I Am Blessed And Not Stressed

I awoke early this morning and ran a couple of errands. I was having a nice day all day today.

I received a call today from Tina (Ernestine Lawrence) at eleven thirty-seven am. My cell did not ring because I blocked her number. I got an alert because her call was sent straight to voicemail.

I never intended for her to have my number she obtained it when I called her last year because she kept desperately hounding me through Facebook so I got curious as to what her problem was. I knew I should have just kept ignoring her. I had phoned Tina blocking my number back then, but it showed up anyhow.

Anyway, I checked my voicemail at one forty-nine pm. I could hear the twisted and demonic tone within Tina’s voice as she continued to try to harass me. She cannot deal with the fact that I do not want to be bothered with her.

A close friend of my mother’s and I, who have known me since childhood reminded me of how jealous Tina is because I am loved and blessed.

She is lonely and miserable with no love around her.

I have good trustworthy friends and family that she does not know about, yet she has nobody.

Tina is in her sixties and still filled with negativity, nonsense, and silly behavior. It is a shame. What a dark place she is in. My mother had told me a long time ago that she knew Tina was sick ever since early childhood.

I have witnessed Tina’s twistedness most of my life growing up.

The drugs that Tina was on just made her situation even worse. On top of it she has HIV (I don’t know if it has turned into full blown AIDS yet. She has had the infection since the late eighties or early nineties). HIV will mess with a person’s mind too causing cognitive impairments.

I refused to let her ruin or spoil my day. Why should I have given her the power? There is no need. I left a nasty but truthful message back to her in return; however, I will continue to ignore her from now on. It always feels good to not have any contact with toxic people like herself. I never had the time or patience for people like them they are repulsive.

I do not like, love, or care about Tina. All I can do is give her over to God and let him deal with her.

I do not understand why she does not leave me alone and move on with her life.

She has numerous other health problems and should be concerned with taking care of her own affairs instead of being worried about the happy and peaceful life that I am living.

The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Nevertheless, we who are God’s children, have power over the devil. Satan has Tina in the clutches of his hands as he always has. She continues to glorify him by acting a fool.

Like I said, I leave it all within the hands of the Lord. I am filled inside with love, peace, harmony, confidence, and strength. And, no one can take that away.



The Depth Of Ignorance


I awoke this morning to the adorable sounds of birds chirping outside my window. They always sound so cute! Their chirruping lasted for a good hour.

I also awoke to a headache that intensified two days ago; the results of adversaries working against me through black magic-when will they learn or accept that their efforts are in vain?

It doesn’t ever matter what is going on within the world they are still preoccupied with trying to overcome me. When 9/11 hit they didn’t stop, and now with this corona virus they are still at it. World events do not distract or deter them from their envies and resentment being put into action.

They are trying to communicate with me through dreams in an attempt to manipulate me into their false perception of what should be.

I have an extremely strong spirit and strong mind; I do not and have never thought the way average, or below average people do. No one can steer my mind from the truth or of my definite nature, it is impossible; yet, reason does not register with sick people.

My adversaries know who to mess with and who not to so they are just acting stupid right now. My conquering of them was, and still is, too much for them to handle. The idiocy they showed was too much for them to bear. Nevertheless, their nonsense attempts at trying to undermine the facts of their defeat is a total waste of time.

Ernestine Lawrence

Down below are links and messages from my mother’s sister, Tina, sent to me on Facebook.

This is for you, Tina, although you probably wouldn’t comprehend as logic and reasoning doesn’t register with you. And, since your HIV/Aids has probably gone to your head by now.

Since I was a child you were very jealous of me because I was very intellectually advanced and highly educational that is why you went around saying I had no education when it was actually you who had no knowledge.

You always had that low level trash mentality.

You have no high school diploma and did not graduate from high school that is why you went into the National Guards because you didn’t know anything and you wouldn’t have gotten into there if my mother hadn’t helped you out and told you what to do but you couldn’t even excel within that.

If it wasn’t for my mother Annette Theodora Cromwell wouldn’t even have gotten into college.

Now I don’t knock anyone who didn’t finish school the traditional way because I understand distinction within individuals everyone has their own way and their own calling or set of circumstances.

However, you really focused on making me out to appear like a stupid person when you didn’t even finish school yourself.

Did you know I actually skipped a grade when I was twelve? And when I was ten I passed tests that high school kids couldn’t pass. At eight years old I got an award for being one of the best readers within my entire school.

When I became an adult I got accepted into a college but I never cared about any of that shit because I wasn’t an insecure person like you.

When you were at those young ages all you achieved and was well known for was being on drugs and being a skank.

I at such a young age was gifted and passed all of my tests, received awards, and certificates in school so you and Amanda tried to interfere because I was nowhere near a dummy like you and Amanda.

You both knew I was headed for accomplishments that you both weren’t capable of gaining.

You wasted your time because I never relied on the approval of others or cared what anyone thought I’m proud of everything about myself and I have no regrets.

I was born with a caul you dumb bitch I have second-sight, I mean really, what the fuck did you think you could do? I was ahead of you. I laugh at you.

I knew just about everything you did through dreams, visions, and intuition.

You did the same to my mother because she was bright and multi-talented.

You said my mother never worked a day in her life because you couldn’t get the jobs that she could. You and Amanda were fools that people could use and abuse. Then you two were absurd enough to think that you could destroy me and my mother’s lives with voodoo/witchcraft/black magic and lies.

You conspired to give my mother a nervous breakdown and make her out to be lower than what you actually were out of pure envy, jealousy, and your own true state of mental illness.

It’s all in the past now but you still won’t leave us alone. We don’t care anything about you, we never did, and never will.

Nobody is hurt by you, you are nothing to be distressed by, you never had the power to destroy us, we just don’t like you at all.

You are an undesirable person who has done far too much dirt why would anybody of any class, intelligence, and substance want to be bothered with you.

Why don’t you go call and bother your own kind of fellow degenerates who share within the delusions of their own mentalities.

You are a pathetic piece of trash.

Go call up George Owens/Taalib Muhammad, Joanne Anderson Franks, Doritta Almodovar, Renee Blackwell, her sister Teresa Blackwell, Jeff Jemmott, Olivia Oliver and her kids and grand kids that you all talked about like a dog (remember when cookie and her kids gave you a concussion and put you in the hospital?), Spotface Pat Bush and your dyke crew, Diane Mims, Sonia, Lorraine Burwell- the bitch with the broken legs and her sister Judy Clarke, the nigger you stabbed with the knife who took a shit in your toilet before you called the cops on him, Annette Theodora Cromwell-the bitch who fucked some nigger down on Hollis at the tire shop, and all of the other sick and twisted fucks you use to run to and with.

You have no one. They don’t give a fuck about you, you stupid bitch. And look at all of the stupid unnecessary shit that you did to us for years. With your broke ass.

Go call up Amanda. Or better yet, why don’t you go join her in the grave.

Bitch, maybe you should give me a call so I could blow your mind with all of the shit that I know for someone who doesn’t have an education. I’ll teach you some life-long lesson facts.


Ernestine Lawrence

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Funny Facts: Dope Lesson For Dummies

Dope is for dopes, a dead high just to get by.

Fiends put themselves into a sleep, as they can’t cope because life is just too deep. -miss latoya

I wonder what was in that heroin to incite a lot of junkies to believe they were experts on everything.

They have a delusion in where they are smart and everyone else is dumb.

Within their false assumptions, distorted points of view, and severely altered mind state, they are in tune to various illusion in which blows away the most keen individual toward a hysterical fit of laughter.

Their reasoning is outrageous, and their logic is quite ludicrous.

I guess those of us within a healthy and productive mindset, and bestowing extra sensory capacity, have a lot to learn by not adapting to what is not reality.

Once one begins to regularly deliberate within fallacy, they’ll be just as bright and informed as the junkie, and also agreeably welcomed, and suitably joined, into the fool’s comfortably inadequate paradise.

Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Breakdown

Everyone who has had a breakdown of some sort is not weak, crazy, or dangerously unstable.

A breakdown is spiritual within many instances. A Yoruba priestess even acknowledged this fact to me years ago. I know firsthand as my own mother was a victim of brujeria in the early 1980’s.

I was even targeted. My aunt tried to flip me out when I was eighteen years of age by putting the hallucinogenic drug mescaline into a hot pot of black eyed peas that I had cooking over the stove.

People often use recreational “trip” drugs to increase the chance or enhance the effect of mental and chemical alterations of the brain while also performing the negative spiritual influences within black magic/voodoo/witchcraft.

My aunt went a step further in her malicious attempt by also putting tainted hiv fluids inside my food. Anyone educated would know the disease would not survive within the air and within a pot of scalding hot water.

Nevertheless, I didn’t lose my head or have a breakdown, my mind was too strong with faculty and awareness, and I didn’t, of course, become infected with aids either.

I was young, innocent, and very spiritually inclined, so divine intervention took over and protected me.

My aunt Tina (Ernestine Lawrence) has been hiv positive since the 1980’s due to intravenous drug use and promiscuous behavior from the 1970’s on up and instead of using her limited time to spend changing her life around for the better, she continued to do tons of constant dirt. She and other envious and jealous ruthless dummies, whores, drug addicts, and degenerates attacked me and other family for decades.

They’ve in addition done it to others, however, when they came after my mother and I, they messed with the wrong individuals. We are people of the light and they are people of the darkness. My ancestors and orishas were ready for them all, and the universe was recording and keeping record of every notorious deed in which was repeatedly done toward us.

Tina had poisoned food of my mother’s years ago too while neighbors were working black magic/voodoo/witchcraft against her.

My grandfather was driven to mental affliction before he was killed and found dead in the Hudson river.

My aunt Charise was drugged and raped which caused her to be afflicted with mental illness.

My grandfather, mother, younger aunt, and I were targeted for manipulative breakdowns because we were all very smart, strong, and fighters who could literally kick ass if needed be. We weren’t the type to back down or be bullied by anyone, and we were all good upstanding people.

The intent for causing mental, emotional, and spiritual breakdowns are to weaken one, to render them as incredible, and to lower their self esteem and spirit.

Certain evildoers want those of us who have knowledge in which threaten their unscrupulous ways either dead or labeled as crazy.





On one of my blogs titled Working Woman, I’ve talked a bit about my mother, and the good relationship we’ve had during my childhood on up.

Ignorant adversaries, however, seem to constantly assume for some reason that if they intervene it would cause some type of uproar or inconvenience within my life.

My mother is not and has never been some crutch or resource that I need to lean on or to survive by.

I don’t understand why these idiotic degenerates continue to attempt to play on her mind through black magic. Since she’s had a history of having a breakdown they prey on what they consider her vulnerability.

The other night, I heard, as I am Clairaudient, the discussion of inciting conflict between my mother and I. Adversaries from time to time want to use her, and speak through her, in order to get to me psychology with bullshit.

These utterances are to actually come from her mouth while they manipulate her mind and emotions, and I am supposed to succumb to the ploy.

My mother does have some personal issues yet I have absolutely no attachment to that whatsoever.

When a person is sick or gets sick they are not in their original mindset, not their usual self, or thinking within their general pattern.

The circumstance has no bearing on my life, just because we have had good memories, and experiences together, doesn’t mean it’s dependent upon my present or future happiness.

Plenty of children and parents have fond recollections and get along. It doesn’t mean we are unable to separate one from the other. If discord was to arise it’s logical to move on with living a healthy life, and at a distance if necessary, all depending on the state of the relationship.

The situation is definitely not normal and I don’t understand our adversaries distorted perception of the relationship between my mother and I and how they assume it would affect my life.

Nevertheless, trying to play on one’s mental illness to perpetuate delusion is expressing the deep mental illness in which they most definitely possess themselves.

It’s all a waste of time and energy as I am ahead and unfazed.

It is really insane how they pathetically and absurdly keep this nonsense going periodically, and this very morbid attachment in which they have to me and my life that they refuse to let go of.

Well, they can sadly hang on by themselves.



Ill People, Ill World

The mind is a powerful tool when it functions correctly and within accordance to one’s own healthy nature and distinction.

It is also powerful how one’s mind works and doesn’t work, and often how one thinks and operates, which causes action or reaction to what they accurately or inaccurately conclude.

I’ve been around a lot of people with mental illness and emotional problems both personally and professionally, the ordeal hasn’t at all made me compassionate toward any of their circumstances, many of them prove to be nothing but a burden and much trouble.

It is different when I have worked in an environment with those having mental affliction as it was a job in which I got paid for and I did not have to live with them or interact with any of them on a personal level.

I don’t have the patience or tolerance for sick people.

There are many type of mental illness that effect people and that stem from drug use, psychological disorders, chemical imbalances, unreasonable mentalities and irrational ignorance, aside from some already being born sick.

There are many who do not consider themselves mentally ill since there may be others in the majority who may share their same ideas, thought patterns, habits, desires and modes of living.

Sick people and their rise into society have become so widespread and acceptable that their influence has inspired a definition of what is now the “normal”. Anything challenging or opposing this long time outrageous process is in return described as being ill or off balance.

I know as a truly well person that I have to be vigilant and careful as this world continues to change for the worse in specific matters. My common sense, logic, intelligence, and truth, will eventually just be looked upon as nonsense as more and more of those without the proper sense take over within everyday life.

Its happening in government to such an extent and within political events, slyly escorting the gifted or adroit out and welcoming the typical in.

I genuinely believe that is the plan anyway.

To get rid of the certain strong, smart, and sane individuals who have a mind of their own and who can’t be manipulated or controlled to cater to the more susceptible and ordinary who can easily be persuaded.

A lot of weak people give in, and some just play along, I refuse to give in or to play along. I am not intimidated by the backlash for holding my own, and not following along with the deceptions and corruptions in society, not even at the cost of those who’ll attempt to ruin me with lies as a payback.

They’ve done it before, and guess what? I’m far from ruined!

I’d just say bring it on as I’m nowhere near afraid and I won’t back down.

Lies cannot destroy the truth. Truth is reality, lies are just fantasy to build up facades.

As I live and look back I realize just how strong and astute in the mind I really am and no one will ever take that fact away from me.

I’m one of the strongest people that I know.

Ignorant Black People

There is indeed racism and a lot of prejudices and bias within society against nationality as well as gender. Too much to cover in just one post so as of now I’m just going to briefly summarize on a few related issues.

Particularly, this black people thing and how when they’re insulted by someone of another race these days it’s considered being racist but what about other black folk who think, say, and feel the same way about black people as do some of the other nationalities?

And I am not taking up for any other race or ethnicity because any group of individuals can fall into their own stereotypical category and mode of description, however, I never hear about this being expressed within the media.

I as a black female grew up at a very early age in a neighborhood that was predominately white until the black people started moving in before I was born. When I was born there were mostly blacks and some Hispanics but very few whites if any left.

Nevertheless, I went to day care and kindergarten with all different type of nationalities of children then was bust out to a school district at the age of eight to a school and neighboring area predominately populated with white people and children.

There were also Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, a few Hispanic and a few other blacks attending to the school.

It was a totally different experience and a favorable one at that also in many ways a better experience for me that was nurturing and quite beneficial to my well-being and growth due to the high level that I was on and the mentality that I shared.

All through out my life it has been white people who had treated me very well and would help to build me up to succeed whereas it was many of the other blacks that were lower than me that pursued to tear me down.

In all honesty and I don’t care who likes it or not many blacks are what a lot of white people negatively classify them as. They are trouble, they are ignorant, and they are very undesirable as a people.

I heard it said that black people in general are not as intellectually bright unless they were mixed with a percentage of other ancestry and long before that I use to hear that from my mother as well as she would tell me that I had to have had european blood in me for me to be as bright as I was.

And I do understand how DNA works it can come from way back we don’t necessarily get or have the same genetic traits or share attributes just because we’re closely related by bloodline necessarily.

And it is true. Our family has African-American, Native American, And European bloodline and it doesn’t go far back either! It stems from immediate family to grandparents and beyond on all sides of the family and I can back it all up with proof.

And I’m tired of hearing that shit about slavery. It was the blacks that sold the other blacks as slaves.

The ignorant trashy blacks they sold to the caucasian folk because they weren’t of any value or worth to them. The black folk of substance who were beneficial and capable of being doctors and of other valuable asset and so on, they kept.

Many don’t even know true history.





Ill By Nature

Does stupidity rule?

Why is what is average considered normal within human nature just because society caters to their own description of a perceived common familiarity.

While many are born sick already through genetics or by chance, with the decades of the drug epidemic and the illegal use of drugs that many consume like the air that they breathe up these days they considerably add to the problem, breeding a new ground of dysfunction.

There are a lot of sick people in the world and they’re getting sicker by the day and at various stages and various degrees.

As a society that is willfully unreasonable against the reasonable mental illness among many seems to be the norm. People are walking around with mental illness who haven’t been diagnosed.

Has it officially come to be that insanity is classified as sanity in an insane world?

Mental illness is a serious problem and one that even the doctors cannot control.

Sufferers are prescribed drugs (even some young children are on prozac) but often times the medications do not work or are not effective enough.

When individuals come down with serious physical conditions of illness often times the worst possible outcome could foreshadow immobility (paralysis/incapacitation) or a death.

In the case of the mentally ill the situation could get so bad that death is a condition that may be actually wished upon the sufferer.

Even though these people are sick and not always responsible for or in control of their unfortunate mental affliction and/or behavior individuals within this category sometimes bring about trouble and instead of developing a sympathetic or humane approach toward them it promotes a reaction of contempt.

Of course, not everyone who suffers from mental illness is annoying, miserable or dangerous as there are so-called normal/mentally healthy people who are notoriously this way and cause a great response of aversion within many.

In the fashion that government and societal resource accommodate the drug users and abusers and ill-bred the world is launching down the welcome mat and inspiring a new generation of nuts.

Cathy Barge

Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic by misslatoya


PJ said 1 hour ago 
This Cathy you’re talking about is she from whitestone, ny?

misslatoya  said 16 minutes ago

Yeah, this Cathy Barge is indeed from Whitestone, NY. She is short and dumpy and she wears black-rim glasses she is ugly in the face and she looks whipped.

I mean I am going to be forty-three years old next month and I look young and innocent with a pretty complexion and the cute little body/figure of a pre-teen or little girl even-not saying that’s a standard or everyone’s preference-I’ve just taken care of myself and lived a clean lifestyle and it shows.

Cathy is a wicked, miserable, envious bitch and it is written all over her essence.

She has an obvious mental problem and she had the nerve to claim that she has a degree of some sort in relation to a social worker. The last thing the world needs is another nut out there that is ignorant and that thinks that they can use a position that they are not really qualified for to psychologically manipulate
vulnerable individuals who wouldn’t know any better.

Fortunately there are people like me and others out there that are actually of substance, value, intellect, knowledge and spiritual elevation that are able to reach genuinely high achievements and use them productively.







My accurate premonition came to be rather swiftly as “I hit the nail on the head” as usual.

Cathy/Catherine Barge the bitch that I wrote about here (https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2018/03/29/i-catch-them-every-time/)   came into work Wednesday morning on April 4, 2018 and called me “A stupid bitch” in an attempt to provoke me while proceeding on with a lie to use against me in a malicious effort to try to get me fired from my job.

Cathy called up the agency stating that the lady that we work for was on the floor crawling after falling off the bed. Number one, I had just checked in on the lady and she was asleep. Number two, the lady lays on a mattress that leans straight up against the floor she’s not balanced on any type of railing it would’ve been impossible for her to fall out of a bed that is actually right near floor level. And the woman is not any type of invalid.

If the lady really rolled to the floor shouldn’t Cathy had rushed to her aid to help her up instead of coming toward my direction to start a fight?

Cathy couldn’t even get her lies straight she hadn’t planned the treacherous incident very well (What set her off is that she saw a fresh cup of coffee sitting on the floor by the lady a cup of coffee that she was suppose to make. Me fixing the lady a cup of coffee that she asked for interrupted Cathy’s obsessive compulsive tendencies and she just blew the fuck up. If she’d known that was actually the third cup of coffee that I’d made for the lady Cathy really would have flipped her lid) I said to myself this sick, lying, jealous bitch.

I went into the lady’s bedroom who had awoke and that was now sitting up on the bed and acknowledged to her the lie that Cathy had just told because she didn’t know what was going on as she had just waken up.

“Don’t argue back with her” the woman told me. “I like the both of you”.

Cathy is on the phone with the agency telling them “She’s crazy, I told you she was crazy!”

And what had I done? Absolutely nothing!

Cathy told me that I was jealous of her because she is white and “under privileged”. Did she realize what she was saying?

She also told me that I speak illiterate (I’ve never ever heard that one before) and that I am skinny with bad skin. I had to laugh inside at this neurotic psychopathic bitch she had told on herself in so many ways.

Cathy is very jealous of me as well as others I doubt that I am the only one and of the way in how I carry myself. She is high strung and extremely insecure. She is intimidated by the fact that I am a very intelligent and attractive female of color (black/African american) that doesn’t fit into the negative stereotypes that many prejudice other races perceive that we should be or classify us as.

Whoever used her to come after me- because I know she is a part of a link from my sick and jealous enemies- knew that she was stupid.

Cathy is nothing but a low scale piece of trash that cannot deal with the fact that I exceed her within character and mentality she is nowhere near the high level that I am on even though that she is a white italian that probably needs to believe that she is superior especially over a black American person who just couldn’t be exceptional as a lot of us truly are.

Well, I didn’t get fired and Cathy was livid I could feel all of her negative energy directly in the pit of my stomach. Since she didn’t get over with her lies I bet at her next attempt among others she will try to turn the lady that we work for against me.

I don’t care I go to work to do my job and will continue to keep everything professional without feeding into anything I refuse to even mention Cathy because she has nothing to do with me yet if she keeps mentioning me to start conflict that is totally on her.

Cathy/Catherine Barge is so pitiful, predictable and transparent.

The devil is always busy and his flunkies are running as hot as the hell that they are all scheduled to burn in within due time. Us good folk have nothing to worry about our further blessings are on the way.

We reign as the darkness will never overpower the light.




Li’l Ones

I am not the emotional type and I read and watch the news all of the time without being affected in any kind of way personally. I hear others say though that they don’t even like to indulge in the media anymore because of the horrific things that are continuously taking place and that they sometimes even cry.

I know that things like this go on all of the time, however, this is really too ridiculous and out of hand how I just read last weekend that some real sick individual beat (broke every bone in the body), hung (tied it to a tree), and then shot (with a BB gun) a helpless 4 month old puppy out in a public area.

It literally brought a few tears to my eyes and that is rare for me.

Whereas I don’t feel for people in general I do and have always felt for certain puppies and dogs and those that bring vicious and unwarranted harm to these innocent and precious animals need to die a brutal and torturous death themselves.

Evil Eye

stalkerI am able to see many beautiful things out of my “big pretty brown eyes” many wonderful things that evil and ugly people cannot tarnish from around me.

The joy and the prosperity, the peace and the protection, the love and the respect, the knowledge and the blessings. All of the precious and priceless things that belong and come to the anointed and the well deserved.

No demon nor devil can spoil my contentment I am solid.

It is said that “money” is the root of all evil yet it seems to be more the “green eyed monster”.

Those spiritual and physical “stalkers” that are too much preoccupied with the lives of others because they do not have anything productive going on within their own.

The “tab keepers” who keep a track on the movements of the “enterprising” because they have no true purpose of their very own.

Those fraudulent souls who have no authentic identity and want to “steal” and to be just as the objects that are the most envied, the most desired within their pure “jealousy”.

Yes, want to look like me, want to act like me, want to talk like me, want to think like me, want to extra sensory perceive like me, then lie on me since one cannot duplicate the real me, and seek out to destroy me because unable to become me.

Oh, what a load onto me.

A baggage of someone else that I will definitely not carry, a burden that I would sure like to bury, a problem that I’d get rid of in a hurry, a bitch that I would love to seal into a ditch.

Oh, I can see why so frustrated of not being just like me as I am so hot that I hit that spot, I am so bad that I make you mad. There will never be another “cause their ain’t no other”, that is me “LaToya” not you “Mother fucker”.

What I say toward your “Evil Eye”- Goodbye!


One of the most ugliest and morbid of bitches that I have ever seen and/or came across no wonder the whore is so infatuated with a “princess” such as me. “So severely mentally ill need to go take a pill” and then go to sleep forever please do the entire world a favor and go away for good.


Blood, Money, And Dirt

I never ever fell for the mind game junkie mentality. I remember when my drug addict aunt Tina would get in her jealous envious ways and literally tell me to my face “You don’t have no education!” And she would try to spread that lie to anyone she thought that she could manipulate into believing it.

I thought it was so strange how she would continue on with that when she herself actually never graduated from high school. She has no high school diploma nor GED. However, that was the entire point, I was highly educational and knowledgeable and she was not.

I had never ever in life been classified as a dummy and no one could ever genuinely call me one, especially not with my academic evaluations.

I also remember Tina being jealous of me being a cute little girl and of my pretty complexion. She had some type of sickness/obsession about bumps on the face and would have a field day trying to make me believe that I had a problem with them. I guess that was a junkie thing. A deep sickness among the junkies and the like because I never understood that nonsense.

Tina along with my great-grandmother had done and tried the same exact thing with my mother. They would tell her that “You never worked a day in your life”.

That was also crazy.

My mother had quite a few good jobs within her lifetime and when she had passed the government test and started working for the Post Office back in the eighties they were all ate up with pure jealousy and they came up with a scheme to sabotage her in the workplace.

All Amanda (my great-grandmother) had ever done for a living aside from being a junkie and a drunk when she came up to New York from North Carolina was steam and/or iron clothes in one of those work factories down in Manhattan. And when I once mentioned to her “all you did or could do was iron clothes” she got offended and said “Oh, no. There is a way that you have to iron”.

And my mother had said “What other way is there to iron other than to get the wrinkles out?”

946002-200The same thing with Tina and my uncle they got their jobs from social services. After being on welfare for such a long period of time they began to work there at the company. In the long run, my uncle kept his job until he fell ill from AIDS and while he was still on dope and died. Tina had eventually got demoted, got injured on her job (either she fell or someone got tired of her shit and knocked her down) then tried to sue the city and got fired.

When my uncle was on his death-bed in the hospital in January 2004, Amanda asked me to come up there with her to visit him (I was curious and wanted to get a look at him. He looked terrible, like death itself) but before we made the trip up there she stopped off at his apartment to steal his employment checks that had piled up so that she could illegally bust them.

Amanda could not find them so one day she sent Tina up there to her brother’s apartment to find them and she must have smelled those checks because she went right straight on over to them, also discovering his dope needle through out the search.

When one family associate had heard that I visited my uncle in the hospital she said that he was making, or that he had to make an amends (As some people who may have wronged someone in some way often does). And that bitch who was named Stephanie Caffey (a ole whore-hopper) made me so sick with her ignorance.

I had never held any animosity over my uncle for throwing me around the room when I was a nine month old baby, I mean my mother and family from day one had always shared that information with me when I was a very young girl, but I never had any personal recollection of it to feel any anger or resentment toward him.

It was an awful thing that he had done but I absolutely was not affected by it in any way, I mean the man was crazy.

The only hostility I ever felt for my uncle was in the negative ways in which he would sometimes act toward me and he had eventually admitted to me that he was jealous of me and he had the courage to apologize.

I also never felt comfortable being around my uncle there was just something about his spirit that was not right.

Tina and Amanda on the other hand always thought that they could solve their wrongdoings with money. I could not be bought from anyone’s guilt or from anything else for that matter. They obviously weren’t use to people with integrity (They were familiar only with people who weren’t use to anything and who had never had anything). There was not enough money in the world that they could bribe me with or to compensate to me for all of the nasty deeds that they had done.

What killed me the most was how they were supposed to be so much against my mother and I but when they would get mad or scared about something and then turn on one another or even against someone other who they would often downgrade us to, they’d run straight back to us to talk about them in the same very negatively light, giving us the scoop on and about all of their business (Bet those stupid asses didn’t know about that!).

misty blueHowever, we as levelheaded people always took certain information with a grain of salt because just like a dog will take a bone the same dog will most likely bring it back. So if Tina and Amanda would lie to others about us they surely wouldn’t hesitate to lie to us about them.

The only difference in between was that my mother and I weren’t fools. We were never stupid or naive as were the other people who were so easy or susceptible to believe. Nevertheless, jealous envious people want to hear the worse about someone else and will take in as true the negativity that is geared towards their targets.

Amanda once offered me control over her 5,000 dollar bank account. What is 5,000 in this day and age? If it would have been more I still would not have taken her up on the offer. “I don’t want shit from you”, I told her (All I wanted was for her to die and she finally did pass away in the year 2009).

In 2012, after my mother sold our old house and split the “will” money Tina had the nerve to want to talk to me about something.

“I want to talk to you about my pension”.

Tina was insinuating leaving me behind her financial benefits upon her eventual death. I do not need or want that shit she could shove that money all up her HIV or AIDS infected ass as far as I am concerned.

I never had to go to anyone and I never had to ask anyone for anything in my entire life. And I never will.

I’ve always had and I always will do for myself. I am a very independent individual. I only want my own and I will endeavor to always get mine on my own.



The Perils Of Lust

spadeAside from the ignorant, sick, miserable, envious and jealous kind normal healthy and/or productive people do not care and aren’t even really concerned about what is going on within the lives of others or interfering in the success or progress of another.

Some frankly do not give a hoot or could care less whether someone is or happens to become successful or not, I know that I am that way, and that is a very rational mode of approach in my opinion.

Most levelheaded people are too wrapped up in their own personal affairs and are preoccupied with their own functional or dysfunctional existence and well-being.

I really doubt they’d waste time and harbor what is of no importance to them. The happiness or sadness of another would play no significant role in where it was not warranted.

Normal, healthy and/or productive people also do not go around making rules for other folks. Who is anyone to set the principles that govern another individual’s conduct? Who has the authority to set regulations that govern another individual’s specific activity?

So many other people do not even share the same mindset.

Judgments and accusation therefore would have no relevance to a standard that meets a particularly bias approval (Tell that to the ill-minded folk who entertain jealousy, envy, and irrational resentment, though).

Sex and lust are two completely different things and one has nothing to do with the other, just as sex and love are two completely different things and have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Now people who feel a type of love for someone may want to have sex and people who feel a type of desire or passion for someone may want to have sex. Nevertheless, the two things are not one in the same.

People have sex for different reasons and some of the reasons may have entirely nothing to do with emotion. People have sex with people that they do not love, who they are not genuinely attracted to,  and who they absolutely have no lust/sexual desire for.

There are women and men who indulge in intercourse primarily to reproduce or to just please their partner (depending on the relationship or whatever the relationship may be based upon), there are prostitutes and people who have intercourse in exchange for money (based on a profession or lifestyle situation), and there are those who just have intercourse as their own source of pleasure and fun.

skullSexual activity has always been a topic of discussion whether it be regarding controversy or morality. And it is a topic that many get judged upon the most.

I’ve always been judged for the things that I was not doing amongst the particular and having sex was one of them. I am a grown woman and if I were a sexual person what would intercourse take away from me?

Sex would not take away my intellect. Sex would not take away my strength. Sex would not take away my capabilities. Sex is just what it is “Sex”. It is not sex itself that serves as the problem but it is the mentality and/or emotional stability or instability and even maturity of the individual who takes part in the act.

Some people are not able to handle sex. Some people are too weak-minded and get sexually whipped or fall in what they perceive to be as love.

Lust is the root of sickness within many people and they take sex way too far out of context. They need it and they cannot live or do without it. So many people jump from one partner to another to one that has become too many.

Venereal diseases have run rampant and is the reason that so many individuals are so extra psycho/sick/crazy/ill. The advanced stages of various STDs have literally went straight to their heads/brains permanently altering and scarring their mental faculties.

There is nothing wrong for not having or not wanting/desiring to have sexual intercourse in this day and age. And no one has the right to harass and/or meddle into the business (their jobs, lifestyle, and progress) of someone who may be a harsh reminder of what they are obviously not and will never be.




Strong Spirit

1440458-200True love, respect, strength, confidence, happiness and power comes from within-and no one can ever take that away from me!

When those in particular endeavor to stop me it only makes me more inspired and determined to succeed, and naturally without even trying -I do!

I am very special, lucky, and blessed-truly ahead of my time (A cut above the rest). I am a survivor who always wins and prevails against all evil and negativity.

My enemies have been trying very hard to overcome me but that is nothing new. They always try and they will always fail, they do not have the energy/power or ability to defeat me (I am the one who can and who is able, the one who possesses the capacity to destroy them all without a doubt).

For months now they have been working relentlessly on my mother since it is extremely hard and impossible for them to succeed in any way with their attempts at destroying and/or affecting me.

Their jealousy and inferiority is so very morbid and they are so eaten up by it. And they kill me how the many of them will in a heartbeat deny their absolute envious and jealous feelings of insecurity and desire by downgrading me when they are accused knowing darn well that they are enormously crippled and totally entangled by it.

They love to play head/mind games. They deny most of their actions to throw me off because they do not want me to know anything that is really and truly going on-but how could I not?

I was born with extrasensory perception. I’ve always been far ahead of them. I know what they will do before they even know it themselves!

They are not and never will become smarter than me.

They cannot measure up to me within skill/capability/aptitude, knowledge/intelligence/wisdom, spirituality/gifts/power.

My foes all want me badly. They all want me to go down to the shittiest of shits worse than they are.

My enemies are trying to use my mother as a puppet/rag doll, getting inside of her head to control and to infest her mind with the most severe of delusions caused by the demonic origins and effects of mental illness.

They were and are so jealous and envious of the relationship between my mother and I. Jealous of the extreme passionate love that she always had for me. They want to use her by the manipulation techniques of black magic as a weapon against me, thinking maybe that she could bring me down.

Those fools are so very mentally ill, misguided, and so very delusional themselves. They also believe in their own lies!

My enemies need a serious reality check! No one and I mean NO ONE can hurt me through my mother or anyone else for that matter. They cannot hurt me at all, they only continue to hurt themselves even if they cannot see it or realize it in the beginning or right away.

These sick demented and demonic assholes can never take away my strength/confidence and they definitely cannot deprive me of my spirituality.

Sick, Miserable, Inferior People Never Go Away When They Cannot Bring You Down!


Just speaking in general when I say this-whenever someone tries to downgrade me out of jealousy, ignorance, sickness, dislike, or whatever the case may be it has and will never have any effect/affect on me whatsoever.

Another person’s negative or positive opinion is just that and it has nothing to do with the truth, it has nothing to do with me, has nothing to do with my reality or how I will continue to feel about myself. I know who and what I am and what I am worth and nothing and no one can change that (I am pure substance who cannot and will not be broken).

Whenever anybody tries to bring me down I am just naturally brought farther on up. Knowledge is power and strength and unconventionality are some of my tremendous assets!

I’ve been living nice and quiet. I do not have the desire or time to be on the internet too frequently (Do not get me wrong I still love to write and find the computer and internet a very great and resourceful tool that I adore and that I do indeed need to conduct business, and also as a very necessary tool of convenience in life as well as a source of entertainment and recreation) .

I have everything going on successful for me in my life, not worrying and/or caring about any nonsense yet garbage is always concerned and aggravated by my existence.

There is nothing wrong with staying and being alert, aware, or mindful of things that are going on or that may have already occurred, however, when those in particular cannot move on due to failure, insecurity, incapability, ignorance, low scale nature  and/or whatever else that the case may be and want to take their crap out on me it is absolutely so sad and so absurd.

(People like this make me even prouder to be the person that I am. When they think that they are hurting me they are actually helping me. I thank my lucky stars for the beautiful  and competent mind that I have)

its not shannon lee wolf its sharon lassiter ,,,,,i dispute many thingsa with sharon ,,,same caul group ,,,anyhow a few years ago she told me she wasa going into making a sauce ,called peace sauce or something and she was going to do this with a lady she had just recently meet another bearer called shannon lee wolf ,,she was so so happy as this was the first other bearer she had meet ,,,but it turns out she had already it seemsa meet that plonker jade edwards ,,,then after i got on her case thge story changed now she claims shannon is her pen name ,,,,but you must know all of thisa because you claim to know just what the frik is goibng down ,,,but like many others that soil the cauls good name i know pretty sure that you are just another god botherer ,,hell the whole article just here is about you yourself and you again ,,,nothing of substance i wish you nutjobs would go away ,,,only thing you got going for you is you have sussed her out ,which i like

This message was sent by a visitor who has constantly visited my blog (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand) for the last past year or two and I’ve always thought that they were affiliated with this Shannon Lee Wolf character.

I am not really too sure right at this moment (different things are floating through me right now intertwining due to other matters but things still click and come together rather quickly when I am overloaded) a definite will hit me and I will keep all of that information to myself.

And if this was actually sent by a Michael Francis Edens or if it is just a prank to make me think that it is why should I care? What do they all have to do with me? Absolutely nothing!

Mental illness is no joke! And I know firsthand as I continue to see and have experienced one too many delusional and bugged out individuals and I am very tired-I have no tolerance for it, and will acknowledge that I do not give a darn about the degenerate and demented defects of the demonic as it has no bearing on me or my life. It is very deep though that they are within the crazy state of mind that they are definitely in.

They just want to make me sick and crazy right along with them or much worse off than they actually are. That’s right, they want me to lose my mind but that day will never come!

It is not at all healthy to be around people like them. It is such a breath of fresh and purified air to be surrounded further away from their negative energy.

There is a true fact that is constantly confirmed to me throughout this life and that is that many people are born to be nothing and should have never came to exist in the first place but that just says and goes to show so much about who and what actually created them in specific (without mentioning that hideous spirit’s name).

michael francis edens

its not shannon lee wolf its sharon lassiter ,,,,,i dispute many thingsa with sharon ,,,same caul group ,,,anyhow a few years ago she told me she wasa going into making a sauce ,called peace sauce or something and she was going to do this with a lady she had just recently meet another bearer called shannon lee wolf ,,she was so so happy as this was the first other bearer she had meet ,,,but it turns out she had already it seemsa meet that plonker jade edwards ,,,then after i got on her case thge story changed now she claims shannon is her pen name ,,,,but you must know all of thisa because you claim to know just what the frik is goibng down ,,,but like many others that soil the cauls good name i know pretty sure that you are just another god botherer ,,hell the whole article just here is about you yourself and you again ,,,nothing of substance i wish you nutjobs would go away ,,,only thing you got going for you is you have sussed her out ,which i like


Nuts In The New Year! Go Away And Begone! (So Sad And Hilarious)

817531-200No matter how good one does in life and no matter how good things are going there will always be those one or two out there who like to keep bullshit going on, it is so strange.

This nutty person keeps coming to my blog in nonsense, it is so ridiculous that an idea came to me to mention the commentary farce in a post for amusement and analysis.

It all began in the comment sections of https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2007/10/07/symptoms-of-voodooblack-magic/ and that is where the rest of my responses are in regard to this person.

From me to Lavonda on January 1,2014:

You are the one who is fucked up! There is absolutely nothing wrong with me or my mind, if anything I have exceptional sense and much accurate knowledge and wisdom, I am very intelligent and sane.

Yes, by nature I am an unconventional human being and I am very proud to be, I am real and am not afraid to show it by being myself. There is nothing wrong with being rare and unique.

People like you cannot deal with and/or accept the truth about specific things, situations, and circumstances, and I really do not care about you or anything that you have to say or anything that you think and believe. And I am really tired of your silly and pathetic bullshit tactics.

For someone who claims on such “empty words” you sure keep coming to my blog so very often. You are so sure preoccupied with me, when I do not give a damn about you. Your actions definitely contradict your words. If I am so much of what you say-Stay The Fuck Away From My Site!!! What do you keep coming back for? You are one dumb, stupid bitch! Do yourself a favor and go get a life!

Believe me, keep making a fool of yourself by continuing to write by making imbecile comments because you will be doing it alone. You cannot push my buttons, I have a life but you have nothing but idle time that I do not have to waste on.

The only reason I approved and responded to the last few of your correspondence is due to the fact that I wanted to see just how much of an ass that you would actually make out of yourself- and your stinking ass is big enough for everyone to smell and spew out all over the states.

P.S. I just bet you’ll have to try to top my words as you always have to have the last word, actually thinking that you will get some sort of rise out of me, however, I only patronized you-even though my words in return were totally in truth. Write your heart out “Lavonda” you will be writing in vain, as sick as you are you just keep writing even when you are being ignored!

670931-200LAVONDA on December 29, 2013 at 5:13 pm said:


LAVONDA on December 29, 2013 at 5:21 pm said:


LAVONDA on December 21, 2013 at 8:33 pm said:


Lavonda Butler on December 22, 2013 at 12:01 am said:

hello i am not trying to attack anyone, the word of god is true, and i am not worrying about anyone hurting me, your spiritual forces, are weak, god is the only one with power, and hes the only one that has a heaven and a hell to put us in, remember, your to fighting against me your fighting the blood of jesus, i have never seen anyone, won against the blood of jesus, that battle belongs to god, so let your spiritual forces know that there are fighting god, and when my father god gets tired he will erase you all from the face of this earth, i love you no harm met, its just the word of god god bless you

LAVONDA on December 7, 2013 at 9:57 am said:


LAVONDA on December 5, 2013 at 11:04 pm said:


LAVONDA on December 21, 2013 at 7:54 pm said:


LAVONDA on December 21, 2013 at 8:07 pm said:



Submitted on 2013/12/05 at 11:00 pm | In reply to misslatoya.


Select comment LAVONDA

Submitted on 2013/12/05 at 10:01 pm | In reply to karma.


Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic

Select comment LAVONDA

Submitted on 2013/12/05 at 9:58 pm | In reply to aMIT.


The Crazy Loon Is Internet Stalking Me!/What A Serious Nut Job!!!

419606-200Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf is worse than that character that Glenn Close played in “Fatal Attraction”.

I do not know why she continuously keeps trying to contact me over and over again. All that she is doing is making a complete fool of herself and showing just how “psychotic” and “confused” that she truly is.

Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf is not in touch with reality. She is extremely delusional and talking out of her head.

She needs help. She needs to be admitted into the psychiatric ward of her nearby hospital and to be put on some serious long term psychiatric medication.Then once Sharon/Shannon Lee stabilizes her mental health and cooperates sufficiently with the doctors maybe she’ll be able to receive that disability that she could not otherwise acquire.

With Sharon’s mental illness she will or may get the disability honestly this time.

She keeps visiting my facebook page. I blocked her profile a few days ago and she found an underhanded way to get back in to make the most pitiful and desperate comments.

I don’t know why she is taking her frustrations out on me. I did not do a thing. She did everything to herself. She says that I have been after her for three years and that is very strange because I have not known her for three years.

Sharon/Shannon Lee came after me and she knows this. This is a current copy of my followers list for my blog:

dovergraye@live.com 2 years, 8 months ago


Sharon/Shannon Lee has even created a blog here on wordpress.com in dedication to me in an attempt to retaliate and to give her a false sense of justification and/or credibility.

And I do not know what she keeps hollering on about these so called lies and attacks on her character. What lies? She is everything that anyone who is on the level knows that she is. And if the truth hurts then that is just too darn bad.

Sharon/Shannon Lee tried to ruin me in the beginning for no reason, just because I am a good person with talents, gifts, and a purpose. And because she is a no good nothing, and a nobody, with a dirty past who constantly manipulates and tries to take advantage of people with her deliberate schemes.

I did not, and I am not doing anything.

All what Sharon/Shannon Lee tried to do to me just went back and backfired onto her ten times the more worse because she wasn’t right. If she was truly a genuine and upright/upstanding person the universe would not have sent karma back to bite her. And she just cannot handle the sharp, piercing chunk that was bitten into and, out of her nasty ass.

Sharon/Shannon Lee is only continuing to make things bad for herself. Her nonsense has no meaning and it is not doing anything to me. What is the purpose?

She keeps accusing me of being in cahoots with these “hackers”. Some ploy that she has concocted. I wonder who these hackers are actually supposed to be because in reality they absolutely do not exist as far as I can see!

Either she is living in the “Land Of Make-Believe” with her neighbor and friend Mr. Rogers (the non existent father figure that she looked up to-“woman has serious psychological issues that need to be dealt with”).

Or someone has just messed with her head “real good” and she is just too stupid to see it. And the people or person who did it they obviously know it, and they know how to get to her!

Apparently people are playing on her mental illness and confusion. Or Apparently Sharon is still just making up stories to start trouble and to keep things further ongoing.

This situation has gotten so old and this sick woman needs to go away and finally leave me alone for the better. This obsession that she has is ridiculous. The more that Sharon writes to me the more crazy that she appears to become.

It infuriates Sharon that I do not pay her any attention. Why should I?

I’d sure hate to be inside of her miserable and demented world. Everyone of her actions shows how messed up and pathetic that she really is.



shannonleewolf.wordpress.com x

Just dropping by to say hello, sweet caul bearer sister!

You sure have spunk, I’ll give you that, you little mischief maker. I love you so much, you are my all, my hero, my everything.

Big hugs, your best friend, Shannon

shannonleewolf.wordpress.com x
Submitted on 2013/07/16 at 2:53 pm

I think it’s really cute how you think I’m scared of you and walking on eggshells, lol! :P

shannonleewolf.wordpress.com x
Submitted on 2013/07/19 at 7:40 am

You are the world class hypocrite, miss latoya! You spread lies and gossip about me with your blogs, then pretend that I’m the bad guy and you take the high road, lol! Who do you think you’re fooling? You join up with hackers who spread lies and hate, too – even against my friend’s child. Wow, you are soooo enlightened. All you have is yourself and those of the Darkness. And you think this is good and clean and pure, and filled with peace. While all you do is slither around in the shadows doing the devil’s work. You are so pathetic, and filled with jealousy. You are one sad sack, little missy.

shannonleewolf.wordpress.com x
Submitted on 2013/07/20 at 8:55 am

Just a little note for you – we know you’re not working solo, as you say you are. You’ve got a certain little demon hacker by your side. We are caul bearers, we are not fools. I’ve been silent long enough – we know of your evil schemes against caul bearers of the Light. We are not afraid of your silly black magic – you can’t hurt us with that garbage. You and your tiny little minions can fight us to eternity, and you will never even touch us. I’ve done nothing to you, except tell the truth. It seems to you, the truth is like a horror show. You believe you are special above all others. You’re not. All you’ve done is isolate yourself in the realms of darkness, and you call it “pure”. It’s nothing but folly. We send you the love and gentle swards of the Archangels – we don’t have to do anything else, but clean up a few of your silly little messes. :)

I believe that you shouldn’t read that person blogs sometimes it is best to let go of ones who want to hurt you. Also one on the blog seems to know a lot about you is it a friend or foe? The flame will go out as long as you don’t feed it. I would take all the stuff concerning her off my page only a fool would feed the flame.

June 19 at 8:20am

  • The Curious Caul Barbara, I totally understand where you are coming from. However, I have ignored her for 3 years and she hasn’t stopped her mission to blacken my name. A very dear friend of mine was affected by her blogs – these blogs are out there for the world to see, and anyone who doesn’t know me might have every reason to simply believe what they read. We are talking about real people and real lives being affected – not just mine, but others’ whom I care about. I just can’t sit back and allow these sick people to keep hacking away at me and say nothing. That other person was a member of one of my groups. Out of the blue one day she started accusing me of using caul bearers as “lab rats”, in some sly ploy to make money. Only a sick mind could conjure such twisted images of me. She then dug up my personal court records that have personal medical comments in them. This is not okay. These women have hurt a lot of people with their slander, and it’s time somebody stood up to them.
    • Barbara Hoffman I understand where you are coming from but the truth will set the ones free and by feeding the fire with fuel the sickness will keep going on. Your life is yours do not give it to them to do as they please take it back if you understand what I am saying.
    • Barbara Hoffman And you say your mate can tell if a person is a CB so is she one?
    • The Curious Caul Barbara…by saying nothing, the truth wasn’t being told. I’m taking my stance by telling the truth, you see? My life is mine, indeed — and I’m taking it back by speaking the Truth. They have taken it upon themselves to take parts of my life and create sick lies – by standing up and speaking the Truth, I am taking those parts back. As I said, when I was quiet about it, it was going strong. Have you heard this quote…”Your silence gives consent.” – Plato By being quiet, I was giving them permission to say whatever they wanted to. I am now speaking out, and saying “NO!” What they are doing is not only immoral, it’s illegal. Both cyber-bullying and Slander are offences that I can take to court.
    • The Curious Caul We have no way of knowing if Miss Latoya is one or not. She has never shown her face online — lol, and she points at us and yells “Incognito!” hee hee, it’s really pretty funny! Kellie Curran – yes she’s a caul bearer. A Dark One who loves to start trouble and scream like a banshee. What a foul mouth she has – if you could see the emails she sent me! Those two together remind me of the ladies in the movie “Death Becomes Her”. Fake and rotten to the core. And I’m tired of sitting back and just allowing them to slander me.
      The Curious Caul Oh…and how could I forget? I also had some correspondence with the person I believe to be responsible for the comments, and he fully admitted to me that he did indeed dig up my SSDI records to try to prove that I was a “poser.” As if being ill and struggling to survive makes me a poser. Oh, person of question…born of the caul…at one time we were friends and I gave you hours of my care and time. Do you really not care who you hurt – so many people who loved and trusted you? It’s really really sad.

A Link I Think That They May Have Missed!


I am not being a little devil, however, as I monitor this person in particular who I care not anything at all about and that I am so tired of, and who keeps constantly monitoring my sites with certain different people who she’d really be surprised to know just how much aware of them that I truly am.

Nevertheless, i’ll just keep quiet and continue to observe as they come from different states and so on.

I think that maybe I’ll help them out on something that they may have missed since they are on their toes, paranoid, and walking on egg shells about the things that I personally write.

And no honey, I do not write about you (not even thinking about you!), you’re not worth any of my time and energy but obviously I am worth all of yours!


They keep spying on all of my blogs:

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The Quality Of A Life Well-Born, Well Bred

778143_violets_and_laceThere are a lot of trash within the world. Way too many of them. I wish that they would just all disappear.

I know that the day will come when eventually they will all be no more.

The trashy type of people spoil and ruin everything with their obnoxious, undesirable, and revolting behavior and auras.

These particular individuals have an inadequate and sick mentality.

They tend to put a damper on a beautiful day, a wonderful mood, and the productive quality of life in general.

The majority of them are exactly like a dark cloud that comes to hover over as a great dread and gloom.

These kinds of people are definitely nothing at all for anyone to genuinely be brought down by mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.

However, they can be very aggravating and completely irritating to the soul who is at peace and harmony within them self and within their surroundings.

I remember as a young child first coming into contact with the trash, observing the depth of their degenerateness. I unfortunately had certain members of the family who fell into this category of disgrace.

Then, when I went to school, they were there also.

My pure and innocent bright soul wondered “what were they?” “Where did they all come from?”  “Why are they here in the world?”

When I would look at them and their appearance-their physical features, mannerisms, their tones of voice and the way that they would express themselves-I’d say to myself how could a God give life to something like them?

Something had to be wrong somewhere.

I still feel that way til this day just even stronger in and about my thoughts and facts regarding the trash.

Anyone or anything that could or would create these people into existence absolutely raised a great big red flag of warning and caution to the senses that I was definitely able to accurately perceive.

People who are of a garbage nature obviously have no class and are very jealous and envious of those who are naturally of a better stature character-wise.

Of course, money or material possession plays no part whatsoever in the determination of what is and what is not considered trash.

There are many poor and middle class people who are accurately and innately defined as substance. And many rich people who are undoubtedly the innermost epitome of what trash exactly describes and classifies as.

Garbage type of people are not limited to a specific group of people. They do come in all races.

As an African american female with much knowledge and honesty I can and will say this though, and that is that there are plenty of black people who are not worth anything to themselves or to anyone else.

They are extremely ignorant, envious and jealous, and continue to try to tear their own race down. And they make things, situations, and circumstances bad for the ones who are about something good or constructive.

All African american people are not to blame for the destructiveness of their communities and family structure.

Many have just been objects or victims of certain other people within the west Indian culture and conspires to pollute and dilute the purity, heritage, and vitality of our original innate beauty and existence.

I know this from true experience myself.

They set out to destroy by taking the special things that belong to us. The things that are of a spiritual and intellectual value, the things that are celestially sacred.

The conspiracies of the particular Caribbean people include using us African american people as guinea pigs, bribing us with money, turning us against one another-even against our own relatives.

They do also conspire against other races of people yet much of the black or African american race tend to not stick together as a unit or as a people harmoniously so therefore many of the Caribbean cultures as well as certain other cultures consider us to be stupid and uncivilized.

There is indeed prejudice and bias within all walks of life with all types of people but I must admit I never judged anybody solely on race, or on race at all for that matter.

I am so sick and tired of hearing certain black people who blame caucasian people in general for the things of the past, incidents that may have happened ages ago way before their time, and for their own inability to succeed in this crazy society.

It has been a lot of white people who have done nothing but help and encourage me during the times that I was growing up, and even now. They were nice and gave me a platform to aspire from as well as an environment to succeed and be healthy in.

It has been my own so-called race of people who sadly continued to want to hold me back in life and in the things that I was capable of doing.

I could always get along with anyone of any race that my spirit took to yet some of the west Indians and Haitians that I have come across were troublesome.

Not everyone can be influenced, persuaded, or coerced.

These people know who to go after (those with low self-esteem, the weak-minded, etc…)  and for the ones who are not able to be snatched up into the games and mechanisms of control they are placed and plagued upon by the battles that are struggled with through the tactics of evil black magic.

Absurdly, the garbage will endeavor to claim or to convert a person of substance into their own insane world of disorder.

The day that I ever become a stupid, irresponsible, immature person with no self-love and self-respect who lacked purpose by indulging in worthless gossip, excessive drug and alcohol use, nasty promiscuous sexual activity, and the constant re-population of rampant baby trash is the day that hell will freeze over.

Which absolutely means never! It is not within my celestial plan or nature.

Garbage contributes nothing that is truly substantial to society and to the world that we all live in.

All that the trash like to do is to party hard.

They are not in tune with the matters that concern our spiritual or material warfare other than the rumors and innuendoes that are spread and assumed by people who remain in the headline news.

These people are not on the level when it comes to the depth of life. They are not even on the level when it comes to the minor things that regard life, circumstances, and their situations.

If some of them can afford to they waste money on frivolity by dressing up in particular styles of weave, jewelry, and apparel only to impress other people out of their own insecurity and low self-worth.

They profile and show off in fancy vehicles.

They over compensate by trying to be more than what they actually are. Some of them even believe that they are more than what they are even though deep down inside they do recognize their inferiority.

I have witnessed these acts of ostentation and pretentious conduct for many years now.

What really kills me though is how these type of people try to cause fear into one. They always want someone to be scared and afraid of them with their loud talk and boasts of violence just to intimidate and to prove that they are rough and tough.

Usually, and in reality, they are the most cowardly kind of people that there is that is within existence. Especially the way that they take advantage of others in order to get what they want.

They do not have the courage, dignity, or ability to acquire or to accomplish anything that is worthwhile.

They do not know the meaning or the fulfillment of working hard, or working at all to gain the rewarding achievements of and on their own.

The trash have no life.

In return, and in the process of their constant degeneration, their negative energies linger around idly, vigilantly seeking to drain and to suck out the lights of positive vibrant lives and their life-forces.

Jealousy And Envy: Knowledge, Creativity, And Gifts

Gossip And Rumors

Quality And Substance

Tall Tales: Lies And Liars

What Is Truth?

Hey liar! Do you know what truth is?

How long can you keep your lies going? Do you have a lifelong plan? Are you able to remember each and every one of your lies thoroughly and accurately?

If so, I’d like to examine your mind.

You may be the type to make up lies due to your own feelings of inadequacy. Or you just may be an habitual, compulsive, or pathological liar suffering from a form of mental illness.

Many sick people tell atrocious lies as they live within a fantasy world of illusion and delusion.

Is one person’s fact another person’s fiction? Or is it just that some people simply cannot face the truth?

We all have a tendency to perceive things differently yet some will use a situation to their own advantage.

Although they may know or come to realize their erroneous interpretations some keep on in their denial and refusal to accept and acknowledge the reality of what the truth exactly is.

Especially if or when the situation and circumstance is not going to turn out in their favor, making them to look or appear bad.

I was never the type to believe everything that I heard.

Some people tell so many lies that they do not know what the definition of truth means. Some people even believe in their own lies.

There is a vast difference between a person who tells a little innocent white tale and the guilty person who tells the very tall one.

Many people are deliberate liars.

Certain individuals have been telling lies since the beginning of time and they will continue on until the end of time.

These individuals lie out of envy and jealousy, out of hatred and revenge, out of spite and wickedness, out of ignorance and sickness.

Nevertheless, a true tale brings to a liar much shame, humiliation, embarrassment, and fear.

A destruction that can only result from a cowardice soul who is not strong enough to handle reality. Too weak to deal with defeat. Too scared to bow down to authority.

A liar is constantly bombarded by their insecurities and complexes.

A need to compensate for the things that they themselves actually lack but what they see and desire that is within others. Whether it be toward the approval of others or the imagined gain of a particular social stature.

To the smart and intellectual person of substance a liar is the true one who reflects their own negativity.

They make no one look foolish but themselves and those who believe and further perpetuate any of the falsities.

A person who is lied upon has nothing at all to worry or fret about.

The only thing for them to recognize is the blessing that comes along with not having a futile mind to struggle and fight with.

The sharp observer who has been the object of tall tales knows the true value of respect and learns the depth of who is genuinely not worthy of any esteem.

The liar on the other hand continues to cheat them self. And at the same time considers those who believe in them out to be stupid since they have gotten away with their deceptions by gaining their trust.

They then figure that they could tell their listeners anything. So who really loses out? Indeed not the one who is being lied upon!

Liars by malicious intent are displaying one of the most sincerest form of their own low caliber, and their own lack of self worth.Their inability to honestly rise and move forward for the better.

A liar will always go through life escaping through the tall tales of deceit.

I Am Blessed And I Have Better Things To Do With My Life

1068808_daisiesThis dumb bitch (Shannon Lee Wolf/Sharon Lassiter) and her stupid games.

“I am a wounded soul who is full of pain and who needs love and compassion”. That is the most hilarious load of bullshit that I have ever heard in my life.

I know that she is posting this nonsense on her facebook page for me to read. She has the mind of a child.

Obviously she wants me to fight back and forth with her, however, I do not have the idle time on my hands or the disturbed mentality to do so.

So I’ll let her continue on in her own true grief and pain that I know originated far along down the line somewhere within her childhood.

I will not even waste my time viewing her page as she continues to visit mine.

It is really deep and sad how sick this woman is along with the other people out in the world who are within her category.

One is never too old to learn the depth of how some people degenerate. Especially when they have been on drugs and alcohol for long periods of time.

That is why positive people in very fortunate circumstances should always count their blessings and be grateful for the sound mind and serene life that is bestowed upon them.

I do not at all feel sorry for people like Shannon Lee wolf.

People that are in her predicament deserve every bit of the hell and misery that they are living in and that they are living with.

She is just getting her payback (many anguishes) for the type of person that she is. The universe does not like ugly.

It just kills them (her and her kind/class of people) to know and see good positive people who are anointed and who are at peace.


She says I’m “crazy” when I read her blogs about me, and some of how she views herself. She comes to The Curious Caul, reads my posts then blogs some more about me — that I then read. I do think it’s funny, but more so, sad. She has mocked my father’s suicide, my dog’s passing away, and suggested I earn money as a prostitute. I have debilitating CFIDS/Fibro and other health problems, and am unable to work.But I do write, as I find it cathartic. How can I hate her when she is so very filled with pain? Sometimes I’m deeply hurt by her blogs about me. Sometimes I laugh them off. But mostly now, I feel compassion for a wounded soul who seeks love and understanding — like we all do. ♥
  • Alice Mcquoid Knittel She does that because she knows she can get away with her mean spirit. You are a very smart person and a special person she wishes she could be. Let her be jealous in her mean spirit and you keep reminding yourself how you would never be able to drop to her level and she could never come up to your level.
  • The Curious Caul Thank you for your kind and supportive words, Alice. We can only hope that she learns to truly value herself and come to a peaceful place in her life.
  • Martin van Staden I honestly think she is looking for your attention and that she wants you for herself but she doesn’t know, how to tell you.
  • The Curious Caul Thank you Martin, you are very kind.


134218_lobbyCaulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed

Shannon Lee Wolf or shall I say Sharon is going crazy.

She has repeatedly visited my site. She had also alerted a few other of her associates (her partners in crime).

The bitch is in a panic yet she is playing the circumstances off.

Sharon attempts in vain to manipulate the situation that she is in. Putting up a public front and display. Sharon is not a strong and unique person.

She is just a phony weak liar.

Sharon/Shannon is not fooling anyone over here. (I am way ahead of you bitch!)

Sharon’s shit is all hanging out there.

The lengths that she will go through to cover up her tracks just to make her lies appear even the more legitimate.

As usual she has to use her facebook page as a means of  support (a crutch).

A place to build up her false sense of purpose and credibility. And to “prove” to those who are gullible enough to believe in her, or to those who are just pretending to believe in all of the bullshit that she is portraying.

While I have a real and productive life to live and enjoy with plenty of security along down the line Sharon has to continue on with her cons.

I just wish she’d stop following my blog and stop worrying about me and what I write about. She needs to mind her own business and get a life of her own. No one over here cares about her or her existence. She serves no true value or importance.

Instead of putting on airs of being content and laughing things off knowing damn well that she hasn’t got a pot to piss in she needs to be out looking for a job instead of looking for ways to hustle over the internet.

Fifty year old bitch has nothing to show for anything but a funky fat ass. Who and what does she plan to live off of for the rest of her life?

Oh I know, Sharon is the co founder of “Vermont Peace Barbecue Sauce” the first sauce made by caulbearers!!!!!

Sharon needs not to pretend to laugh at anyone or anything because she is a mockery within herself.

If I were able to delete this sick bitch from my site’s subscription I would, unfortunately that option is currently not available.

Anyway, here is the latest in her transparent ploys.


The Curious Caul
Surreal how some people will launch cyber hate attacks on you from the dark shadows of anonymity, and always on the safety of their own turf. A self propelled whirling blackness they create — shadow boxing at it’s worst. 😛

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2 Apr 01:50:52 PM

“Hustling Is Where The Heart Is”: Shannon Lee Wolf

file000276744592Due To Sharon Lassiter’s ( Shannon Lee Wolf ) Problems That All Came Out During Her Court Case She Needs To Find Continuous Ways To Hustle People:

Moreover, there is some indication in these records that Lasitter’s problems
were largely situational, caused by stress, an “unhealthy lifestyle pattern”
family and work problems, and “abusive situations”

(“[Lasitter] and boyfriend are currently out of work and are at risk of [being] evicted
from their [apartment] adding to [their] stress.”).

The record reflects that Lasitter suffered a great deal of loss in the years prior to her alleged
disability onset date: she divorced her husband and had a falling out with her mother in 2005, and her
father committed suicide in 2007.  Also, in approximately 2010, her dog died; she was having
credit problems; she lost her job; and she lost her apartment.

The Rest Of This Court Case File In Detail Can Be Found In The Prior Post Titled “Vital” Information On Shannon Lee Wolf A.K.A Sharon Lassiter

Here Is A Link To Her Site To Legally Squat Inside Of Other People’s Homes (Dated Back From 2011) Since Her Life Is In Such A Major Jeopardy


-Where the Heart Is- House/Property-Sitting Service
Meet Jade and Shannon…

We will keep your Vermont home fires burning …

You’ll never have to worry what happened when you were out… We have impeccable references.  And because we have been in the Home Share Now program, we have had  thorough background checks.

We are an educated, responsible couple in our forties who wish to lovingly care for your home and indoor/outdoor furry or feathered pets while you are away.  We are looking for homes that will be left long term — 4 months or longer.  We are excellent grounds keepers, and experienced home/pet-sitters who currently live in the Middlesex area, but are happy to relocate within forty-five minutes of Montpelier.

We are non-smokers.  Jade is a massage therapist with many other skills to offer; I am a writer and we are working on a novel together…my second, his first.  (See Dover Graye) We are both previous pet owners, and love animals!   We have experience with working a variety of wood stoves.

I am a Vermonter, having moved to the state as a young girl; I moved away for many years before returning home.  Jade is a transplant from Kansas/Missouri where he spent his youth farming and tending livestock at his uncle’s ranch.  Yes, he was a cowboy!

We are clean, quiet and respectful tenants with outstanding references.  Our health problems keep us shy of full-time work and of affording a home of our own; but not of being capable of maintaining your lovely Vermont dwelling year round.

At -Where the Heart is- We Cover:

-Pet Care (No charge for up to two pets, unless you’d feel more comfortable paying us)

-Egg Collecting

-Lawn Care


-Relaying Phone Messages or the Appearance of Unexpected Visitors

-Relaying Any Suspicious Activity Around Your Home

-Mail Collecting

-Special Requests

Home is Where the Heart Is!


We are currently looking to fill October, 2011 and beyond.

“Vital” Information On Shannon Lee Wolf A.K.A Sharon Lasitter

394570_400283336691591_597938542_nThis Notice Can Be Found At This Address:
Oh what a character this Shannon Lee Wolf is (Caulbearers United Scam). Such a liar for days.
And all of these phony ailments that she supposedly has is quite ridiculous. She should not be alive.
Although I do know for a fact that all of the mental problems and issues that are listed below definitely is true about Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf.
Those other symptoms sound more like a combination of AIDS or HIV infection (just a thought!)
I can’t say for certain because of the way that Shannon is hard up for everyone elses money. I do not need her trying to sue me for defamation even while I am telling the truth.
I said “sounds like”. Sharon/Shannon likes to turn and twist the truth around so I am just making myself clear.
By The Way, I see on my site statistics Sharon/Shannon visited my site today. She is still keeping tabs and being informed by (possible spies) regarding the latest posts to my blog, aside from her being one of my followers.
Maybe someone will alert her before she receives an email alert through her subscription to my site and view the latest about herself. I tell you, this poor excuse for a woman is a dead giveaway.
She is definitely finished. Seems she better get a real job.
Maybe she can go into prostitution since she can do nothing but lay on her back all day long. There is no strenuous brain work within that. And it is a very quick way for Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf to make lots of good easy money!
Sharon Lasitter,
v. Civil Action No. 2:12-CV-112
Michael J. Astrue,
Commissioner of Social Security,
(Docs. 6, 10)
Plaintiff Sharon Lasitter brings this action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 405(g) of the
Social Security Act, requesting review and remand of the decision of the Commissioner
of Social Security (“Commissioner”) denying her application for disability insurance
benefits. Pending before the Court are Lasitter’s motion to reverse the Commissioner’s
decision (Doc. 6), and the Commissioner’s motion to affirm the same (Doc. 10). For the
reasons stated below, the Court DENIES Lasitter’s motion, and GRANTS the
Lasitter was forty-seven years old on the alleged disability onset date of
August 1, 2009. She has a high school education, has taken college courses in art and
psychology, and is certified as a life coach. She has work experience as an operator in a
textile plant, a life coach, and a housekeeper at a hotel. She is divorced, has an adult son,
and was living with her boyfriend during the alleged disability period. (AR 43.)
Lasitter suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (“CFS”) and fibromyalgia, among
other ailments. She testified at the administrative hearing that she has severe headaches;
and daily, “fairly constant” pain in her head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. (AR
43-44.) She further stated that, in an effort to alleviate her pain, she lays down for
anywhere between two and four hours a day. (AR 45.) Lasitter testified that she suffers
from gastroesophageal reflux disease (“GERD”) and occasional irritable bowel syndrome
(“IBS”); and has difficulty reaching, lifting, sitting, standing, bending, and walking due
to pain. (AR 45-48.) Despite her pain and other problems, she stated that she is able to
prepare very simple meals, wash dishes, occasionally tidy up around the house, and keep
in touch with friends via Facebook. (AR 45, 52-53.) She watches television for
approximately four hours each day, and does very little socializing because she feels
overwhelmed and confused when she is around other people. (AR 53-54.)
On December 9, 2009, Lasitter filed applications for social security income and
disability insurance benefits. In her disability application, she alleged that, starting on
August 1, 2009, she has been unable to work due to CFS, which she described as
“persistent or recurring profound fatigue.” (AR 161.) She explained that her CFS
resulted in “a substantial reduction in work and social/personal activities,” as well as loss
of short-term memory, inability to concentrate, sleep problems, sore throat, muscle pain,
tender lymph nodes, severe headaches, malaise, heat/cold intolerance, inability to sit for
long periods, and inability to lift or carry heavy objects. (Id.) She stated: “The
combination of pain, fatigue[,] and congative [sic] issues halt or severely limit my ability
to maintain the stamina and capacity to work.” (Id.)
Lasitter’s disability application was denied initially and upon reconsideration, and
she timely requested an administrative hearing, which was conducted on June 30, 2011
by Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) Robert Klingebiel. (AR 33-57.) Lasitter appeared
and testified, and was represented by an attorney. On August 2, 2011, the ALJ issued a
decision finding that Lasitter was not disabled under the Social Security Act at any time
from her alleged onset date through the date of the decision. (AR 15-24.) Thereafter, the
Appeals Council denied Lasitter’s request for review, rendering the ALJ’s decision the
final decision of the Commissioner. (AR 2.) Having exhausted her administrative
remedies, Lasitter filed the Complaint in this action on May 29, 2012. (Doc. 3.)
ALJ Decision
The Commissioner uses a five-step sequential process to evaluate disability
claims. See Butts v. Barnhart, 388 F.3d 377, 380-81 (2d Cir. 2004). The first step
requires the ALJ to determine whether the claimant is presently engaging in “substantial
gainful activity.” 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(b), 416.920(b). If the claimant is not so
engaged, step two requires the ALJ to determine whether the claimant has a “severe
impairment.” 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(c), 416.920(c). If the ALJ finds that the claimant
has a severe impairment, the third step requires the ALJ to make a determination as to
whether the claimant’s impairment “meets or equals” an impairment listed in 20 C.F.R.
Part 404, Subpart P, Appendix 1 (“the Listings”). 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(d), 416.920(d).
The claimant is presumptively disabled if the impairment meets or equals a listed
impairment. Ferraris v. Heckler, 728 F.2d 582, 584 (2d Cir. 1984).
If the claimant is not presumptively disabled, the ALJ is required to determine the
claimant’s residual functional capacity (“RFC”), which means the most the claimant can
still do despite his or her mental and physical limitations based on all the relevant
medical and other evidence in the record. 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(e), 404.1545(a)(1),
416.920(e), 416.945(a)(1). The fourth step requires the ALJ to consider whether the
claimant’s RFC precludes the performance of his or her past relevant work. 20 C.F.R. §§
404.1520(f), 416.920(f). Finally, at the fifth step, the ALJ determines whether the
claimant can do “any other work.” 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(g), 416.920(g). The claimant
bears the burden of proving his or her case at steps one through four, Butts, 388 F.3d at
383; and at step five, there is a “limited burden shift to the Commissioner” to “show that
there is work in the national economy that the claimant can do,” Poupore v. Astrue, 566
F.3d 303, 306 (2d Cir. 2009) (clarifying that the burden shift to the Commissioner at step
five is limited, and the Commissioner “need not provide additional evidence of the
claimant’s [RFC]”).
Employing this sequential analysis, ALJ Klingebiel first determined that Lasitter
had not engaged in substantial gainful activity since her alleged onset date of
August 1, 2009. (AR 17.) At step two, the ALJ found that Lasitter had the severe
impairments of fibromyalgia and affective disorder. (AR 18.) At step three, the ALJ
found that neither of Lasitter’s impairments, alone or in combination, met or medically
equaled a listed impairment. (AR 18-19.) Next, the ALJ determined that Lasitter had the
RFC to perform light work, as defined in 20 C.F.R. § 404.1567(b), except that she was
“limited to understanding, remembering, and carrying out simple instructions.” (AR 19.)
Given this RFC, the ALJ found that Lasitter was capable of performing her past relevant
work as a housekeeper, which the ALJ noted is an “unskilled, light occupation” under the
Dictionary of Occupational Titles. (AR 23.) The ALJ concluded that Lasitter had not
been under a disability from the alleged onset date of August 1, 2009 through the date of
the decision. (AR 23-24.)
Standard of Review
The Social Security Act defines the term “disability” as the “inability to engage in
any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or
mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be
expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.” 42 U.S.C. §
423(d)(1)(A). A person will be found disabled only if it is determined that his
“impairments are of such severity that he is not only unable to do his previous work[,] but
cannot, considering his age, education, and work experience, engage in any other kind of
substantial gainful work which exists in the national economy.” 42 U.S.C. §
In reviewing a Commissioner’s disability decision, the court limits its inquiry to a
“review [of] the administrative record de novo to determine whether there is substantial
evidence supporting the . . . decision and whether the Commissioner applied the correct
legal standard.” Machadio v. Apfel, 276 F.3d 103, 108 (2d Cir. 2002) (citing Shaw v.
Chater, 221 F.3d 126, 131 (2d Cir. 2000)); see 42 U.S.C. § 405(g). A court’s factual
review of the Commissioner’s decision is limited to determining whether “substantial
evidence” exists in the record to support such decision. 42 U.S.C. § 405(g); Rivera v.
Sullivan, 923 F.2d 964, 967 (2d Cir. 1991); see Alston v. Sullivan, 904 F.2d 122, 126 (2d
Cir. 1990) (“Where there is substantial evidence to support either position, the
determination is one to be made by the fact[-]finder.”). “Substantial evidence” is more
than a mere scintilla; it means such relevant evidence as a reasonable mind might accept
as adequate to support a conclusion. Richardson v. Perales, 402 U.S. 389, 401 (1971);
Poupore, 566 F.3d at 305. In its deliberations, the court should consider that the Social
Security Act is “a remedial statute to be broadly construed and liberally applied.”
Dousewicz v. Harris, 646 F.2d 771, 773 (2d Cir. 1981).
I. Credibility Determination
Lasitter argues that the ALJ’s credibility determination “is based on irrelevant
evidence and is not supported by substantial evidence.” (Doc. 6 at 12.) She accurately
points out that, in the context of assessing Lasitter’s credibility, the ALJ discussed an
email which has since been removed from the record because it “referenced another
claimant.” (AR 376-78; see AR 21 (“[the] e-mail[] suggests that [Lasitter] was
encouraged to amplify her subjective complaints in an effort to seek disability benefits,
rather than for the purpose[] of obtaining medical treatment”).) Even accepting this error,
however, it was harmless, given that (a) the ALJ identified sufficient other reasons to
support his credibility determination, and (b) substantial evidence supports that
determination, as discussed below. See Fitzgerald v. Astrue, No. 2:08-cv-170, 2009 WL
4571762, at *9 (D. Vt. Nov. 30, 2009) (holding ALJ error which does not negate validity
of ALJ’s ultimate conclusion is harmless and thus does not warrant reversal); see also
Batson v. Comm’r of Soc. Sec., 359 F.3d 1190, 1197 (9th Cir. 2004); Schaal v. Apfel, 134
F.3d 496, 504 (2d Cir. 1998) (“Where application of the correct legal standard could lead
to only one conclusion, we need not remand.”) (citing Johnson v. Bowen, 817 F.2d 983,
986 (2d Cir. 1987)).
It is well established that the ALJ may exercise discretion in weighing the
credibility of the claimant’s testimony in light of the other evidence in the record, and “is
not obliged to accept without question the credibility of . . . subjective evidence [of the
claimant’s pain].” Marcus v. Califano, 615 F.2d 23, 27 (2d Cir. 1979). Even when
accepted as true, the claimant’s subjective assertions of pain alone cannot ground a
finding of disability. 20 C.F.R. § 404.1529(a). The regulations provide a two-step
process for evaluating a claimant’s assertions of pain and other limitations. At the first
step, the ALJ must decide whether the claimant suffers from a medically determinable
impairment that could reasonably be expected to produce the symptoms alleged. 20
C.F.R. § 404.1529(b). If the claimant suffers from such an impairment, at the second
step, the ALJ must evaluate the intensity, persistence, and limiting effects of the
symptoms to determine the extent to which they limit the claimant’s capacity to work. 20
C.F.R. § 404.1529(c); SSR 96-7p, 1996 WL 374186, at *2 (July 2, 1996). Because “an
individual’s symptoms can sometimes suggest a greater level of severity of impairment
than can be shown by the objective medical evidence alone,” SSR 96-7p, 1996 WL
374186, at *3, an ALJ will consider the factors listed in the regulations to determine the
impairment’s severity. Those factors are: (1) the claimant’s daily activities; (2) the
location, duration, frequency, and intensity of the claimant’s symptoms; (3) precipitating
and aggravating factors; (4) the type, dosage, effectiveness, and side effects of
medication taken to relieve the symptoms; (5) other treatment received to relieve the
symptoms; (6) any measures taken by the claimant to relieve the symptoms; and (7) any
other factors concerning the claimant’s functional limitations and restrictions due to the
symptoms. 20 C.F.R. §§ 416.929(c)(3)(i)-(vii).
“When evaluating the credibility of an individual’s statements, the adjudicator
must consider the entire case record and give specific reasons for the weight given
[thereto].” SSR 96-7p, 1996 WL 374186, at *4. If the ALJ rejects the claimant’s
subjective complaints of pain, he must do so “‘explicitly and with sufficient specificity to
enable the [c]ourt to decide whether there are legitimate reasons for the ALJ’s disbelief.’”
Young v. Astrue, No. 7:05-CV-1027 (NAM/GHL), 2008 WL 4518992, at *11 (N.D.N.Y.
Sept. 30, 2008) (quoting Brandon v. Bowen, 666 F. Supp. 604, 608 (S.D.N.Y. 1987)).
Importantly, the court’s review of the ALJ’s credibility determination is limited, as it is
the province of the Commissioner, not the reviewing court, to “appraise the credibility of
witnesses, including the claimant.” Aponte v. Sec’y of Health & Human Servs., 728 F.2d
588, 591 (2d Cir. 1984); see Snell v. Apfel, 177 F.3d 128, 135 (2d Cir. 1999) (holding
ALJ is in better position to decide credibility). If the Commissioner’s findings are
supported by substantial evidence, the court must uphold the ALJ’s decision to discount a
claimant’s subjective complaints. Aponte, 728 F.2d at 591 (citing McLaughlin v. Sec’y of
Health, Educ., and Welfare, 612 F.2d 701, 704 (2d Cir. 1980)).
Here, the ALJ applied the above-described two-step process to assess whether
Lasitter’s asserted limitations were credible. After reciting Lasitter’s allegations and
testimony regarding her inability to work principally due to chronic pain, weakness, and
fatigue; the ALJ found that “[Lasitter’s] medically determinable impairments could
reasonably be expected to cause the alleged symptoms; however, [her] statements
concerning the intensity, persistence[,] and limiting effects of these symptoms are not
credible to the extent they are inconsistent with the above [RFC] assessment.” (AR 19-
20.) The ALJ then discussed Lasitter’s medical records, her self-reported daily activities,
and the medical opinion evidence, providing reasons for his decision that Lasitter was not
entirely credible. (AR 20-23.)
Specifically, the ALJ found that the objective medical evidence, including
diagnostic testing and clinical examinations, did not support the level of limitation
Lasitter claimed; but rather, indicated that Lasitter’s physical functioning was “essentially
normal.” (AR 20.) This finding is accurate. Despite Lasitter’s testimony at the
administrative hearing that she had fairly constant pain throughout virtually every area of
her body and had difficulty walking, standing, bending, reaching overhead, and
comfortably lifting anything over four pounds (AR 43-48); her radiologic evidence, lab
results, and physical examinations revealed basically no abnormalities other than a
treatable Vitamin D deficiency and fibromyalgia tender points (see, e.g., AR 220-22, 260,
426-29). She was reported to have normal range of motion in the extremities, neck, and
spine; full strength, reflexes, and sensation; and a normal gait. (See, e.g., AR 222, 228,
260, 428-29.) The ALJ also discussed Lasitter’s activities of daily living, accurately
noting that she was able to engage in “regular activities of daily living,” such as simple
cooking and cleaning, communicating with friends via Facebook and e-mail, and
maintaining a relationship with her boyfriend. (AR 21; see AR 45, 52-53, 180, 296.)
The record further demonstrates that Lasitter had been able to drive on occasion and
exercise five times/week.1 (AR 180, 183, 295, 355.) It is well established that an ALJ
may consider a claimant’s daily activities in assessing the claimant’s credibility. See,
e.g., Calabrese v. Astrue, 358 F. App’x 274, 278 (2d Cir. 2009) (citing 20 C.F.R. §
The ALJ also could have considered in support of his credibility determination
that Lasitter failed to comply with treatment recommendations, including following a
physical therapy program and seeking a referral for pain management services. (See AR
375 (“[d]ismiss[ed] need for pain [management] referral”), 391 (at initial physical
therapy appointment in August 2010, a plan was created, including “see[ing] patient 1-2x
a week as needed”), 400 (in October 2010, physical therapist wrote: “[Lasitter] has not
kept or made any additional appointments to continue care”).) Courts have held that
noncompliance with treatment recommendations may serve as a basis for dismissing a
claimant’s subjective complaints. See Holley v. Massanari, 253 F.3d 1088, 1092 (8th
Cir. 2001); 20 C.F.R. § 404.1530(b) (“If you do not follow the prescribed treatment
without a good reason, we will not find you disabled.”).
In sum, the Court is satisfied that the ALJ used the proper legal standards in
analyzing Lasitter’s complaints of pain. Further, the ALJ’s decision contains enough
detail for the Court to discern the reasons on which the ALJ relied in discounting
1 At the administrative hearing, however, Lasitter testified that she allowed her driver’s license to
expire in the summer of 2010, relying on her boyfriend to transport her to appointments. (AR 50-51.)
Lasitter’s allegations of disabling pain. Finally, there is substantial evidence—including
the objective medical evidence, Lasitter’s daily activities, and Lasitter’s failure to comply
with treatment recommendations—supporting the ALJ’s decision to discredit Lasitter’s
allegations regarding the extreme limitations caused by such pain. While another factfinder
could view this evidence in a light more favorable to Lasitter, the Court may not
substitute its own credibility determination for that of the ALJ’s unless the latter was
“patently unreasonable,” which was not the case here. Pietrunti v. Dir., Office of
Workers’ Comp. Programs, 119 F.3d 1035, 1042 (2d Cir. 1997) (“Credibility findings of
an ALJ are entitled to great deference and therefore can be reversed only if they are
patently unreasonable.”) (quotation marks omitted).
II. Analysis of Dr. Fama’s Opinion
In June 2011, after examining Lasitter on two occasions, rheumatologist Dr.
Teresa Fama opined that Lasitter could not lift any object for a continuous period of time;
could sit for only one hour at a time, stand for only ten minutes at a time, and walk for
only twenty minutes at a time; could sit for only four hours in an eight-hour workday, and
stand and walk for less than one hour in an eight-hour workday; needed to lay down for a
minimum of four hours each day due to fatigue; and needed to change positions at will
due to discomfort. (AR 418-19.) She further opined that any repetitive motion of the
hands, wrists, elbows, or lower back caused Lasitter pain and dizziness; and any
repetitive motion of the joints caused pain and fatigue. (AR 420.) Finally, Dr. Fama
opined that Lasitter had “frequent unexplained dizziness”; pain with stooping, kneeling,
and crawling; phobia of heights; and fear of going outside unaccompanied by another
person. (AR 421-22.)
The ALJ gave “little weight” to Dr. Fama’s opinions, finding them to be
“inconsistent with the medical evidence of record, including [the Doctor’s] own record of
treatment.” (AR 22.) The ALJ further found that the objective medical evidence “simply
does not substantiate [the] profound functional limitations [included in Dr. Fama’s
opinions].” (Id.) Lasitter argues that the ALJ erred in his analysis of Dr. Fama’s
opinions by failing to follow the “treating physician rule” and failing to give “good
reasons” for the limited weight afforded to Dr. Teresa Fama’s opinion about Lasitter’s
fibromyalgia. (Doc. 6 at 12-16.)
Lasitter’s argument fails for two reasons. First, Dr. Fama treated Lasitter on only
two occasions—November 4, 2009 and June 27, 2011—and thus did not have an ongoing
treatment relationship with her and was not a “treating physician” for purposes of the
treating physician rule. See Petrie v. Astrue, 412 F. App’x 401, 405 (2d Cir. 2011)
(treating sources who see a patient only once or twice do not have a chance to develop an
ongoing relationship with the patient and thus are generally not considered treating
physicians); Schisler v. Bowen, 851 F.2d 43, 46 (2d Cir. 1988) (defining a “treating
physician” as a physician “who has or had an ongoing treatment and physician-patient
relationship with the individual”). The Second Circuit has held that a physician’s opinion
is entitled to less weight when the physician did not treat the claimant on an ongoing
basis. In Mongeur v. Heckler, the court emphasized that the opinion of a treating
physician is given extra weight because of his unique position resulting from the
“continuity of treatment he provides and the doctor/patient relationship he develops.”
722 F.2d at 1039 n.2 (2d Cir. 1983). By contrast, the court reasoned that a physician who
examined a claimant only “once or twice” did not see the claimant regularly and thus did
not develop a physician/patient relationship with him. Id. The Second Circuit concluded
that such a physician’s medical opinion was “not entitled to the extra weight of that of a
‘treating physician.’” Id.; see also 20 C.F.R. § 416.927(d)(2) (an ALJ should generally
“give more weight to” the opinion of a doctor who treated a claimant on an ongoing basis
and thus could provide a “detailed, longitudinal picture of [the claimant’s] medical
impairment(s),” offering a more “unique perspective to the medical evidence” than
provided by reports from “individual examinations, such as consultative examinations or
brief hospitalizations”). Applied here, given that Dr. Fama examined Lasitter on only
two occasions over a period of nineteen months, the ALJ did not err in giving less than
controlling weight to her opinions.
Second, Lasitter’s argument fails because substantial evidence supports the ALJ’s
determination that Dr. Fama’s opinions were inconsistent with the medical evidence of
record, including her own treatment record; and this was a proper reason to discredit Dr.
Fama’s opinions. The regulations provide that a treating physician’s opinion must be
given “controlling weight” when it is “well-supported by medically acceptable clinical
and laboratory diagnostic techniques and is not inconsistent with the other substantial
evidence in [the] case record.” 20 C.F.R. § 404.1527(c)(2) (emphasis added). Where an
ALJ gives a treating physician opinion something less than “controlling weight,” he must
provide “good reasons” for doing so. Schaal v. Apfel, 134 F.3d 496, 505 (2d Cir. 1998);
see also Halloran v. Barnhart, 362 F.3d 28, 33 (2d Cir. 2004). Clearly, “[c]onsistency”
is a factor in deciding the weight accorded to a medical opinion, and it is proper to give
less weight to a medical opinion that is “internally inconsistent.” Michels v. Astrue, 297
F. App’x 74, 75 (2d Cir. 2008); see 20 C.F.R. § 404.1527(c)(4). Thus, the ALJ’s
rationale that Dr. Fama’s opinions were entitled to less weight because they were
internally inconsistent and inconsistent with the record as a whole, constituted a “good
reason,” if supported by substantial evidence.
After reviewing the record as a whole and Dr. Fama’s treatment records in
particular, the Court finds that substantial evidence supports the ALJ’s determination that
Dr. Fama’s opinions are “inconsistent with the medical evidence of record, including her
own record of treatment.” (AR 22.) Dr. Fama first saw Lasitter for a rheumatology
consultation in November 2009. (AR 259-61.) Upon examination, the Doctor noted that,
although Lasitter reported significant fatigue with cognitive impairment, pain in various
parts of her body, dry eyes, sore throat, breathing problems, acid reflux, and mild irritable
bowel symptoms; she had full range of motion in her extremities, normal range of motion
in her spine and neck without discomfort, 5/5 strength in all large muscle groups, only
“[a] few” (“less than 11”) fibromyalgia tender points, a nonantalgic gait, and negative
straight leg raise bilaterally. (AR 259-60.) Dr. Fama ordered blood work, and thereafter
recorded that Lasitter’s antibody tests were “completely negative.” (AR 264.) Dr.
Fama’s only diagnosis was chronic fatigue “with many features of chronic fatigue
syndrome” and a Vitamin D deficiency; she stated that taking a higher dose of Vitamin D
“[may] . . . help with [her] fatigue.” (AR 260.) Nearly twenty months after this initial
examination, in June 2011, Dr. Fama saw Lasitter for a second time. (AR 427-29.) Dr.
Fama noted that, according to Lasitter, her symptoms had not changed since the earlier
visit. On examination, however, the Doctor found more fibromyalgia tender points than
at the November 2009 examination. (AR 429; see also AR 428 (reporting tender points
in the “upper back, chest wall, left lateral epicondyle, lower back, quadriceps[,] and
greater trochanters”).) Dr. Fama’s assessment was that Lasitter had chronic fatigue and
chronic pain “with signs and symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia.” (AR 429.)
Thus, Dr. Fama’s two examinations of Lasitter revealed basically normal results,
although Lasitter reported significant fatigue and many other miscellaneous symptoms,
some of them consistent with fibromyalgia. Dr. Fama’s opinion that Lasitter had
“frequent unexplained dizziness” (AR 421; see also AR 422 (“[r]arely drives due to
dizziness, feeling off-balance”)) is not reflected in Dr. Fama’s treatment notes; and
Lasitter denied dizziness on multiple occasions to other medical providers (see, e.g., AR
220, 224, 227, 387). Dr. Fama also found that Lasitter could “[n]ever” lift an object
weighing less than ten pounds (AR 418), yet Lasitter herself stated in a physical therapy
report that she could lift a grocery bag weighing ten pounds (but with some difficulty)
(AR 357). Although Dr. Fama was given an opportunity to identify “the particular
medical or clinical findings (i.e., physical exam findings, x-ray findings, laboratory test
results, history, and symptoms including pain, etc.)” which supported her opinions, she
merely reiterated that Lasitter felt pain with certain activities or movements. (AR 420-
21.) As discussed above, however, the ALJ properly found that Lasitter was not entirely
credible with respect to reporting such severe levels of pain; and thus this was a weak
foundation for Dr. Fama’s opinions.
Overall, the record contains several physical examinations resulting in normal
findings, similar to those recorded in Dr. Fama’s treatment notes but inconsistent with Dr.
Fama’s opinion that Lasitter had severe physical limitations. (See, e.g., AR 220-22, 225,
386-87.) Moreover, there is some indication in these records that Lasitter’s problems
were largely situational, caused by stress, an “unhealthy lifestyle pattern” (AR 220),
family and work problems, and “abusive situations” (AR 387)2. (See also AR 414
(“[Lasitter] and boyfriend are currently out of work and are at risk of [being] evicted
from their [apartment] adding to [their] stress.”).) The record also contains medical notes
indicating that Lasitter’s fibromyalgia symptoms were improving with medication, and
were stable. (See, e.g., AR 370 (“[u]sing . . . Cymbalta . . . which helped myalgia,
fatigue[,] and depression”), 389 (“[d]oing well on Cymbalta overall”), 433.) Opining that
Lasitter had no medically determinable impairment, state agency consultants Dr.
Geoffrey Knisely and Dr. Ann Fingar summarized the medical record as follows: no
evidence of swelling, full range of motion of joints except mild decreased abduction with
normal passive range of motion, few (less than eleven) fibromyalgia tender points,
normal range of motion of spine, neurologically intact, non-antalgic gait, and negative
straight leg raising. (AR 338, 344.) Although Drs. Knisely and Fingar made their
opinions before Lasitter’s 2011 fibromyalgia diagnosis, and thus the ALJ afforded
2 The record reflects that Lasitter suffered a great deal of loss in the years prior to her alleged
disability onset date: she divorced her husband and had a falling out with her mother in 2005, and her
father committed suicide in 2007. (AR 295.) Also, in approximately 2010, her dog died; she was having
credit problems; she lost her job; and she lost her apartment. (AR 295-96.)
“limited weight” thereto (AR 22), their summary of the medical record—including their
notation that Lasitter had less than eleven “tender points of fibromyalgia” (AR 338,
344)—is accurate.
Importantly, for purposes of the disability analysis, the mere diagnosis of
fibromyalgia is not particularly significant; it is the severity of the fibromyalgia
symptoms and the limitations caused thereby that matter most. See Green-Younger v.
Barnhart, 335 F.3d 99, 108 (2d Cir. 2003). Lasitter asserts that Social Security Ruling
(“SSR”) 12-2p requires remand for the ALJ to reconsider her fibromyalgia. But SSR 12-
2p does not do away with the requirement that, once the ALJ finds that the claimant had
fibromyalgia, he must determine whether that fibromyalgia, alone or in combination with
other impairments, was disabling. Rather, SSR 12-2p states:
Once [a medically determinable impairment] is established, we then
evaluate the intensity and persistence of the person’s pain or any other
symptoms and determine the extent to which the symptoms limit the
person’s capacity for work. If objective medical evidence does not
substantiate the person’s statements about the intensity, persistence, and
functionally limiting effects of symptoms, we consider all of the evidence
in the case record, including the person’s daily activities, medications or
other treatments the person uses, or has used, to alleviate symptoms; the
nature and frequency of the person’s attempts to obtain medical treatment
for symptoms; and statements by other people about the person’s
SSR 12-2p, 2012 WL 3104869, at *5 (July 25, 2012) (emphasis added). The Second
Circuit has recognized that, although “fibromyalgia is ‘a disease that eludes [objective]
measurement,’ mere diagnosis of fibromyalgia without a finding as to the severity of
symptoms and limitations does not mandate a finding of disability.” Rivers v. Astrue,
280 F. App’x 20, 22 (2d Cir. 2008) (quoting Green-Younger, 335 F.3d at 108) (citation
omitted). The court distinguishes between a claimant like the one in Green-Younger,
whose doctor3 diagnosed her fibromyalgia as “severe” and the cause of marked
limitations in the claimant’s activities of daily living, id. at 104; and a claimant like
Lasitter, whose fibromyalgia was not described as severe by a physician who had an
ongoing treatment relationship with her, who was able to engage in regular activities of
daily living, and who the ALJ properly found to be not entirely credible.
The record reflects that, although Lasitter experienced pain and fatigue, her
symptoms were controlled with medication; she did not require intensive treatment or
hospitalization; she opted against following a physical therapy program and seeking a
referral for pain management services; and she was able to engage in regular activities of
daily living. The Second Circuit has explained that “disability requires more than mere
inability to work without pain. To be disabling, pain must be so severe, by itself or in
conjunction with other impairments, as to preclude any substantial gainful employment.”
Dumas v. Schweiker, 712 F.2d 1545, 1552 (2d Cir. 1983); Craig v. Apfel, 212 F.3d 433,
436 (8th Cir. 2000) (“The mere fact that working may cause pain or discomfort does not
mandate a finding of disability.”). The record here supports the ALJ’s determination that
Lasitter’s impairments did not preclude any substantial gainful employment during the
alleged disability period.
3 Also significant, and distinguishable from this case, the claimant’s physician in Green-Younger
had a lengthy and involved treatment relationship with the claimant: at the time of the administrative
hearing, the doctor had coordinated the claimant’s care for over three years, during which time the
claimant underwent numerous physical examinations and diagnostic procedures. Green-Younger, 335
F.3d at 107. By the time of the appeal, the doctor had treated the claimant for eight years. Id. at n.11.
For these reasons, the Court DENIES Lasitter’s motion (Doc. 6), GRANTS the
Commissioner’s motion (Doc. 10), and AFFIRMS the decision of the Commissioner.
Dated at Burlington, in the District of Vermont, this 30th day of January, 2013.
/s/ John M. Conroy .
John M. Conroy
United States Magistrate Judge

Back Stab/Back Talk/I StabThem With Their Talk When Their Talk Is Crap!

I am special and unique, gifted and strong. I do not go along with the many illusions and manipulations of the world; I am no part of it. I never was and I never will be.

There are lots of individuals who smile in other peoples faces then talk behind their backs. It is a slight, and a technique that is also used to dishearten one. When people continuously talk and/or go around speaking very negatively about someone it is “generally” suppose to cause hurt and alter the person’s reputation.

I am and have always been the type to tell people things to their face. I have never been one to indulge in idle, pathetic, worthless gossip. Now yes indeed everybody talks, but there is a difference between constructive analytical discussion, curiosity along with observation and the ignorant bias judgments, irrational accusations, and false reports.

Sure everyone has an opinion and a method of how they see or view things; nevertheless it does not mean that they will discern the situation thoroughly or correctly. And everyone is not always justified in their findings.

Socially I do not personally associate with anyone. I am a very proud loner by nature, a thinker, a creator, a doer. I have an independent mind and a low tolerance for those who are influenced by certain “mentalities”.

Of course, one’s character is actually who they genuinely are and reputation is just what others perceive or think one to be. We as humans/individuals are always going to be talked about. Somebody in some form or fashion and in one way or another will always have something to say about us.

I have often been called cold. Cold because of what is perceived as my insensitivity towards other peoples feelings and because I have never been disturbed by extremely negative words that were spoken against me from jealous enemies and/or people who just did not like me. And I do not deny this because it rings true.

I have no problem with admitting to a truth but I will not confirm to a lie that does not pertain to me and my life by those who are narrow-minded, ignorant, or spiteful. No one will ever manipulate me or any of my circumstances with my permission. I don’t go along with “trickery” (misrepresentation) out of intimidation/fear.

In the past, just as well as now in the present, negative rumors/gossip or regular talk and lies-if and when they are said-are illusions and delusions made and maintained by those who are beneath me and who are inferior.

And many of the times perpetrators deliberately know that they conspire in the falsehoods. They all just want a reaction from their target to see if they can bring them down to a level that is lower than their own, and to destroy their confidence.

I have to admit that I get empowered by the nonsense. The psychological behavior of these individuals are educational weapons to analyze, learn from, and then use against them-but of course, they do not know that. They’re too busy and stupid applying energy into remaining stagnant instead of realizing what they are actually acknowledging about themselves. The mental predicament that they are in is laughable.

I live my life for myself and not for the acceptance or approval from others.

I am not defined by what is considered normal/conventional in the eyes of individuals and through the state of the world.

My existence itself is a complete validation of exactly who and what I am.

Natural Beauty/What Is Real Is Better Than What Is Fake

When I watch television I can’t help but to notice how a lot of celebrities nowadays resort to having plastic surgery.

It is sad how displeased they are with their appearance. And so displeased that they are willing to go under the knife and waste thousands of dollars on lifts, rhinoplasties, breast implants and tummy tucks.

In my opinion many of them looked a lot better before the surgery. And many of them look a lot better without make up.

I could never imagine allowing a doctor to perform cosmetic surgery on me if the procedure was not necessary (even if it was necessary I’d be reluctant to do it).

I can understand the people with medical problems and those that have been in terrible accidents who may need plastic surgery for reconstruction purposes, but for those who purely do it for the sake of vanity is just ridiculous.

A lot of females in the african american community (as well as celebrities whether white or black) parade around wearing the most outrageous of weaves some of the hair pieces do look decent as they are created nicely and neatly but, then you have those particular weaves that really need to go. The ones with the crazy color combinations and the ones that are very wackily styled.

I knew a girl who would get a different weave done on her head every friday. It was some kind of sickness to me because she already had a nice grade of her own natural hair.

I think it would be much better and appropriate if women invested more time, energy, and money into maintaining their real heads of hair as opposed to buying that expensive fake hair.

It is not natural/real so why bother to wear it? Why are these women so obsessed with sporting long hair that is not theirs?

I knew another girl who would wear her weave in a big bun under a scarf to make it appear as if she had plenty of thick long hair underneath. Then turn around the next day revealing her short thin permed locks. She’d do it all of the time when her natural hair wasn’t fixed. Who was she fooling?

You have some women who go and put on so much make up that they look like a clown. What are they trying to cover up and why aren’t they comfortable in their own skin?

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than being natural. That is the best appearance. I do not and have never worn any weaves or make up, nor have I ever had the thought and desire to transform myself through any type of cosmetic surgery.

The body is precious and should not be tampered with. I love everything that I was born with and would not change a thing that would be totally insane!

Dirty, Rotten And Pitiful

There are these two guys who are severely disturbed. They are very sick in the mind.

One of them are light complexioned with hazel/green eyes. He is of Haitian descent and very undesirable.

He may think that because of his fair skin and colored eyes that he is a very good catch but indeed he is not. In my opinion he is very unattractive and unattractive in more ways than one.

He stinks with body odor, very bad hygiene. He’s had the crabs and a few other nasty sexually transmitted diseases.

The women that he messes with are just as low scale as he is and obviously hard-up. They got him really thinking that he is some type of hot shit when he isn’t anything at all. A particular woman of his crotch is just as funky as his.

The other one has brown skin with dark eyes. He is also a person of a Caribbean descent. And he also has his share of disease. He is ugly in appearance and he knows it. He is very self conscious about the way that he looks.

He is on drugs. And wishes that he wasn’t in the predicament that he is in when it concerns having to deal with certain women who are just as tore down as he is. He gets embarrassed by them.

With the issues that these two degenerates struggle at they still find the time to worry about me and my life.

They have been trying to invade my world for a good six and seven years now they definitely do not have a life, obviously unhappy, miserable.

They both got knocked down in their efforts yet fail to give up on the possible hope of seeing me fall in some way or another.

I do not know them personally. They both approached me in the past, both stupid in their actions. I ignored one at the time, and patronized the other while reading their motives and picking up on some of their character and situation.

They have another pathetic partner in crime by the name of mike hayward who is just as equally funky and undesirable with no smarts and no life.

They are all in cahoots together, the three of them embarking in vain and with certain others to bring me down. These degenerates were attracted to me but could not at all make me become attracted to them in an attempt to lure and deceive me through spells using negative energy.

Silly mind games that do not register with me, I guess those tactics work on the type of women that they are use to so they use extra effort with witchcraft for me. Oh what fools! They fear what they cannot trap and destroy.

Last night they tried to put thoughts in my head about them not really wanting to be with me to retaliate for my not budging in my interests of any kind and for the ways that I have put them down. Now what in the hell would I care in one way or another about how they regard or feel about me?

They are angry because I was not foolish to fall prey to their whims and not weak to be broken by evil.

Those degenerates are repugnant and worthless. I don’t have any time for imbecile nonsense that does not pertain to my productive world.

They are very low on their luck. All one has to do is pay them to do dirty work, especially if they are hungry or in need of that junkie fix.

I wrote about these same two main demonic souls that are after my spirit/energy on september 13, 2012 in this post titled “there is way much more to me than what is in a dream”

I believe that ignorance is and becomes a sickness when those in particular refuse to rise above their lack of knowledge or understanding regarding any specific subject matter that may be at hand-by not endeavoring to learn and explore more thoroughly.

When one acts out on something continuously and without purely thinking it all through, and weighing out all of the factors, they are headed for perpetual downfalls and disasters.

And while I do understand that some are not equip enough in the mind to always efficiently establish a keen comprehension of things, these types often tend to ignite much trouble.

As where some have the desire and aim to grow and move forward by further educating themselves through communication and experience, there will be those who will remain incessant, constantly relishing in their stagnancy.

When some do not recognize a particular logicality they can become highly irrational during certain situations.

And what can we do about individuals who have and exhibit this kind of personality and behavior? Sometimes absolutely nothing we just have to let their narrow mindedness run its course. Some people will never change. And the ignorance totally reflects upon them.

Jealousy and envy can and will spark up denial and make one not accept or believe what they do not want to acknowledge or hear as truth.

We all go through things in life. I have never had any real major problems or issues with individuals who were of substance. It has only been the ones of a lower class, lesser value, who make attempts to cause me turmoil.

It is sad but some people set out to harm other people like me because of what we know and what we possess.

Yes, I have always dreamed things that have inevitably come true for all of my life. It is an irreversible part of my nature, and one that is trying to constantly be tampered with by perpetrators.

There are these two guys in particular who continuously use witchcraft as a tool to scramble my brain and dreams (oh when will they learn that they can’t?).

These two guys who do not even know me personally but know of me and have approached me in the past are scared of the things that I know, dread the good things that are to come to me, and desire to drain me of all the natural good luck and positive “energies” that I encompass by destroying me.

I am very experienced in my paranormal abilities and many steps ahead of them, in fact. They think by interfering in my dreams by causing confusion through skewed foreshadows that I would not be able to figure out what is going on around me. It is not at all hard to figure out that they consider a person in their sleep to be a vulnerable target which is quite the contrary in my case.

While using oblique techniques to distract my dreams from the realities that they usually confer, these two guys manipulate the dream state, sometimes even making scenes of their own personal appearances themselves.

When the mirages in which they create prove to be non affective they then attempt to block out my dreams completely, thinking that I will not know anything at all.

The both of them are drug addicted (currently indulging in the usage and abuse of dope and cocaine and some other street drugs of choice or dependency) which explains why their brains are not functioning correctly aside from sheer stupidity.

Nevertheless, there is way more to psychic/clairvoyant/medium ability than what is in a dream and in me.

Everyone is their own individual, capable of whatever they were born with and also whatever else that may come to them later on in life and with age.

Certain people are not limited in what they are able to do and accomplish.

Empathy “to feel”, clairvoyance “to see and know”, clairaudience “to hear”, and telepathy “to communicate back an forth through the mind”, are just a few of my very strongest points of awareness and they are to not be underestimated as those in particular often interpret more than others would ever really imagine that they could.

My dreams are mine and for me alone. And absolutely no one can significantly alter them or take them away from me. When one is grounded and has developed a higher sense of self and a foundation around them which serves as a guidance and a protection-there is no room for interference.

The distractions merely become and serve as acknowledgements of warnings, lessons to evaluate and to use for one’s own advantage at the perpetrator’s expense.

When one is in tune and in balance, and aligned with their nature, the great universe will continually work on your behalf automatically placing shields and positivity and removing blockages and negativity.

I feel nothing but goodness, luck and happiness around me. And it feels beautiful and endearing.

I have no pity for those two guys (my perpetrators).

They are like leeches. They won’t back off of me because I am a female which is so ridiculous. In their evil, they seek to prove to themselves as males that they are more powerful than a “woman” (these two are also guys who beat up on their girlfriends to prove their manhood).

Between them and I there really is no comparison.

In reality they are fighting on their own, against themselves. My gender is irrelevant when it comes to spirit. I have a very strong spirit.

And authenticity is what makes one ultimately powerful. Vile strength comes from love. And I have nothing but pure love that lingers all around my spirit. Genuine hatred can also serve as a strength. I know how to level/balance both love and hate together as a whole.

Yet I still have love. And I am greatly loved.

So what it all balls down to for me is not a battle against those males and (myself) a female-even though I know that they do not look at it that way- but against good and the bad. And that type of evil definitely has no chance against someone like me.

“Letters From The Valley”-From Me To You Shannon Lee Wolf/LaToya Will Always Continue To Exist!

Mere words cannot express the extreme hatred that I carry for shannon lee wolf. She made a very big mistake when she targeted me through her lies and jealousies. She did not know who she was messing with. And she definitely started something that I will finish naturally through the powers of the universe.

I knew that shannon lee wolf was trouble when she first came onto the scene with her false conception of “vital knowledge”. The only thing vital about shannon lee is her mental illness that needs “vital attention”. She needs to go and take care of that mental problem that she’s got.

There is no real depth to this woman. There is absolutely nothing special or unique about shannon lee wolf and it is so obvious. All that this bitch worries about is going “viral”. Her websites were nothing but vain attempts to gain recognition and exposure.

And of course, there will always be vulnerable and weak-minded people who will fall prey to the game. However, that is their problem-not mine.

I hope that shannon lee wolf is enjoying her fifteen minutes of fame. She is an insult to people with genuine purpose who are led purely by spirit to fulfill their missions. What spirit conveys to those who are “true messengers” will always maintain.

When one is anointed an endowed with special gifts and is backed up by what is preordained there is nothing that can stop the flow of operation. Any obstacle will automatically be moved out of the way in due time.

That is why I laugh at this silly bitch shannon lee wolf. She is no match for me. Bitch tried to challenge me and she did not even know me and she really claims to have “abilities of the caul?” oh please-do not insult my intelligence. If shannon lee wolf was really up to par she would have known better.

Caulbearers united is a major “caul for help”. More like a rehab for the lost and damaged, pathetic.

Authenticity will consistently have and leave their original mark. The truth of the matter is that I could never stand a liar, and liars who unjustly come up to attack me in an effort to glorify themselves falsely. And “spirit” doesn’t like it either. Spirit detests perpetrators. Especially the ones who try to interfere with what I have going on.

Last year a message came to me. “Out with the no good and in with the substance”. And shannon lee was one who needed to go away. She does not have the universes blessing.

Yes, she is still around on the internet running her game but she is not going anywhere with it. You see, she needs people to uphold her and cater to her. She cannot stand alone. Take those people away and what does she have? The exact same thing that she came onto the scene with-nothing!

So let’s let her have her fun serenading people with her need for attention and self validation. And let’s have fun watching the universe slowly devour her in her own worthlessness.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will proceed to use our grave and natural productive abilities the way that they were meant to be used, for the pleasing benefits that they have to offer and for the beauty that will always shine through.

This Is A Post I Wrote On My Other Blog Titled: Latoya-The Writer, The Clairvoyant/Medium. It Is Called “The Art Of Talent”.

Energy is a great motivator when it comes to achievement. When we set a goal it is usually brought on by desire, an intense desire that causes us to be inspired.

Creativity stimulates the mind to express the designs that come out through ones talent.

There are all types of ability that many individuals possess. Writing is one of mine. It is my passion, an uncontrollable urge that I cannot stop once I get started and my writing is automatic.

When you take great delight in something that you do whatever the pursuit may be, it becomes less of a chore and more of a sport.

Writing to me is fun, relaxing, and constructive all at the same time. I don’t ever have to plan ahead or contemplate subjects to compose. Ideas and input come frequently and spontaneously.

We are given gifts for a reason and our talents are to be used for ourselves and to the best of our ability.

As we grow we enhance. And when we explore we discover, and sometimes change.

Art is a reflection and expression of what we see, live, learn and know. Vision makes the art come alive through provoking the imagination. Vision lets the skill decide how to describe what is conceived. And aptitude brings the final result out into existence.

True talent is indeed an art. And an art that is to be mastered through gratified consistency.

We Should Spread The Joys Of Constructive Development Instead Of Spreading Bullshit.

– Sincerely Miss LaToya


Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 10:14 PM EST

This is definitely a world full of sick people. Some are born sick and some become sick. There are a number of reasons why certain people are emotionally scarred or mentally deranged, and incest is one of them.

Years ago, i heard about a neighbor who came out telling people on my block about how her sister was sleeping with one of their brothers. I personally know people who’ve had intercourse with their blood relatives. One of my aunts married a man who admitted to sleeping with his sister and brother.

I know a man who slept with his first cousin and fathered three children by her. I also know a man who told me as well as others, that his wife was sleeping with their own son. And, another aunt of mine’s lesbian lover claimed that she was raped by her father and supposedly conceived a child with him.

All of these people i’ve spoken of are deeply disturbed in one way or another. There are circumstances where some may have escaped the mental consequences through engaging in incest.

There are all types of people. But most who willingly continue to indulge in a sexual relationship with a blood relative are indeed sick and act out in precarious ways. That is why it is very important to find out a person’s background these days. So much is happening. Sometimes you can’t trust nobody, even the people you think you know!


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i know thats is soooo sick….ughhhhh!!!!!

Posted by Sorcha on Thursday, February 23, 2006 6:46 AM EST


Sunday, February 05, 2006 at 4:37 PM EST

I watch the news every day and yesterday i heard that HIV is on the rise more so now than ever. That 80,000 people are infected with AIDS, and 20,000 are infected and they don’t even know it.

I heard it is said that AIDS doesn’t have a look, that you can’t tell who might have it but that is not true. A neighbor and i have even discussed this issue. HIV shows up a lot in a person’s face. Sometimes their cheeks are sucked in. And some of them have twitches similar to a drug-addict, their bodies may appear stiff and they talk out of their heads.

Some people with HIV or full blown AIDS are very hurt, angry, or depressed and when they find out that they’ve contracted the deadly disease they intentionally go out and spread it to other people. Instead of doing this they should go and seek some serious counseling. But all can’t be reached by this method they are going to go do what they feel while they’re in their emotional state.

So the only thing that i can say to anyone who is having sex and cares about their bodies be very cautious in this day and age because people don’t care. Even if it’s someone that you think you can trust beware, you never know. Protect yourself the best way you know how. You only get one life to live and life is too short to be miserable living with such a foul incurable disease when you could be enjoying a happy healthy life.


Monday, January 30, 2006 at 10:28 AM EST

Voodoo is practiced among millions of people all over the world. To some it is a religion, a way to achieve something ordinarily unattainable to them, or to harm someone.

An old evil street-game involves the use of “Brujeria” a Spanish word for witchcraft that is a part of Santeria and Obeah. Often, a big evil spell called the “tie” which is to bind or destroy someone is invoked. “Brujeria” is a blockage. A negative energy prohibiting one from succeeding in all aspects of their life, and to make them look bad in the public eye.

These sick people take a picture or personal item of their victim and then take their belongings out into the woods and do animal sacrifices. Chickens are mostly used in their rituals. Snakes are also used sometimes. The blood from snakes are used in killing hurts. Once a spell is cast through casual contact with an item that has been conjured to unleash evil spirits to the intended victim, the street-trash begin with their game.

They harass their victim in the streets to make them paranoid if they want them to have a breakdown of some sort. They spread evil lies and gossip, and put negative thoughts and ideas into their minds to also bring them down.

Santeria changes one’s destiny, preventing them from enjoying the natural life and happiness that was preordained for them. It interferes with relationships by turning people against you, it can stop one from having children, making money, having a career and so on. It can really slow down a progression.

“Brujeria” can make one mentally or physically ill. A medical doctor won’t be able to detect what may appear as an illness because Santeria is not a medical problem it is spiritual. Only a “special” person or a person educated about Voodoo can detect when someone is “crossed”

These low-lifes do this mainly out of envy and jealousy. Most of them have screwed up their lives and hate to see someone else who is happy and living their life the right way. It is very sad that because of their own feelings of inadequacy they want to ruin another instead of accepting whatever shortcomings that they may have and try to better themselves.

The street-trash don’t have anything going on for them in their lives, they are just here in the world taking up space. These sickos need to die!

Luckily, there is a “Divine Spirit” up in the spiritual realm who puts an end to the work of evildoers.He makes their wicked devices of none effect. They worship inferior forces -which is the devil and his demons, using their limited powers to harm others. The low-lifes laugh at their victims as they are doing them in. They are very confident about getting the results that they want since they may have “crossed” more than one person in the past and destroyed them.

But just like other things in life “Brujeria” can backfire. And the evil spell goes back ten times worse than how it was sent out. And as the low-life people believe they’ve won, thinking that they’re getting away with the dirt that was done, they get struck with a very big blow!

They fail to realize that “Divine Spirit” is in charge, he is the only supreme force who is in control of all particular things, making all their sick efforts in vain.

He gives them just enough rope to hang themselves. But they’re too stupid to see their own downfall in the making. They think that their victim is the stupid one as they continue on working their witchcraft, actually believing they are the ones in control of things.

And that’s when their own feet are taken in the net that they prepared for someone else!

Young And Dumb

Monday, March 06, 2006 at 1:31 PM EST

There is a girl who lives on my block and she is in her late teens. Now, i am a grown woman and almost every time she sees me she feels compelled to start trouble with me. She utters smart remarks at me and mocks me. This girl is a total fool. I don’t have any time for her nonsense, i ignore her of course.

Her jealousy is flattering.

The funny thing about this situation though is that i’ve been around longer than she has and i know the root of her problem. I remember her mother when i was a little girl, she wasn’t even born yet. Her mother was heavily on crack while she was pregnant with her so the repercussions are obvious in her ongoing silly behavior.

During her mother’s heavy drug-addiction she slept around with three of her boyfriend’s friends. And, this is the dirt: this teenage girl’s older sister and brother share the same father, but she and her younger siblings may not.

After her mother’s three scandalous affairs (sleeping with her man’s buddies for some crack) three children resulted after each sexual encounter, including herself. And even though she may not be his her mother’s boyfriend had to take care of her along with the two other children who possibly wasn’t his.

However, i do know for a fact that that last child isn’t his.

So anyway, the moral to this story is i know this young girl’s background yet she’s got the nerve to be fucking with me because i wear decent clothes and have a better life than she does and because the rest of her trashy-types are against me.

She don’t know me. I don’t care how old she is, i don’t tolerate bullshit! I could come down hard on her with the things that i know. But is it worth it? No, not really. She’s just a very sick little girl.


Sunday, May 14, 2006 at 12:51 PM EDT

I have an aunt who is mentally handicap due to her mother’s negligence during pregnancy. My grandmother drank alcohol and didn’t nurture her body the way that she was suppose to while she carried my aunt. So, my aunt was born on the slow-side.

And, to top it off, when she was sixteen these people she use to hang out with slipped mescaline in her soda, flipping her out then making her situation worse. She was hospitalized and put on medication.

In her late twenties, my aunt got married to a “mentally disturbed” man who abused her, again making her situation even worse than before! When she left him she returned back home talking to herself and running wilder with men than she ever had in her entire life.

She is forty years old now and she totally gets on my nerves. She’s clumsy. She doesn’t clean up after herself, she doesn’t know how to travel or handle any business-and that’s just to say the least! All she desires to do is heavily smoke cigarettes and drink coffee.

Thank goodness she’s attending a program for about four hours a day. My aunt’s behavior is totally off the wall! Innately, she has a very good heart and she is not significantly threatening to anyone. It is deep though how sick some people can be.

She has acted out numerous times in the street, portraying imaginary events made up in her troubled mind. My aunt was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and her situation is no joke!

This may sound harsh and insensitive but i don’t particularly have too much sympathy for retarded people. Yes, some of them aren’t as bad off as others and some may say that it is not their fault that they came into the world “not right”. Nevertheless, i absolutely have no patience for their trying behavior.

No matter how much you make an effort to teach and show some of them the path of being conductive they fail to produce. A lot of retarded people are nothing but trouble too! They continually lie, steal, then cause conflict with and between others-often getting by this way.

Many people will dismiss their “nuisances” and “menaces” because of their unfortunate circumstance. However, retards are not totally blameless.

There are some who are very aware of how people look at their situation when they’re creating mischief and they take advantage of that, inspiring them to think that they can do and cause as much trouble as they want, assuming that they will be excused.

Yes indeed, these retards know what they be doing sometimes. They are very sick mentally. And their no good behavior should not always be overlooked simply due to the fact that they’re “missing a few screws”. In certain instances their actions are dangerous and need careful attention and evaluation.

Miss Popularity


Thursday, May 18, 2006 at 8:44 AM PDT

You know, i’ve always liked the person that i am. I live my life on my own terms. I never cared to be in the spotlight but certain people have made a habit of making me the center of attention.

Ever since i was a child i’ve been a private person and at the same time an open and honest person. I also am so unique that i sometimes stick out like a sore thumb. I have always been known to a certain extent by people who i don’t know.

That factor is not too uncommon since people are very communicative with one another and are always gossiping. You never know who knows who and who are pointing you out. I was born with extra sensory perception so it’s not hard for me at all to spot out any funny business.

We are indeed living in a world with plenty of sick people and they seem to be getting sicker if you can imagine that being possible, but the dangerous part of the problem is these particular people don’t consider themselves to be ill. If you ask them it’s the healthy person who has the problem.

Well, i wonder if i’d never experienced the wild & crazy things that i have within my life would i believe them after hearing it from another person. I guess i’ll never know the answer to my own question.

Certain things in particular i’ve experienced would seem like paranoia to the unsuspecting person who is not familiar with street people’s behavior. Anyway, i’m the type who does things then moves on.

I keep going. Once i get bored that is totally it for me! If i fall out with a person i never talk to them again-the way i see it i’d just be going back to what turned me off from them in the first place. I’m always naturally reinventing myself i grow in all aspects of my life which even strengthens my identity.

Unfortunately, there are certain types of people in this world who are unable to do that. They are sadly stuck in their own misery then choose lucky people like me to stalk. I am a book writer. And my writings have sparked much attention in my neighborhood toward me among those who did or did not like what i wrote.

Nevertheless, the attention i receive and have received from those who are not in my class is quite demented and hilarious.

Jealousy and ignorance is definitely a major cause for their behavior but mostly it is an extreme unworthiness and particular mental instability on their part.

They obviously have issues.Sure, they go and do things to occupy some of their time then it’s back to spying on others. They can’t go anywhere in life. They continue to dwell on the same things, unable to move on.

Their world is-“trying to screw up yours!” I can’t believe the lengths they’ve tried with me. Some thought that they were slick by snapping a picture of me while we road the same train.

And, by following me to places to find out what i buy and talk about when i interact with people. They’ve went to places i go attempting to turn people against me or to have them and, others they’ve pointed me out to mock and talk at me. All in an effort to bring down my self-esteem.

They have even sent people in my home posing as workers.

They may have really been doing their job but they were planted. That is just how badly those sickos want to bring me down. I am so on to them all and i have been for a very long time now.

And the thing about this interesting situation is that i’m unaffected by their actions. I’ve never been afraid of anyone or to keep on doing the activities that i do.

Of course, in this day and age we have to watch our backs for our own safety but when i’m out they can’t stop me. They’re intimidated by me! I have an innate energy and drive that inspires me and makes me happy so if i notice any of them acting stupid towards me it’s like they’re not even there!

And when i’m home they and what they do does not be on my mind. And that is why it is very hard for me to comprehend how certain people are preoccupied with and doing the same exact thing year after year.

I will say this though. If i and others who are in my predicament are that darn important enough to be the focus of so many’s attention just by living a normal life that we ourselves have not tarnished there needs to be a whole new type of Asylum built on the planet for those who should be put away.