and I am not ashamed to admit it. But sometimes I feel, like people would need to be exposed to that concept just a little more.

After all, we hear about all the other preferences a lot, but this one.


1227444-200They keep coming to my blogs to be nosy yet some are intrigued (quite a few). About two are subscribers of my blogs (they are affiliated with one another). I know everything that they are up to and that they are trying to do.

“Steal” is one of course. My information, my words, my writing style, and also my distinct modes of expression (for their low-grade boring uninspiring literature and other so-called rip off creations) by mere communication to others out of envy an jealousy (using my style of worded expression), and also to just appear more authentic.

They also want and try to analyze (but believe me their brains are not equip enough to expand that far even though they may believe that they are actually smart-I know better).

However, there is only one Latoya. And I do give warning-keep coming endeavoring to fuck with my shit and i’ll guarantee that you are going to get more shit in return! The universe and karma will take care of that!

Their lives are already miserable as they have no life.

They have no talent, no nothing. Absolutely nothing at all going on for themselves so they try to take and steal from others in order to succeed. And then they want and expect to receive praise and credit for accomplishments that they are nowhere near capable of. They need people to use so that they can make money off of them.

They may be able to fool some (the easy prey, weak-minded, gullible, and easily influenced-whether it is by lack of intuition, lack of experience, or just sheer stupidity) however, everyone is not so oblivious.

I have never been a fool and always able to see beyond. I never reveal everything and in incidents with perpetrators I give them enough rope to hang their selves with their lies, innuendoes (their implications and paranoia dredged up from their own identifications within their own guilt) and games.

Statistics are just small examples, I hold way more proof in more detailed ways than one. So I just sit back and watch them masquerade and indulge in their illusion and delusions while all along knowing their predicaments and outcomes which they can never really and actually see for themselves until sometimes when it is too late.

Shining Bright And Knowing It!/Write Me Up!

file0001102938942Many things that are kept quiet need to be spoken about and many things that are spoken about need to be kept quiet, usually things that are of a garbage and nonsense nature are more the widespread than mostly anything else. Whereas the things that are special, unique, penetrating, and controversial do not get nearly the attention that deserves or needs to be heard and deliberated upon.

That just goes to show what type of levels the majority of the people in the world are feeding on and off of.

I always preferred the minority to the majority when it came to regard certain matters.

If I was wholeheartedly accepted by everyone then I would surely know to worry. Something would seriously be wrong. I do not want to fit into every category and with everyone. I want to fit into me.

A woman once said to me “as writers we open ourselves up”. To me, I am not opened or closed. I swing back an forth as I am neutral.

I know that she meant that statement in more ways than one. However, everybody is not going to like, agree, or approve of everything that we say or do. This is a huge world.

I honestly and logically do not expect everyone to like or to agree with everything that I write about. If I don’t like a particular creation or form of literature of some one else I won’t just knock it solely for that purpose.

It does not necessarily mean that the item is of bad or poor quality it just may not be of my interest. I may not relate to it, or so on.

In my opinion it is nothing to take to heart. That is just my perspective.

Nevertheless, there are undoubtedly incidents where many do produce work of substandard or mediocre quality.

One should never fear to express their words, their literature, or their feelings no matter what the consequence. Whether it be in profession or within personal life one should also never fear to be in the midst of criticism.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. What is something to one is nothing to another.

What some can see others cannot. When one is exceptional no one can tell them any different.

It is better to stand out than to stand in with what is common.

Significance Of The Caul/A Caulbearer That Cannot Be Defeated

1397581_front_porchThe Trials And Truths Of A Caulbearer

My Love And Light

I came across some old comments that I had saved but never approved because they were so ridiculously transparent.

Full of envies, jealousies, and disappointments as to my success as a “special person” and as to the successes within my life as a “survivor”. As a great accomplished (continuing to push forward and prevail regardless of obstacles set before me by enemies) individual with strength, confidence, growth, and much knowledge.

This person in particular who addressed me rather arrogantly and bitterly in a comment was particularly responding to the one and only post regarding the Caul that I had copied and pasted to share for public observance August 26, 2007 Order Of The Ancient Way which was removed by wordpress since the owners of the site did not approve of the sharing of their content.

Anyway, this person specifically who I speak of had not read anything else other than this particular post that I had copied regarding being born with the caul.

They had not bothered to read any of the over one hundred prior posts that I had written concerning my life and experiences with the world distinctly and in general.

So when they mentioned that much of what I wrote about caulbearers they had seen on other sites-it was indeed a big fat lie! I did not write the post listed by “Order Of The Ancient”. Nothing but a game that they tried to run on me.

Later came Shannon Lee wolf (Sharon Lassiter) who tried the same thing and failed (But she went a step further by falsely accusing me of plagiarism. And only to draw attention primarily toward herself). The only problem now is that she continues to come to my site to steal my content, facts, experiences, and style of writing (which cannot be duplicated) to put into her own words and to claim as her very own material just like she did with the other particular members of her phony caulbearers united website.

All credit for anything that Shannon writes goes to I and to all the other “true caulbearers” that she has stolen input from. I guarantee that she will not get far. Everyone who is on the level knows the truth about her. Even the certain people around her are aware of her fraudulent schemes-trust me!

This person accused me of purposely attempting to drum up admiration. In reality this person was just infuriated by the attention that I was getting on my site. Jealous, resentful people do not like to see others who are talented do well in the things that they were meant to do.

I am a writer, a messenger, a speaker of truth.

If people are inspired to compliment me or to look up to me that is purely their prerogative. I have absolutely nothing to do with that. If a bunch of people were coming to my blog constantly criticizing me would I have been accused of trying to purposely drum up that type of attention? I think not, so please spare me the bullshit.

People have admired me and my works all through out my life and for many reasons just like many of us congratulate or compliment others who we take pleasure or resource in.

Whether one “praises” or “ridicules” it has no bearing on me.

I am not here to please or to disturb anyone. I am here because I have just as much right as anyone else to live my life and to fulfill out my purpose.

I am not obligated to serve anybody’s “God of the bible”. He is not my Lord or my commander.

My caul birth serves for my own well being as an individual of my own existence of where I come from, who I am, and where I belong.

And no one will ever violate that. No one will ever dictate to me what my life and birth truly signifies within the terms of lifestyle or celestial means.

My worth is not based on the service from me to others.

I am not here to serve anyone. I have no obligation but to myself. I am obligated to love myself, to respect myself, and to be all that I was created to be.

I am one of the very few of my kind who weren’t able to be converted or destroyed by the demonic and their negative disguises and influences. Part of my purpose is for the survival of what I am a representation of.

And through my self service of naturally exercising and utilizing my gifts to enhance my life and profession certain others are able to benefit within certain areas if they choose to, or if they find it useful to their own state of being.

The so called “will” of “God” does not apply to me as I gratefully and fortunately am not of him.

“God” is demonic. I know this for a fact. There are a lot of lies and brainwashes going on out within the world that only a person like me is able to see, feel, hear, know, interpret, and understand. Certain revelations are not meant for just anyone.

All caulbearers are not of one another. They all do not use their knowledge or ability in the same exact method. All do not even have the same beliefs or interests into the occult. Many have different roads, genealogical roots, and are connected to specific spiritual dimensions. And many are very powerful in their abilities and in what they do.

Some caulbearers are just extraordinary people living ordinary lives. And if they follow or believe in “God” it does not necessarily make them bad people. Neither does it make those born without cauls any less good or important in their existence.


Of course, those who oppose the God of the bible will come under ignorant conclusions and judgements by many. It does not bother or affect me at all. It just makes me the more proud and determined.

This person who left the comment also mentioned obeying “Gods’ instruction to stay on the right path.

It is very sad that some choose and need a sad book like the bible in order to know the true difference between what is right and what is genuinely wrong according to their particular nature.

God is just a sick, irresponsible, cowardly spirit who continually wants and needs to be praised and worshipped for his own gratification or self satisfaction.

If one is truly pure in mind and spirit according to their own particular nature guidance, direction, inspiration and truth will innately manifest and lead one down along their correct or destined path. I know. This has been my way for all of my life because of who I genuinely belong to, and I have lived an extremely good life.

That is why I have always constantly come under attack ever since childhood.

Christianity and no other religion will ever strip away the true identity or spirituality that comes from my true African origin.

“Spirit has always been with me”. “Spirit came to me on it’s own”. My ancestors and Orishas have been with me from the beginning and they will continue to be with me til the end. I am gratefully of them.

I don’t give a fuck about the “god” of the bible and I am tired of hearing about him. He gets no credit from me just pure contempt.

My life runs so happily, so peacefully, and so smoothly. Only when he’s around and trying to intercede with his demonic presence and demonic believers, servants, or followers does conflict arise.

I remember when my so called Godmother (who my mother picked out for me during my christening as a baby in a catholic church. And who I have no regard for. She was a dopefiend in the past as well as one who was down with the rest of my enemies).

Lorraine had the nerve to tell me that I defeated all of my enemies with black magic because I always kept the ways of God.

Lorraine’s statement was one of the biggest insults to me (I had never told her or went into detail about how I defeated my enemies. “They are all shocked and surprised, they don’t understand how you did it” Lorraine had said to me at that particular time).

They believed more in their own God more than they should have!-I say.

I know tricks that none of them knew about. Not even the certain person that I worked with. I did the rest alone. And within the present I still work alone with my “spiritual connection”.

I, Latoya, having lived a clean life had absolutely nothing to do with me adhering to the laws or rules of God. I defeated my enemies because I and what is around me is much more stronger and much more powerful than them and what they are.

And God played a big part in my enemies black magic as they were and are all demonic.

Some people have such a twisted and misguided view of the influence of their perceived God, actually believing that we as humans cannot be of any good or of any significant value without him. Nothing but pure bullshit!

I am the way that I am not because of the God of the bible. If I was I’d be in serious trouble!

I am the way that I am because it is within my own nature. Strong, honest, and free with no shame or apologies.

The circumstances around my very existence estimates the true value of my worth and I have plenty of experiences to validate every aspect. So the only one’s that defy and fool themselves are the ones who are in denial and who are blinded by their own ignorance and lack of acuity.

Here is the comment that was sent to me on my blog back in the year of 2008

From Caul/Veil, 2008/05/28 at 2:19 PM
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Caulbearer |

Furthermore?LaToya, you should question yourself and your inner motives. I see a lot of people praising you here, but you would do much better to help others see what they need to know for themselves. Praise will be a downfall

As a caulbearer, you have a gift of ability and certain attributes that others do not. But you should take care of those. God?s instruction to you through the Bible still applies, and you are not exempt from being contaminated by self agrandizement of free will. The Caul itself is not an ends to a means. It is a means to do good. How you choose to use your abilities is what makes those profitable -spiritually profitable- to others, and should be done without acknowledgement of your self.
You can fool yourself. You can deify yourself. I know. And you have to take great care in listening to God, to know that you are staying on the right path.
Much of what you write about Caulbearers I have seen on other sites. But I don?t need to see that to know that I am different, that somehow I know more, that somehow I can sometimes heal. Just remember, you need God to do all of these things, with the caul or without.

And here is the other comment that was more recent from last year. This one however, was motivated by the connection that had to do with a post regarding Shannon Lee Wolf. If one takes notice though they both are similarly related just different tactics “Just like the rest who’s names I will not mention”. They all had and have their different approaches yet some go away and leave it alone while others continue to effort in vain:

Submitted on 2012/10/02 at 2:30 am

For a hand- pickedt soldier of GOD you sure don’t mention him much . I do recall you talking alot about you’r self though. Seems like you need to take a few steps back and humble you’re self. You seem so full of light and so full of shit at the same time . My name is what you call me. I was born to anwser his call as well. You spend a lot of time on the computer I see . The world needs you. If you have gifts I can promise they were not ment for you to gain “fans” . Instead of promoting “you” or other negetive light why not ask that people go sign up to donate Blood Marrow . Or ask that people in need of someone to talk to e-mail you . You get my point of course . See you’ll probably want to fire back at some grammer error or get ignorant in some way but the truth is GOD . Email all retarded comments to HIM and ill take the positive ones 😉 Also what point is it to have us unite ? That just means a higher chance of some one feeling there self a little to much ( happens some times ) and trying to be some leader or something like that. Our gifts don’t need anyone but …. take a guess …Yep ..!! GOD!! ..

Both comments from demonic creatures who I laugh at without pity. They do not realize what they show. I know what they are, the people who they are affiliated with and so on. Most of the time they are looking for a response, a reaction to aid them out within the mission that they have planned (all in which I can see right on through). For so many of them they sure aren’t too bright-but after all that is why there is so many of them! The blind leading the blind.

The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge

I Am Blessed So Keep Your God To Yourself


Channeled Work/Intuitive Gifts

1412776_corridorI sometimes wonder what makes me write some of the subjects that I create.

“They need to be said”, They need to be spoken”, “They need to be told”, utters my intuitive voice. “Even if you did not intend to elaborate on that particular matter”.

The revelation is indeed so heavy to me. How something magical inspires me to write and convey special knowledge and experience for beneficial and constructive purposes that I do not fully know the extent of.

“You are helping a lot of people even if you do not expect to or even realize it”, my mother told me regarding my gift and utilization of automatic writing.

All that I can do is to continue on and believe in what spirit constantly directs me to do.

Writing is a joy that comes naturally and beautifully. The activity is therapeutic as well as pleasurable. I find a relaxation and spiritual contentment from the energies that manifests through communicating to my higher self.

I treasure the moments that are spent in solitude.

I often feel extremely, deeply. I absorb and soak up energy like a sponge. It does me a great service and pleasure to be by myself or in the atmosphere of only a chosen number of few.

I can tackle an outside crowd of busyness with confidence, strength, and ease. Nevertheless, I need plenty of the alone time that I just simply adore.

My own energy fields heighten tremendously as a result.

Whether I write, sit quietly, or within the company of others. My spiritual channels are constantly at work.

My mind is not only of my own but also of my subconscious state of well-being that speaks during the times of trance.

As a clairvoyant I naturally channel through divination in various forms and most of the time without any directed design.

I cannot stop or control what is made known unto me by supernatural influence and association, nor do I want to.

It is not at all healthy to shut down or to repress one’s innate inborn ability. If one was not meant to endure one would not be able to receive. I stay willing and open. I allow the forces to generate and to flow.

I take delight within the soft massaging sensations of a serene meditation.

When I write through spirit I connect with and to a ethereal plane. Messages of insight continue to spontaneously and fluently transmit through the instruments of my own hands.

The automatic information often comes into the form of distinct thoughts and original ideas.

I illuminate, become amazed, and am inspired at and by the knowledge that I’d rather not take the ultimate credit for since I am guided through the universal powers of nature.

Things consistently turn out so perfect within the materialization of input.

It is very interesting to learn more and more about one’s self and why? What and how? When and Where?

Questions to things that are already known through the recognition from personal experience.

Things that are already understood through the familiarity of a personal nature.

Yet still there is an adventurous and exciting mystery behind every missing piece of a brand new puzzle. Behind every unique design that has to be organized then completely put together for the ultimate dose of additional clarity.

Vision and discernment go both hand and hand. One hand always washes and compliments the other. And they both work well and at best when they interact with each other.

Living Life As A Spiritual Person

Automatic Writing

I Write What I Want To Write

Vocabulary And Comprehension

file0001067063188I have always had a very large vocabulary. And I have always had an outstanding comprehension.

Reading and writing were two of my favorite, best, and strongest subjects while I attended school.

I never received a low grade mark on any of my writing or reading tests. I was good at math to a certain extent; however, arithmetic was not my very best or favorite subject.

I know enough math to get me through my way of life though.

I’ve accurately done and know how to do annual accounts. I’ve done and continue to do my own taxes. And, of course, I know how to balance my own money. I am definitely a business minded and oriented woman.

I am always open to learn new things that I may not be so familiar with. There is always room for discovery and improvement.

Many of us have a lot of information on various matters regarding life through intelligence and experience. We are indeed aware, cognizant of plenty.

However, none of us completely know everything that there is to know about life. This is a huge world that we live within.

What we are experts in we undoubtedly can master.

At the same time we may further advance ourselves by enhancing our knowledge in the certain other areas that we find interest in.

Since I am a person who is on the level intellectually I understand that there are individuals-who do and who will-get and be offended over what is said or written by some people in general.

They also may even feel intimidated.

None of us as a people and as a society will always come into agreement. Nevertheless, certain individuals should learn to not take certain things too much to heart.

Some people just have to not pay certain others any attention. There are a whole lot of sick, ignorant folks out there who are just, mean, angry, jealous, bitter, and spiteful.

Then there are those particular people out there in the world whom cannot stand to hear the truth. They always want to be right even when they are wrong.

In life there are many controversies, misconceptions, and so on.


If people sometimes took out the time to be more open-minded they’d further their horizons.

Now I am not saying that we have to concur with or accept the preferences and differences of others-yet there should be recognition and allowances made on behalf of those who exist in their own genuine distinction.

Many things, situations, and circumstances are better liked and appreciated once they are perceived better or in a more clearer light.

Reading types of literature is a good example.

Anyone can observe an article of writing. The important issue is the ability to comprehend what is being read.

Everyone has their own writing style, mentality, intent, mode of expression, and way of thinking. And no one should be criticized for their own uniqueness or creativity.

One person can address something in one fashion as where another person may take and gather a perception in a form that was never meant or intended.

Certain people are limited within their vocabulary.

So when they go to read words that they are unable to discern they become uninterested in a specific article of literature.

Whenever I had come across words that I did not know the definition to I’d just go and look them up in a dictionary for further understanding of what I was reading.

I never got frustrated over something as minor as an unfamiliar word.

That is how one continues to learn then build upon their vocabulary. To some people, they will consider a book or article of some sort uninteresting and not of any quality only because they were unable to comprehend and discern what they had read.

Then there are the insecure people who feel that they have to use big words as they converse in discussion. They want to make an impression on others. In reality, they only make themselves sound and appear foolish, ignorant.

Many individuals who use certain words that are unknown to some do not mean any harm. They are not showing off. They are not dumb. They are not inarticulate, and so on. They just have a wide vocabulary and have a broader way of going about expressing themselves.

Visit LaToya-The Writer, The Clairvoyant/Medium


Proud To Be Asexual/The Liberating Truth About My Asexuality

1037736-200I was a very cute little girl growing up. And young males were always attracted to me. Always bothering me.

Whereas I found the behavior of the opposite sex quite annoying most females would have enjoyed the attention.

When I was coming up in the 1980’s many of the children living around me within my neighborhood were having sex at a very early age.

One of the youngest girls that I knew of at the time was about the age of eight. The boy whom she had had sexual relations with was at the age of either ten, or eleven.

They both lived on the same street that I was living on. Neither one of their parents were good examples of what a mother or father should have been.

Anything of a sexual nature was the last thing that had ever crossed into my mind. I was a very content child, enjoying my life, playing with my barbie dolls, and loving the puppy that I had.

I had a very good mother who took care of me and who had gave me her undivided love and attention. I never went out looking for love, affection, or attention. I did not have to. I was a very secure young person.

If I did lack the love and attention that every child should have, and that every child deserves from their parent. I definitely would not have searched for it by spreading my legs to any young or old man who had acquired to come along. That would have just been totally absurd in my opinion.

As I was getting older and reaching into my late teenage years I had still found the amorous behavior of the males to be annoying. All that I knew was that I was not at the least bit attracted or interested in any one of them and just wished that they would all go away and leave me alone.

I had known ever since the age of fifteen that I was asexual. And I was very proud and in no way ashamed. To me being asexual was just as normal and natural as breathing. I did not know anything else.

I did not have any desire to have intercourse with a guy. I did not even want to kiss one.


There were people around me at the time who had never heard of the term “asexual”. When I’d tell certain people that I wasn’t interested in males they’d immediately speculate or assume that something negative had to have happened within my life.

That maybe I had experienced a bad relationship. Or had seen other people experience bad romantic relationships. Neither one of the conclusions that were drawn were anywhere near the truth.

Another huge misconception that certain people had about me was thinking that they could “change” or “repair” me. Repair what? There was nothing about me that was wrong or broken. If anything, I was very well put together, and perfect.

I could not understand why people would make such a big deal when it came to their romantic encounters, the attractions that they had for other people, and the way that they were just ready to jump into relationships with people that they had crushes on.

While many around me were coupled off I always remained happily single. I use to get so sick and tired of hearing what was going on with this one and that one’s boyfriend or girlfriend. I did not want to listen to that crap. I was not involved in all of that crazy and ridiculous drama. So why should I have gotten myself into the middle of it?

I could have cared less about who was cheating on who. And what so and so went an did, and why. I mean please, these people needed to get a real life. I know that I had one. A life that was not full of a bunch of ignorant nonsense.

As an asexual person myself I do not ,however, represent the attitudes that every or all asexuals have. I would never generalize anyone because we are all very different and have our own unique personalities, preferences, and views.

Nevertheless, us asexuals all do have a common trait. We lack a sexual interest and attraction to other people, regardless of what the sex is of the other person. Asexuality is not a form of lesbianism, homosexuality or bisexuality. Asexual means “without” sexuality.

I personally never understood why a woman would want to let a man stick his genitals up inside of her. It is the most undesirable and unnatural thing for me to process.


I know that most heterosexual and sexually active people would consider my attitude and way of thinking to be strange and insane, especially since sexual intercourse was naturally designed for a man and a woman by their God.

Religion does not at all in any way play a part in my asexuality. In fact, I am into my Yoruban (African) ancestral and orisha worship-but that is another story.

My spirituality itself does innately support what and who I am though. My asexuality is one of the biggest parts of my identity. An identity that my spirituality and I embrace wholeheartedly. The foundation of my spirituality is based on truth, knowledge, love, and respect.

If one does not truly love, respect, and know them self there is no strength nor purpose deeply rooted within them.

I am liberated through my asexuality and my spirituality. The two most beautiful things about my life. I believe in self expression and honesty. In one being true, and true to one self.

Asexual people range in a wide variety because each individual has their own experience. And what some people consider and identify as being asexual also ranges widely.

Even though most asexuals do not seek out sexual relationships many of them are looking for companionship.

Intimacy is not always about intercourse. Some asexuals just want to have a close, loving, and sexless relationship that focuses on a romantic friendship. Doing everything that a girlfriend and boyfriend would do except have sex. Sharing one another’s interest. Having children together, and so on.

Some asexual people will have sexual intercourse with their/or a partner if they want to please them or if they want to have children. It all depends on the situation and circumstances.

There are some asexuals who claimed that they have had sexual interests and had been in sexual relationships at one time in their life.

Then you have the ones who are like me who have never had any sexual interest, feelings, or attraction for the opposite sex.

I did consider wanting to have a child at one time. During my teenage years I didn’t really want to have a baby in my adult years. However, I said if I did, I would go to a sperm bank if I could afford to-or I would just find a man who was interested in me and just use him for his sperm then I’d go about my business.

When I actually did become an adult I changed my mind about having children. I decided that I was ready and would attempt to conceive a child. Nevertheless, it did not work out as I had planned, and the outcome definitely turned out for the best.

I could not afford the sperm bank at that particular time in my life. And the males that were around me were not worth anything. They were not attractive mentally or physically. They were undesirable. So I definitely did not want or need a child running around here on this earth that would constantly remind me of anyone of them.

Now I am thirty seven years of age and again i’ve changed my mind. I absolutely do not want any children. I am very happy the way that I am. I did not need a child or two to make my life complete or anything that would refer to that category.


The thought of children, having my own daughters, was a natural female desire. After all, when us female babies come into the world we’re already born with the billions of eggs that are supplied to us for reproduction purpose.

And that is also why we ovulate to prepare us for a possible conception. Then we bleed (get our menstrual cycles) to dispense of an unfertilized egg so we can again be ready to prepare for another possible pregnancy.

So there is no need for me to explain any of my reasons. For a woman to want to have a child is completely natural. Far more natural than so called copulation.

If I wanted to have a baby out of wedlock and without a man in the child’s life-that would have been my prerogative. And I have no apologies.

As an asexual human being living on the planet life for me is grand. I would not have my life arranged in any other way.

The only thing truly missing right now within my life is a couple of pets. I’ve always loved and had a puppy or dog living with me at one point or another. I am working on getting three puppies to share my home with for the future. And they will all be my three babies.

What You Wish On Me Will Undoubtedly Fall Back On You Again, And Again, And Again!

I had read a fictional book in the nineties about a little girl who was born with a caul over her face. The book was sort of interesting, however, in my opinion it could have been better.

The life that I lived was actually way more deeper and fulfilling than what was made up in that novel and much more detailed in grave (serious) content and in the things that are possible.

I was in my early twenties back then and looking for someone else who was familiar with the gifts of the caul, someone who could shed another perspective other than the things that I had heard from the people in my life, and the things that I had already experienced for myself.

So I contacted the company who published the book by the author whose initials are t.m.a. I wrote a letter to her, and I had intended for the letter to be forwarded to her home, through them. Instead, the publishing company returned my letter back to me with her home address stamped onto it.

I wrote three letters to this woman before she responded to me. I explained to her that my inquiry was not a hoax and that I was indeed genuinely interested in possibly gaining a little more insight about particular things regarding being born with a caul/veil.

T.m.a. set up a day and time to call me and we spoke over the phone. When we first talked she expressed to me that she did not know anything at all about the caul. That all she knew is what she heard-what people told her.

Right then and there I knew that she was a liar. I did not believe that. I felt that she had to have been born with a caul to write a book about it. I mean, I did. I would not had wrote my own personal non fiction book mentioning my gifts and experiences without actually having been born that way-unlike some people that we know of (Shannon lee wolf for instance).

Later on in the conversation after she warmed up to me and saw where I was coming from she admitted “I, t. (I’m just going to continue to use her initial/initials) was born with a caul”.

“I knew you were”, I told her”

And she laughed.

T.m.a. also expressed to me saying, “Okay, you know that you’re special. And you have to use your gifts. Our gifts are not for ourselves, they are for others. What are the points in having gifts if no one knows that you have them?”

I have to say that I actually disagreed with her comment because I knew that my gifts were indeed for myself whether anybody knew about them or not. I did not mention this to her though. I didn’t give her too much information, she was a vibe that I was familiar with and did not really take to.

I read t.m.a. like a book. I knew her kind/type but I was lead to her for a reason-and I found out just how correct I was in my judgment of her and why I had sought her out to begin with-I am seldom wrong about people.

I met a priestess through her (which turned out to be in good favor for me. I then met another woman over the phone by her who was born with a caul who couldn’t keep any friends, and who had a very nasty attitude-she wasn’t shit).

T.m.a. and I had talked over the telephone a couple of more times since then but I noticed her attitude started to change. Right after I spoke with the second woman who was sick and miserable.

To make a long story short, I eventually had to tell t.m.a off. I had to tell her about herself/put her in her place. She’d heard gossip/lies (well, they’re all liars-including t.m.a.) from my trashy father’s side of the family who knew her or knew of her, and since they were of the same negative vibe they joined in together.

It is a very complex story but it has to do with their witchcraft conspiracies-and me not being one of them/their kind (thank goodness!).

T.m.a. has been pissed ever since. A year or two ago she felt stupid and was disappointed because an evil spell that she’d done against me did not work. The woman is still at it. She does it non stop from time to time, however, now she is putting extra effort into it.

On Friday, January 25, 2013, t.m.a. and others were working against me, trying to put thoughts into my head about my disposition/attitude toward their kind/class/type of people. They wanted me to feel like I was the bad person; I’m the wrong one, absurd mind games measured by their own lies and deceit.

This past Friday, on February 1, 2013, I felt t.m.a. and a group of others engaged in prayers, meditations, and rituals. Negative sayings, thoughts, and wishes along with their spells to try to block me in my writing career. They don’t want to see me succeed in anything that I do, especially what I was meant to do. They want to sabotage the building of my profession.

I just pitied them in their vain attempts/endeavors. They are just so sad and worthless. They need to feed off of other peoples positive energies in order to gain success for themselves. They try to do a switcheroo, your good energy in return for their negative energy so that they can pull to prevail and push to make you go down.

The next day, on the second of February, I could feel t.m.a. again. This time wanting me to feel that I was out of my league, treading on territory in which where I did not belong-by conducting the occupation of my writing. My own gifts, my nature, part of what and who I am.

I knew their garbage wouldn’t work. They do not have the spiritual power. They are nowhere near as strong as me in mind or spirit. And I was right. So now t.m.a. is trying to weaken me with more absurd spells. She’ll just have to wear herself out along with the others. I am steps ahead of them, knowing their every move.

What is sad is that instead of wasting time and putting so much energy into attempting to bring me down she should be doing spells to try to make herself advance in life. Obviously she is unable to do that, though.

At one time years ago (way back in the early 2000’s) she was suppose to be making a movie about her book with her “so called” independent filmmaker husband-what happened to it?

I have not seen the movie in theaters yet! Then she launched what was suppose to be her own publishing company that she could not afford because she was in desperate need of donations in order to maintain the business, and get it up and running.

T.m.a. is demonic. I saw it in her face years ago when I observed one of her pictures that she posed in with her husband. And the more dirt that this bitter bitch tries to do will just set her further and further back in the ground.

The Power Of Expression Through Writing, Literature, And Etc…

th_yourlovedI love to write. It is a natural and automatic talent that I was born to do. I will never stop enjoying this personal hobby and occupational profession.

It is very important for individuals to have a stable platform whereas they can express themselves and at the same time create.

As far as mainstream, society likes to dictate what is and what is not appropriate content and material to publish. And also what is much more appealing and popular to targeted audiences.

When I write it comes from within, a source of power. I do not concern myself with who would or would not accept or approve of my subject matter. I leave that up to choice. If no one read my work I’d still write, though I was not meant to be a writer for nothing.

A lot of people have held down certain jobs in order to pay their bills, buy their clothing and necessities, to have spending money, to occupy their time, and so on. I know because I’ve done the exact same thing. These jobs give you work experience and help to build and enhance particular skills yet the occupation may not be what one really wants to acquire in life.

Many people are filled with dreams, aspirations, and determinations to follow their natural passion. And while it is good to have something to fall back on one should never give up on what they truly desire.

I’ve been writing ever since the tender age of ten. And I had the opportunity to get my stories published by a mainstream book publisher back then. So I always knew that my talent was going to go far.

There have been quite a few who have tried to discourage me from continuing to write, even going as far as trying to work black magic as a means of bullying me in order to get me to stop from publishing my original content on the web (my blog here) this past summer.

They’d prefer me to work at some beneath me low paying job where I would never get ahead at because there would be corrupt employers there to intentionally keep me held down and held back. However, that is impossible because I am too smart for that, and I do not have to settle.

Or they’d just prefer me to be a bum out on the street.

Certain types of people don’t like to see individuals who have too much knowledge succeed and get ahead if they come across from the “right side of the tracks” and cannot be controlled and/ or maneuvered by anyone for any reason.

Regardless, of how many who tried. And regardless of how many will continue to try, it will never matter. There is nothing that any of my enemies can do about it. I have my own thing, my own actual writing career that has progressed the way that it was supposed to. And I will be carried on for the rest of my life by the fierce blessings of my destiny.

Writing and journalism is a very great accomplishment to attain, especially when the creative content is real and unique.

I can do just about anything that I want to do in life but I choose my first love and that is to write. And what better is there to get paid for something that you actually love to do. Not only do I write, I conduct other artistic and business arrangements related to my career.

I built on my own. And I will continue to succeed on my own (and on my own terms).

I Am Right Where I Am Suppose To Be For Where I Am Headed

It is something how life has a way of working things out. When something is truly meant to be nothing and no one can actually stand or get into the way.

I was born to write. That is a part of who and what I am. And I have come to realize to a greater extent that my internet writings have been a fortunate platform for me to exercise my talent. An advantage that I’ve been given in the event of circumstances due to the many that wanted and tried to hold me back.

Not only is my blog writing a vehicle to share and express my connection to the universe, it is a look into my present and future.

A sincere road that leads to my further “arrival” a system to keep me active and up to date, abreast and ready when the time comes for advancement.

I am doing what I am supposed to do in life-spiritually and professionally. I should not and will not invest in anything other than what (all of the things that) I was called to do in life.

There is nothing wrong with taking other “worthy” employment opportunities to gain a little extra income but my heart is in my innate abilities-which are much greater than some beneath me job that I do not need and am over qualified for.

I do not want and refuse to exert my professional powers for the benefit of certain others. They do not deserve my expertise in the things that I am capable of doing. My talents, abilities and knowledge are for me to excel with.

What is around me makes my life “happen”, tells me to always hold on because we “have” you. We always did and we always will. Just look around you, don’t everything always work out?

And I have to admit that my answer is “yes”. Things always do work out.

Even though I am not surprised in the outcome of my victories, it is so deep to me how I have went through then survived a lot of strange and evil things.

Meanwhile, I’ve reached my blogging longevity. I’ve done a lot of writing.

I’ve been a professional writer from a very young age. And I have been blogging on the internet for seven years straight now. I will be soon coming up on my two hundredth post.

I first started blogging years ago on a site titled blogsource. However, the site eventually shut down and I found an even greater and better blogging site here on wordpress.

Luckily, I did not lose any of the posts that I wrote back then because I transferred each and every one of them straight to this blog and they can all be found in my archives section located further down on the right hand side of this blogsite.

I Am Indeed A Happy Blogger!

“Letters From The Valley”-From Me To You Shannon Lee Wolf/LaToya Will Always Continue To Exist!

Mere words cannot express the extreme hatred that I carry for shannon lee wolf. She made a very big mistake when she targeted me through her lies and jealousies. She did not know who she was messing with. And she definitely started something that I will finish naturally through the powers of the universe.

I knew that shannon lee wolf was trouble when she first came onto the scene with her false conception of “vital knowledge”. The only thing vital about shannon lee is her mental illness that needs “vital attention”. She needs to go and take care of that mental problem that she’s got.

There is no real depth to this woman. There is absolutely nothing special or unique about shannon lee wolf and it is so obvious. All that this bitch worries about is going “viral”. Her websites were nothing but vain attempts to gain recognition and exposure.

And of course, there will always be vulnerable and weak-minded people who will fall prey to the game. However, that is their problem-not mine.

I hope that shannon lee wolf is enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame. She is an insult to people with genuine purpose who are led purely by spirit to fulfill their missions. What spirit conveys to those who are “true messengers” will always maintain.

When one is anointed an endowed with special gifts and is backed up by what is preordained there is nothing that can stop the flow of operation. Any obstacle will automatically be moved out of the way in due time.

That is why I laugh at this silly bitch shannon lee wolf. She is no match for me. Bitch tried to challenge me and she did not even know me and she really claims to have “abilities of the caul?” oh please-do not insult my intelligence. If shannon lee wolf was really up to par she would have known better.

Caulbearers united is a major “caul for help”. More like a rehab for the lost and damaged, pathetic.

Authenticity will consistently have and leave their original mark. The truth of the matter is that I could never stand a liar, and liars who unjustly come up to attack me in an effort to glorify themselves falsely. And “spirit” doesn’t like it either. Spirit detests perpetrators. Especially the ones who try to interfere with what I have going on.

Last year a message came to me. “Out with the no good and in with the substance”. And shannon lee was one who needed to go away. She does not have the universes blessing.

Yes, she is still around on the internet running her game but she is not going anywhere with it. You see, she needs people to uphold her and cater to her. She cannot stand alone. Take those people away and what does she have? The exact same thing that she came onto the scene with-nothing!

So let’s let her have her fun serenading people with her need for attention and self validation. And let’s have fun watching the universe slowly devour her in her own worthlessness.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will proceed to use our grave and natural productive abilities the way that they were meant to be used, for the pleasing benefits that they have to offer and for the beauty that will always shine through.

This Is A Post I Wrote On My Other Blog Titled: Latoya-The Writer, The Clairvoyant/Medium. It Is Called “The Art Of Talent”.

Energy is a great motivator when it comes to achievement. When we set a goal it is usually brought on by desire, an intense desire that causes us to be inspired.

Creativity stimulates the mind to express the designs that come out through ones talent.

There are all types of ability that many individuals possess. Writing is one of mine. It is my passion, an uncontrollable urge that I cannot stop once I get started and my writing is automatic.

When you take great delight in something that you do whatever the pursuit may be, it becomes less of a chore and more of a sport.

Writing to me is fun, relaxing, and constructive all at the same time. I don’t ever have to plan ahead or contemplate subjects to compose. Ideas and input come frequently and spontaneously.

We are given gifts for a reason and our talents are to be used for ourselves and to the best of our ability.

As we grow we enhance. And when we explore we discover, and sometimes change.

Art is a reflection and expression of what we see, live, learn and know. Vision makes the art come alive through provoking the imagination. Vision lets the skill decide how to describe what is conceived. And aptitude brings the final result out into existence.

True talent is indeed an art. And an art that is to be mastered through gratified consistency.

We Should Spread The Joys Of Constructive Development Instead Of Spreading Bullshit.

– Sincerely Miss LaToya

The Wonderful World Of Writing

I really love and enjoy the talent and hobby of writing.

It is one of the most beautiful artistic crafts that can be done with the mind and hands.

As writing comes naturally to me, I find myself more and more frequently filled with the urge to utilize my skills.

My creativity has always motivated me to express myself in unique designs. Whether it is on a piece of paper or on a computer, my words have power, a great force of the universe which I have no control over.

The life in me is the life that is in my writing. Day by day the gift speaks to me. It comes to me in a voice of pure serenity, passionately allowing me the opportunity to fully come into my own.

While I receive the things that are do to me I am highly assertive in taking advantage of what is mine.

The strong energy that is around me right now continues to invite me into being the true writer that I am. And I am deeply stimulated.

Never in my life have I been so provoked to let out this journalistic side of me. I feel it in my body, my mind, and spirit.

This is not the same as when I was a child creating fancy horror stories or as a young adult publishing fiction and non fiction books.

This is about me genuinely being ready to accept and connect with the transition from preparation to functionality, the transformation into a life of fortunate succession.

Writing is one of the fun things that bring out the best in me because it expresses who I am.

It is a part of what makes up my life.

My ability to focus and produce, to share and to teach, to provoke and inspire, and it is all done without intention.

By me just simply doing what I love. What I was inevitably born to do has come as a very substantial and beneficial service to certain others.

In part of my life’s journey I am being used as an instrument (a messenger) for those in particular whose ears are meant to hear the words.

Writing is not just a talent for people to possess. It is also a health remedy. Writing has therapeutic properties that helps heal and makes us better (also feel better).

When some people write it allows them to get things off of their chest, a way to vent, and give it back to the universe for evaluation. Some individuals keep their feelings bottled up inside and need a way to get out their thoughts.

Writing gives us a way to keep a track of our daily lives by recording events and activities that we can look back on.

Don’t forget books. Somebody had to write them. And they contain many words and stories for one to excite and get lost in.

Various books are very entertaining, educational, and resourceful. They have great impact on our lives.

The world of a writer is indeed a wonderful life to live in, especially when you have a platform to grow and excel from.

Individuals who write are intellectuals; we are deep thinkers and great producers. We love to explore and create. It is in our nature to be constructive.

There is so much more to writing than just putting pen to the paper. There has to be structure, intent/purpose, and vision.

Everyone has their own unique style, and should not be criticized for having different approaches when it comes to their literature. Everybody can’t be standard; some of us naturally think and create outside of the box. Some of us are even born outside of the box.

The field of writing is definitely not for everybody. Some find it too hard, complicated and/or boring. For those of us individuals who like to indulge though, it is an ecstasy to be met with over and over again.