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leafIt is in all seasons to “bloom” whether it is winter, spring summer or fall.

Welcome to my world and to the chronicles of my life as an unconventional individual who is not afraid to be herself, who is not afraid to speak her mind, and most of all, who is not afraid to speak the definite truth as I continue to share my experience.

Enter into the pages of a caulbearer, enter into the pages of jealousy, enter into the pages of creativity and purpose, enter into the pages of voodoo and black magic, enter into the pages of asexuality, enter into the pages of spirituality, and enter into the pages of reality.

A reality for those in particular that may interests many of us, a reality that may surround many of us, a reality that recognizes many of us, a reality that describes many of us, a reality that inspires many of us, a reality that puts many of us not within the average category and a reality that many of us can relate to.

And it is all coming from a person (me) with firsthand experience in these circumstances and situations, and who knows that you (those in particular) are “indeed not” crazy yet living and maintaining within a crazy, outrageous world full of very sick and ignorant people, along with very malignant evil forces and unnatural energies, as well as the natural. Visit LaToya’s Autumn



swing againTo dwell within a state of a defined and aligned fulfillment what exactly is wrong with that superbly ordained commitment?

As I take swings back and forth beyond the shadows going to and from the mysteries that open up the many of my windows I enjoy the inexplicable nature of my ride that is out of the ordinary for anyone to most commonly describe.

The animation of my soul is not brought forth here as a source within a vessel to control, I am not created for anyone to mold.

The firm strings and board of lane through out the valley of passageway that I comfortably sway upon wherein lead me deep down into the mountains and unto the hills that from above I go therein.

So lucky to have come into contact with you, something that did not happen out of the blue, too good too be true, the things that you can do.

Oh, what I feel for you, if you only knew.

swingIt was guaranteed for us to stay I will never go away.

Too good to be true, oh the love that I have for you, never imagined it could be this way even though you promised me this day, I don’t worry about tomorrow because with you there is no sorrow, too good to be true you are my dream come new.

latoya lawrence


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The Ones Who Don’t Count, Those Who Just Take Up Space/Life Is Deep

I am and have always been attracted to beauty and the spiritual side of nature. And in my opinion the graphic here is a nice sight with an interesting quote. “Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it”.

There are a lot of sayings/quotes that relate to many of our lives and many that don’t depending on one’s outlook and views upon certain things.

I came across another interesting quote: “sometimes it’s better to be clueless about what’s happening around you, than to know every bit of information that would silently kill you”.

That is just the complete opposite for me. I have always known the majority of all the things that were going on around me for my whole entire life here on earth due to the gifts of being born with a caul.

Whether the information that I received was good or bad it never had the power to destroy me. If anything, I was enhanced. And the negative information would continue to save my life because it absolutely had nothing to do with me (something that the average person will never understand).

I told a psychic that I use to speak with years ago how I picked up on a spell that she put on me to get a job that I occupied. In her response she laughed, admitting to me that she did then uttering, “You don’t need to know everything”. And she also conveyed how she was shocked about other things that I knew.

This psychic wasn’t too accurate in her readings so I knew that she didn’t know what she was talking about when it came down to knowing particular facts. She did admit to me how powerful I was and that she wasn’t aware of the type of gift that I do possess. “Latoya, I don’t know what you got”.

“I don’t need to know every thing?” I’m a clairvoyant. I was born to know. I wouldn’t have the abilities that I have if I was not suppose to. And what I do not know is none of my concern as I don’t care to know.

I came across a chosen few other “readers” who were dead-on accurate just like me and who were secure enough to be upfront with what was obvious to them.

You see, we were of the like-on the level. There was nothing to be threatened about, just one being delighted for the other and lending a helping hand in confirming insights. We are not the jealous envious type of people.

There are people in the world who are nothing. They weren’t born to be anything. All they do is cause trouble to themselves and to others. And these people in particular have seemed to follow me everywhere all through out my life.

The more I’d try to get away from them the further they’d near to me. And I found that to be so repulsing.

I have family members that fit into this category and it is deep to have to share a life in a world with undesirables.

My father was garbage. I thank goodness that I didn’t have to grow up around him. He had another daughter younger than me who was trash just like him by another woman; however, he wanted to claim me.

They never want to settle for their own kind. I asked my mother how she could have had me by something like “that” (him). My inquiry was actually a compliment to her because she could have done so much better.

I am lucky that my mother did not really want my father and never got married, and extra lucky that I did not inherit his trashy genes and undesirable traits. My mother’s bloodline was much stronger than his, and her mother’s side of the family is who I am so very proud of, the ones whom I take after in my own originality.

The mistake my grandmother made (my mother’s mother) was mating with my grandfather. His mother, my dead great grandmother was as low as they come, resulting in the monstrous births of my two aunts and uncle.

As a child, I encountered undesirables-including the young ones because they are born that way-who by first glance I could read them and didn’t at all like their auras. Many of them are ostentatious and tend to show off.

One girl in particular pissed me off so bad as she was profiling in front of her friends that I went home and could not sleep for the entire night. We both were around nine years of age. The girl’s name was Rhonda. And Rhonda lived directly across the street from me at the time.

I anticipated getting her alone while she was not in the company of others.

I’ve never been a trouble maker and I never started a fight. However, I’ve always had a temper and knew how to finish one. As soon as morning came, around the time that I knew Rhonda would be out, I went over to her house and I beat the shit out of her.

It was just me and her. “You’re by yourself now”, I told her while I punched and dragged her down her driveway. “What you gonna do now?!”

Rhonda just cried and tried to block the blows and grips of my hands. I was so vicious and loud that my mother heard and had to come pull me off of the girl.

I hate people that instigate unnecessary nonsense only because there is a crowd around. When they are by themselves they have absolutely no courage.

And when it comes to their particular kind-when you hurt or get the best of them-their counterparts always get together for a retaliation when they were the ones to instigate negative things in the first place.

When I was ten, a fourteen year old neighborhood girl accused me of liking her boyfriend who she was having sex with and she wanted to fight me. She was unattractive and would pack her face with make-up, and I was not thinking about her or her boyfriend. I was a kid, still worried about playing with my toys and my dog. “What the hell was she talking about?”

I got into a fistfight around the age of twelve with another girl who lived on my block. To me it was nothing, to others great excitement. After I had forgotten about it, two girls who I’d never seen before walked in front of my house asking me “is this the house of the girl who had a fight with Sharon?”

I just ignored them both. When I told a friend of mine about the incident she told me that the fight I had got into with Sharon had circulated all over her school. And I thought, oh how pathetic.

(and not to sound bias and make this a racial issue because I have gone through things with people of all different races-but what I’ve noticed through observance and looking back, the people who I have mentioned and who’ve conflicted with me the most were people from the islands. Not of African origin like myself-but West Indians and Haitians and so on. They were always causing some type of confusion. There are some nice ones from the islands; you have good and bad everywhere.)

There were plenty more various incidents that I experienced with these types of people that are in my opinion indeed childish. And I honestly thought these acts of stupidity would come to an end once I became an adult, though I learned quickly that everyone did not have my logical state of mind.

Some people just maintain a certain level. They continue to have minds like children. Early on I detected that they were disturbed and to keep my distance. I just naturally never liked and connected with undesirables. And I am not supposed to be around them-they don’t belong anywhere near me or within my personal life.

Another nice graphic here in my opinion with another interesting quote: “life isn’t about the destination but the journey that gets us there….”

That may be true to a certain extent. I’ve learned things through the puzzles of my journey that I may not have been able to accurately piece together if my life had taken a different route.

Vile things that went on in my life were not meant to break me. The happenings came to show me who I was and what I was made of. And for that I am grateful. I have a greater sense of self and purpose. I have a very sound mind and I am very resilient

Everybody has things in life that they consider their problems or burdens. And some problems and burdens are not always a situation that we make for ourselves. There are people in the world who continuously tend to cause trouble in the lives of many others.

In evaluating my trail when I look back it is always the same remnants, the same garbage that tends to pester and chase after me through the paths of my life. And this perpetual experience is not normal to me.

My life is my own yet the undesirables seek to invade my territory, spreading gossip, lies, harassment. Oh sure, they do things like that to everybody of course, with me though it is a little deeper than that since I am not affected by their bullshit. They are more like a cult using deviant tactics in an attempt to kill off someone who can ultimately devour them all.

As a highly sensitive person I am able to see them for what they really are. Looking at their presence I’ve often wondered in the past how “god” could give life to something like “that” (them). And once it was revealed to me it was obvious it is because they are of him. They are his children, a genuine reflection of god himself.

When dealing with undesirables one usually has to compromise the skills of communication (go down to their level). You have to make allowances when it comes to people like them. Of all the problems in the world they had to be mine, my only obstinate problem that literally nauseates me.

I know that I am a lucky person and with all the more seemingly serious things going on in the world there could be so much worse. This however, is just as bad. It is spiritual, a spiritual battle that I must continue to fight.

Just as real, and just as deadly. The undesirables are demonic, under the control and influence of their master, and blinded by their own ignorance.

Yes I walk around happily, carefree, and with a peace of mind because that is actually the way that I am and how I genuinely feel in my personal life- regardless of what is going on around me. I don’t worry; I know that I will always be just fine. There is no other way for me to be.

Contentment in attitude during times of negativity does not mean that one is oblivious, especially if they are on an entirely different wavelength than those who are slaves to their own sick mentality.

Pictures do sometimes say a million words as many are created through forms of visualization captured from our minds by the hands of talented artists, or photographers. I have plenty of my own outlooks outlined in the drawings of my existence.

And it is indeed a beautiful silhouette. And my own words coming from my soul that go along with my personalized portrait is:

“I am a spirit in the wind, a breeze that blows out the fire. A light that burns through the earth, a heat that cools in the waters, I’m am part of the supernatural.

I am a force here in the world, knocking down obstacles, keeping my spirit alive. Passing through the rough spots, seeing and feeling my way through, escaping through the tunnels only to find my way back to you.

I am tired of what does not have to be. Me violently tearing up things just to set myself free, I know that is why you have sent for me. You come to get me.

Finally the time has come near. We’re almost there. Ready to be united, I am so highly excited.

Just a little bit more roads for you to bear, you say. Don’t worry my dear; I won’t take you too much farther out of your way.

There are a few more things that I need you to do. Continue to be that spirit in the wind, that breeze that blows out the fire. That light that burns through the earth. That heat that cools in the water. You are a part of the supernatural. You are the most precious part of me. In there you will find that this is your true destiny”. – Purely by Miss Latoya Lawrence my love and light

Praise To All Of My Spirits

Monday, April 16, 2007 at 12:41 AM PDT

My Likes: “Energy”

I Feel Good Vibrations. Ultimate Sensations.

My Dislikes: “Odors”

I Hate Funky Underarms. I Hate Stinky Feet. I Don’t Like Shit Messy I Like When Things Are Neat.

You all care for me. You are always there for me. I can depend on you. You all continue to see me through.
You know, i can just call. Whenever i am in trouble. I don’t even have to ask. You will endeavor to keep me strong. Just to make sure that i won’t fall.

If it weren’t for you i wouldn’t know what to do. I’d be lost and alone without any knowledge of my own.

I don’t have to ever be scared. You all taught me not to fear. So i don’t have to worry like i never did i don’t have to shed a tear.

I don’t need anything in this world. You won’t hear me shout, clap, or stomp. I’ll love you all till my death. Won’t even stop chanting praise as i’m on my last breath.

My Realistically Blown Mind ( My Reality Check )

Sunday, March 18, 2007 at 12:33 AM PDT

I feel so much more superior. And, that everyone else is inferior. My head is so high up in the air that, i don’t care about, want to hear about, or have any fear about any other soul.

I continuously stay up on the top. And there is no way that i am going to stop.

I have reached a very aspired goal, things are rapidly beginning to unfold.

Here now that i am finally having my day every and all things should keep inspiring to go my way.

My LiL Brandie ( The Best Human Dog I Ever Had! )

Thursday, November 30, 2006 at 4:43 PM PST

I think about her almost every day. How she always did things in her own special way. I miss her. I want to kiss her. I look forward to the day when I will reminisce with her.

We are still together as she comes back to me during times that I dream. And we continue to be forever communicating our messages throughout every scene.

We share a bond that no one can break and we have a love that no one can take. Indeed there was no mistake how fate gave then made us powerful enough that we could relate. We were made for one another. We worked so well for each other.

There is an absolute connection, a source of my protection. And a day never goes by where I don’t understand why. She is one of my angels up in the heavens, one of the loyal spirits around me guarding my life.

I recognized what she was while she was down here on this earth and would be a fool now not to know how much more she is really worth.



The Beauty Of Good Versus Evil

Thursday, May 18,2006 at 8:43 am PDT

The Mysteries Of Life

I don’t belong to you. I’m too strong for you. Don’t want me to be who i am since your life is nothing but a sham. I don’t give a damn!

You all keep hating on me. Continuing to act crude. I know you all are still jealous because i don’t screw a bunch of dudes. It doesn’t bother me, though. I know i seem to be rude. I remember when you all planted that shit in my food. Trying to prevent me from creating a superior brood.

Want to contaminate my soul with the many evils of spells. You are all still amazed at how i wouldn’t quit, holla, and yell. I wasn’t suppose to. The joke was on you! I laugh at you now. Your dirt is reversed. No longer am i bound by a bullshit curse.

I doubt strongly that you will ever be able to test me again. If so, your body won’t survive long enough to make an amends.

I though, i am alive and here. Now and forever, all so clear! It’s way past the time for you all to discover-that my power which was given shall remain there until the end. Until the second time he is risen a new world will begin.

So get it right! Get it right today. Really what is this delay? Don’t you know tomorrow could be your doomsday.

The Mysteries Of Life

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 5:43 AM PDT

Life is strange. In it there are heartaches and pains. Devastation and shames.

There are also many laughter and joys which make us likewise in the same.

Nobody knows everything. Anything-that causes one to ask why.

Would we endeavor, though, to pry? Or, would rather we be told a lie?

Knowledge is indeed good, but is too much of it a bad thing?

I’d never just be- to enslave myself in the darkness. Because without the light we’d never be able to see.

Life is a creation. And the creation is our life. Something at birth is genuinely of great beauty, value, and worth. So why is it so very easy for us to all kill, conquer, and destroy then beg back for an existence that we never knew how to explore?