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This Sunday Evening

The radio is playing some good old tunes from the seventies and eighties, jam after jam, back to back!

The rain was coming down here in Queens, New York, its finishing up right about now as the sun is partially back into view.

I made a dinner of rice pilaf and shrimp It was delicious. I plan on watching some good old black and white suspense movies later on tonight before I head off to bed.

Tomorrow I’ll spend my scheduled Memorial Day working a holiday shift that I took on and don’t mind doing.

Its all going nice and good I’m genuinely enjoying my day.


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A Love For Good For Music

Tuesday. March 28, 2006 at 11:30 am PST

A lot has changed in the last past decades. And to me one of the biggest changes is the music.

Good music is not being made the way that it used to be. There are still some nice songs out there these days but not far as many as it was during the seventies and eighties.

I know certain lyrics and melodies go out of style as people go along with the times. And that is a good thing because staying in the same “mode” grows old and gets boring.

Nevertheless, there are particular types of music an songs that i never get tired or bored with no matter how long ago they were made.