Seeing Into View: The Third Eye

I know that nothing bad is ever going to happen to me as it never has. Although I may sometimes have to go through bad things I go through these particular incidents if or when they arise without any serious worry or dismay.

Certain people never understood how I handled what is considered to them as a tribulation so well and nonchalantly.

It is just a natural reaction of peace and ease from my own personal experience with my spirituality and the momentous encounters throughout my life. And frankly, it is sometimes just my cold attitude of not giving a damn.

Nevertheless, I am monitored and protected by spirit.

It’s sad when others plan negative designs upon me and others in specific with the genuine “knowing power” then have or assume successful expectations to come into fruition as I know all along how things will inevitably work out and go within my favor.

Even if it is just a regular periodic hard seemingly time in which may happen as an up and down part of life or celestial test. I know that I will make it through alright without a doubt because that is just me and the way it is within my life condition.

People endeavor and attempt to do dirt out of spite or greed or whatever else and I always know what the outcome will be.

It’s a pure waste of time on the perpetrator’s part, however, they don’t know this or they’re too arrogant within their ignorance to understand and realize this fact.

As I am born with Extra Sensory Perception I know what scheme people will calculate against me before they do themselves and I know how the situation will eventually turn out.

“Screwed Up Priorities!” (Politicians use Jussie Smollett, while a 1-year-old boy shot in the head is set aside)

I agree with this article one hundred percent!

The attention being deterred and neglected by authorities, politicians, media and so on within the investigations over an innocent child/baby and or the other serious cases within our society to primarily focus on someone else because of their celebrity or social status.

And upon shit within not looking into the genuine validity.-latoya lawrence



John KassContact ReporterChicago Tribune(,amp.html)

News Columnists  John Kass


Politicians use Jussie Smollett, while a 1-year-old boy shot in the head is set aside

After actor Jussie Smollett, said he was attacked by pro-Trump racists, over 20 detectives were assigned to check out the story. (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

John KassContact ReporterChicago Tribune

Something important has been lost in the embarrassing saga of Jussie Smollett, the tuna fish sandwich-loving actor and anti-Trump activist, and those muscular Nigerian brothers.

And I suppose it’s easy to lose what’s important with all the panic and intersectional hatred and liberal identity politics gone bad in this Smollett story.

What’s been lost is this:

I’m told that two dozen detectives were assigned to the Smollett case.

Can Chicago afford that, what with all the unsolved murders and shootings in this town?


There were some 18 people killed in Chicago after Smollett began telling his story in late January, that story in which he cast himself as the hero, about having to fight off pro-Trump racists.

Now it turns out that the pro-Trump racists, who he says put a noose around his neck, may actually be his friends, two muscular Nigerian brothers who may or may not have been paid in this deal.

Either way, his story is he fought them off. Even though he had a cellphone in one hand, a tuna sandwich in the other.

Smollett must be a certified badass. His sandwich survived.

But two dozen detectives assigned to check out his story that he was a victim of a politically inspired pro-Trump hate crime, a story that is unraveling by the second?

Even in Chicago, a city known for its unending violence and political corruption, assigning two dozen detectives seems a bit overdone.

I could go with a lower number — say 20 detectives — given to me by someone who knows.

But that’s still high given all the homicides that are never solved.

Chicago has an abysmal homicide clearance rate of about 17 percent. Chicago’s detective ranks have been decimated by attrition and idiotic shortsighted political management. There aren’t enough detectives. That’s an issue in the mayoral campaign.

Thousands of people have been murdered in Chicago over the past few years, and thousands and thousands more have been shot and survived.

They’re alive because of the wonders of trauma center technology and the brilliance of ER doctors, and the hard work of Chicago Fire Department paramedics.

Even so, the city is numb to physical violence on the street. And numb to the emotional violence exerted by the political class.

But two dozen detectives for Smollett just doesn’t seem right. Make no mistake. I’m not blaming the detectives, or the Chicago Police Department.

They work for a politician. His name is Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who famously announced a few years ago that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.

And when Smollett told his amazing story, about being a black gay man attacked by racist Trump supporters on one of the coldest nights of the year, the media was all over it. National politicians were all over it.

They bought it without question.

“This was an attempted modern-day lynching,” tweeted Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California. “No one should ever have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.”

Sen. Cory Booker, the New Jersey Democrat, issued a similar tweet, although it saddened me that his mythical friend, the dangerous drug dealer T-Bone, had nothing to say.

But other Democrats fell in line. And CNN and many who earn their livings in the Washington-New York liberal media echo chamber rushed to judgment. So did a few in Chicago, but Chicago reporters had more healthy skepticism than their national counterparts.

It was a perfect anti-Trump story. It fit the prevailing narrative of many in the media (who are themselves liberal Democrats) that Trump supporters are racist and just itching to find some minorities to beat up.

Just a few weeks ago, the same media and Twitter mob descended upon those Covington High School boys and blamed them for race hatred in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

It turned out the boys were innocent. But the social justice warriors of the left shrugged and moved on, looking for the next story with which to portray America as a hateful nation — because it fits their politics — and some found it in Smollett.

For a list of media examples, you might want to go to Mediaite and the article “Did the Media Jump the Gun on the Jussie Smollett Story?” by Caleb Howe.

Or you might consider CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin. She looked into the camera, and sighed, and her sigh was full of her politics.

“This is America in 2019,” she said.

We get it, Brooke. We’re terrible. Donald Trump is the president, and everything’s gone to hell.

There’s nothing new there. Trump is a political-lightning-rod president, inspiring irrational hate in some and irrational adoration in others and most likely both groups are tribal and wrong.

But America isn’t a hateful nation. America is the least hateful nation, and the best hope of humankind on Earth.

A few weeks ago, after Smollett began telling his tale — in which he’s the hero fighting oppression and hatred — a 1-year-old child was shot in the head.

It looked like a street gang may have been targeting his mother. She’s been shot before. The child, Dejon Irving, is on life support.

I don’t think there were two dozen detectives assigned to Dejon Irving’s case. But he’s not a star to be used by politicians in pursuit of power. He’s not a symbol.

Politicians don’t tweet his name. He’s just a little boy from Chicago, shot in the head.

Listen to “The Chicago Way” podcast with John Kass and Jeff Carlin — at

Twitter @John_Kass


I don’t usually get Illuminati mail from scammers and spammers and although I do actually know individuals that are or that have really been affilliates of the Masons and Eastern Stars (associations to Illuminati) I don’t understand why anyone would fall for that dumb shit.

Now since I wrote a post about my repugnant thought of just the idea of joining Illuminati if I was actually insultingly presented some other asshole has come to spam my site under Illuminati facade along with other continuous cons of fake voodoo healers and spellcasters.

They all need to give the shit a rest you’ll never get advertised here on my blog! Go and get a real job, oh you probably can’t that is why you try to scam.


Invitation To Hell

Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic by misslatoya

You said 3 minutes ago

You’ve got to be out of your fucking mind! I’d never sell my soul to the devil! I have too much self love and self respect, and far too much of my own natural and original knowledge, creativity and talent to accept a personal invitation to hell-I don’t need to-my celestial destination is one rooted within beauty and truth!


Un-spammed by misslatoya*Are you having the dream of becoming a member of Illuminati? Are you a man or woman business man or business woman or an artist,Politicians and you want to become big, Powerful and famous in the world, join us to become one of our official member today in the great Illuminati,you shall be given an ideal chance to visit the Illuminati and his representative after registrations is completed by you, no sacrifice or human life needed, Illuminati brotherhood brings along wealth and famous in life, you have a full access to eradicate poverty away from your life now. it only a member who is been initiated into the church of Illuminati have the authority to bring any member to the church, so before you contact any body you must be link by who is already a member, Join us today and realize your dreams. we also help out our member in protection and links in drugs pushing and other businesses for fast wealth without risk,email us Illuminatimasons6@, you will be rich and famous for the rest of your life and your family and any body close to you, Illuminati make there member happy so i will want you all to also be a new member of the Illuminati if you are interested, urgently reply us back now, we are ready to make you a member of the Illuminati..after the due consultation and initiation that will make you a full member has been taken place,you will be given 1000000$ for a start of a life filled with happiness,pleasure and wealth email; or call on +2348128337510 or whatsapp; +2348151937428.*🔺

To Elude The Truth?

felineIsn’t it something when sick people who are extremely jealous and envious of us try to relentlessly stop us within life then attempt to blames us when or if difficulty occurs knowing all along that they were behind the sabotage to begin with?

As they deliberately try to cause damage for us through their duplicitous methods of intervention whether by lies and/or manipulation of circumstance they actually believe that we ourselves are suppose to be the scapegoat?

It was often so strange to me how these type of people considered themselves to be clever within their ominous ventures as their undertakings have always appeared and proved to be rather transparent within the keenly focused mind’s eye especially when the subject of their scheme was well aware of their own obvious talents and skill and logical reasoning of natural probability for success.

The red flag is automatically raised when particular essence according to bestowal does not properly go into fruition, so who is the genuine culpable fool?

A Literary Agency Literally Not Legit For Me

writing projectI phoned up a literary agency after viewing their website the week before this past thanksgiving to ask if they considered doing revisions for previously titled self published books and I was told yes.

So I sent off two books that I wrote years ago (the first 1998/the second 2001) and I got a written response during the week of Christmas.

The agency wanted and accepted both of my books declaring that they have excellent potential yet I was asked for a fee for analysis and marketing preparation along with a contract. Now I know darn well that no legitimate literary agent is suppose to charge a writer for anything that is absurd. The only money that they are to receive from the author is a 15% commission once they make a deal with a publisher and I knew that ever since I came into the industry.

When I look back I wish I had of accepted the generous offer to get my short stories published by a mainstream publisher when I was at the age of about ten going on eleven at least I would have had my foot in the door. Unfortunately I did not due to the much jealousy that was within the family and the danger that they would have inspired at that type of success it just wasn’t the safe or right time back then.

Self publishing has its own advantages as what is created and written by the author remains mostly within its original form aside from some of the editing, however, with a mainstream publication one risks the experience of having their own personal work butchered up to meet the certain standards or criteria.

I remember when I first self published my books and how my editing was good (I still have my original manuscript) then when the book actually came out I noticed that some of the punctuation was not done correctly yet it was a solid book and still very well-written.

In regard to the second book in which I went with a different self publishing company, I noticed a few misspelling’s not very much but they could have done better than that but both my books came out nice I just did not have the financial resources to promote them, and of course, my envious foes had blocked any of the success from coming into fruition by the usage of evil black magic/brujeria (the big evil “tie/bind” spell).

I wasn’t hurt or disappointed in any way whatsoever though, if anything, I stood strong and developed again as I had to go through that ordeal to discover “the truth” as I was further spiritually enlightened and rearranged for my “original” life production.

documentsIn all honesty, I do not want to ever again, and I do not feel that I should have to pay anyone anything in order to get published.

If it ever does eventually come to be (when the time is right and I am safe because what is the point of prosperity for someone to try to kill you over it out of jealousy? It is not really the family members so much anymore because those ones in particular are all dead except for my aunt Tina but it is the other outside assholes) I absolutely want an upfront payment, traveling and booking engagements, and of course, royalties.

I do not want “fame” I never wanted to be in the spotlight I just want my “money” for whatever talent that I was born to use for a well deserved quiet and private life of contentment.

I phoned up the agency stating that I am not suppose to pay an agent and so on, going into the detail, and I was told to go find an agent who does not charge for revision preparation.

So I declined on the literary agency’s offer and I was returned back my books along with a copy of testimonials by other authors who allegedly found satisfactory and/or success within their company, and a letter still acknowledging that my writings had excellent potential and I know that they do but when the time is right it will happen.

I am not in any drastic rush I just have that very natural and healthy “drive” and “determination” to succeed in more areas than just one!.


Doris And Tiffany

 Update: August 6, 2014

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  • Andrew


    This business should be closed…. These women (Tiffany, sister and mother in law Victoria) are crooks. They all work together and have places in different places including Marco Island. It s truth about all the negative reviews and if you see something good it should be one of these demons trying to get more people. For Gods sake if you read this review before you go to this please you are so BLESSED. I wish these women will pay in this life or any other all the terrible things that they do or their generation will pay so terribly. I m sure they will because God is loyal to right people. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
  • MultiHmu


    Omg this place is a scam please noo one go here all this crazy lady Tiffany does is lie and take your money me and my friend were victims and Lost alot of money she is not a good person at all when we tried asking for a refund she got so crazy started yelling and screaming saying no it doesn t work that way I just wish me and my friend read the reviews before going then we wouldn t have made this mistake this place needs to be shut down for good!!! And I m most certain the reviews that are good are probably written by the crazy lady herself so she can fool people please don t make the same mistake I made stay away from her she s the devil in a human costume



Palm & Card Reading

Doris And Friends classspring14“Doris” Dorothy Johnson in her younger days (Tiffany’s mother) on the left dressed in the yellow jacket and black stripe red pants out in the woods doing her so called spiritual work or so called automatic writing (she can’t even spell).

I’ve dealt with Doris years ago (And like I’ve said before she had a little power but nowhere near as great as mine as she had to work with others, and tried to steal my strong positive spiritual energy but failed along with a few other things that backfired in her face) and I have spoke to her daughter Veronica over the phone (neither one are too or very accurate-big liars also, however, I have never had any communication with Tiffany yet she is just as worse and pathetic in her scams.

They try and pretend to be more than what they are and what they definitely are not.

Gypsy Psychic Fortune Teller/Spiritualists In Florida  Psychic Doris · Doris Palm & Card Reader John & DorothyJohnson 1872 Airport Rd. S

Keeping It Real: Tiffany And Doris caught in their scams again!

2 Reviews

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  • R

    Created on 02/01/13

    I wrote a letter to the police departmnt about tiffany, I will not get in trouble because its a business I went in she stood inside the first day and watched the camera I think she has voice camera so she hear everything. MRS TIFFANY JJOHNSON IS A MONEY SATAN she steals from innocent ppl that goes in for help she stole 8000.00 total its like going to the doctor they say they can help you u then u pay money and u die afterward tiffany just charms u into thinking that you have so many problems so your scared that something will happen. She made me think I had alot of problems she needed my money for materials I was told that I will get it back in a week ? where is all these ppl money? what she did with the money? buy a new chevy? give her husbund more burgerking? he sits on his #$%$ and he know excatly what #$%$ his wife does. she never liked me because she knew that I was telling my friend what kind of person she was we were like begars by her door step she called sickness upon her kids, shes s not home, and that babysitter knows everything. tiffany sees you atleast two time enough time to take all your money and after that she sens u text tells u to soak in oil, wear white clothes, light black candles poor friend thinks it actually working. TIFFANY JOHNSON IF YOU DARE TO REPLY TO THIS LETTER I WILL GIVE YOU THE ADDRESS TO WHERE YOU SHOULD BE SENDING BACK THE 8000.00 OK. because I will make your life crzy for what u did last year with my friend. After that you should pay back all these poor ppl their money and then u and your kids and chubby boy move far away and burn in HELL!!!!
  • LovelyOne

    Created on 07/03/11

    SCAMMMM!!!!!!! Do not waste ur money on her lies! Tiffany does not know what she is doing…and dont be scared of her, she does not know how to do voodoo or anything. She has been scamming people for a while now and has stolen up to thousands and thousands of dollars from hard working confused people. She claims she is doing God’s work but that is just another lie. What she is doing is not God’s work, God would never steal from us. White magic is not good nor is it part of christiananity. do not give her ur money especially with our a sworn written agreement of receipt. Tiffany has given that business a bad name and one day will get caught in fact i will try my hardest to bring this to legal terms. if you have fallen for her scams please comment back to me we will take legal actions. Tiffany has been using our money for her own personal stuff. please dont consider this place to go to if you r lost and confused!
    Look I did not double charge ur card I remember exactly what happend ur card got declined I gave the receipt to u then u said u don t need it and if I can throw it away and I riped it up in front of u and put it in the trash. Reply back and admit that u saw the declined receipt please. This business has bin here for 32 years now. IF WE R SUCH A BAD BUIENESS WE WOULD NOT HAVE BIN HERE FOR 32 YEARS.
    Look I never stole anything from any one and I never lied to anyone. I am not stealing anyone s money. I don t have a assistant at all I don t even know anyone with the name Giovanna. These reviews are all false if they where true yahoo would not take them off but they are all lies all of these comments are fake and vary harsh. I did nothing to anyone I am going to take legal action agenced LOVELY ONE , SHEILLA, ANGEL , M. I don t do white or black magic or voodoo. I would like for the lady s that wrote these reviews. Please call me so I can understand what u think I did and I will do my best to fix the situation. Profile M I did not double charge ur card if u remember like I do I gave u the declined receipt and u looked at it then ask me to throw it in the trach. I riped it up right in front of u and put it the trash. U did not contact me u never came by again. If i thought Someone double charged my card I would call or go back to the shop but u did not. The first time I found out about this was just now reading ur review I SWEAR TO GOD. I am not a bad person. I want everyone that comes in my shop to leave satisfied so if there is something I can do for all the lady s that r not happy please call me and we can fix this. I Do Not STEAL FROM ANY ONE. I AM A CHRISTIAN WOMEN.
    Fake reviews pending deletion…
    please do not go to that place. ALL of them are are lies steal from people. VICTORIA, TIFFANY and so call their mother say they all have God gift, but the only gift they have is the gift of stealing others money.

The Stratagem And Sabotage Endeavored By Those Who Just Defeat Themselves

I have an update in response to this post:

Gypsy Psychic Fortune Teller/Spiritualists In Florida  Psychic Doris · Doris Palm & Card Reader John & DorothyJohnson 1872 Airport Rd. S

I like that term and statement of Ripoff Report’s trademark “Don’t let them get away with it. Let the truth be known!” I have always felt that way in life and plenty of others do as well.

Well, I came across some further and more recent information regarding Dorothy Johnson and her family with their scams and I have presented the information on one of my sites called Keeping It Real @truth always comes out.

Still till this day, here and there Doris tries to work evil against me that is to absolute no avail and it frustrates her because she does not have the power to overcome me, or to influence my life.

And I think that I may be a fraud too!

Yes! I Latoya, miss LaToya May actually be a “Fraud” because I am an experienced person who is not at all afraid to share, back up, and verify the particular controversial information that I know to be true and serious even if or when it is necessary for me to pass on.

So, so funny! Silly assholes never stop. When they in particular do come, they are sent, of course, all premeditated. All planned out. I am a target. It is definitely no sweat off my back, they can knock themselves out in vain! We know who is getting the best of who without even trying!

And the most absurd thing about the situation is that they do not even know me, setting themselves up for more disappointment by generalizing what they think should or that would result from their desperate and pitiful attempts. They then become bewildered and dumbfounded.

No one will ever be able to intimidate me by manipulation (either spiritually or psychologically), scare me off from my own path of raw talent and knowledge, or even try to make me feel inferior in any way whatsoever. I will always speak the truth and I will always speak my mind. I was not born yesterday, I know all the games! Yet I still had to share because it is all too sad.

Here is the latest regarding this specific “Voodoo Black Magic” post, just a mere and obvious set up from one who possesses the mind of a child, and I won’t directly mention who is behind this but they come to my blog to find and retrieve certain posts that gives them ideas on what they think may provoke me or think that they can use against me.

I have never ever in my life been legitimately accused of being a fraud by anyone, it is so hilarious!

In actuality there isn’t anything to be used against me but that is how these imbeciles and degenerates are, they take nothing to make something ridiculous out of it. They create a non existent inch then turn it into a yard:

Submitted on 2013/09/03 at 2:34 pm

you have copied all this information off another site. You fraud.

Submitted on 2013/09/04 at 3:38 am | In reply to YOU ARE A FRAUD.

Nice try, but it will not work! Sorry to disappoint you in your effort to falsely discredit me in my knowledge, wisdom, power, and the rest of the nonsense that I know you’re up to so I am going to stop you straight dead in your tracks right now because I never ever claimed to have written this particular article from “” and it is very obvious at the beginning of the article with the mention of “According to Mony Singh”. So you purely just wasted your time and energy.

I posted this Black Magic article as a reference years ago just as other bloggers have on their websites. I am not the only one, but I bet you did not go and try to accuse them of being fraudulent. You are so full of shit! I posted it, however, because I know that the statements are totally true from my over thirty years of personal experience with voodoo and black magic and from my gifts of the caul.

I am a genuine 100% clairvoyant, honey, so you better think twice before even daring to doubt me, and back off! You in know way can tell me all of the things that I know, that I have been through, and that I have experienced so please do not make me laugh harshly at you and your stupidity.

I have no time for bullshit games. You and/or nobody else can ruin me or downplay my abilities. Latoya is one of the real ones who cannot in anyway be tarnished by trash (the garbage type of people) who are angry because they are not able to dig up any dirt on her (Because there is none! And that is what all you perpetrators are mad about!).

I am here to stay and will always keep fighting against no good, jealous, miserable, deceitful people who will never triumph!

Thank you for your comment, it was flattering because I do know who, why, and what motivated you. “I tell you, jealousy sure is a bitch!” However, I am extremely use to it people have always been jealous and envious of me for my entire life and those in particular will continue to be. They cause hurt to no one but themselves as they stress and strain themselves in their own hell and torment.

Submitted on 2013/09/04 at 4:08 am | In reply to misslatoya.

Here is some more phony bullshit! I was honest with this person yet I didn’t give them the answers that they wanted (the answers that this person was really looking for)! I just let them hang their selves with their own bullshit. I know the bitch who keeps sending them (she is just mad because she is destroyed and has been exposed as a true liar and poser!) with their imbecile comments!

Angela Bowers on August 26, 2013 at 5:54 am said:
Dear Miss Latoya, Iam a 46 year old mother of 2 who works very hard to support my family. I never knew much about witchcraft and voodoo until I became employed by a federal gov’t agency! When I was hired, I went to work ready to tackle anything! The problem worsened a few years later when I lacked the energy to perform duties at work. I slept all the time, couldn’t cook or clean home. Just sleep. I still experience pains, and twitching in my body parts. My eyes have been itching. My finances have taken a beating. My trees, and flowers in my yard have been dying. I’d been vomitting at one point. I’ve been losing my hair, and the coworkers have been tormenting me at my home and work for years. I come home and here their constant complaints and pain. i’ve purchased just about every curse removal spell on the web with no relief. I’ve been seeing this lady who lives locally, and she has provided some relief. She advised my to pay $4000 to free me. I then payed the amount for her to free me in March of this year. A few months later I was vomitting again and bedwetting. My finances a still in shambles, and I continue to feel the pains in my body. I visited the lady again a week ago. I took her a egg wrapped in my white cloth in a paper bag. We said a prayer and thereafter she cracked the egg in paper towels, and ther were several snakes in eggs! What did I spend $4000 on. She then told me I needed to pay her an additional $5000 to get the main snake from inside me. I feel like a prisoner in my own home or wherever I go! Please help me!

Reply ↓
misslatoya on August 28, 2013 at 2:43 pm said:
That egg with the rotten yolk, snakes coming out, and so on, is just a silly trick and a scam that phony psychics demonstrate falsely. I do not know why some people fall for that nonsense. It is no different than the pranks that magicians perform for entertainment.

And no offense towards you, but it does not take anyone no $5000 to get or to have any type of voodoo removed, that is just plain ridiculous! Real healers are not purely after money that is not necessary for the job that they undertake. All that they need the money for-if they are truly legitimate-is for the items that are needed for the purchases of certain spiritual items or supplies, and for their precious time spent, just like any reasonable person who should be compensated for any occupation.

And it is not wise to purchase spell kits off the internet. I would never believe in those things. Some are just phony scams to rip people off for money, and some are just evil and sneaky tactics to do others harm by placing negativity upon them.

You need to be careful (to anyone in general needs to be careful) about falling prey to bullcrap. And just because people work witchcraft/black magic on you does not mean that it has to or that it is going to work! The mind and spirit for those in particular is much more stronger than anything if you are truly a good, strong, persevering person. Yet, generally, negativity can and sometimes does effect people externally as well as internal it all depends on the circumstances and the situation.

Reply ↓
Angela Bowers on August 28, 2013 at 5:38 pm said:
Miss Latoya,
Please tell me what should I do?

Reply ↓
misslatoya on August 30, 2013 at 2:37 pm said:
Fight Back!

Reply ↓
Angela Bowers on August 30, 2013 at 4:34 pm said:
Ok fight back! Who do you recommend that i talk to about this issue? My enemies put this on me. Now i need help to remove. Thank you.

Reply ↓
misslatoya on September 1, 2013 at 6:46 amsaid:
If you are unable to do it yourself or need assistance go find someone whom you feel comfortable with. Good Luck.

A Real Caulbearer

1485234-200Shannon Lee Wolf is a glutton for punishment. She just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into a huge whole.

Initially I would just ignore this woman and her crafty and vain attempts due to the fact that I am a productive person, and one who is far ahead of her intellectually as well as spiritually.

However, I am moved by spirit to convey this message.

I knew that this one was coming, I was just waiting for how it would be presented out to me by the ever contemplating bullshit of Shannon Lee Wolf.

Well number one, I am exceptional and very rare as an individual. And I was born with a unique power and I do have genuine psychic abilities that cannot be compared to (different people are anointed in their own various modes for their own specific purposes and by their own distinctive nature).

I have an extremely strong spirit and a natural connection to the spirit world and to the universe. I am also very intelligent, very talented in many different areas, and very blessed.

And, there is nothing that anyone can do to change or to take away from any of that. And there is definitely nothing that anyone can do to refute the gifts and the so called “grandeur” which have been beautifully bestowed upon me so trying to deny or to downplay the truth about who I definitely am and what I definitely do possess will not in any way whatsoever have any affect on my state of mind or state of well-being.

Highness in any form is not defined by whether or not others are able to recognize within or without of it.

I am not the insecure type -nowhere near it- and I will not go out of my way to try to prove anything to anybody because there is no need or desire for me to do so. I really and truly do not care.

When a person is authentic they are not worried in the least as to the attacks, opinions, misgivings, or ignorance of others because it is absolutely irrelevant to their circumstance and/or situation. Why should one seek to defend what they live and breath? What they are made up of? That is the most ridiculous concept!

My first natural reaction would be to shrug off the ludicrous nonsense as I inevitably did. The lack of knowledge on the part of those in particular just serve as reminders and to the further advancement of the infinite scope.

And so laughable considering that I have literally saved peoples lives through my predictions.

And it is so weird and twisted how Shannon Lee actually thinks that she can manipulate my mind through the use of her own contrived techniques along with the excerpts that are strictly derived from my own writings and phrases.

She cannot come up with certain impressions/content of and on her own so she frequently uses my styles and mode of expression to throw right back at me!

( Just like when she comes to my blog to gather information from my numerous writings to convert into her phony books regarding caulbearers -the last resorts and the lousy attempts to endeavor to make the money that she cannot otherwise acquire due to her well deserved unfortunate predicament ).

She’ll always be a poor struggling writer with no true noteworthy success!

1487334-200Whoever falsely informed Shannon about me surely set her up for a very hard downfall. Yes, that’s right. Let’s not pretend that this all just genuinely started with the article by “The Way”.

Shannon needs to remember that I am the “real one” who is born with a caul. Indeed not her!  So she does not need to even go there. Aside from Shannon’s sickness, I do not even understand why she continues to keep insisting that she is a caulbearer when she definitely is not and I would meet the bitch in person and tell her that straight to her face!

That article was just an excuse to divert true intentions that did not go all too well.

Without going into the obnoxious and gory details, people have been coming after me for years (and using different people to do it) on account of who I am and because of the gifts that I possess. No, of course, everyone was not fully aware of what I had or to the extent thereof, nevertheless, the ones who did have a clue as to my identity never let the ordeal die down.

People like me are dangerous, and we are scarce (rare and hard to find or to come by) in this day and age. And I cannot be touched or affected by the negativity or bullshit that is intermingled with “the garbage type of people” (I am too spiritual), and I will not dare to let anyone stop or to discourage me in anything.

What the problem is is that I am a person who rawly imparts the truth in a world that likes to put fear into people in order to control them. The plan was to make me look as if I did not know what I was talking about -even though they absolutely knew that I did- regarding the things that I spoke of. To stop me from writing altogether (on or offline). And to get me off the internet pernanently.

What better plan than to attempt to discredit someone who was not and who would not turn to corruption.

There are many demons out there who place and who seek to place darkness and negativity onto and towards the good yet it does not and will not always work upon everyone.

My psychic abilities are very intuitive and very accurate and on point, and I am not oblivious to any of the slightest design.

Shannon Lee Wolf is in connection and concoction with others that I personally “know of”, and who have tried in so many far from ingenious ways, forms, and fashions to try to bring me down in the past.

They had initially sent her because she was just another flunky who had nothing else going on for herself and within her life. And because she has the ability to maneuver the heads of like-minded individuals who share her same mentality and who are vulnerable to, or who are easily influenced by her attacks or tactics that are the notorious derivatives of evil black magic/witchcraft.

Without a doubt, Shannon Lee is so very jealous of me. Of course, I do not expect her to admit it verbally. Yet I know cognitively, and it is all too evident within all of her responses and activities.

The woman is so envious of my intellect and knowledge. My writings and content. That is the real reason that she started following my blog in the first place. To keep up to date so that she could steal my material. And I was already aware that she was stealing other people’s work before certain people came to me talking about her.

I did not need the confirmation of anyone to prove to me that Shannon Lee wolf was a liar and a poser! Though I did appreciate their coming forward and putting their trust in me.

That is how I knew that they were telling the truth in the first place. They had just verified what I knew to be true all along.

1487142-200And as more truth be told there are no hackers. I know that it makes Shannon feel better to actually believe that there were some since she is unable to cope with the harsh realities of those who have recognized her for the female version of the new Jim Jones.

Shannon needs to also lay off of this bullying and this dark caulbearer crap. Sounds so warped as it is purely a reflection of her own disturbed creation and a fabrication of the taunted imagination.

I honestly do not know or have never been in any contact with this person that she revealed as “Wolfesbane”. For a caulbearer who’s caul got left behind inside the tunnel of her mother’s rotten and smelly crotch-she sure does not have any insight at all!

For a caulbearer who’s caul slipped off her face because her abusive boyfriend told her so-she sure did not know who her friends were. Yet she claims to be “in tune”. Why didn’t she know in advance that someone would dig up her personal business then post it onto the internet for public observation?

And although I have never corresponded with the person-whoever they are-who actually got a hold of the information then uploaded those files up unto the web, I applaud their momentous deed and was so honored and privileged to take further delight in the matter by lending a helping hand in spreading the very important news and awareness.

Maybe Shannon’s boyfriend (Johnny Blade) abused her so much by knocking her upside the head with his fist that the abilities that she never had to begin with became automatically dormant.

And I definitely was not wrong about Shannon at all.

The woman is weak. And she was so easy to destroy. She has been ruined for a long time now! She just cannot see it! Before she came onto the scene she wasn’t shit, it had just gotten worse later on.

And this last quote from Shannon lee: “If your blogs about me were to be deleted from the internet, we could both just go about our business and think of one another no more. It’s a very simple thing to do, and all of this silliness would end”.

I have been writing and blogging for years about my own thoughts, experiences, life in general, and other issues in particular way before this woman even came into the picture. How did my blogs start or begin to become about her? This is all news to me!

Just another attempt to stop me from writing period.

The audacity for her to dictate to me what to do with my written posts about what is going on within my life.

To be honest I do not randomly think of Shannon Lee Wolf at all. I know things and I feel things about her just like I do with anything and everyone else when the moment calls for it, but I have been went about my way. I was never left behind. She is not able to move on alone and on her own. This silliness will end when she stops coming to my blogs to steal my shit (although I know that she will not no time soon).

It is the principal of the matter. I hate people who try to take from others to build their self up when they have absolutely nothing.

The manipulators always twist and turn things around when they cannot get over in doing their dirt. So then I (and everyone else who is equip and who is not easy prey) become the one’s who are the culprits-I have no time for that bullshit!

If I am so dark and not as special as she wishes that I wasn’t, then why keep coming to my blog? If Shannon Lee Wolf would stop coming to my blog there would be absolutely nothing for me to mention about her. I could care less about the spiritual attacks that she tries to work against me. Anything that she does is just a waste of time and will backfire on her like it already has!

From Shannon’s own words:

( Marsha Crystal Starchild the woman who is attacking you is very evil.

The Curious Caul Yes Marsha, she is. I’ve been bullied before, but this one is very different. Evil to the core. Only Archangels have the force to fight her. There is no way I could do it on my own! )

1458139-200Well, I know that Shannon Lee Wolf will be leaving a host of comments just about every day or every other day as she continuously does, however, I will not respond to any of them. Or to the incognito perpetrators that she sends to private message me, follow me (my blogs), or comment for a reaction (to get a rise out of me and whatever else that is foolish) whenever she does not get the response from me that she is looking for.

Goodbye Shannon, unlike you I have a steady roof over my head, an occupation to indulge in, and a steady income that flows within my home. I have a life that definitely does not include you!

And if you do not understand that honey, then you’d better go and reach back up into your mother’s cunt and take out that imaginary caul then rub it all around your eyes and deep into your face so that you can see and discern a little bit more clearer!


shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/25 at 3:38 pm | In reply to shannonleewolf.

LaToya….Something that just occurred to me, that I never told you. When I cited your blog as verbatim text to The Way (i.e. Bob Crosbie) yours was the only other site that carried his message. At that time, there were so many sites and forums with his “words of wisdom” that led to his caul bearer cult…that it was unclear if your blog might be just another one of his identities, as he had so many. Because you hadn’t given him credit for the text, it seemed very probable that “you” were “him”. (All professional and even newbie writers know how to avoid plagiarism.

When I got the clear picture that I was mistaken that you could be him, I did apologize to you, LaToya. Most people, caul bearers or not, would have accepted the apology and left it as water under the bridge. But strangely, you opted to take it as an invitation for war. How odd. But, at that time…I didn’t understand that there were Dark caul bearers, lol. I naively thought that we were all of the Light. I learned very quickly that this wasn’t at all the case! And I began learning the ways of the caul bearer dark side. It all equalled revenge and punishment -Truth and Honor left to the wayside.

But, yeah, Crosbie knew that I was tired of seeing his numerous sites set as traps for Good caul bearers looking for support and understanding to become ensnared in, and that I offered a safe and private site for Good caul bearers. He preaches hate and disdain for “garbage people” just like you do. So he tried to have my site shut down for simply using one word. “Caulbearer”. He claims to “own” the word. It seems that like you, he thought that I was weak and easily “destroyed”. And like you, he was wrong.

I’m a Good caul bearer. I’m no where near as “weak” or “stupid” as you have determined. I work for the Light Side and you, Rich Williams, and Crosbie (The Way) work for the Dark Side, along with many many others. Caul bearers on the Dark Side are very self assured, arrogant, and presumptuous. What they fail to recognize is that we Good caul bearers are in tune to you all, 100%. We are quiet, but see you. We know you. And when you throw fire balls at us…we watch you.

shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/23 at 6:50 am

And…you keep on insisting that I am morbidly jealous of you. Again, I’m puzzled. Why would I be jealous of you? You wrestle with yourself and torment yourself with delusions of grandeur and a sense of power and psychic abilities that you don’t have at all. You believe that sharing one’s childhood vulnerabilities makes them weak, which is really quite sad. You believe that bullying and harassing others is a sign of strength. How backwards is that?

When I first subscribed to your blog, I was interested in a caul bearers perspective. I wanted to read what you had to say – is that so very evil? We had a tiff over the information you shared from The Way site, I apologized, and it should have been done with. But it was you who began flying off the handle with your strange rantings about me. You began to morph everything I did into something dark and awful. But you made it all up in your head. And you pretend that I’m all twisted up inside and have no peace or contentment. I don’t mean to sound rude, but after awhile, it just becomes amusing to watch you spinning out of control inside of your own darkness.

You can sidle up to hacker Rich Williams (Wolfesbane) all you like, and make believe that everything he has to say is true. But it doesn’t make it true, now does it? The both of you are so obsessed with me, it’s just plain weird. And funny to watch. But do I appreciate your actions? Of course not. If your blogs about me were to be deleted from the internet, we could both just go about our business and think of one another no more. It’s a very simple thing to do, and all of this silliness would end.

Hanging Yourself With Your Own Rope/You Don’t Need Me!

418020-200The Curious Caul 
My nephew just posted this on my personal page…and it couldn’t have been more well-timed. Mr. Rogers was my father-figure growing up, as my father moved away and I never heard from him after my parent’s divorce when I was two yrs. old. I never felt worthy of Mr. Roger’s love and guidance…I always believed that he was talking to all of the other children, who were worthy. But how I loved him and still do. ♥

“Would you be my, would you be my, would you be my neighbor?”-Obviously Shannon Lee Wolf is very mentally and emotionally scarred and disturbed and I have absolutely no time for her or her unfortunate state and/or situation.

I have no type of sympathy or regard for Shannon whatsoever.

If She has no peace and happiness within her life and cannot find peace and contentment that is purely her own personal problem, however, it is impossible for her to steal away any of mine.

Nobody threatens me or will ever intimidate me.

Shannon Lee Wolf is a very stupid woman. She does not realize the things that she shows and reveals through her actions.

I say “More Power To You” for your blog about me-which I never go to read by the way (and all of the other pitiful and desperate things that you continue to do). She hurts no one but herself.

I am not inspired at all to know or at the least bit worried about anything that she has to write or say about me. I am not a weak person like she is.

Oh what a fool, the power that Shannon Lee Wolf gives to others!!! And the silly woman let’s everyone know it. She is easy to destroy.

This is Shannon’s latest stalking entry, it is so deep and all too sad the way that she is so preoccupied with me and my life.

I never understood why I had so much magnetism amongst the trash (the garbage type of people). Should I just stop my rant about them right now in this matter and just be flattered by their unwavering morbid envy and jealousy that they constantly entertain towards me? I think not.

Admiration or attention from them never serves to me as a compliment, it just shows that the more that they continue to come after me the more that I continue to stay and remain up at the top.
426572-200Little note:

This Shannon Lee Wolf situation is so obviously transparent. I do not know why she thinks that she can get her shit off through me. I am not the one to be played with. What a crazy, stupid, delusional bitch who has the weakest and the most corny “game” strategies.

In this day and age I do not even think the little children would fall for this stupid shit.

The bitch can keep suffering. This is my site I ain’t takin’ shit down!!! The truth is here to stay and it will always remain!

shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/21 at 7:57 am

So, now you say I’m stalking you? Your hate blogs about me began 3 years ago – that is stalking. And you say you’ve never done anything to me? Maybe I’m just having my say after years of your slander and twisted lies. I’ve been quiet about them up until now. I’m tired of seeing your blogs about me on the internet. You’ve been contacted several times by Kellie Curran that her WordPress account was hacked, and that she didn’t write those awful comments about me on January 25th 2013, and all you did was block her. I believed that she had written them, but it wasn’t her after all. And yes, we know who it is. Do you want me to go public about that? And believe me, we know a whole lot about him. He is as evil as you are, maybe even worse.

You brag over and over how honest and truthful you are. But you are purely about vengeance – you ignore the truth and keep on with your efforts to make me look like the mentally ill one. Maybe if you deleted all of the hate blogs you’ve ever written about me, we could all have some peace again. Did you ever think of that?

And…if you blocked me from your FB page, it obviously didn’t take because I’m not blocked. It’s you who holds hands with and protect hackers, not me.

The Crazy Loon Is Internet Stalking Me!/What A Serious Nut Job!!!

419606-200Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf is worse than that character that Glenn Close played in “Fatal Attraction”.

I do not know why she continuously keeps trying to contact me over and over again. All that she is doing is making a complete fool of herself and showing just how “psychotic” and “confused” that she truly is.

Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf is not in touch with reality. She is extremely delusional and talking out of her head.

She needs help. She needs to be admitted into the psychiatric ward of her nearby hospital and to be put on some serious long term psychiatric medication.Then once Sharon/Shannon Lee stabilizes her mental health and cooperates sufficiently with the doctors maybe she’ll be able to receive that disability that she could not otherwise acquire.

With Sharon’s mental illness she will or may get the disability honestly this time.

She keeps visiting my facebook page. I blocked her profile a few days ago and she found an underhanded way to get back in to make the most pitiful and desperate comments.

I don’t know why she is taking her frustrations out on me. I did not do a thing. She did everything to herself. She says that I have been after her for three years and that is very strange because I have not known her for three years.

Sharon/Shannon Lee came after me and she knows this. This is a current copy of my followers list for my blog: 2 years, 8 months ago


Sharon/Shannon Lee has even created a blog here on in dedication to me in an attempt to retaliate and to give her a false sense of justification and/or credibility.

And I do not know what she keeps hollering on about these so called lies and attacks on her character. What lies? She is everything that anyone who is on the level knows that she is. And if the truth hurts then that is just too darn bad.

Sharon/Shannon Lee tried to ruin me in the beginning for no reason, just because I am a good person with talents, gifts, and a purpose. And because she is a no good nothing, and a nobody, with a dirty past who constantly manipulates and tries to take advantage of people with her deliberate schemes.

I did not, and I am not doing anything.

All what Sharon/Shannon Lee tried to do to me just went back and backfired onto her ten times the more worse because she wasn’t right. If she was truly a genuine and upright/upstanding person the universe would not have sent karma back to bite her. And she just cannot handle the sharp, piercing chunk that was bitten into and, out of her nasty ass.

Sharon/Shannon Lee is only continuing to make things bad for herself. Her nonsense has no meaning and it is not doing anything to me. What is the purpose?

She keeps accusing me of being in cahoots with these “hackers”. Some ploy that she has concocted. I wonder who these hackers are actually supposed to be because in reality they absolutely do not exist as far as I can see!

Either she is living in the “Land Of Make-Believe” with her neighbor and friend Mr. Rogers (the non existent father figure that she looked up to-“woman has serious psychological issues that need to be dealt with”).

Or someone has just messed with her head “real good” and she is just too stupid to see it. And the people or person who did it they obviously know it, and they know how to get to her!

Apparently people are playing on her mental illness and confusion. Or Apparently Sharon is still just making up stories to start trouble and to keep things further ongoing.

This situation has gotten so old and this sick woman needs to go away and finally leave me alone for the better. This obsession that she has is ridiculous. The more that Sharon writes to me the more crazy that she appears to become.

It infuriates Sharon that I do not pay her any attention. Why should I?

I’d sure hate to be inside of her miserable and demented world. Everyone of her actions shows how messed up and pathetic that she really is.



shannonleewolf x

Just dropping by to say hello, sweet caul bearer sister!

You sure have spunk, I’ll give you that, you little mischief maker. I love you so much, you are my all, my hero, my everything.

Big hugs, your best friend, Shannon

shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/16 at 2:53 pm

I think it’s really cute how you think I’m scared of you and walking on eggshells, lol! :P

shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/19 at 7:40 am

You are the world class hypocrite, miss latoya! You spread lies and gossip about me with your blogs, then pretend that I’m the bad guy and you take the high road, lol! Who do you think you’re fooling? You join up with hackers who spread lies and hate, too – even against my friend’s child. Wow, you are soooo enlightened. All you have is yourself and those of the Darkness. And you think this is good and clean and pure, and filled with peace. While all you do is slither around in the shadows doing the devil’s work. You are so pathetic, and filled with jealousy. You are one sad sack, little missy.

shannonleewolf x
Submitted on 2013/07/20 at 8:55 am

Just a little note for you – we know you’re not working solo, as you say you are. You’ve got a certain little demon hacker by your side. We are caul bearers, we are not fools. I’ve been silent long enough – we know of your evil schemes against caul bearers of the Light. We are not afraid of your silly black magic – you can’t hurt us with that garbage. You and your tiny little minions can fight us to eternity, and you will never even touch us. I’ve done nothing to you, except tell the truth. It seems to you, the truth is like a horror show. You believe you are special above all others. You’re not. All you’ve done is isolate yourself in the realms of darkness, and you call it “pure”. It’s nothing but folly. We send you the love and gentle swards of the Archangels – we don’t have to do anything else, but clean up a few of your silly little messes. :)

I believe that you shouldn’t read that person blogs sometimes it is best to let go of ones who want to hurt you. Also one on the blog seems to know a lot about you is it a friend or foe? The flame will go out as long as you don’t feed it. I would take all the stuff concerning her off my page only a fool would feed the flame.

June 19 at 8:20am

  • The Curious Caul Barbara, I totally understand where you are coming from. However, I have ignored her for 3 years and she hasn’t stopped her mission to blacken my name. A very dear friend of mine was affected by her blogs – these blogs are out there for the world to see, and anyone who doesn’t know me might have every reason to simply believe what they read. We are talking about real people and real lives being affected – not just mine, but others’ whom I care about. I just can’t sit back and allow these sick people to keep hacking away at me and say nothing. That other person was a member of one of my groups. Out of the blue one day she started accusing me of using caul bearers as “lab rats”, in some sly ploy to make money. Only a sick mind could conjure such twisted images of me. She then dug up my personal court records that have personal medical comments in them. This is not okay. These women have hurt a lot of people with their slander, and it’s time somebody stood up to them.
    • Barbara Hoffman I understand where you are coming from but the truth will set the ones free and by feeding the fire with fuel the sickness will keep going on. Your life is yours do not give it to them to do as they please take it back if you understand what I am saying.
    • Barbara Hoffman And you say your mate can tell if a person is a CB so is she one?
    • The Curious Caul Barbara…by saying nothing, the truth wasn’t being told. I’m taking my stance by telling the truth, you see? My life is mine, indeed — and I’m taking it back by speaking the Truth. They have taken it upon themselves to take parts of my life and create sick lies – by standing up and speaking the Truth, I am taking those parts back. As I said, when I was quiet about it, it was going strong. Have you heard this quote…”Your silence gives consent.” – Plato By being quiet, I was giving them permission to say whatever they wanted to. I am now speaking out, and saying “NO!” What they are doing is not only immoral, it’s illegal. Both cyber-bullying and Slander are offences that I can take to court.
    • The Curious Caul We have no way of knowing if Miss Latoya is one or not. She has never shown her face online — lol, and she points at us and yells “Incognito!” hee hee, it’s really pretty funny! Kellie Curran – yes she’s a caul bearer. A Dark One who loves to start trouble and scream like a banshee. What a foul mouth she has – if you could see the emails she sent me! Those two together remind me of the ladies in the movie “Death Becomes Her”. Fake and rotten to the core. And I’m tired of sitting back and just allowing them to slander me.
      The Curious Caul Oh…and how could I forget? I also had some correspondence with the person I believe to be responsible for the comments, and he fully admitted to me that he did indeed dig up my SSDI records to try to prove that I was a “poser.” As if being ill and struggling to survive makes me a poser. Oh, person of question…born of the caul…at one time we were friends and I gave you hours of my care and time. Do you really not care who you hurt – so many people who loved and trusted you? It’s really really sad.


1227444-200They keep coming to my blogs to be nosy yet some are intrigued (quite a few). About two are subscribers of my blogs (they are affiliated with one another). I know everything that they are up to and that they are trying to do.

“Steal” is one of course. My information, my words, my writing style, and also my distinct modes of expression (for their low-grade boring uninspiring literature and other so-called rip off creations) by mere communication to others out of envy an jealousy (using my style of worded expression), and also to just appear more authentic.

They also want and try to analyze (but believe me their brains are not equip enough to expand that far even though they may believe that they are actually smart-I know better).

However, there is only one Latoya. And I do give warning-keep coming endeavoring to fuck with my shit and i’ll guarantee that you are going to get more shit in return! The universe and karma will take care of that!

Their lives are already miserable as they have no life.

They have no talent, no nothing. Absolutely nothing at all going on for themselves so they try to take and steal from others in order to succeed. And then they want and expect to receive praise and credit for accomplishments that they are nowhere near capable of. They need people to use so that they can make money off of them.

They may be able to fool some (the easy prey, weak-minded, gullible, and easily influenced-whether it is by lack of intuition, lack of experience, or just sheer stupidity) however, everyone is not so oblivious.

I have never been a fool and always able to see beyond. I never reveal everything and in incidents with perpetrators I give them enough rope to hang their selves with their lies, innuendoes (their implications and paranoia dredged up from their own identifications within their own guilt) and games.

Statistics are just small examples, I hold way more proof in more detailed ways than one. So I just sit back and watch them masquerade and indulge in their illusion and delusions while all along knowing their predicaments and outcomes which they can never really and actually see for themselves until sometimes when it is too late.

Significance Of The Caul/A Caulbearer That Cannot Be Defeated

1397581_front_porchThe Trials And Truths Of A Caulbearer

My Love And Light

Update (December 16, 2020):

Indeed I have never been defeated only because of God, and because I have always belonged to God.

Everything I write is genuine as I speak from the truth of my life, mind, and experiences, however the Lord came to me to reveal his true self over the misconception and anger I had toward him.

The Lord summoned me seven months back I wrote just a few examples here as there are plenty more!: God’s Summon, The Lord Never Abandons Us, My Roots, Idol Worship And New Age, Counterfeit Christians And The Truth About Salvation.

I am leaving posts up on my blogs in which I spoke very negatively about God because I have nothing to hide and because I feel it is a great testimony to show before and after how the Lord can come into- or back into- our hearts and change us toward him for the better. –latoya lawrence

Significance Of The Caul/A Caulbearer Who Can’t Be Defeated 


I came across some old comments that I had saved but never approved because they were so ridiculously transparent.

Full of envies, jealousies, and disappointments as to my success as a “special person” and as to the successes within my life as a “survivor”. As a great accomplished (continuing to push forward and prevail regardless of obstacles set before me by enemies) individual with strength, confidence, growth, and much knowledge.

This person in particular who addressed me rather arrogantly and bitterly in a comment was particularly responding to the one and only post regarding the Caul that I had copied and pasted to share for public observance August 26, 2007 Order Of The Ancient Way which was removed by wordpress since the owners of the site did not approve of the sharing of their content.

Anyway, this person specifically who I speak of had not read anything else other than this particular post that I had copied regarding being born with the caul.

They had not bothered to read any of the over one hundred prior posts that I had written concerning my life and experiences with the world distinctly and in general.

So when they mentioned that much of what I wrote about caulbearers they had seen on other sites-it was indeed a big fat lie! I did not write the post listed by “Order Of The Ancient”. Nothing but a game that they tried to run on me.

Later came Shannon Lee wolf (Sharon Lassiter) who tried the same thing and failed (But she went a step further by falsely accusing me of plagiarism. And only to draw attention primarily toward herself). The only problem now is that she continues to come to my site to steal my content, facts, experiences, and style of writing (which cannot be duplicated) to put into her own words and to claim as her very own material just like she did with the other particular members of her phony caulbearers united website.

All credit for anything that Shannon writes goes to I and to all the other “true caulbearers” that she has stolen input from. I guarantee that she will not get far. Everyone who is on the level knows the truth about her. Even the certain people around her are aware of her fraudulent schemes-trust me!

This person accused me of purposely attempting to drum up admiration. In reality this person was just infuriated by the attention that I was getting on my site. Jealous, resentful people do not like to see others who are talented do well in the things that they were meant to do.

I am a writer, a messenger, a speaker of truth.

If people are inspired to compliment me or to look up to me that is purely their prerogative. I have absolutely nothing to do with that. If a bunch of people were coming to my blog constantly criticizing me would I have been accused of trying to purposely drum up that type of attention? I think not, so please spare me the bullshit.

People have admired me and my works all through out my life and for many reasons just like many of us congratulate or compliment others who we take pleasure or resource in.

Whether one “praises” or “ridicules” it has no bearing on me.

I am not here to please or to disturb anyone. I am here because I have just as much right as anyone else to live my life and to fulfill out my purpose.

I am not obligated to serve anybody’s “God of the bible”. He is not my Lord or my commander.

My caul birth serves for my own well being as an individual of my own existence of where I come from, who I am, and where I belong.

And no one will ever violate that. No one will ever dictate to me what my life and birth truly signifies within the terms of lifestyle or celestial means.

My worth is not based on the service from me to others.

I am not here to serve anyone. I have no obligation but to myself. I am obligated to love myself, to respect myself, and to be all that I was created to be.

I am one of the very few of my kind who weren’t able to be converted or destroyed by the demonic and their negative disguises and influences. Part of my purpose is for the survival of what I am a representation of.

And through my self service of naturally exercising and utilizing my gifts to enhance my life and profession certain others are able to benefit within certain areas if they choose to, or if they find it useful to their own state of being.

The so called “will” of “God” does not apply to me as I gratefully and fortunately am not of him.

“God” is demonic. I know this for a fact. There are a lot of lies and brainwashes going on out within the world that only a person like me is able to see, feel, hear, know, interpret, and understand. Certain revelations are not meant for just anyone.

All caulbearers are not of one another. They all do not use their knowledge or ability in the same exact method. All do not even have the same beliefs or interests into the occult. Many have different roads, genealogical roots, and are connected to specific spiritual dimensions. And many are very powerful in their abilities and in what they do.

Some caulbearers are just extraordinary people living ordinary lives. And if they follow or believe in “God” it does not necessarily make them bad people. Neither does it make those born without cauls any less good or important in their existence.


Of course, those who oppose the God of the bible will come under ignorant conclusions and judgements by many. It does not bother or affect me at all. It just makes me the more proud and determined.

This person who left the comment also mentioned obeying “Gods’ instruction to stay on the right path.

It is very sad that some choose and need a sad book like the bible in order to know the true difference between what is right and what is genuinely wrong according to their particular nature.

God is just a sick, irresponsible, cowardly spirit who continually wants and needs to be praised and worshipped for his own gratification or self satisfaction.

If one is truly pure in mind and spirit according to their own particular nature guidance, direction, inspiration and truth will innately manifest and lead one down along their correct or destined path. I know. This has been my way for all of my life because of who I genuinely belong to, and I have lived an extremely good life.

That is why I have always constantly come under attack ever since childhood.

Christianity and no other religion will ever strip away the true identity or spirituality that comes from my true African origin.

“Spirit has always been with me”. “Spirit came to me on it’s own”. My ancestors and Orishas have been with me from the beginning and they will continue to be with me til the end. I am gratefully of them.

I don’t give a fuck about the “god” of the bible and I am tired of hearing about him. He gets no credit from me just pure contempt.

My life runs so happily, so peacefully, and so smoothly. Only when he’s around and trying to intercede with his demonic presence and demonic believers, servants, or followers does conflict arise.

I remember when my so called Godmother (who my mother picked out for me during my christening as a baby in a catholic church. And who I have no regard for. She was a dopefiend in the past as well as one who was down with the rest of my enemies).

Lorraine had the nerve to tell me that I defeated all of my enemies with black magic because I always kept the ways of God.

Lorraine’s statement was one of the biggest insults to me (I had never told her or went into detail about how I defeated my enemies. “They are all shocked and surprised, they don’t understand how you did it” Lorraine had said to me at that particular time).

They believed more in their own God more than they should have!-I say.

I know tricks that none of them knew about. Not even the certain person that I worked with. I did the rest alone. And within the present I still work alone with my “spiritual connection”.

I, Latoya, having lived a clean life had absolutely nothing to do with me adhering to the laws or rules of God. I defeated my enemies because I and what is around me is much more stronger and much more powerful than them and what they are.

And God played a big part in my enemies black magic as they were and are all demonic.

Some people have such a twisted and misguided view of the influence of their perceived God, actually believing that we as humans cannot be of any good or of any significant value without him. Nothing but pure bullshit!

I am the way that I am not because of the God of the bible. If I was I’d be in serious trouble!

I am the way that I am because it is within my own nature. Strong, honest, and free with no shame or apologies.

The circumstances around my very existence estimates the true value of my worth and I have plenty of experiences to validate every aspect. So the only one’s that defy and fool themselves are the ones who are in denial and who are blinded by their own ignorance and lack of acuity.

Here is the comment that was sent to me on my blog back in the year of 2008

From Caul/Veil, 2008/05/28 at 2:19 PM
2008/05/28 Approve | Unapprove | Spam | Delete
Caulbearer |

Furthermore?LaToya, you should question yourself and your inner motives. I see a lot of people praising you here, but you would do much better to help others see what they need to know for themselves. Praise will be a downfall

As a caulbearer, you have a gift of ability and certain attributes that others do not. But you should take care of those. God?s instruction to you through the Bible still applies, and you are not exempt from being contaminated by self agrandizement of free will. The Caul itself is not an ends to a means. It is a means to do good. How you choose to use your abilities is what makes those profitable -spiritually profitable- to others, and should be done without acknowledgement of your self.
You can fool yourself. You can deify yourself. I know. And you have to take great care in listening to God, to know that you are staying on the right path.
Much of what you write about Caulbearers I have seen on other sites. But I don?t need to see that to know that I am different, that somehow I know more, that somehow I can sometimes heal. Just remember, you need God to do all of these things, with the caul or without.

And here is the other comment that was more recent from last year. This one however, was motivated by the connection that had to do with a post regarding Shannon Lee Wolf. If one takes notice though they both are similarly related just different tactics “Just like the rest who’s names I will not mention”. They all had and have their different approaches yet some go away and leave it alone while others continue to effort in vain:

Submitted on 2012/10/02 at 2:30 am

For a hand- pickedt soldier of GOD you sure don’t mention him much . I do recall you talking alot about you’r self though. Seems like you need to take a few steps back and humble you’re self. You seem so full of light and so full of shit at the same time . My name is what you call me. I was born to anwser his call as well. You spend a lot of time on the computer I see . The world needs you. If you have gifts I can promise they were not ment for you to gain “fans” . Instead of promoting “you” or other negetive light why not ask that people go sign up to donate Blood Marrow . Or ask that people in need of someone to talk to e-mail you . You get my point of course . See you’ll probably want to fire back at some grammer error or get ignorant in some way but the truth is GOD . Email all retarded comments to HIM and ill take the positive ones 😉 Also what point is it to have us unite ? That just means a higher chance of some one feeling there self a little to much ( happens some times ) and trying to be some leader or something like that. Our gifts don’t need anyone but …. take a guess …Yep ..!! GOD!! ..

Both comments from demonic creatures who I laugh at without pity. They do not realize what they show. I know what they are, the people who they are affiliated with and so on. Most of the time they are looking for a response, a reaction to aid them out within the mission that they have planned (all in which I can see right on through). For so many of them they sure aren’t too bright-but after all that is why there is so many of them! The blind leading the blind.

The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge

I Am Blessed So Keep Your God To Yourself



134218_lobbyCaulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed

Shannon Lee Wolf or shall I say Sharon is going crazy.

She has repeatedly visited my site. She had also alerted a few other of her associates (her partners in crime).

The bitch is in a panic yet she is playing the circumstances off.

Sharon attempts in vain to manipulate the situation that she is in. Putting up a public front and display. Sharon is not a strong and unique person.

She is just a phony weak liar.

Sharon/Shannon is not fooling anyone over here. (I am way ahead of you bitch!)

Sharon’s shit is all hanging out there.

The lengths that she will go through to cover up her tracks just to make her lies appear even the more legitimate.

As usual she has to use her facebook page as a means of  support (a crutch).

A place to build up her false sense of purpose and credibility. And to “prove” to those who are gullible enough to believe in her, or to those who are just pretending to believe in all of the bullshit that she is portraying.

While I have a real and productive life to live and enjoy with plenty of security along down the line Sharon has to continue on with her cons.

I just wish she’d stop following my blog and stop worrying about me and what I write about. She needs to mind her own business and get a life of her own. No one over here cares about her or her existence. She serves no true value or importance.

Instead of putting on airs of being content and laughing things off knowing damn well that she hasn’t got a pot to piss in she needs to be out looking for a job instead of looking for ways to hustle over the internet.

Fifty year old bitch has nothing to show for anything but a funky fat ass. Who and what does she plan to live off of for the rest of her life?

Oh I know, Sharon is the co founder of “Vermont Peace Barbecue Sauce” the first sauce made by caulbearers!!!!!

Sharon needs not to pretend to laugh at anyone or anything because she is a mockery within herself.

If I were able to delete this sick bitch from my site’s subscription I would, unfortunately that option is currently not available.

Anyway, here is the latest in her transparent ploys.

The Curious Caul
Surreal how some people will launch cyber hate attacks on you from the dark shadows of anonymity, and always on the safety of their own turf. A self propelled whirling blackness they create — shadow boxing at it’s worst. 😛

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“Hustling Is Where The Heart Is”: Shannon Lee Wolf

file000276744592Due To Sharon Lassiter’s ( Shannon Lee Wolf ) Problems That All Came Out During Her Court Case She Needs To Find Continuous Ways To Hustle People:

Moreover, there is some indication in these records that Lasitter’s problems
were largely situational, caused by stress, an “unhealthy lifestyle pattern”
family and work problems, and “abusive situations”

(“[Lasitter] and boyfriend are currently out of work and are at risk of [being] evicted
from their [apartment] adding to [their] stress.”).

The record reflects that Lasitter suffered a great deal of loss in the years prior to her alleged
disability onset date: she divorced her husband and had a falling out with her mother in 2005, and her
father committed suicide in 2007.  Also, in approximately 2010, her dog died; she was having
credit problems; she lost her job; and she lost her apartment.

The Rest Of This Court Case File In Detail Can Be Found In The Prior Post Titled “Vital” Information On Shannon Lee Wolf A.K.A Sharon Lassiter

Here Is A Link To Her Site To Legally Squat Inside Of Other People’s Homes (Dated Back From 2011) Since Her Life Is In Such A Major Jeopardy

-Where the Heart Is- House/Property-Sitting Service
Meet Jade and Shannon…

We will keep your Vermont home fires burning …

You’ll never have to worry what happened when you were out… We have impeccable references.  And because we have been in the Home Share Now program, we have had  thorough background checks.

We are an educated, responsible couple in our forties who wish to lovingly care for your home and indoor/outdoor furry or feathered pets while you are away.  We are looking for homes that will be left long term — 4 months or longer.  We are excellent grounds keepers, and experienced home/pet-sitters who currently live in the Middlesex area, but are happy to relocate within forty-five minutes of Montpelier.

We are non-smokers.  Jade is a massage therapist with many other skills to offer; I am a writer and we are working on a novel together…my second, his first.  (See Dover Graye) We are both previous pet owners, and love animals!   We have experience with working a variety of wood stoves.

I am a Vermonter, having moved to the state as a young girl; I moved away for many years before returning home.  Jade is a transplant from Kansas/Missouri where he spent his youth farming and tending livestock at his uncle’s ranch.  Yes, he was a cowboy!

We are clean, quiet and respectful tenants with outstanding references.  Our health problems keep us shy of full-time work and of affording a home of our own; but not of being capable of maintaining your lovely Vermont dwelling year round.

At -Where the Heart is- We Cover:

-Pet Care (No charge for up to two pets, unless you’d feel more comfortable paying us)

-Egg Collecting

-Lawn Care


-Relaying Phone Messages or the Appearance of Unexpected Visitors

-Relaying Any Suspicious Activity Around Your Home

-Mail Collecting

-Special Requests

Home is Where the Heart Is!


We are currently looking to fill October, 2011 and beyond.

“Vital” Information On Shannon Lee Wolf A.K.A Sharon Lasitter

394570_400283336691591_597938542_nThis Notice Can Be Found At This Address:
Oh what a character this Shannon Lee Wolf is (Caulbearers United Scam). Such a liar for days.
And all of these phony ailments that she supposedly has is quite ridiculous. She should not be alive.
Although I do know for a fact that all of the mental problems and issues that are listed below definitely is true about Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf.
Those other symptoms sound more like a combination of AIDS or HIV infection (just a thought!)
I can’t say for certain because of the way that Shannon is hard up for everyone elses money. I do not need her trying to sue me for defamation even while I am telling the truth.
I said “sounds like”. Sharon/Shannon likes to turn and twist the truth around so I am just making myself clear.
By The Way, I see on my site statistics Sharon/Shannon visited my site today. She is still keeping tabs and being informed by (possible spies) regarding the latest posts to my blog, aside from her being one of my followers.
Maybe someone will alert her before she receives an email alert through her subscription to my site and view the latest about herself. I tell you, this poor excuse for a woman is a dead giveaway.
She is definitely finished. Seems she better get a real job.
Maybe she can go into prostitution since she can do nothing but lay on her back all day long. There is no strenuous brain work within that. And it is a very quick way for Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf to make lots of good easy money!
Sharon Lasitter,
v. Civil Action No. 2:12-CV-112
Michael J. Astrue,
Commissioner of Social Security,
(Docs. 6, 10)
Plaintiff Sharon Lasitter brings this action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 405(g) of the
Social Security Act, requesting review and remand of the decision of the Commissioner
of Social Security (“Commissioner”) denying her application for disability insurance
benefits. Pending before the Court are Lasitter’s motion to reverse the Commissioner’s
decision (Doc. 6), and the Commissioner’s motion to affirm the same (Doc. 10). For the
reasons stated below, the Court DENIES Lasitter’s motion, and GRANTS the
Lasitter was forty-seven years old on the alleged disability onset date of
August 1, 2009. She has a high school education, has taken college courses in art and
psychology, and is certified as a life coach. She has work experience as an operator in a
textile plant, a life coach, and a housekeeper at a hotel. She is divorced, has an adult son,
and was living with her boyfriend during the alleged disability period. (AR 43.)
Lasitter suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (“CFS”) and fibromyalgia, among
other ailments. She testified at the administrative hearing that she has severe headaches;
and daily, “fairly constant” pain in her head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and legs. (AR
43-44.) She further stated that, in an effort to alleviate her pain, she lays down for
anywhere between two and four hours a day. (AR 45.) Lasitter testified that she suffers
from gastroesophageal reflux disease (“GERD”) and occasional irritable bowel syndrome
(“IBS”); and has difficulty reaching, lifting, sitting, standing, bending, and walking due
to pain. (AR 45-48.) Despite her pain and other problems, she stated that she is able to
prepare very simple meals, wash dishes, occasionally tidy up around the house, and keep
in touch with friends via Facebook. (AR 45, 52-53.) She watches television for
approximately four hours each day, and does very little socializing because she feels
overwhelmed and confused when she is around other people. (AR 53-54.)
On December 9, 2009, Lasitter filed applications for social security income and
disability insurance benefits. In her disability application, she alleged that, starting on
August 1, 2009, she has been unable to work due to CFS, which she described as
“persistent or recurring profound fatigue.” (AR 161.) She explained that her CFS
resulted in “a substantial reduction in work and social/personal activities,” as well as loss
of short-term memory, inability to concentrate, sleep problems, sore throat, muscle pain,
tender lymph nodes, severe headaches, malaise, heat/cold intolerance, inability to sit for
long periods, and inability to lift or carry heavy objects. (Id.) She stated: “The
combination of pain, fatigue[,] and congative [sic] issues halt or severely limit my ability
to maintain the stamina and capacity to work.” (Id.)
Lasitter’s disability application was denied initially and upon reconsideration, and
she timely requested an administrative hearing, which was conducted on June 30, 2011
by Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) Robert Klingebiel. (AR 33-57.) Lasitter appeared
and testified, and was represented by an attorney. On August 2, 2011, the ALJ issued a
decision finding that Lasitter was not disabled under the Social Security Act at any time
from her alleged onset date through the date of the decision. (AR 15-24.) Thereafter, the
Appeals Council denied Lasitter’s request for review, rendering the ALJ’s decision the
final decision of the Commissioner. (AR 2.) Having exhausted her administrative
remedies, Lasitter filed the Complaint in this action on May 29, 2012. (Doc. 3.)
ALJ Decision
The Commissioner uses a five-step sequential process to evaluate disability
claims. See Butts v. Barnhart, 388 F.3d 377, 380-81 (2d Cir. 2004). The first step
requires the ALJ to determine whether the claimant is presently engaging in “substantial
gainful activity.” 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(b), 416.920(b). If the claimant is not so
engaged, step two requires the ALJ to determine whether the claimant has a “severe
impairment.” 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(c), 416.920(c). If the ALJ finds that the claimant
has a severe impairment, the third step requires the ALJ to make a determination as to
whether the claimant’s impairment “meets or equals” an impairment listed in 20 C.F.R.
Part 404, Subpart P, Appendix 1 (“the Listings”). 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(d), 416.920(d).
The claimant is presumptively disabled if the impairment meets or equals a listed
impairment. Ferraris v. Heckler, 728 F.2d 582, 584 (2d Cir. 1984).
If the claimant is not presumptively disabled, the ALJ is required to determine the
claimant’s residual functional capacity (“RFC”), which means the most the claimant can
still do despite his or her mental and physical limitations based on all the relevant
medical and other evidence in the record. 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(e), 404.1545(a)(1),
416.920(e), 416.945(a)(1). The fourth step requires the ALJ to consider whether the
claimant’s RFC precludes the performance of his or her past relevant work. 20 C.F.R. §§
404.1520(f), 416.920(f). Finally, at the fifth step, the ALJ determines whether the
claimant can do “any other work.” 20 C.F.R. §§ 404.1520(g), 416.920(g). The claimant
bears the burden of proving his or her case at steps one through four, Butts, 388 F.3d at
383; and at step five, there is a “limited burden shift to the Commissioner” to “show that
there is work in the national economy that the claimant can do,” Poupore v. Astrue, 566
F.3d 303, 306 (2d Cir. 2009) (clarifying that the burden shift to the Commissioner at step
five is limited, and the Commissioner “need not provide additional evidence of the
claimant’s [RFC]”).
Employing this sequential analysis, ALJ Klingebiel first determined that Lasitter
had not engaged in substantial gainful activity since her alleged onset date of
August 1, 2009. (AR 17.) At step two, the ALJ found that Lasitter had the severe
impairments of fibromyalgia and affective disorder. (AR 18.) At step three, the ALJ
found that neither of Lasitter’s impairments, alone or in combination, met or medically
equaled a listed impairment. (AR 18-19.) Next, the ALJ determined that Lasitter had the
RFC to perform light work, as defined in 20 C.F.R. § 404.1567(b), except that she was
“limited to understanding, remembering, and carrying out simple instructions.” (AR 19.)
Given this RFC, the ALJ found that Lasitter was capable of performing her past relevant
work as a housekeeper, which the ALJ noted is an “unskilled, light occupation” under the
Dictionary of Occupational Titles. (AR 23.) The ALJ concluded that Lasitter had not
been under a disability from the alleged onset date of August 1, 2009 through the date of
the decision. (AR 23-24.)
Standard of Review
The Social Security Act defines the term “disability” as the “inability to engage in
any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or
mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be
expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.” 42 U.S.C. §
423(d)(1)(A). A person will be found disabled only if it is determined that his
“impairments are of such severity that he is not only unable to do his previous work[,] but
cannot, considering his age, education, and work experience, engage in any other kind of
substantial gainful work which exists in the national economy.” 42 U.S.C. §
In reviewing a Commissioner’s disability decision, the court limits its inquiry to a
“review [of] the administrative record de novo to determine whether there is substantial
evidence supporting the . . . decision and whether the Commissioner applied the correct
legal standard.” Machadio v. Apfel, 276 F.3d 103, 108 (2d Cir. 2002) (citing Shaw v.
Chater, 221 F.3d 126, 131 (2d Cir. 2000)); see 42 U.S.C. § 405(g). A court’s factual
review of the Commissioner’s decision is limited to determining whether “substantial
evidence” exists in the record to support such decision. 42 U.S.C. § 405(g); Rivera v.
Sullivan, 923 F.2d 964, 967 (2d Cir. 1991); see Alston v. Sullivan, 904 F.2d 122, 126 (2d
Cir. 1990) (“Where there is substantial evidence to support either position, the
determination is one to be made by the fact[-]finder.”). “Substantial evidence” is more
than a mere scintilla; it means such relevant evidence as a reasonable mind might accept
as adequate to support a conclusion. Richardson v. Perales, 402 U.S. 389, 401 (1971);
Poupore, 566 F.3d at 305. In its deliberations, the court should consider that the Social
Security Act is “a remedial statute to be broadly construed and liberally applied.”
Dousewicz v. Harris, 646 F.2d 771, 773 (2d Cir. 1981).
I. Credibility Determination
Lasitter argues that the ALJ’s credibility determination “is based on irrelevant
evidence and is not supported by substantial evidence.” (Doc. 6 at 12.) She accurately
points out that, in the context of assessing Lasitter’s credibility, the ALJ discussed an
email which has since been removed from the record because it “referenced another
claimant.” (AR 376-78; see AR 21 (“[the] e-mail[] suggests that [Lasitter] was
encouraged to amplify her subjective complaints in an effort to seek disability benefits,
rather than for the purpose[] of obtaining medical treatment”).) Even accepting this error,
however, it was harmless, given that (a) the ALJ identified sufficient other reasons to
support his credibility determination, and (b) substantial evidence supports that
determination, as discussed below. See Fitzgerald v. Astrue, No. 2:08-cv-170, 2009 WL
4571762, at *9 (D. Vt. Nov. 30, 2009) (holding ALJ error which does not negate validity
of ALJ’s ultimate conclusion is harmless and thus does not warrant reversal); see also
Batson v. Comm’r of Soc. Sec., 359 F.3d 1190, 1197 (9th Cir. 2004); Schaal v. Apfel, 134
F.3d 496, 504 (2d Cir. 1998) (“Where application of the correct legal standard could lead
to only one conclusion, we need not remand.”) (citing Johnson v. Bowen, 817 F.2d 983,
986 (2d Cir. 1987)).
It is well established that the ALJ may exercise discretion in weighing the
credibility of the claimant’s testimony in light of the other evidence in the record, and “is
not obliged to accept without question the credibility of . . . subjective evidence [of the
claimant’s pain].” Marcus v. Califano, 615 F.2d 23, 27 (2d Cir. 1979). Even when
accepted as true, the claimant’s subjective assertions of pain alone cannot ground a
finding of disability. 20 C.F.R. § 404.1529(a). The regulations provide a two-step
process for evaluating a claimant’s assertions of pain and other limitations. At the first
step, the ALJ must decide whether the claimant suffers from a medically determinable
impairment that could reasonably be expected to produce the symptoms alleged. 20
C.F.R. § 404.1529(b). If the claimant suffers from such an impairment, at the second
step, the ALJ must evaluate the intensity, persistence, and limiting effects of the
symptoms to determine the extent to which they limit the claimant’s capacity to work. 20
C.F.R. § 404.1529(c); SSR 96-7p, 1996 WL 374186, at *2 (July 2, 1996). Because “an
individual’s symptoms can sometimes suggest a greater level of severity of impairment
than can be shown by the objective medical evidence alone,” SSR 96-7p, 1996 WL
374186, at *3, an ALJ will consider the factors listed in the regulations to determine the
impairment’s severity. Those factors are: (1) the claimant’s daily activities; (2) the
location, duration, frequency, and intensity of the claimant’s symptoms; (3) precipitating
and aggravating factors; (4) the type, dosage, effectiveness, and side effects of
medication taken to relieve the symptoms; (5) other treatment received to relieve the
symptoms; (6) any measures taken by the claimant to relieve the symptoms; and (7) any
other factors concerning the claimant’s functional limitations and restrictions due to the
symptoms. 20 C.F.R. §§ 416.929(c)(3)(i)-(vii).
“When evaluating the credibility of an individual’s statements, the adjudicator
must consider the entire case record and give specific reasons for the weight given
[thereto].” SSR 96-7p, 1996 WL 374186, at *4. If the ALJ rejects the claimant’s
subjective complaints of pain, he must do so “‘explicitly and with sufficient specificity to
enable the [c]ourt to decide whether there are legitimate reasons for the ALJ’s disbelief.’”
Young v. Astrue, No. 7:05-CV-1027 (NAM/GHL), 2008 WL 4518992, at *11 (N.D.N.Y.
Sept. 30, 2008) (quoting Brandon v. Bowen, 666 F. Supp. 604, 608 (S.D.N.Y. 1987)).
Importantly, the court’s review of the ALJ’s credibility determination is limited, as it is
the province of the Commissioner, not the reviewing court, to “appraise the credibility of
witnesses, including the claimant.” Aponte v. Sec’y of Health & Human Servs., 728 F.2d
588, 591 (2d Cir. 1984); see Snell v. Apfel, 177 F.3d 128, 135 (2d Cir. 1999) (holding
ALJ is in better position to decide credibility). If the Commissioner’s findings are
supported by substantial evidence, the court must uphold the ALJ’s decision to discount a
claimant’s subjective complaints. Aponte, 728 F.2d at 591 (citing McLaughlin v. Sec’y of
Health, Educ., and Welfare, 612 F.2d 701, 704 (2d Cir. 1980)).
Here, the ALJ applied the above-described two-step process to assess whether
Lasitter’s asserted limitations were credible. After reciting Lasitter’s allegations and
testimony regarding her inability to work principally due to chronic pain, weakness, and
fatigue; the ALJ found that “[Lasitter’s] medically determinable impairments could
reasonably be expected to cause the alleged symptoms; however, [her] statements
concerning the intensity, persistence[,] and limiting effects of these symptoms are not
credible to the extent they are inconsistent with the above [RFC] assessment.” (AR 19-
20.) The ALJ then discussed Lasitter’s medical records, her self-reported daily activities,
and the medical opinion evidence, providing reasons for his decision that Lasitter was not
entirely credible. (AR 20-23.)
Specifically, the ALJ found that the objective medical evidence, including
diagnostic testing and clinical examinations, did not support the level of limitation
Lasitter claimed; but rather, indicated that Lasitter’s physical functioning was “essentially
normal.” (AR 20.) This finding is accurate. Despite Lasitter’s testimony at the
administrative hearing that she had fairly constant pain throughout virtually every area of
her body and had difficulty walking, standing, bending, reaching overhead, and
comfortably lifting anything over four pounds (AR 43-48); her radiologic evidence, lab
results, and physical examinations revealed basically no abnormalities other than a
treatable Vitamin D deficiency and fibromyalgia tender points (see, e.g., AR 220-22, 260,
426-29). She was reported to have normal range of motion in the extremities, neck, and
spine; full strength, reflexes, and sensation; and a normal gait. (See, e.g., AR 222, 228,
260, 428-29.) The ALJ also discussed Lasitter’s activities of daily living, accurately
noting that she was able to engage in “regular activities of daily living,” such as simple
cooking and cleaning, communicating with friends via Facebook and e-mail, and
maintaining a relationship with her boyfriend. (AR 21; see AR 45, 52-53, 180, 296.)
The record further demonstrates that Lasitter had been able to drive on occasion and
exercise five times/week.1 (AR 180, 183, 295, 355.) It is well established that an ALJ
may consider a claimant’s daily activities in assessing the claimant’s credibility. See,
e.g., Calabrese v. Astrue, 358 F. App’x 274, 278 (2d Cir. 2009) (citing 20 C.F.R. §
The ALJ also could have considered in support of his credibility determination
that Lasitter failed to comply with treatment recommendations, including following a
physical therapy program and seeking a referral for pain management services. (See AR
375 (“[d]ismiss[ed] need for pain [management] referral”), 391 (at initial physical
therapy appointment in August 2010, a plan was created, including “see[ing] patient 1-2x
a week as needed”), 400 (in October 2010, physical therapist wrote: “[Lasitter] has not
kept or made any additional appointments to continue care”).) Courts have held that
noncompliance with treatment recommendations may serve as a basis for dismissing a
claimant’s subjective complaints. See Holley v. Massanari, 253 F.3d 1088, 1092 (8th
Cir. 2001); 20 C.F.R. § 404.1530(b) (“If you do not follow the prescribed treatment
without a good reason, we will not find you disabled.”).
In sum, the Court is satisfied that the ALJ used the proper legal standards in
analyzing Lasitter’s complaints of pain. Further, the ALJ’s decision contains enough
detail for the Court to discern the reasons on which the ALJ relied in discounting
1 At the administrative hearing, however, Lasitter testified that she allowed her driver’s license to
expire in the summer of 2010, relying on her boyfriend to transport her to appointments. (AR 50-51.)
Lasitter’s allegations of disabling pain. Finally, there is substantial evidence—including
the objective medical evidence, Lasitter’s daily activities, and Lasitter’s failure to comply
with treatment recommendations—supporting the ALJ’s decision to discredit Lasitter’s
allegations regarding the extreme limitations caused by such pain. While another factfinder
could view this evidence in a light more favorable to Lasitter, the Court may not
substitute its own credibility determination for that of the ALJ’s unless the latter was
“patently unreasonable,” which was not the case here. Pietrunti v. Dir., Office of
Workers’ Comp. Programs, 119 F.3d 1035, 1042 (2d Cir. 1997) (“Credibility findings of
an ALJ are entitled to great deference and therefore can be reversed only if they are
patently unreasonable.”) (quotation marks omitted).
II. Analysis of Dr. Fama’s Opinion
In June 2011, after examining Lasitter on two occasions, rheumatologist Dr.
Teresa Fama opined that Lasitter could not lift any object for a continuous period of time;
could sit for only one hour at a time, stand for only ten minutes at a time, and walk for
only twenty minutes at a time; could sit for only four hours in an eight-hour workday, and
stand and walk for less than one hour in an eight-hour workday; needed to lay down for a
minimum of four hours each day due to fatigue; and needed to change positions at will
due to discomfort. (AR 418-19.) She further opined that any repetitive motion of the
hands, wrists, elbows, or lower back caused Lasitter pain and dizziness; and any
repetitive motion of the joints caused pain and fatigue. (AR 420.) Finally, Dr. Fama
opined that Lasitter had “frequent unexplained dizziness”; pain with stooping, kneeling,
and crawling; phobia of heights; and fear of going outside unaccompanied by another
person. (AR 421-22.)
The ALJ gave “little weight” to Dr. Fama’s opinions, finding them to be
“inconsistent with the medical evidence of record, including [the Doctor’s] own record of
treatment.” (AR 22.) The ALJ further found that the objective medical evidence “simply
does not substantiate [the] profound functional limitations [included in Dr. Fama’s
opinions].” (Id.) Lasitter argues that the ALJ erred in his analysis of Dr. Fama’s
opinions by failing to follow the “treating physician rule” and failing to give “good
reasons” for the limited weight afforded to Dr. Teresa Fama’s opinion about Lasitter’s
fibromyalgia. (Doc. 6 at 12-16.)
Lasitter’s argument fails for two reasons. First, Dr. Fama treated Lasitter on only
two occasions—November 4, 2009 and June 27, 2011—and thus did not have an ongoing
treatment relationship with her and was not a “treating physician” for purposes of the
treating physician rule. See Petrie v. Astrue, 412 F. App’x 401, 405 (2d Cir. 2011)
(treating sources who see a patient only once or twice do not have a chance to develop an
ongoing relationship with the patient and thus are generally not considered treating
physicians); Schisler v. Bowen, 851 F.2d 43, 46 (2d Cir. 1988) (defining a “treating
physician” as a physician “who has or had an ongoing treatment and physician-patient
relationship with the individual”). The Second Circuit has held that a physician’s opinion
is entitled to less weight when the physician did not treat the claimant on an ongoing
basis. In Mongeur v. Heckler, the court emphasized that the opinion of a treating
physician is given extra weight because of his unique position resulting from the
“continuity of treatment he provides and the doctor/patient relationship he develops.”
722 F.2d at 1039 n.2 (2d Cir. 1983). By contrast, the court reasoned that a physician who
examined a claimant only “once or twice” did not see the claimant regularly and thus did
not develop a physician/patient relationship with him. Id. The Second Circuit concluded
that such a physician’s medical opinion was “not entitled to the extra weight of that of a
‘treating physician.’” Id.; see also 20 C.F.R. § 416.927(d)(2) (an ALJ should generally
“give more weight to” the opinion of a doctor who treated a claimant on an ongoing basis
and thus could provide a “detailed, longitudinal picture of [the claimant’s] medical
impairment(s),” offering a more “unique perspective to the medical evidence” than
provided by reports from “individual examinations, such as consultative examinations or
brief hospitalizations”). Applied here, given that Dr. Fama examined Lasitter on only
two occasions over a period of nineteen months, the ALJ did not err in giving less than
controlling weight to her opinions.
Second, Lasitter’s argument fails because substantial evidence supports the ALJ’s
determination that Dr. Fama’s opinions were inconsistent with the medical evidence of
record, including her own treatment record; and this was a proper reason to discredit Dr.
Fama’s opinions. The regulations provide that a treating physician’s opinion must be
given “controlling weight” when it is “well-supported by medically acceptable clinical
and laboratory diagnostic techniques and is not inconsistent with the other substantial
evidence in [the] case record.” 20 C.F.R. § 404.1527(c)(2) (emphasis added). Where an
ALJ gives a treating physician opinion something less than “controlling weight,” he must
provide “good reasons” for doing so. Schaal v. Apfel, 134 F.3d 496, 505 (2d Cir. 1998);
see also Halloran v. Barnhart, 362 F.3d 28, 33 (2d Cir. 2004). Clearly, “[c]onsistency”
is a factor in deciding the weight accorded to a medical opinion, and it is proper to give
less weight to a medical opinion that is “internally inconsistent.” Michels v. Astrue, 297
F. App’x 74, 75 (2d Cir. 2008); see 20 C.F.R. § 404.1527(c)(4). Thus, the ALJ’s
rationale that Dr. Fama’s opinions were entitled to less weight because they were
internally inconsistent and inconsistent with the record as a whole, constituted a “good
reason,” if supported by substantial evidence.
After reviewing the record as a whole and Dr. Fama’s treatment records in
particular, the Court finds that substantial evidence supports the ALJ’s determination that
Dr. Fama’s opinions are “inconsistent with the medical evidence of record, including her
own record of treatment.” (AR 22.) Dr. Fama first saw Lasitter for a rheumatology
consultation in November 2009. (AR 259-61.) Upon examination, the Doctor noted that,
although Lasitter reported significant fatigue with cognitive impairment, pain in various
parts of her body, dry eyes, sore throat, breathing problems, acid reflux, and mild irritable
bowel symptoms; she had full range of motion in her extremities, normal range of motion
in her spine and neck without discomfort, 5/5 strength in all large muscle groups, only
“[a] few” (“less than 11”) fibromyalgia tender points, a nonantalgic gait, and negative
straight leg raise bilaterally. (AR 259-60.) Dr. Fama ordered blood work, and thereafter
recorded that Lasitter’s antibody tests were “completely negative.” (AR 264.) Dr.
Fama’s only diagnosis was chronic fatigue “with many features of chronic fatigue
syndrome” and a Vitamin D deficiency; she stated that taking a higher dose of Vitamin D
“[may] . . . help with [her] fatigue.” (AR 260.) Nearly twenty months after this initial
examination, in June 2011, Dr. Fama saw Lasitter for a second time. (AR 427-29.) Dr.
Fama noted that, according to Lasitter, her symptoms had not changed since the earlier
visit. On examination, however, the Doctor found more fibromyalgia tender points than
at the November 2009 examination. (AR 429; see also AR 428 (reporting tender points
in the “upper back, chest wall, left lateral epicondyle, lower back, quadriceps[,] and
greater trochanters”).) Dr. Fama’s assessment was that Lasitter had chronic fatigue and
chronic pain “with signs and symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia.” (AR 429.)
Thus, Dr. Fama’s two examinations of Lasitter revealed basically normal results,
although Lasitter reported significant fatigue and many other miscellaneous symptoms,
some of them consistent with fibromyalgia. Dr. Fama’s opinion that Lasitter had
“frequent unexplained dizziness” (AR 421; see also AR 422 (“[r]arely drives due to
dizziness, feeling off-balance”)) is not reflected in Dr. Fama’s treatment notes; and
Lasitter denied dizziness on multiple occasions to other medical providers (see, e.g., AR
220, 224, 227, 387). Dr. Fama also found that Lasitter could “[n]ever” lift an object
weighing less than ten pounds (AR 418), yet Lasitter herself stated in a physical therapy
report that she could lift a grocery bag weighing ten pounds (but with some difficulty)
(AR 357). Although Dr. Fama was given an opportunity to identify “the particular
medical or clinical findings (i.e., physical exam findings, x-ray findings, laboratory test
results, history, and symptoms including pain, etc.)” which supported her opinions, she
merely reiterated that Lasitter felt pain with certain activities or movements. (AR 420-
21.) As discussed above, however, the ALJ properly found that Lasitter was not entirely
credible with respect to reporting such severe levels of pain; and thus this was a weak
foundation for Dr. Fama’s opinions.
Overall, the record contains several physical examinations resulting in normal
findings, similar to those recorded in Dr. Fama’s treatment notes but inconsistent with Dr.
Fama’s opinion that Lasitter had severe physical limitations. (See, e.g., AR 220-22, 225,
386-87.) Moreover, there is some indication in these records that Lasitter’s problems
were largely situational, caused by stress, an “unhealthy lifestyle pattern” (AR 220),
family and work problems, and “abusive situations” (AR 387)2. (See also AR 414
(“[Lasitter] and boyfriend are currently out of work and are at risk of [being] evicted
from their [apartment] adding to [their] stress.”).) The record also contains medical notes
indicating that Lasitter’s fibromyalgia symptoms were improving with medication, and
were stable. (See, e.g., AR 370 (“[u]sing . . . Cymbalta . . . which helped myalgia,
fatigue[,] and depression”), 389 (“[d]oing well on Cymbalta overall”), 433.) Opining that
Lasitter had no medically determinable impairment, state agency consultants Dr.
Geoffrey Knisely and Dr. Ann Fingar summarized the medical record as follows: no
evidence of swelling, full range of motion of joints except mild decreased abduction with
normal passive range of motion, few (less than eleven) fibromyalgia tender points,
normal range of motion of spine, neurologically intact, non-antalgic gait, and negative
straight leg raising. (AR 338, 344.) Although Drs. Knisely and Fingar made their
opinions before Lasitter’s 2011 fibromyalgia diagnosis, and thus the ALJ afforded
2 The record reflects that Lasitter suffered a great deal of loss in the years prior to her alleged
disability onset date: she divorced her husband and had a falling out with her mother in 2005, and her
father committed suicide in 2007. (AR 295.) Also, in approximately 2010, her dog died; she was having
credit problems; she lost her job; and she lost her apartment. (AR 295-96.)
“limited weight” thereto (AR 22), their summary of the medical record—including their
notation that Lasitter had less than eleven “tender points of fibromyalgia” (AR 338,
344)—is accurate.
Importantly, for purposes of the disability analysis, the mere diagnosis of
fibromyalgia is not particularly significant; it is the severity of the fibromyalgia
symptoms and the limitations caused thereby that matter most. See Green-Younger v.
Barnhart, 335 F.3d 99, 108 (2d Cir. 2003). Lasitter asserts that Social Security Ruling
(“SSR”) 12-2p requires remand for the ALJ to reconsider her fibromyalgia. But SSR 12-
2p does not do away with the requirement that, once the ALJ finds that the claimant had
fibromyalgia, he must determine whether that fibromyalgia, alone or in combination with
other impairments, was disabling. Rather, SSR 12-2p states:
Once [a medically determinable impairment] is established, we then
evaluate the intensity and persistence of the person’s pain or any other
symptoms and determine the extent to which the symptoms limit the
person’s capacity for work. If objective medical evidence does not
substantiate the person’s statements about the intensity, persistence, and
functionally limiting effects of symptoms, we consider all of the evidence
in the case record, including the person’s daily activities, medications or
other treatments the person uses, or has used, to alleviate symptoms; the
nature and frequency of the person’s attempts to obtain medical treatment
for symptoms; and statements by other people about the person’s
SSR 12-2p, 2012 WL 3104869, at *5 (July 25, 2012) (emphasis added). The Second
Circuit has recognized that, although “fibromyalgia is ‘a disease that eludes [objective]
measurement,’ mere diagnosis of fibromyalgia without a finding as to the severity of
symptoms and limitations does not mandate a finding of disability.” Rivers v. Astrue,
280 F. App’x 20, 22 (2d Cir. 2008) (quoting Green-Younger, 335 F.3d at 108) (citation
omitted). The court distinguishes between a claimant like the one in Green-Younger,
whose doctor3 diagnosed her fibromyalgia as “severe” and the cause of marked
limitations in the claimant’s activities of daily living, id. at 104; and a claimant like
Lasitter, whose fibromyalgia was not described as severe by a physician who had an
ongoing treatment relationship with her, who was able to engage in regular activities of
daily living, and who the ALJ properly found to be not entirely credible.
The record reflects that, although Lasitter experienced pain and fatigue, her
symptoms were controlled with medication; she did not require intensive treatment or
hospitalization; she opted against following a physical therapy program and seeking a
referral for pain management services; and she was able to engage in regular activities of
daily living. The Second Circuit has explained that “disability requires more than mere
inability to work without pain. To be disabling, pain must be so severe, by itself or in
conjunction with other impairments, as to preclude any substantial gainful employment.”
Dumas v. Schweiker, 712 F.2d 1545, 1552 (2d Cir. 1983); Craig v. Apfel, 212 F.3d 433,
436 (8th Cir. 2000) (“The mere fact that working may cause pain or discomfort does not
mandate a finding of disability.”). The record here supports the ALJ’s determination that
Lasitter’s impairments did not preclude any substantial gainful employment during the
alleged disability period.
3 Also significant, and distinguishable from this case, the claimant’s physician in Green-Younger
had a lengthy and involved treatment relationship with the claimant: at the time of the administrative
hearing, the doctor had coordinated the claimant’s care for over three years, during which time the
claimant underwent numerous physical examinations and diagnostic procedures. Green-Younger, 335
F.3d at 107. By the time of the appeal, the doctor had treated the claimant for eight years. Id. at n.11.
For these reasons, the Court DENIES Lasitter’s motion (Doc. 6), GRANTS the
Commissioner’s motion (Doc. 10), and AFFIRMS the decision of the Commissioner.
Dated at Burlington, in the District of Vermont, this 30th day of January, 2013.
/s/ John M. Conroy .
John M. Conroy
United States Magistrate Judge

Phony Commentors? “How To Know If I Were Born With A Caul/Veil”-“Victim Of A Psychic Scam Artist”

I received a visitor from Naples, Florida yesterday who left some comments under the name “Shari”.

Now here and there I know that I will run into people who have ulterior motives for why they contact me. Some for spiteful purposes, and some for reasons that do not mean anything-they are just curious, just being plain silly or just idle-minded.

A lot of us in the world share certain experiences and circumstances that we may be able to relate to with each other, and sometimes the comparisons are so much alike.

And like I’ve mentioned in one of my posts before-there are billions and zillions of people out there in the world and many of us can come up with similar ideas or similar modes of expression that are honestly just mere coincidence. A whole lot of us are the same in our certain ways and in the way that we do things.

However, it is quite obvious to tell when someone has been reading things that I’ve wrote then go and use my own words as examples of similarity.

I mean, we can read or hear things by others that express something that can definitely pertain to us and our experience or situation and we may get further clarification and confirmation.

We may also get stimulated and better understand, remember, or express something that we weren’t able to put into our own words. And gathering information in that instance is very helpful and beneficial to us all in any relevant subject. There is always something that we can learn from one another.

But why some fool around for attention or whatever else is just a pure waste of time.

Anyway, this is an example of what went on yesterday:

The first comment on the post “my sites”

Shari on January 11, 2013 at 1:28 pm said:

How will I know if I was born with a caul/veil…

My response was

misslatoya on January 11, 2013 at 2:34 pm said:

Everything has specific characteristics even though each individual is different. A true person born with a caul/veil has experiences that ordinary people do not. Definite signs are knowing things without understanding how you know them.

Noticing how easy it is for you to pick up on things, and picking up on things that others cannot. Realizing how much more different you are when it is in comparison to others. You will have clairvoyant or psychic abilities. And they do not always come all at once. For some people their powers get stronger with age. You will be very wise and wise in ways that others do not always appreciate.

You will be able to read people and their motives just by looking at them or hearing their voice. You will dream things that come true, see visions with your third eye, feel other people’s emotions, communicate with spirits, hear actual incidents and peoples conversations in your mind, communicate with others through your mind. Taste foods and energies, smell scents and chemicals all without coming into physical contact with any of the substances.

There are also many other spiritual activities that will happen around you that other people will not be able to see or understand. The ordinary person will look at you and physically think that you are a regular person in a regular state and/or situation just like everybody else but you will know that that just isn’t so. There is a border that separates me from the rest of the world and I am elevated by it. I see and feel the spiritual activity around me every day and my mind does not work like the average person, I am constantly learning and growing and have always been unaffected by the things that are going on around me.

If what I have written isn’t explanatory enough, or wasn’t exactly what you were looking to know directly, or do not understand, you can be more specific in your questions, because there is a lot of complex things that go along with being born with a caul. I am thirty-seven years of age and have lived with these supernatural experiences and things all of my life so I understand and have come to understand quite a lot, and I still have further things to understand about myself and my life.

Her response was

Shari on January 11, 2013 at 3:24 pm said:

When I was a child I use to see things, feel things and dream things before it happen… But my mom and family will always tell me it’s all in my mind or am just making things up.. I never wanted to stay by my mom so I moved with my grandmother thinking everything will get better. It did for some time but then it started again but I kept it to my self. I just didn’t understand why my family acted that I was making things up. Then when I was about 12yrs old my grandmother told me about what me great grandmother use to do not her mother but my grandfathers mother she was a witch and that my mom can also be one but she don’t want to do it. So I ask her about me do I have the gift she did not answer me all she said was don’t thing about it.

Am 33yrs and still have dreams that come true. Some times I feel things. On Tuesday night was on my bed and it felt like someone was in my house but I couldn’t go and check I don’t know why but this time I was very scared. On Wednesday morning when I was still sleeping I was feel something touching me I jump and woke up with no energy. I still trying to get my energy back. Today I feel a little better but I know am not my 100%. Some times I dream with people that are family and friends telling me that they are going to die or not come back, and it do happen. Or sometime the are dead and give me a messages. Even people that I never meet come and talk to me. I pick up on things so fast.. That’s why I don’t have much friends. They all call me cold they also tell me that I don’t care how I talk to people. I don’t care about the way I say things and their feelings, that I show no feelings and the list will go on and on.

Everything you told me about, it’s like me like you are reading me. I just wish to understand me more and just be me.

Thank you for replying

She Then Made Another Comment On “A Psychic To Beware Of ”

Shari on January 11, 2013 at 2:23 pm said:

I wish I had known more about Tiffany before going to her…. It’s a long story and still can’t get the money back or any answers…. Yes that’s the time that she calls around 1:00am – 6:00am…. She even told me that everything that is happening with her was so post to had happen to me!!! Also stated that everything is going bad with her because of my case…. I just don’t know what to believe anymore…. I just can’t understand why every time I go to someone to read me, help or tell me if i have a gift I feel that I know more then them and don’t get the answers or the help I need…

misslatoya on January 11, 2013 at 2:51 pm said:

No offense, but I will answer certain questions for people sometimes even if they tell me phony stories or are just trying to test me or for whatever nonsense and silly or spiteful motives that they may have. And it is only because there is always someone out there who is real who will come along and who will really benefit from the knowledge that I can infer to them. So you and whoever else don’t think that you can fool me.

And just speaking in general, I am very well aware of the jealous and resentful people that cannot deal with the truth and who endeavor to destroy my credibility through these obvious tactics. I guarantee that it will not work though- you might have a chance with the gullible and weak-minded. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

The Truth Always Comes Out/Shannon Lee Wolf Has Finally Been Found Out!

People are coming to realize just how much of a liar and con artist Shannon lee wolf really is (she is nothing but a fake and a phony). And it is about time! Everything that she is being accused of by those in particular is absolutely true.

She is a liar, a manipulator, an evil witchcraft worker and much more. I knew that she was taking people for their money and using them for their information to try to make them vulnerable (when she first came onto the scene she’d ask people for donations. Then she came up with this silly “Vermont peace barbecue sauce” that she wanted to sell-I wouldn’t eat that shit!). She uses people because she has no real true gifts of her own. She is just a pitiful piece of trash.

And she does indeed steal other people’s stories and writings only to try to make them her very own-she’s been stealing from me (my own personal knowledgeable writings and experiences) and my blog for the past two years and I’ve never belonged to any of her groups.

She just came out of the blue and attacked me unjustly a few years ago for being real-a genuine person born with the caul/veil who would not fall for her bullshit. And she did not even know me. I read what she was all about from the get go! You have to watch people like that.

In due time, and no matter how quick or long that it may take-the no good people do eventually “get theirs”. They will get every bit of what is ultimately coming to them!

Shannon lee wolf makes me so sick with her lies and how she always tries to play the victim. And she kills me with how she blames “fear” as the motivator when people “challenge” her authenticity.

Oh please, nobody is scared of that stupid bitch. She needs to stop being “afraid” and just face up to the truth about herself and who she really is!

Hear from Shannon Lee Wolf’s own words from which I copied from her facebook page:

  • The Curious Caul Smitty, you are right again! We can’t allow ourselves to get stuck in anger — it merely saps us of vital energy and keeps us from peace. When a stranger rises up against me, it stings, because I am so very sensitive to energies, but I get over it. Everything I feel is amplified, and when I am getting pummeled from multiple directions (which is often typical) and being ill and not feeling well, it gets to be too much for me. I often get to be the target of people’s worst fears and become a scapegoat for them. I’m accused of doing awful things that I would never do, and feel their personal terrors being forced on me. This time, it was a member of one of my groups. She accused me of using caul bearers as “lab rats”, “subjects” – experiments for clandestine projects I’m supposedly working on with Jade, on the sly. She said that she and other caul bearers deserve to know the truth, and that we have essentially been lying about what we do when we are not present in our groups, and she felt the need to “protect” caul bearers from being exploited by us as money making objects. That I take their stories and steal them to write about. It struck me deeply — I have devoted thousands of hours to the cause of caul bearers. To give them a safe, private, and supportive place to share stories and feelings that have been bottled up for lifetimes. No matter how crappy I feel, I give to them freely and have asked for nothing in return — not a single penny. I’ve given freely to educate the public about real caul bearers — that we are not fables from the past. We aren’t vampires and werewolves. We are real people with real gifts and real feelings. The last thing I would ever do is use and abuse the very people I am here to protect and nurture. If anyone chooses to point their fears in my direction, they belong elsewhere — I will not stand to be accused of abhorrent deeds, when I am the complete opposite of such people’s fears. Just because I’m a writer doesn’t make me a twisted abuser of trust, and it’s the worst thing I could ever be accused of — and she insisted that she was just asking a question and had no idea I would take it so hard. Wha? If I accused her of putting poison in her children’s food as an experiment — that I and other caul bearers deserved to know the truth, then others stepped in with their doubts about her, would she not feel offended, hurt, betrayed? Cornered by her comrades? People need to face their fears — own them, heal them. I’ve had enough of them being persistently put on me for the last 50 years, and I’ll take no more of it. Just Sayin’.

A Never Ending Story/My Enemies Are Not Fooling Anyone But Themselves!

I am not and have never been anybody’s fool.

I have for a long time been a popular girl ever since I was very young all because I was extremely unique, smart, and untouchable.

I was always one to keep a low profile. A loner-yet at the same time I was outgoing and ambitious. Never in any way did I ever seek the attention of others. I didn’t care to be in the spotlight. I lived for myself, only concerned with the things of my own.

So therefore I figured I could exist quietly, enjoying the blessings of gifts and serenity. Oh boy, oh boy, was I wrong!

Since day one, there were people constantly trying to do things on the sneak tip, thinking that I would not know any better. And I understand that each and every person that I came into contact with was not aware that I had deep clairvoyant abilities, however, my knowing and avoiding negative and disastrous things and situations in life is what made me a target to begin with.

The fools who targeted me didn’t know that I also had sharp-witted and keen street smarts. Those particular fools were in the street but did not know the street. Just the kinds who were on their level were they able to sometimes read.

However, when it came to me, they were way off because I do not play any games and that is all that people like them know how to do.

“Why nothing ever happens to her?” a lot of undesirables often wondered and could not understand.

And I can give the answer.

I was an entirely “different kind” of person altogether. Of course there were those in particular who wanted to generalize me because they didn’t want to accept or believe that I was unique due to the fact that they needed to be the ones who knew-it-all.

They continuously found out later that they weren’t all what they thought they was cracked up to be. And that I truly was.

Lately, there have been certain people in particular contacting me (not everyone is corresponding with an ulterior motive-and I do know that, some are sincere) through my blogs, all taking turns trying to not make themselves obvious concerning voodoo/black magic, the term orisha/loa, caul/clairvoyant ability and meanings, and regarding negativity concerning the god of the bible.

These people who are and who are working against me cannot defeat me spiritually, intellectually, mentally or emotionally. And they are dumbfounded. They have never come across anyone of my stature. These people do not know and/or understand what I possess spiritually so they’ve decided to analyze my responses through the accusations or questions that they set before me.

My enemies actually want me to give them clues on how to go about destroying me through my own information regarding the paranormal abilities of my nature.

I have gone through many similar incidents all through out the years, and years ago, with individuals approaching me on account of others who know or know of me. And the shit is ridiculous, a complete unrelenting sickness on their parts.

Although I am aware whenever I am confronted, I for the most part sometimes remain cordial because truth shoots their efforts down every time. I will answer honestly and to the best of my knowledge through my gifts and experience but there comes a time to draw the line.

When I give them a little bit of rope they take more an more, and then go on not to realize that they have already hung themselves.

This in no way at all discourages me from enlightening anyone who may genuinely seek my guidance. In fact, it is very encouraging.

My enemies unwittingly show the great and intense progress that has been made for the truly good individuals of the world who were unjustly attacked through evil doers. A lot of their negativity has come to a halt. And they are not able to destroy a lot of people the way that they use to.

Knowledge is power! Yes indeed. And all true knowledge will continue and prevail!

Who Me?, A Thief?!-Oh Please!/ You Can’t Spoil My Joy!!!

Today was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cool, it was just right; I wish the rest of the summer could stay that way everyday and night.

Early this morning my mother and I went and did some shopping. When we left Duane Reade we were carrying a total of four large shopping bags of items. I had two in the grips of my hands, and my mother had the other two in the grips of hers.

Instead of going back home right away, we decided to go straight to waldbaums so we wouldn’t have to come back out to make another trip. As we lugged our bags, we went and caught two buses which took and let us off at our destination.

My mother and I hadn’t planned on staying at waldbaums too long, just time enough to quickly pick up something not available at most supermarkets. We laid our bags down by the bread aisle, and then I went to get what I needed. Upon my arrival at a shelf I noticed a few sales and stayed slightly longer than we both planned.

I know that there is a first time for everything. However, in my thirty-seven years of life, I have never gone through any of this phony bullshit!

Within maybe a good twenty minutes, eyes were on me and my mother and our large shopping bags.

Two men came and stood nearby vigilantly observing us. They appeared to be members of management.

Now, the four bags that my mother and I had, never budged from the floor near the bread aisle-until I returned with a shopping cart-to gather some additional items from the store. And when I did grab my two bags the two men were watching me the whole entire time.

I entered another aisle and my mother followed me with her two large bags. The next thing we know this silly woman comes from out of nowhere behind us pushing another shopping cart our way, and telling me to put my bags inside. She also appeared to be a member of management.

“Put your bags in the cart”, she said. You’re putting groceries inside your bags to make it easier for you to carry. Give them to me and I’ll hold them for you. They’ve got to be heavy right?”

“I already have a cart”, I told her.

This bitch had caught me off guard because I didn’t want to believe that someone could actually be this stupid. But who am I kidding; you got people like that all over the place.

“Well, if you are going to take my bags aren’t you going to give me a ticket or something?” I said.

The woman ignored me.

I grabbed my two bags as my mother uttered “come on toy, let’s go”.

“She is acting like we are stealing”, I said as the bitch backed up with the cart she’d brought and left out the aisle.

When my mother and I made it to the register, one of the men who appeared as management approached us, asking “do you have a receipt that I could see?”

My mother pulled out two receipts showing proof of all our purchases we made from Duane Reade, and how much that was paid for the items, plus showed him how much money we had on us and he looked like a complete fool.

The man then tried to explain to me that we had items in our bags that their supermarket carried (oh what a lame excuse).

Then I explained to him how that woman blatantly insinuated that I had taken items from their store and stuffed them inside my bags.

“She didn’t see me do that”, I told him. “Because I didn’t”.

He listened remained quiet and walked away.

I know what was behind that bogus bullshit. The woman had tried to obtain my bags so that she could plant some random supermarket items inside of them to make it look as if I actually were there committing a theft.

I’ve shopped at numerous places all of my life and am well aware that workers and business owners are apt to be suspicious in general. And you have to be in this day and age.

It is necessary precaution, though this whole incident smelled very funny to me. And I am one who can sniff out some bullshit. My mother and I did nothing out of the ordinary. We barely even moved that much while we were there at waldbaums.

My family and I aren’t rich but we do come from money. We have never been without. I have family members from the south who own their own businesses. One has their own funeral home. My mother’s grandparents use to make their own products and sell them for a profit.

The good people in my family always worked for the things that they achieved-and just like me-we never had to take! We honestly earned everything because it was in our blood to succeed and do well.

This was an attempt to get me arrested, to ruin my credibility. And guess what? I don’t give a fuck!

I have never been arrested and I’ve never been to jail. But most of my foes have. And what is a person who steals? A thief, of course, and a thief is a liar, a person who can’t be trusted. I tell you, when you are on the right path you’ve got to be careful.

The wolves sometimes lie in wait eager for the opportunity to seize and attack. To chew you up and spit you out to rot lower than what they are.

It will never happen with me. I know how to hunt. And I know how to aim. And when I shoot, I shoot to kill. And I definitely will not miss.

A Psychic To Beware Of

doris10Update: September 6, 2013 -latest on Doris Dorothy Johnson’s family scams found here


( I, LaToya, personally know Doris Johnson. I’ve worked with her in the past. She does have some power, nevertheless, i could see right through her. I’m not going to go into any detail about my story but she tried to take my spiritual energy years ago and i beat her at her own game. I was too smart and too spiritual for her. She’s a con woman. A big liar. And she is in the police database. I’ve got pictures of Doris, and when i told her how i spotted her on a site where she was doing her spiritual work she quickly went and got her photos off the internet along with the site. I fixed her ass!- check out this story below)

Can you prove a curse wasn’t lifted?

Naples woman suing fortune teller Aisling Swift Naples Daily News Originally published 07:16 a.m., November 10, 2008 Updated 07:16 a.m., November 10, 2008 NAPLES, Fla. — How do you prove a curse wasn’t lifted?

That’s the question a Collier County judge will have to determine when the case of a 54-year-old Golden Gate woman suing a fortune teller for fraud, theft and deceptive trade practices heads to court. Eumathe Dufrene is suing Doris Palm & Card Reading on Airport-Pulling Road, alleging that she paid Tiffany Johnson $80 for a card reading on March 8 and then was asked to provide $300 the next day, then more money over several weeks.

Dufrene said she was asked to pay Johnson for medicine to prevent evil and “grave calamities” from being around her family and children and more money after the first “spiritual loan” wasn’t enough to lift the evil. Dufrene ended up paying $13,200 over several weeks in March, according to her lawsuit filed Oct. 28 in Small Claims Court. Johnson, who has a money-back guarantee, promised to return the money, according to the lawsuit, which includes a receipt showing Johnson’s signature that is labeled “Exhibit 1.”

On March 25, after no money was returned, Dufrene went to the business at 1872 Airport-Pulling Road and asked for her money back. But Johnson claimed the evil surrounding Dufrene’s family was causing complications with Johnson’s pregnancy and asked her to call in a couple of days, the lawsuit says. Dufrene called repeatedly and even returned to the business — to no avail.

Her lawsuit seeks the return of the $13,200 and lists the business, Johnson and Dorothy Johnson, the business owner, as defendants. Johnson and her mother, Dorothy, who is known as Doris, deny Dufrene’s account. They say the money was for readings and future readings Dufrene paid for in advance. “She was constantly calling and constantly coming here,” Doris Johnson said as she sat in her business. “The money was for my daughter’s readings, her time.” She said Dufrene was upset because her son was murdered and nothing was done, and she’d also lost her job and was depressed. “She felt so confused and troubled about her son, her life and everything around her,” Johnson said, adding that Dufrene wanted a curse placed on her son’s killer, but they don’t do that type of work and said Dufrene would have to do that in her country, Haiti. They told her to be positive and to move forward with her life, to rely on God and seek counseling or a doctor. “Whatever was wrong, it was God’s will, but don’t blame God, and be happy, be the best you can, be positive,” Johnson said her daughter told Dufrene and Dufrene’s daughter Vanessa, who always accompanied her.

Tiffany Johnson said she gave birth to a daughter just weeks ago and was pregnant at the time Dufrene kept returning, so she wasn’t able to spend more time with her. She said Vanessa Dufrene came to her before they sued and she offered to provide more readings without charge to help her. Dufrene’s lawyer, Adam Oosterbaan of Naples, denied Dufrene’s payments were for future readings.

“They can explain that to a jury,” Oosterbaan said of the Johnsons. Dufrene declined comment on her lawsuit. There are no other similar lawsuits involving the business filed in Collier County. The Johnsons’ attorney, David McElrath, could not be reached for comment. A spokeswoman for Jury Verdict Research in Horsham, Penn., said the firm doesn’t have information on verdicts or settlements involving palm or card readers or fortune tellers. But published news accounts show a handful of dissatisfied customers have sued fortune tellers, including a case that gained national headlines involving a Jamaican mystic who called herself Miss Cleo and advertised herself on late-night TV infomercials.

In 2002, the Federal Trade Commission settled a lawsuit filed in Miami against two Fort Lauderdale firms involving Miss Cleo’s services. The FTC said the psychic service promised a free reading, but consumers calling a toll-free number were directed to a 900-number that charged $4.99 per minute, ending in nearly 6 million people charged an average of $60 each.

Without admitting guilt, Access Resource Services and Psychic Readers Network agreed to cancel $500 million in customer bills to settle the FTC charges. In 2001, a man settled his lawsuit for an undisclosed amount the day of his trial against a 90-year-old Atlantic City boardwalk fortune teller. He claimed he paid her $200,000 over 13 years to remove a curse. He alleged he’d suffered a nervous breakdown and held Sole Mio Balaam Nicola responsible because he left his wife after the fortune-teller told him that if he did not, he’d be “attacked by snakes.”

In 1996, a Roanoke, Va., Circuit judge ordered Lola Rose Miller, who offered fortunes under the name Miss Stella, to return more than $65,000 that a Roanoke man paid her for six numbers that were supposed to win $3 million in the lottery. She’d already served a year in jail after an undercover sting by a police officer, who was told a glass of water, a dirty sock and $1,200 paid to her would cure his marital problems — and an evil curse shaped like a potato inside his body. She also was ordered to pay $18,000 in restitution to a victim who prompted the police sting.

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Worst place for scams beware of Tiffany and Victoria, they are out to steal your money

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Sep 7, 2009
SCAM!!!!! Don’t even waste your time or your well earned money!!!!!

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