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  1. Hola, my sista soul ,i wanna know what i need to do for my life back,from feeling of being tormented, poked, muscle twitching, memory loss, bugs crawling on body,pills dont work in my body, no dreams.. i’ve endured alot of pain mentality and have anger built up in me, of being let down, hurt, taken advantage of,disrespected,degraded.. I was able to hear peoples thoughts at one point in my adult life, is this gift still in me… Im 39 no kids never been married, Aquarius Feb 5, 76 and i wear nice shoes!.. Lol..

  2. Greetings My Veiled Sister,
    I CAN SO MUCHLY RESONATE with what you are talking about. I too, was born with a veil. When I was born the Doctor came in and told my Father who was in the waiting room that I was born with a Caul. This was back in 1964. During my childhood and life, I have seen spirits that have come to me, and people who are jealous of my gift. I have constant enemies wanting to destroy my life, and are still trying.

    Through it all, I remain strong and accept what I see and what spirit is trying to tell me.
    I will try to connect with you on facebook.

    1. Nice to hear from you again. Your secret is safe with me! (I am sure you know what I am speaking of My “Caulbearer Sister”) I still love you!

  3. When I was a child I use to see things, feel things and dream things before it happen… But my mom and family will always tell me it’s all in my mind or am just making things up.. I never wanted to stay by my mom so I moved with my grandmother thinking everything will get better. It did for some time but then it started again but I kept it to my self. I just didn’t understand why my family acted that I was making things up. Then when I was about 12yrs old my grandmother told me about what me great grandmother use to do not her mother but my grandfathers mother she was a witch and that my mom can also be one but she don’t want to do it. So I ask her about me do I have the gift she did not answer me all she said was don’t thing about it.

    Am 33yrs and still have dreams that come true. Some times I feel things. On Tuesday night was on my bed and it felt like someone was in my house but I couldn’t go and check I don’t know why but this time I was very scared. On Wednesday morning when I was still sleeping I was feel something touching me I jump and woke up with no energy. I still trying to get my energy back. Today I feel a little better but I know am not my 100%. Some times I dream with people that are family and friends telling me that they are going to die or not come back, and it do happen. Or sometime the are dead and give me a messages. Even people that I never meet come and talk to me. I pick up on things so fast.. That’s why I don’t have much friends. They all call me cold they also tell me that I don’t care how I talk to people. I don’t care about the way I say things and their feelings, that I show no feelings and the list will go on and on.

    Everything you told me about, it’s like me like you are reading me. I just wish to understand me more and just be me.

    Thank you for replying

    1. No Offense, But I Will Answer Certain Questions For People Sometimes Even If They Tell Me Phony Stories Or Are Just Trying To Test Me Or For Whatever Nonsense And Silly Or Spiteful Motives That They May Have. And It Is Only Because There Is Always Someone Out There Who Is Real Who Will Come Along And Who Will Really Benefit From The Knowledge That I Can Infer To Them. So You And Whoever Else, Don’t Think That You Can Fool Me.

      And Just Speaking In General, I Am Very Well Aware Of The Jealous And Resentful People That Cannot Deal With The Truth And Who Endeavor To Destroy My Credibility Through These Obvious Tactics. I Guarantee That It Will Not Work Though- You Might Have A Chance With The Gullible And Weak-Minded. Otherwise You’re Just Wasting Your Time.

      Everything Has Specific Characteristics Even Though Each Individual Is Different. A True Person Born With A Caul/Veil Has Experiences That Ordinary People Do Not. Definite Signs Are Knowing Things Without Understanding How You Know Them.

      Noticing How Easy It Is For You To Pick Up On Things, And Picking Up On Things That Others Cannot. Realizing How Much More Different You Are When It Is In Comparison To Others. You Will Have Clairvoyant Or Psychic Abilities. And They Do Not Always Come All At Once. For Some People Their Powers Get Stronger With Age. You Will Be Very Wise And Wise In Ways That Others Do Not Always Appreciate.

      You Will Be Able To Read People And Their Motives Just By Looking At Them Or Hearing Their Voice. You Will Dream Things That Come True, See Visions With Your Third Eye, Feel Other Peoples Emotions, Communicate With Spirits, Hear Actual Incidents And Peoples Conversations In Your Mind, Communicate With Others Through Your Mind. Taste Foods And Energies, Smell Scents And Chemicals All Without Coming Into Physical Contact With Any Of The Substances.

      There Are Also Many Other Spiritual Activities That Will Happen Around You That Other People Will Not Be Able To See Or Understand. The Ordinary Person Will Look At You And Physically Think That You Are A Regular Person In A Regular State And/Or Situation Just Like Everybody Else But You Will Know That That Just Isn’t So. There Is A Border That Separates Me From The Rest Of The World And I Am Elevated By It. I See And Feel The Spiritual Activity Around Me Every Day And My Mind Does Not Work Like The Average Person, I Am Constantly Learning And Growing And Have Always Been Unaffected By The Things That Are Going On Around Me.

      If What I Have Written Isn’t Explanatory Enough, Or Wasn’t Exactly What You Were Looking To Know Directly, Or Do Not Understand, You Can Be More Specific In Your Questions, Because There Is A Lot Of Complex Things That Go Along With Being Born With A Caul. I Am Thirty-Seven Years Of Age And Have Lived With These Supernatural Experiences And Things All Of My Life So I Understand And Have Come To Understand Quite A Lot, And I Still Have Further Things To Understand About Myself And My Life.

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