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I love to write. It is a natural gift. Spirit leads me to express myself fluently and accurately. Pure energy inspires my determination as success proceeds out with every accomplishment.

Much Praise To My Love And Lights & Great Power To The Universe!

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  1. Hi lady,
    I need your immediate help. It’s urgent. I need to get in touch with you. Please let me know how.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Dear Miss Latoya,
    I was born with a veil and put up for adoption. I talked at 9 weeks and have devoted my life to using my gifts to uplift. I suffered an attack right after my birth in a foster home and I believe that something was taken from me. For over 10 years, as I expanded, I have been in a spiritual battle. There are many levels and all of the things that you described as symptoms of attack. I have sought help but no one has been able to free me. I feel separated from my powers and cannot free myself. I long to be myself and to fulfill my destiny but my path is blocked and the candle of my emense creativity is being blown out. I have so much to offer but everything has been taken. Opportunities vanish as soon as they appear. Relationships vanish. I know somethings are trying to control me and blind me to who I am and trying to get me to end my life before I can finish my work here. Can you and will you help me?
    Mary Johnson

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