Spiritual Connection/The Universe,Ancestors,Loas (True Knowledge)

“The Big Four O” Still Young And Lively


BaBy Toya

My Beautiful Li’l Baby Photo

How Lovely To Look Back 

07-20-2007 10;27;44PMI turned forty years old this year. What A long time on this sick earth. I’ve endured a beautiful life thanks to the spiritual advantage of circumstance.

The fantastic climax (ultimate blessings) surely to come soon or eventually.

The certain rotten tribulations that I was not meant to endure yet sometimes had to undergo never reflected it’s ugly head on my aura and/or appearance. No demonic strains ever taking a toll on my bearing.

Living a lifestyle of truth and exceptional spirituality.

The beauty and power of the universe, my ancestors, and my orishas shine radiantly upon me.

“Oh how lovely to the Peace, Purity, And Protection that still surround me.

I’ll always Love You Baby Girl 

“Your beginning leads to the future, your future” – My Spirits inform to me

Peace, Power, Purity, And Protection

A while back as I was taking a nice hot shower a vision had appeared to me.

The vision regarded my present state then and now.

Three healthy white doves were rapidly flapping their wings straight above my head.

It was such a beautiful sight.

My peace and protection was gorgeously attached to me as I was graciously blessed by thee.

No one gave it to me and no one can take it away from me. The love, power, and guidance of my Orishas. The love, power, and guidance from my ancestors.

The purity of the mind, the purity that is within the spirit may it never be violated nor tarnished through any infiltration.  I will never yield to coerce. It is emphatically impossible.

The love and loyalty between all of us is far too strong for any mode of defilement to ever intervene.

When one is truly good in character or spirit (although none of us are perfect) they receive goodness in return. With blessings come responsibility. An obligation to one’s self to live in accordance to the most befitting and glorifying ways unto their own distinct nature and existence.

Acting out of character (whatever that may be/and however that may be defined) serves as a reproach to the very state of well-being.

Our experiences and realities verify who we are and where we stand. There are many sources of power and there are many sources of protection. Peace and purity starts from within and then exudes from without.

One has to find there own specific destination and road.

There is a distinct beauty that is within peace. Everyone does not have peace. Everyone cannot find peace. There is a distinct beauty that is within being pure. Everybody does not have purity. Everybody cannot maintain a purity.

There is a distinct energy that is within power. Everyone does not have power. Everyone is not able to generate power. There is a distinct energy that is within protection. Everybody does not have protection. Everybody is not able to handle a protection.

Miss LaToya: I Am The Unconventional Legitimate Priestess

As a person born of the caul/veil I innately possess occult power that I naturally utilized through my own yoruba spirituality.

I am an authentic and original voodoo priestess who does not follow the many general standardized traditional modes of worship.

I have that old time unique and potent power that I inherited through my beautiful family lineage of gifted priestesses.

From an early age my state of giftedness partly accounted for the evil black magic/brujeria that was constantly being unduly directed unto me.

I was and I still am protected as I venerate my ancestors and orishas.

There is a great difference between having natural inherited power and a power that is gathered through blood sacrifice and ritual.

Whatever I do is pure and clean.

I do not and never have shed the blood of any animal in order to bring about any major significant life changing event or minor circumstance like many other priest or priestesses have done.

I never had to.

That is just pure evil and I do not care what anyone has to say about that.

I am able to bless or curse without doing any act that I consider very sick and unclean.

It burns me up to see live animals especially a goat being viciously cut through the throat or anywhere else then have their blood splattered and used for a stupid spell or ritual.

Can one imagine the pain that that poor animal has to go through all for nothing, just for the spiritual acquires or fortune of another, another person’s gain, another person’s greed.

How would that priest or priestess like to be cut up and pierced to death while they are still conscious?

If there was no other way, i’d just have to accept a situation before I let some animal suffer maliciously on account of my happiness or contentment.

And I do not want to hear the excuse that animals are killed everyday for the purpose of people in society who eat red meat and poultry because that is an entirely different story altogether and there are many people who are vegans and vegetarians.

The orishas that I work with are very real. They have been with me for years.

I have seen them, communicated with them, felt their power. Never once have they ever inspired me to perform a blood sacrifice.

With us it is about pure extreme love and relationship and I deal with some of the most dangerous orishas by nature.

They honestly love and respect the person that I truly am and I in return genuinely feel the same benevolence and high esteem in regards to them and what they all represent.

There is an authentic connection between all of my good ancestors and the particular orishas who are around me and who are within my life.

I have many of the same characteristics that they do and share the absolute same mentality. Yet I am my own individual who is allowed to express her own distinction.

Since I am a person who is pure and clean in mind and spirit that is how my power will continue to flow on through. And that is how my orishas work with me.

They treat me with partiality then intercede on my behalf concerning whatever the matter may be and on whatever may be of or in my best interest.

My capacity and abilities are inborn.

They grow, develop, and manifest naturally through the aids and alignments of the universe.

When one loves, respects, and takes hold of them self with the utmost of care mentally, spiritually, and physically spirit is fed to remain ultimately forceful, full of light and loves.

One will not want to defile their own nature. It would be a completely foreign motion and a condition that would set off insult, anger, and opposition.

I am a very bubbly, high spirited, animated person innately.

I am very down to earth, kind, and laid back. I am also very vicious, vengeful, and serious.

All of my natural persona make up the energies that I possess.

Just as much as I can passionately love something that is dear to me or around me is just the same amount of passion that can go into anything that I hate.

When I do veneration or spiritual invokes my natural energies reflect then unite with the forces and special powers that be.

As we are in conjunction with one another through the creation of balance within our universe we produce a manifestation.

There are many ways to please the orishas besides the use of blood sacrifices of innocent animals.

The things that I personally offer to my ancestors and orishas are greatly appreciated because they are the things that come straight from my heart.

I am responsible and I can definitely be trusted.

I give of myself everything that they ask for, and the things that they ask for actually goes into accordance within my own state of being and above.

I have never failed them once and they have never failed me.

I have come to know the orishas very much in a way that I never hear and have never heard anyone else speak of them.

Some people need to evaluate who or what they are really and truly serving or worshipping.

Some people consider ancestor and orisha association a form of devil worship. However, in reality, and I indeed know for a fact since I have firsthand experience, that it is not.

Shielded By The “Veil” Of Birthright And Spirituality

No one can tell me what it truly means or what it truly is to be a caulbearer, the significance of my existence, how could they or anyone else for that matter?

I am the absolute epitome of a very rare, unique, and unusual person born with the mysterious treasures and advantages of the caul in both mind and in spirit.

There is resentment toward my ultimate design by attackers who fear my existence.

The extreme connection to the spirit world that I have and the distinct power from the universe speak of energies that are unknown, they speak of the solicitous unfamiliar forces that work on my behalf.

The vibrations of my innate state of being are very well-known unto me and easily recognizable within their relations yet still ever evolving and manifesting, and continuing to remain foreign among the very most of my opposites.

It is impossible for me to be converted into something and someone that I am not through any ineffective manipulative mental, spiritual, or emotional torment/torture.

Nevertheless, my foes and those alike continuously seek to slay me and to turn me into one of their very own demonic creatures/beings, negativity and perversity at it’s worst and at it’s very best.

They essentially want all of my performances to be tainted by incompetence, they want my mind stricken with the most severity of mental illness, they want me totally crippled in the lowest of fashions and in any of the tantalizing foreboding modes possible, and whatsoever.

My enemies are all catching hell, drowning in between the treacherous waves and streams of punishment and danger that were revealed to me long before it had come to be, and during the numerous basks of my versatile premonitions.

“The animal sacrifice that I did eight to twelve weeks ago has come back on me”, said someone whom I know in a vision that I saw a couple of days ago. The guy that I speak of is in an emotional state of agitation, his mind is also not right, his complexion has darkened, and much more negativity he will definitely experience. There is no going back for him, he is in very bad shape and he is crossed up due to a backfire!

I am a very spiritually advanced individual protected by the ultimate shields of fierceness.

A highly intelligent entity guards my surroundings, my aura, my essence, my effervescent nature. “Oh, how I lay and rest my head and body in the bosom of purity and peace”

Exceptional beings know what is revealed behind the secrets of true hidden knowledge. We often experience the incredible; we experience what may seem to serve as the impossible to and for many others.

When other evil spiritual people and/or common attackers rise up against me my “spiritual protections” administer fancy techniques. Part of the forces will conveniently make appear to them what they want to hear or believe.

My many shields have projected a false painted picture and version of reality to intentionally mislead my enemies and other seers who read for them or who were just out for themselves (psychics/clairvoyants and etc…) to throw them off by camouflaging my actual happenings. “Oh, how they love and respect me”

So be it to thy energy as it has continuously set me free

Entities perceive the designs that are concealed within negative energy which attacks. Instead of just receiving the central part of negative energy then dispersing or transforming it, my protections absorb and also repel the negative energies.

When my foes intentionally acquire to harm me by sending negativity toward my way my shield goes into action. My protections have the capacity to absorb the bad/malicious energy. It will suck it up and retain it up until the time most significant to then spring back upon every one of my attackers.

Ever since from a very young age I have detested and resented the existence of low scale individuals (trashy/garbage people), And initially not because they had done me wrong or done me malice by any means in any particular way-as they had eventually tried so many times-all through out my life due to their envy, jealousy, sickness, and extreme ignorance but because I had detected exactly what they were and what they were about very early on.

I always had the uncanny ability to read and to accurately pick up on people. The profound ability to sense things about people that other people couldn’t.

Although I have some of their “type” and “kind” of low scale individuals who are connected through to my family I am not anything of them or anything like them at all. There is a very small percentage of relation compared to the lineage of pure substance character and genes that I have originally inherited and that I authentically come from.

My luxurious and high caliber traits and tendencies along with intelligence and reasoning rawly stems from my grandmother’s side of the family (my mother’s mother) whose heredity absolutely consisted of no clans, or class of degenerates.

That is the very and main reason why my beautiful and powerful ancestors “had me since I was a baby”, unconditionally loving, protecting, and guiding me along through out the way with my special spirits and spirit guides and Orishas because I was truly and benevolently of them.

Still and all, and regardless of my qualities, disposition, and mentality, I have these low scale individuals who endeavor to manipulate the tides of nature by asserting the mechanisms of black magic that will never come into play.

My Love And Light


A lot of people hold back on things on account of the fears that they may have. Fear of what people would think, fear of being misjudged, fear of criticism, fear of ridicule, fear of rejection, fear of controversy and so on.

And some just keep quiet because they feel that some things are just better left unsaid.

There are always going to be those who misinterpret, perceive ignorant notions, and continue to make wrong accusations against what they disagree with or against what they do not comprehend/understand.

In some of my posts I have mentioned “my love and light”. And I just bet that there were some who thought that I was referring to “god” the god of the bible (Jehovah, Yahweh or whatever you want to call him) but however I was not.

God is definitely not my love and light. And I have never ever claimed to be any soldier of his army.

Yes I indeed was born with the gift of second-sight. I am extremely sensitive. I have a power within me to write that is led by spirit and many other special spiritual abilities, yet that does not make me a person who walks with god.

In true fact, I genuinely hate god. I hate him with everything that is within me and I am very proud of that. As far as I am concerned god is a very sick, evil, demented and demonic spirit force that many are blinded by.

Whoever deals with me will get the straight up truth about how I feel and what I am about. I do not hide behind lies out of fear. It makes me feel good to be able to speak the truth, it sometimes even screams to come out because it needs to be heard and acknowledged.

Am I a bad person since I detest god so much, absolutely not. It is the exact opposite! When I was a little girl I often wondered where did god come from. Who created him and how did he come into existence. And what makes him the ultimate authority figure?

I’ve read the bible, what was so drastically wrong with eve eating an apple- the forbidden fruit-from the tree of knowledge. What was wrong with her eyes being opened to awareness/knowledge/perception?

So what, she disobeyed god. What were his motives for wanting her to stay ignorant? Control I say. Just like the way of the world still is today. Then threatening and punishment for not listening to the bullshit instructions on a life that may not be befitting to all even if it is just in concern for the very minority.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who claim to be deeply or overly religious have a lot of skeletons in their closets. Sometimes they’ll hit rock bottom, get scared, then they run to “god” and hide behind the church in an attempt to gain “redemption”.

It even seems that god shows a favoritism toward these kinds. I can understand that though because I have absolute favoritism for what is of my kind/class/nature too.

Some of these people make me sick with their false sense of justification! They will come across a person who never did any of the dirt that they have done then have the nerve and audacity to make them appear like they are the ones who are the worse thing in the world. That is a result of sickness mixed in with guilt and jealousy over the other person’s character.

What made them turn into the person that they were in the first place? Oh, “sin” of course.

Well, I never truly trusted in god and I do not agree with his scriptures. And I never messed up my life in any way. Just look at how the world is so sex crazed. “Be fruitful and multiply”, god said. “A woman and a man become one flesh after sexual intercourse/marriage” supposedly-whatever.

I honestly think that the sexual union between a man and a woman is one of the most ugliest and sickest things that are in existence and I never did and-do not want any part of it.

I don’t care what the rest of the world does but god’s plans do not apply to me.

As a teenager and as an adult I was never sexually active. A lot of people just assumed I had high morals or that it had to do with my religious beliefs. None of that was true. Yes, I’ve always highly respected myself, however, that was indeed not the reason that I did not want to have sex.

Number one, I was never attracted to men. The penis is a very big turn off in every way to me. Number two, I love my body and the thought of a man’s penis banging up against my precious insides then spurting out his nasty body fluids to mix in with mine was another complete turn off.

The only beautiful thing that I read in the bible was about marry conceiving a child without the aid of a man. And I deeply wish that could have been the normal way of life for reproduction purposes.

The very first time I ever indulged in the sexual act was at the age of twenty-four, and the last time was at the age of twenty four! It was a one time and never again thing.

I never would have done it to begin with if I had the money to go to a sperm bank at the time. I wanted to conceive a child and it didn’t work out and it was all for the best. I don’t really want a child by somebody that I would have to go to bed with. Especially someone I did not desire in any way, form or fashion.

If I was to conceive a child it will be done because I truly want her and not out of any unnatural sexual lust or desire.

I was proud of myself for not having no sexual attachment, no sexual feeling, and no emotion when I did the act. I did not feel any pleasure nor any pain. I did not feel anything mentally or physically.

And I had absolutely no respect for the guy I was with. It was a ridiculous act, one that made no sense. And it really made me wonder what was wrong with the rest of the world and god. Sex is not sacred to me, sex is sick!

I’ve been through numerous deep “spiritual experiences” since childhood. I’ve had evil witchcraft spirits removed/extracted from my body. I’ve had spirits go through me-come in/leave out. And god himself was the demonic force behind the “brujeria” that I went through in the past-and the brujeria that has tried to be sent back to me during a many failed attempts.

I know this for a fact. I saw it through my own eyes. I bet there are many who don’t know that and many who would not believe it because they think god is so good. But I know, I experienced it, and I know who Satan “really” is. And I am glad to know the truth. No one has a clue of the things/realities that I feel, hear, know, and see.

A lot of people believe that “god” has the strongest power. I do not because if he did he would have been able to destroy me a long time ago through his evil followers. I told this neighbor of mine years ago that I felt that god was sick. And she got highly excited and upset with me.

“God is not sick”, she said raising her voice. “Don’t you know that god can suck the life out of you?!”

“So why hasn’t he?” I said to myself.

Some time after our disagreement this woman developed medical problems and was put on oxygen. She got one of her legs cut off from gangrene that was associated with diabetes, caught dementia and then eventually died. So who got the life sucked out of whom?

It may sound harsh but she talked that shit to me just for expressing what I felt and look what happened to her. I don’t go around knocking anyone or telling them what will happen to them just because they do not agree with what I do or do not believe in.

Some people seriously need to check themselves. It is one thing to have a belief/opinion and another to try to force something onto someone. It just doesn’t work that way. There definitely is a powerful force/forces other than “god”. And that is fact.

What the bible considers or/and refers to as devil worship is my “love and light”. Now of course, I know better-that it is not actually the true worship of demons even though demons do disguise themselves in many different forms and fashions. And I could just as easily say that most are being deceived by god as god to me is what Satan is to the Christians.

There is so much that I could express, debate with, and so on, however there is so much that I am able to put in a post.

For the most part though, I am surrounded by peace, happiness, and truth. I feel free, secure, and strong. I am my self, my true self, all of the things that my love and light allows me to be.

My love and light gives me pleasure. God always made me feel miserable. My love and light wants me to be who I am. God wants me to be who he wants me to be-someone who is not my self.

God has continuously tried to fight for my identity to overtake my spirit and it is a battle that he will never win. That crap about giving us all free will is a lie. I know for me as a spiritual person with strong sensitivities and wisdom that he wants me to yield and lean towards his own structural program.

I never loved god. I do not like his style. I do not like his certain creations. I’d rather not have life than to live under any influences of his. My mind is something that he will never get inside of to brainwash and control.

Every thing that I feel is completely of my own. No one has ever been able to coerce me and no one has put anything into my head. I came to know what I know naturally and honestly and I am absolutely proud. I am a grown woman!

I love my ancestors and orishas-my spiritual connections/the universe-and all of my positive spiritual energies. I am a very good person who has lead a very good life. A good life that “god” cannot take any credit for!

I have gone through so much in this life on account of sick negativity and negative people and I was still the one to come out untouched and unaffected. And I owe that all to my strong spirit along with my “loves and lights” that have always shined upon me with the most ultimate of care.

Our bonds are so tremendously strong and our loyalties are so immensely tight that if the tables were turned “id rather burn in a hell with what I love and respect than to abide in a so called heaven with a god that I loathe and despise. Perhaps the day will come when god will exist no more (that would be something for me to look forward to-wishful thinking!)

I do not at all fear going to a place of eternal torment. Torment for me would be spending eternity with god. A place in where I do not want to be. God is the hellfire. Many get a taste of his hell right here on earth-yet they still foolishly praise him and glorify him, to each their own.

I definitely do not care what anyone thinks or says about me, I never did. I do however get highly insulted if or when someone tries or wants to connect me in any way with their god of the bible. His scriptures, will, and so called authority has no bearing on me. I have no regard for him whatsoever and he is not above me. He is nothing but shit!

 My Loas/Orishas, My Life And My Sources


I received an email today from one of my visitors. And it was quite a coincidence because I was just about to write this post regarding the authenticity of true knowledge and spirituality, and how it relates to individuals in ways that is meant for them.

It is very important where and how information is gathered.

This particular visitor inquired about Santeria, possibly interested in becoming involved with the religion for her own personal fulfillment-which is a good thing. She wanted to know if I had anything other than basic knowledge of the subject compared to what can be found on the internet.

And this is what my response to her was:


I was born with the caul and am a clairvoyant. I didn’t choose the life that I have, it chose me. I was naturally inclined to my spirituality. Voodoo first originated in Africa as I’m sure that you already know. Africa is a part of my ancestral roots, as well as Native American and a little European. Our backgrounds do have a lot to do with our spirituality because of our heritage.

Yoruba which is African does have similarities to Santeria. So to answer your question about do I have any further knowledge about Santeria other than basic, of course.

Everything that I have written about any type of voodoo has come from my own personal experiences, and I doubt very much that what I wrote about was basic. I never gathered anything from the internet to use as examples-I can’t go by that it is against my nature. My abilities are natural and unique.

Now I have read things from different sources that have backed up what I have experienced so I knew that some did have the correct information. As I am sure that you already know, you cannot believe everything that you hear
What you have to realize is that I have a gift so I don’t operate as the average person; meaning I am highly sensitive and spiritually inclined so I deeply understand the depths of voodoo. So it is hard for me to put myself in other people’s shoes when it comes to being “so called normal”.

No one taught me the things that I know and do; I was born with these capabilities. I’ve had confirmations from other Yoruba priestesses that I know and a babalawo. I only deal with real sources. My life is serious business so I don’t take chances on information that may not be legitimate. I’ve even met a curandero.

I know all about Santeria because I was a victim of Santeria (black magic “brujeria”) at a very young age, since I was seven. I’m thirty-seven now. I know good Santeria and bad Santeria. I know things that you’ll never find on the internet or in certain books because those in particular who practice it do not want the complete truth to be out there.

Like I’ve told you before, my spirituality chose me. It is me. It is in my bloodline passed down to me through my ancestors. It speaks to me in all kinds of ways-through my thoughts, visions and so on.

I didn’t learn about loas through research, they were already in my life before I actually knew who they were. I just didn’t have a name for them. I knew since childhood I was born with a gift; however I didn’t actually know everything that it meant until I got older.

Now whether it is Yoruba or Santeria they both will bring you peace and happiness. I was born to be a priestess so it is a path I was destined to follow. You definitely have to have a foundation and connection with your ancestors. I have a combination of power around me, a great mixture of African spirituality.

A lot of people claim that they follow this or that just because they light a candle and make a few offerings to an orisha/loa. True veneration is much more than that. It has to be you; it has to be what your life is about.

You cannot go searching for a Loa to be involved with this type of spirituality/religion. They have to come for you (it literally will come get you). You may seek the loas for aid in certain matters but that doesn’t qualify anyone as a candidate.

I can get really deep with you about this and reveal some things. But we are just corresponding. And I prefer to speak to people face to face. We don’t know one another. You have your own way and things that you are seeking, and what you may or may not believe in so I will leave it like this for now.

Sincerely Latoya

I have shared my letter because it just about sums up the best way that I could put it in a post. You have to be cautious when receiving information. One should always go to the source.

And the genuine source is “experience”. Along with major study and communication backed up by “experience”.

Experience comes in many forms if one is paying attention, to understand what you have learned and to analyze each and every concept. And sometimes things do not always come out all at once. There are certain times for knowledge to be revealed and gathered.

If You’re Suppose To Be Evil, Why Are You So Good?

About seven years ago, shortly before I got the evil “brujeria” (black magic) removed from my life, I saw a vision of a grave with two headstones. A few seconds later, I then saw a grey hearse. I definitely knew that there would be a death I just didn’t know who.

In the following days, after the main negative energies of brujeria were extracted from my body and while I was still in the process of being cleansed, I had an encounter with Loa baron samedi. He was calm, cool and collected as he strolled through a cemetery, slowly slapping his black walking stick against the palm of one of his hands.

Baron appeared to me in modern form, though at the time I didn’t know exactly who he was. I took him for what I only knew as “the grim reaper”. He had a smooth skeleton face, he was dressed in a black suit, he wore a black hat, and he had a solid frame. I knew he was literally coming to collect but I didn’t get the feeling that he was coming after me.

Days later, I constantly had visions of cemeteries. I saw a concrete ground split slightly-in the form of a cross-forcefully pushing upward, trying to fully break open. The sight terrified me at the time because I was seeing people all around inside my visions die horribly.

And my mind made me think that baron was coming for me even though I initially sensed that he wasn’t.

I kept picturing him. He had an air of authority. He was keeper of the grave. He even impressed me as I was attracted to his demeanor. I contemplated what it would be like to hook up with this Loa, little did I know, we were already connected.

A month later is when my grandmother had died. And her body was transported in a grey hearse and she was buried on top of my grandfather.

This Loa baron samedi who I am not threatened by genuinely has my respect. From the first instant I saw him I thought highly of him. I felt like he was family. That was the feeling that he gave to me, like I was a part of his brood. So there was no need for me to be intimidated. Baron was substance. He was something delightful, dangerous, and deadly.

Sometime at the beginning of this year, I came into contact with baron samedi again. Compared to his first visit the encounter was very brief yet evident.

In the following month or two a very disturbed enemy of mine passed away from a deadly disease (aids). He had passed his disease around to other people. And before he went he was ashamed to show his face around town as his decaying body was withering away. (And I had seen in a dream years ago the way this guy’s body was going to deteriorate upon his way out).

By sparing my life along with other loas, against those who have made numerous attempts to put me in the ground, baron occasionally comes by.

To update and show that he is always behind the scenes, and, for those who continue to do their dirt they will surely “get theirs”.

A lot of so called things in particular that are considered to be bad and evil have showed me nothing but goodness, peace and pleasure, and so called things in particular that are considered to be good have caused me nothing but negativity, aggravation and disgust.

There is a positive side and a negative side to everything in association with the happenings of life. Separated from the world the vision is made even clearer. Some fear what is right because they don’t have the courage to overcome what is wrong.

I love what I come from, where I’m at, and what is around me. It is a natural omen and sure unto me.

Good is often called evil “by real evil” since evil is the opposite of good. And when both are in opposition with one another neither is considered in the same light as the other.

Destined Unto The Loas/I Am A Warrior In The Midst

By nature, I am a fighter, a survivor and a conqueror. When I was seven years old in the second grade, I was one of the children who were honored in the auditorium of my elementary school as being one of the most exceptional readers and I received a pen as a reward of acknowledgement.

When I was nine, and in the fourth grade, I use to do book reports, and I would always get high marks on every one of my reports. There was this time when one of my book reports was just “a little too good and well written” that my white Jewish teacher didn’t want to believe or accept that I actually wrote it myself. And I was pissed off by that at the time. “This is not you”, she said. As if I was incapable of writing something of that magnitude.

This fourth grade teacher of mine had the nerve to make me take my book report home for my mother to sign it before she marked and accepted it as my very own genuine accomplishment. After I brought her my mother’s signature, verification that I did indeed write my report on my own without the assistance of anyone else, her bias toward me changed.

And that same year she gave me the lead role in the school play “potpourri”. And quite a few certificates I received from her for spelling tests, and a science project.

When I was about eleven, I had the opportunity to get a book published by a mainstream publisher. I use to write a lot of horror stories back then. I took these special tests that high school students couldn’t pass and I got skipped to the seventh grade. It seemed like I had a great promising future ahead of me (and in reality I really did), however, there were obstacles amongst it all.

Too many “green eyed” monsters were around me. And they were working behind the scenes. You see, I was very young, with no skeletons in the closet. There was no dirt on me. I was clean and innocent when I was beginning but, not naive. Did I eventually get discouraged or contaminated along down the line of underhanded schemes to taint me? Hell no!

I stood my ground. Vigilantly observing, and learning, and growing. And here I am today at thirty-seven years of age still going through the same shit! But now it is totally on my terms. I am running the show. I am in control of my destiny and how things will eventually turn out.

When I published a book in the year 2001, witchcraft was worked on me to interfere with the natural flow of success that was supposed to come along with it.

In the year 2006, I got a job at jcpenny and was continuously harassed by envious sickos though I was too strong for their nonsense to affect me. So they concocted a plan to set me up to get me fired. You see, I was very successful on the job, kept to myself and I was making good money.

In the year of 2007, I got a job at Bloomingdale’s. I did very well there too, and making good money. I just ignored the ignorant insecure assholes in particular that were there. You see again, every where I went to work there were people who knew of me through other lying, jealous envious people and, they didn’t want me to have anything.

I was a whole different class of person than all of them were. And in their world it was out with the substance and in with the trash. The universe is making a significant difference now though, and is continuing to begin its cycle of change.

The universe is cleaning up. No longer will it be the wrong bringing the right down to where they are suppose to be while they climb up to places that they definitely do not belong.

And, I am one of the proud instruments that the universe is using to thoroughly complete this change, as one who never gave up and always knew that positivity would undoubtedly prevail over any weak negativity.

Positive forces, energies and activities of the mind and spirit have a very powerful impact on the very world that surrounds us, and when that intense power connects with our universe we can accomplish almost anything.

I stayed at Bloomingdale’s seasonally for three years before I finally quit. The person there wouldn’t give me a permanent job there, not because I didn’t qualify but because it was a good-paying job (the underhanded interference from the low-life kind who had influence over somebody there). My manager had already acknowledged to me before he gave me the job that I was over qualified for the position.

It didn’t matter because in between time I had got a second permanent job working at sears, which gave out lousy pay. I worked at sears for four years. I got a raise the first year, got a certificate for excellent work the third year, and got the highest review in the store during the fourth year there, and another raise was suppose to be included following this rating.

Instead, of me being promoted, a fellow co worker, who was a smoking blunt-head with a low i.q., and didn’t know how to literally spell “b-e-n-e-f-i-t r-a-t-e”, was put as manager over me. He had got a low review rating yet given an undeserved position.

Edward was known for being a liar, and he was known for not being too bright.

And he was one who had come there to work as a spy (my enemies keep tabs on me) later after I was employed there. He lived right around the corner from me at the time.

I knew the store was really on its way to going down then. This manager, Edward Mclamb, began to hire incompetent people in his category. As I already knew that he would, people that he knew or who he was related to, who didn’t really want to work but, who just wanted a free ride.

This one particular unattractive whorish-skank named Shaniqua Capers was hired by him. And the bitch thought that she was going to intimidate me. She didn’t know who she was fucking with, however, I just left it alone because females like her are easy to see through, and easy for guys to manipulate and get over on. Somebody “souped” her up, they played with her head, I knew what was going on.

When the fifth year came in, which was this year; I quit sears with no regret whatsoever. It was one of the best things that I did. I wasn’t going anywhere with that job. Not especially since I am a smart attractive woman still with no dirt on her.

I was also genuinely sick and tired of that job anyway. I worked more than I was getting paid and it definitely wasn’t worth it. I quit my job on absolute faith!

Two weeks later, I got a job at Macy’s. Ridiculously there was more stupid shit. I was delayed from starting work right away just for another set up! So when I finally went to begin work my manager turned out to be a dope fiend, and my trainer was a complete asshole who was trying to discourage me.

I was supposed to have another position there in the first place. Then the manager acknowledged to me that she wouldn’t have any work available for me any time soon from then on, and that I was on call. So naturally I resigned and told my manager that she was a “dope fiend” and that she could go and “fuck herself!”

Obviously as anyone should be able to see, the jealousy and envy around me does not want me to have any money or success (I was once set up to get murdered at a place I’d went to for a job interview). Nevertheless, I already do, I always have, and I always will.

Earlier this year, the universe brought to my attention the direction my “new life/new beginning” would be taking me with the aide of the loas who are always around me and who are actively involved in my everyday life. I moved into a new home, got brand new furniture, and love the environment of the new neighborhood that I am in.

This is my “rest period” my spirit guides have informed to me, time for yourself from the things that you have been through in your life.

Time to sit back and relax, time to enjoy what you have accomplished, time to prepare for the beautiful things in store for you that no one will be able to take away, and most of all, time to be in a safe place while the universe resets the planet with the new recycling energies of disposal and prosperity.

I honestly have to admit that I am taking advantage of this privilege as I am totally at peace, to do otherwise would be a set back for me and an offense to the very ones who are instructing and protecting me.

When we learn to naturally (instinctively) listen to the universe in its unique form of messages we can ultimately distinguish which road is best for us during our travel, and what measures to take for our infinite battle and survival.

The Rivers Run Deep/Swimming In The “Life” Of Luxury

Even though I was born under the earth sign Taurus I always had a strong connection to water. Aside from loving to wash, when I bathed as a child I would always spend a little extra time inside the tub playing with my Barbie dolls and my large balloon shark. My dolls would have swimming contests as I made strong currents with my hands around my body to see which doll floated through first.

Over fifteen years ago now, is when I had noticed whenever I ran the water at the kitchen or bathroom sink my thoughts would heighten and I’d received information a little stronger than usual. The same thing happened when I would take showers and till this day nothing has changed. Water serves as a vital source of energy.

I always placed a vessel containing certain elements upon my altars from the start, such as dirt, representing earth, incense, the smoke representing air, and the candle burning representing fire. However, at the time, I didn’t realize how the water genuinely played a major and significant role in preparation and spirit.

No matter where I am at, whenever I am near bodies of water I become super cognizant.

Fierce warrior orisha ogun and river goddess oshun have been around me for years. We go way back. Ten years ago, I received oshun’s honey-colored beads for protection from a Yoruba priestess. I gave oshun two beautiful tokens (offerings) upon my receipt.

Oshun is one of the “royally seated” orishas who occupies and who is venerated upon my altar. Although, particular innate spiritual inclines are very sensitive to certain objects, elements and things on their own. I still thank oshun for enhancing me in her rich “cleansing waves” of refreshment, and then sending out to me “streams” of her love.

Water is extremely beneficial to us spiritually as well as physically. As we all know, without water we cannot survive. It is essential to our life-force.

To me, to “get wet” in any way results in a blessing as it purifies, nutritionalizes and energizes.

Sustained By The Universe/The Truth In Knowledge Is Power

My ancestors and loas are truly the loves of my life. We have a genuine relationship built on absolute love and trust. As born into a family of great spiritual power I was one to inherit the unique powers bestowed upon me through my lineage.

I come from strong women of African American and Native American ancestry not to mention a little bit of European bloodline. These women have watched over me from the time of my birth up until now. I can name countless spiritual encounters that have played a major role in my maintenance and survival.

As born by birth with a caul over my face automatically I was initiated into the priesthood as I naturally possessed occult powers. Before my time, my beautiful ancestors reigned as powerful priestesses, reveling in the beauty of their African voodoo religion.

There are others in my family who have possessed the gifts of extra sensory perception; however, I am the only one carrying on the legacy of my anointed ancestors as they purely come from my specific “bloodline” side of the family. And there is one in particular that I take after the most.

As a spiritual person it is important to know where you come from, to know where you stand, and to know where you are going. Once that is carefully and accurately established then there is foundation.

With observation comes experience. With experience comes learning. With learning comes growth. And once each stage reaches development we can began to teach. Wisdom can be gained at any age depending on a persons mind and what they may have went through in life.

There are many books that one can read and there are many sources of inspiration available for our evaluation but nothing can compare to what we actually accumulate through our own personal happenings.

After we have experienced certain things for ourselves we may be able to understand some one else better or relate a different perspective. You don’t always have to go through the same thing as another to understand them or to relate. The enlightenment gained, however, gives a bigger and better picture to see and grasp at.

For instance, I didn’t find a movie I viewed as a child nearly as interesting as I do now- after literally having went through what the film was basically about. Since I now had firsthand experience in that particular matter, I appreciated and held a good comprehension of what I watched, therefore enjoying it more to a new level.

I’ve been fortunate to be led on by my own spiritual inclinations. My information comes from within, whether it be through intelligence, the gifts of the caul, my wise, loving, fierce, protective ancestors and orishas or the great universe. Anything else is just an enhancement.

Every day of life to me is a supernatural event. I am it and it is me and we are a part of each other. When I do my spiritual work I know just exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why. As I am sustained by the natural forces that be, the results are satisfactory.

In dealing with truth, there is trust. In dealing with trust, there is confidence. In dealing with confidence, there is strength. And when all is met with one another then sealed together, there are limitless passageways to get through in dealing with life.

I Am Blessed So Keep Your God To Yourself!

I recently received this message in my email. And while I totally agree with this person about the harmful effects of black magic and governments and evil demonic individuals that endeavor to enslave people through witchcraft on many levels I definitely do not at all agree about the views when it comes to “god”.

I am a real person, as real as they come. I will be thirty-seven years old in May and was not born yesterday. God is not the only “so called” way to conquer black magic. Every one has their own spiritual beliefs which definitely do not work for every individual.

I am familiar with the novena to the Holy Spirit and just like the bible it turns me off. My first encounter with the “holy bible” was during childhood and I didn’t at all like or agree with much of what I read and as I grew older during the years I continuously came to see how right and justified I was in my interpretations.

God is a master manipulator as well as demonic himself. His “so called” supernatural effects are also a form of magic (voodoo). So many and I mean a great deal of the world is blinded and brainwashed when it comes to this very negative force that is considered the “almighty”.

I will readily admit that god in his spirit has communicated with me within my lifetime, appearing as a means of help. Some years ago his spirit came and spoke to me through my empathic abilities and thoughts to impart that “to come to him and that he was my source of protection”. I refused to go to him, me personally knowing his track record and because I am not gullible or easily influenced, or desperate for that matter. And I absolutely made the right decision.

I in no way am here to change or discourage anyone who serves or truly believes in his doctrine. I could care less what anyone believes in or follows as it has absolutely nothing to do with me. I am a writer who connects with the universe and share my experiences and truths the way that I know it to be. I do, however, have a serious problem with those who may try to change or discourage my beliefs and what I know to be definite truth.

There is negativity and positivity all over the world. Even in the spirit world. And that is just the way that life is right now. All voodoo is not bad or harmful. I conquered black magic through white magic (a genuine form of a “holy spirit”) and it saved my life in many aspects. Even when I wasn’t doing it ( the supernatural has a way of working on it’s own to nurture and protect what it holds dear). Voodoo and orisha ancestor worship is my nature and has been nothing but soothing and beneficial to me and my life.

I’ve experienced so much in my life from a very early age up until now and know very much of what I speak of. Unlike many who serve god, I have never ever experimented with or been on drugs-never had the desire to. I have never been promiscuous or lustful-never had the desire to. My nature gives me so much love and respect, something “god” never gave to me. And it shouldn’t always be about what a person has or has not done but why. What was the reason for their actions?

I have never indulged in the many negative things of this world, I never desired to, and not because I am a good person or because I am a bad person, but because I am my own person who is not influenced by anything that is not of me.

I could sit here for hours debating my notions and experiences and reasons what I feel about god to anyone who’d question me, nevertheless, I wouldn’t waste my precious time.

There is a reason many in particular can’t, won’t and never will see him for the kind of spirit that he really is. And then there are those who do truly recognize him and serve him because they are truly of him.

I thank my lucky stars for who I am and for what I have centered around me. And when those who come around trying to recruit me in all kinds of underhanded ways I will always escape my true “enemy”.

Now I believe this person who contacted me meant well and I appreciate their kindness. For the record though, I have and never had any true connection with god, he and I do not mix. He is not my idea of anything truly good and I will not go any further.

Now as far as this person asking me not to “blaspheme” god, for me it comes very easily and I will never apologize for the way that I believe and feel and here are a few examples from a few of my posts:

This is part of a comment that I left for someone on my as an asexual person I’m sharing my personal feelings- June 20, 2009-

I don’t want to hear anything about what the bible says about not trusting in my own judgement of things due to the fact that we as humans are suppose to be incapable of understanding God’s plan and that he knows best for us better than we do for ourselves. I don’t agree with everything in the bible. And i don’t fear the God of the bible because he does nothing for me ( meaning that his scripture stimulates me in no way whatsoever! ), he turns me off. I am very happy in my life. As a child i always knew that God was no good for many in depth reasons that i will not go into and i don’t care what anybody thinks or has to say about it. Don’t take my comment as being angry, i’m feeling no contempt. Just letting you know that i have a mind of my own and will live my life the way that i want to under my own terms and through the guidance of my ancestors and Orisha. And i really don’t care what the bible has to say about serving anything other than him which he claims would be from the devil. I guarantee from experience Elegba is not the devil and if he turned out to be he’s done a hell of a lot more good for me than that sicko in the bible who created everybody.

My Confessions Post- january 28,2012-october4,2006-

Everyone makes mistakes and indeed this was a big one! Everything in my post is the truth except for what I mentioned about god.

I wrote this post about fives years ago and now I can come out with the total truth that I could not say at the time. I don’t really feel that I did anything wrong. I don’t really believe that the only true protection comes from the god of the bible.

My actions did not cause me to be open for any attack because I don’t believe in or follow that god of the bible’s sick will especially that garbage about a man and a woman becoming one flesh. I will always be whole and complete and no one flesh with nobody.

I truly feel that god was responsible for allowing those sick witchcraft experiences because I never cared for him and belonged to him, and I thank my lucky stars because I don’t ever want to be one of his children.

I have true supervision and protection from my ancestors and orishas like I had all through out my life I just had to get reconnected and reacquainted since I was attacked by witchcraft at such an early age ( ever since I was seven ).

Even though I didn’t truly from my heart mean what I said in this post regarding “god” I really regret having done so because I would never intentionally want to give him any type of glory or justification whatsoever!

And I know damn well that my beautiful soul will never enter a place of hell. “I’ve seen where I’m going” god of the bible has no claims over me. He does not apply to me or my life. And I am so glad that I am at a place in my life where I can acknowledge it and back it up fiercely. And I don’t give a damn what anyone who is blinded by him has to say about it!

This Is What I Received In My Email Yesterday-

Submitted Information:

Caring Person

“I Removed This Person’s Email Address For Their Privacy”

Dear La Toya,
I have taken a look at your website, and whereas you are creative, or an artist
poet, with talent, you are most definately
courting demon activity.
In viewing your article about Voodoo,
I thought you were concerned about how horrible and deadly it is to the body, mind, and soul. Death to the soul is eternal. The symptoms to the private parts,
is just as abusive as rape, and molestation.
Governments, and possessed persons, trying to enslave people, and kill their souls, are performing this witchcraft to destroy devout people, and too liberal people.
Here’s what works to rid it. No one in their right mind would want it. The Holy Spirit is the only conqueror of Demons. Find a copy of The Novena to The Holy Spirit, and you pray that Novena, everyday.
Recommend it to everyone.
Obtain confession for all sins, attend Divine Mercy Sunday, remain faithful to the 10 commandements, and read the Bible, everyday. The Word of God is also infused with The Holy Spirit, and you will see why
witchcraft is spreading, today. Look in Revelation, and other related scriptures.
It isn’t spreading to become popular, and create healing, or spirituality. It is spreading to kill souls, because that is what Satan (The Dragon)is doing now!
Don’t mess with it, and please use your website to help others get rid of it, and not blaspheme God.

I’ll be praying for you all.

My Powers/My Spirit

A very strong positive energy came over me in regards to creating my certain websites. My spirit has led me to express my nature in all of its aspect. The time has come for the powers to completely take over.
This site is dedicated to me and my spiritual connection. I was born with a gift as well as certain others and I am able to communicate with the dead.

Each person is an individual and each person has their own type of unique experience. People with gifts can learn from one another.


My Beloved Ones

When the spirits spoke I knew to listen. When my ancestors called out for me I answered immediately. When my orisha came to get me I went without hesitation. It was automatic connection.

“We had you since you was a baby” said the voice of my powerful ancestors.

I remember the feeling that I had on my way to work one day when you all appeared to me in one of my enlightening visions. You all were so fierce and beautiful dressed in white as authentic voodoo priestesses.

Thank you for my inheritance.

The strong feeling came over me of how beautiful the religion of voodoo is.

I also remember another day coming home from work riding on a bus when a burst of happiness came over me from elegba. I felt so happy that I wanted to cry. And it’s rare for tears to fall from my face but I felt like it could have come upon me.

This is my celebration.

Homage To Me, My Ancestors And Loas

Indeed yes, this is a place I can call home, another way to connect with the universe on a spiritual level. I absolutely love having a very unique gift and expressing the freedom and power to truly be my genuine self.
My clairvoyant abilities come from having been born with a caul. My African ancestral roots led me on a path of true knowledge, happiness and fulfillment.First and foremost I have to thank my incredible female ancestors for making it their duty to guide and protect me all throughout my life. And it was all done out of pure extreme love and I have nothing but extreme love and respect for you all. I love you all so very much.You are some of the most strongest and powerful women that I have ever encountered and I am so proud to have inherited those genes. My particular male ancestors are just as incredible because you all are genuine men who don’t take any mess.And what a deep blessing it is to have elegba guarding my life, showing me real love and satisfaction, and thank you so much oshun and ogun for welcoming me, protecting me and guiding me with your genuine love, all of you along with orunmila for revealing to me hidden knowledge.My spiritual family has been with me from the beginning and you will all be with me forever more. No one can violate our family circle.

PaPa Legba

Posted on May 6, 2008 by misslatoya

Nine years ago, i contacted and worked with a Yoruba priestess. When we first talked over the phone she scheduled me for a reading. I was looking for a little guidance on how to expand the spiritual work that i had already been doing. I had my own altar set up in my bedroom with pictures of the saints, a statue of the virgin mary, the elements of earth, wind, fire and more! This was my own personal alter for which i did my own spiritual work with the strong energies that manifested and worked greatly on my behalf.  I visited the Botanica stores quite often back then.

Since i was born with a veil i couldn’t help but to notice the spiritual powers that i had. All i had to do was wish things and they’d happen, so taking it further with prayers, offerings and candle burning was the icing on the cake. This Yoruba priestess in particular who was located in Georgia explained to me that i was a medium who was born to be a messenger. And that a lot of my female ancestors were trying to reach me but didn’t have enough of the energy to do so. She told me i had to set up a separate altar other than my own personal one. One that would only be for my ancestors. The Priestess explained to me in detail all of the things that i needed to know and the things that i needed to do in order to maintain the altar so that i would be prosperous and have the protection from any negative energies. The only problem was back then i did not fully understand the significance of the spiritual relationship between me and my ancestors as i do now, and i did not keep it up like i was suppose to. So i had left myself open to spiritual attacks in certain aspects of my life.

The Yoruba priestess also acknowledged to me that i had to get into the priesthood or else i would have setbacks in life. Again, back then i didn’t fully understand how vital these things were for my survival here on earth in this life. During the time my enemies were trying to conquer me with heavy black magic i had a dream that i was the one who would defeat them and i spoke with another Yoruba priestess who verified that revelation to me. Just to be sure, i asked her was i going to be destroyed? She responded to me by saying “Destroying You?” Your enemies need to be more worried about you destroying them!” “Do you know who your loa is?” I said , “No”.  She explained to me that my crowning Orisha was Elegba and that one of his numbers were 21. And she told me some others things that she didn’t want me to forget.  All of this took place a while back before i was able to completely grasp what was being told to me but i knew it was all the truth. And finally, everything has totally come to the light for me.

Elegba kept coming to me. Particularly in the early part of 2006 my spirits were intensely telling me what i needed to do in order to get reunited with my destiny. After some time passed i went and got Legba’s veve, invoked his spirit offering his favorite things. And my Papa Legba was so much appeased. In only three days i received the requests that i asked for. Since then, i’ve been continuing to serve Elegba and now by keeping it up on a regular basis my life has so much more clarity. All of my female ancestors have the strength to make contact with me. I’ve seen them all in visions and they have assured me that there will never be any more darkness in my life. I see where i get all of my strength, power and character from. These women from my past generations were priestesses themselves! Everything in my life is continuing to go the way that it is suppose to without any interruption. The spiritual peace and vibrations that continue to flow through me is amazing! As a caulbearer my spiritual life has always been beautiful but now it is even more beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Connection/The Universe,Ancestors,Loas (True Knowledge)

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    • Thank you. When you are sincere and genuine and of substance truth will always find you. You just have to listen and know when to hear.

      That is great that you’d love to learn further about the beauty of ancestral spirituality and the universe. It is so real and very gorgeous (my other way of saying beautiful).

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