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I love to write. It is a natural gift. Spirit leads me to express myself fluently and accurately. Pure energy inspires my determination as success proceeds out with every accomplishment.

Much Praise To My Love And Lights & Great Power To The Universe!

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    • You have to do it in the way that is the most befitting to you. And if you want a more in depth detail explanation for yourself personally I’d have to focus and channel deeply into you to get further into your vibration.

      In and from my own personal experience my ancestors were around and watching over me far before I had any knowledge of their presence having been within my life.

      There was a time years ago when they were trying to get to me intensely yet didn’t have enough of the energy to do so. I coincidentally (now in hindsight I know that it was spirit back then moving and guiding me into further enlightenment so that I would be cognizant, in connection, and of help to my dear loved ones) reached out to a Yoruba Priestess that explained to me what to do in order to aid them within their previous intention. From then on, I haven’t needed any outside assistance within my ancestral relations.

      Just like my Orishas came looking for me my Ancestors were nothing that I had originally sought after as they were already there from the beginning of my life watching and waiting for the day and time when I was fully ready to understand and accept my role of the bestowals that were inherently passed down. I accepted without hesitation and with genuine absolute grace as what I was born into came natural. How could I reject myself? It never crossed my mind, if anything, the missing pieces of a puzzle had as a relief to me finally come together.

      We cannot go after anything that isn’t meant for us and have it meet our required purpose within harmony. What is designed for us will manifest itself divinely when we are open and in balance with the channels of our own unique foundations.

      Would you want to connect with just any ancestral relative, particularly one that was of a negative energy? I think not, if you are not of that same negative energy. You have to be very cautious and careful to who you deal with and let in both here in the physical world as well as when you link in to the spiritual realm.

      When you prepare an altar or any type of veneration method according to your own nature or preference for your Ancestors your motives and intentions should be completely sincere. It should purely be out of love, loyalty and respect as they have been motivated by love and respect into loyally aiming to keep us safe, nurtured, and ongoing and with fruition.

      Our ancestors are all around us and we can connect and communicate with them within ways that are identifiable unto us as we recognize the familiarity within their routines and how they interact with us on a continual basis.

      How we associate ourselves with our ancestors and call upon them are all not one in the same as many of us speak and work with them in different ways.

  1. Hello Miss Latoya,

    I’ve been told that I was born with a caul. My mom told me a story about an older black woman being in the room that she had never seen before and didn’t see again after that when I was born, she was the one that handed me to my mom. She told my mom that I had been born with a veil. My mom also said that she heard the other nurses in the room asking “what is that” when I was coming out. Well, I don’t have visions or communicate with the supernatural. I have had some extraordinary dreams though. I have tried my best to live a “regular” life, often times forgetting about being a caul bearer and just trying to blend in. But I have always looked at most people around me as being “kind of slow”. I know that it is not right to think that way, but most times I just don’t understand the motivations of people. I feel like they weren’t taught anything or haven’t been raised properly.

    I would like to open a line of communication with you just to see if you can give me any insights about what I’m supposed to be doing out here.

    • Hi Omar,

      Some of our powers are different and/or are stronger than others yet circumstances of various distinction fits within all levels of range and you should never “estimate” your value or “validate” yourself in comparison to other individuals that are said to be born with the veil as you yourself are the true identification of who you are and the true definition of who you are suppose to be if you truly choose to accept yourself.

      There is so much more to being born with a veil than just seeing visions and/or having “direct” communication with the supernatural (remember that there are plenty of people on the earth that were “not” born with veils but that have had paranormal experiences) although those elements are indeed a big part of the association of our genuine caul births.

      However, there are other distinguishing factors, attributes and characteristics that are also defined within us as “special” individuals, your supernatural connections may have went unrecognized/unnoticed as they are inevitably able to materialize within all forms and fashions invisibly and oftentimes manifest within our mode of intellect and mode of comprehension and other natural skill and talent that you may not have identified in relation to mystical interaction (just as spirit is working through me right now as I write this post).

      We are magical beings in all a numerous of aspects.

      So you do not casually or constantly have to come upon visions of the past, present, or what is to come or see and/or talk to spirits as many of us do to qualify you as one being born more or less with preternatural abilities in regard to the caul.

      Supernatural communication is not always exhibited without us but is also displayed within us and will come out through our expressions and that is of what is expressed around us that is not always obvious unto us and other people surely are able to see it and are impacted by it yet they cannot explain or describe it and it attracts to us a lot of attention, and attention around us that we do not necessarily want or deserve when it is especially of a negative kind.

      I’d advise any good person of the veil to never try to blend in as we were meant to stand out. Why camouflage within the mixture of repetitiousness that is within our society when clearly we shine? How can you live a regular life when you are extraordinary? Why would you want to?

      When you are open to who you are and to your own nature regardless of whatever conflict and/or misconception that may occur from others your nature will become more open to you and the negativity from others will serve as a tool into bringing you closer and into union with what is in relation to you within and through out the universe as it will fiercely unite, guide and protect you within your own personal and spiritual zone.

      It takes courage to be your authentic self especially within the presence of the vileness and ignorance within the world but when we truly don’t care and are motivated by our own truths and determination we are innately free of that and are unaffected by any judgment or criticism and we are properly rewarded for our loyalty through maintenance and sustainment but you must have foundation.

      If you perceive most people around you or that you come into contact with to be kind of slow it is because you are ahead of them in more ways than one and because some of them just aren’t on the level to begin with and it has absolutely nothing to do with academics.

      A lot of people are accustomed to a limited mode and scope of life, and a limited view of thinking, and when certain others come along with a mystical spirit, higher insight or a unconventional/unorthodox way of living and manner of bearing that is completely honest and natural yet foreign to them it incites controversy.

      Many individuals are only familiar with one method and approach and don’t know anything else but think that they know everything therefore they treat and conduct all and one in the same when there are plenty of us that differ greatly within mentality and emotion ( some of us have absolutely no emotion toward what they feel we should) and because we do not fit into the typical category within their limited “reasoning” of knowledge and understanding we are often attacked or underestimated.

      People don’t know how to deal with what they do not know about and a lot of individuals weren’t taught correctly and they weren’t raised properly a lot of people don’t know what life is really about as they have been subconsciously and subliminally trained through this society and it’s falsities and bull-crap.  A lot of the “programming” starts in school and within the church.

      As a spiritual person of the caul I naturally sensed things weren’t right early on and adapted to what I experienced as the truth as I learned and discovered through having a mind of my own, us that are born with second-sight inherently are set apart from the rest of the world and aren’t so easily misled as we are rooted and fixed within a reality that travels beyond what is the physical realm alone.

    • Miss Latoya,

      Thank you for your reply and insights. It was very refreshing. I will be reading it more than once in order to get the full meaning! When you spoke about the negativity that we encounter serving to push us toward our intended purpose it was like a light bulb being lit. Throughout my life I have had family members and friends that I genuinely cared for that would betray my loyalty at the first opportunity that they had. It took decades before I began to force myself to see them in the light that they were showing me instead of the light that I had wanted them to have. Slowly I realized that I just wanted to have people that understood me and this put me in a situation to experience that negativity over and over again.

      Now, I am beginning to consider my life and past actions more in hindsight and can see how it was necessary for me to have those relationships and experiences that were so painful at the time.

      At this point in my life I am focused on being a person that God can use. I spend a lot of time alone or either with my daughter. I research all types of subjects and write down my ideas and thoughts. I get ideas in my sleep and wake up to write them down. I write poems, rhymes, short stories etc. I know that there is a purpose for my being here.

      In the Bible, in multiple instances, it talks about having wise counsel. Growing up, I had always been the person in the group that was into thinking a few steps ahead of actions. Many times this would spoil plans and cause conflicts with who ever was the “leader” of the group at that time. I have always felt like I was a leader, but at those early ages, becoming the leader meant you had to be the baddest, and this was never my forte.

      It seems like I am babbling, but what I am getting at is that I was attempting to be a wise counsel in those early years, but my counsel was not being appreciated because the leadership was unworthy.

      Now, at this stage in my life, after my many experiences, I know that I am a leader. Even if it is only being the leader of myself, of course with Gods counsel, I must have wise people that are aware and are blessed to live outside of the scope of our everyday reality that I can hear from in times of uncertainty.

      I appreciate you for your willingness to share your perspective and your spirit with me.

      God Bless you Sister

    • First of all, your ongoing words were not at all to me of any sort of annoyance or of a babbling content it was wonderful.

      When it is necessary and proper within the alignment of instinct and tendency even for reasons that you may not be able to explain or even understand initially but know deep within your heart, mind, and soul that it is vital you have to let go and release because there is a need for our truths to be revealed from without ourselves unto the universe as we become further empowered and protected to move on to the next level.

      A little side note: Have you ever noticed how people will confess and reveal to us their secrets and burdens, tell us things that they haven’t shared with anyone else, then admit to us “I don’t know why I’m telling you this?”.

      That has happened to me on many of occasion. The powers of the caul will draw out information from others without us having or wanting to seek out their disclosures, even negative people that are enemies will express their guilt or discretion and even tell on their other counterparts.

      Now back to what I was saying: Sharing and exchanging our words of experience and journey is very beneficial to all of us that are resourceful and conducive even to the most advanced of individuals.

      We as gifted children within our own category of unique and spiritual talents that are “energetically inspired” and determined have all at one time or another had questions and have searched for answers and have wanted serious discussion from others who are “like us”. It is delightful and refreshing to come across some one who understands you and that you can trust and that genuinely has good intentions toward you within your quest for guidance or clarity.

      Oftentimes in reading or hearing about another person’s story we may identify some of our own closely related issues and/or experiences and other common threads that bind or connect us together. We can take certain aspects or solutions that may apply to us or our lives and use them as stepping stones.

      When we share to the very few “right” type of people whether within the presence of some one that we personally know or just in correspondence to someone that we connect with in some way or just even expressing our words and thoughts through writing and other modes of creativity it is very therapeutic and cathartic.

      And some of us are ignited by divine spirit to bring forth messages through our own gifts and special talents. We are the very vessels that truth and knowledge will exercise itself through for whatever purpose that is within accordance to us and our journey.

      I just want you to know that you seem to me to be a individual that is very intelligent and that is on the correct path and that has the strength, insight/knowledge and personal experience to make it through anything in order to succeed in whatever it is that is destined for you.

      However, as I am sure that you already know when you are of the “light” the darkness will always attempt and try to shadow your path to hinder your walk and prevent you from arriving to where it is that you are suppose to go.

      As people who are born to be leaders and not followers we value order, logic and responsibility and we are very trustworthy because we are very dependable and reliable. We are characterized by our “high thinking” and “high level of spirituality”. We have a clear manner of thinking and we pay attention to the details that other individuals overlook and negativity is not a fan of that at all.

      The darkness can never overpower the light but at the same time we have to never let that “nasty wind” be strong enough to ever blow out our “beautiful sparkling flames”.

    • Thank you! It is good to know that I am not an annoyance to you. Seldomly throughout my week and sometimes month, do I get the opportunity to have a conversation with someone that has a clue about what I really mean or where the basis of my thoughts may be coming from. But, it is almost the same for me when people tell me stories about their weekend bar hoping escapades or about buying a new pair of Jordans or things of that nature.

      You know, I can actually feel the vibes coming off of people! I get invited out and get invited over to my neighbors houses and I just know that it is not the type of environment that I want to be in. It’s almost like a magnetic repulsion. I can stand in my yard and talk with them but I know in my mind that there is no way that I am going to set foot in their house. It makes me seem anti social but I just trust my gut. Now on the other hand, I don’t mind if they come to my house or any event that I may be having. I guess it’s because I know that I am the supreme authority here and they can’t be their natural selves when they are in my home.

      I did have one cousin come into my home and call me a hypocrite because I built a larger house than his. I guess the hypocrite accusation came from the conversations that we used to have about people that we knew that were doing similar things in their lives. It was always about comparison and trying to be better than the next person with him. And this was one of my favorite cousins. I always treated him like a younger brother. But I began to notice that I only had these types of conversations when I was around him. By me being a willing participant, I was just as guilty as gossiping and bad mouthing as he was. The day that he stood in my home and called me a hypocrite was like a wake up call to me. I thought, how could he feel this way about me when he’s seen all that I’ve been through in my life. Divorce, near death health scares, and now that God was changing the tide in my favor I was still deserving of being ridiculed according to him. After over 30 years of knowing this guy I had to cut him out of my life completely.

      I remember conversations with this cousin where he would speak about keeping his enemies close to him so that he could watch them. I would think to myself “where did you get enemies from?” Of course through out the course of my life I have had people that didn’t like me, for various reasons, and I’m sure some of those reasons were because they didn’t know what to make of me. But I do not recall ever considering someone to be my enemy. I just didn’t have that concept outside of sports where two opposing teams would be trying to beat each other. In real life I figured that everyone is supposed to be friends. And now at this stage in life I rationalize by saying if God is for me then who can be against me? Who can stop what the Universe has put into motion? Once I realized that I was the only person that could be an enemy to myself I stopped giving that type of weight to people that I began to see as misguided souls.

      There is nothing that confuses a person more than when you don’t give them your energy. They will either try harder to derail you or they will retreat. And when they try harder they often fall into the pit that they are trying to dig for you.

      Most of my reactions to them was because I was hurt by their disposition towards me. I always felt like “If they only knew me then they would like me”. So I would try to be like them and fit in and this took me further and further off my path.

      I have realized that by us being the type of people that often get to hear the inner most thoughts of other people that we can easily be exposed to those bad vibes and negativity. I am not proud of the way that I have handled this in the past, but it gave me reasons to stay away from people that would be trying to use me as an emotional dump. I know that people need to vent, kind of like I am doing now! But I guess that was apart of me trying to shirk responsibility.

      Now I am starting to see that we are here for each other and for humanity as a whole. The thing that gets me the most though is trying to help people that are not trying to help themselves. It begins to feel like they are purposely making issues for themselves just to keep me from being focused. I am still trying to balance it all out though.

  2. Hi lady,
    I need your immediate help. It’s urgent. I need to get in touch with you. Please let me know how.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Dear Miss Latoya,
    I was born with a veil and put up for adoption. I talked at 9 weeks and have devoted my life to using my gifts to uplift. I suffered an attack right after my birth in a foster home and I believe that something was taken from me. For over 10 years, as I expanded, I have been in a spiritual battle. There are many levels and all of the things that you described as symptoms of attack. I have sought help but no one has been able to free me. I feel separated from my powers and cannot free myself. I long to be myself and to fulfill my destiny but my path is blocked and the candle of my emense creativity is being blown out. I have so much to offer but everything has been taken. Opportunities vanish as soon as they appear. Relationships vanish. I know somethings are trying to control me and blind me to who I am and trying to get me to end my life before I can finish my work here. Can you and will you help me?
    Mary Johnson

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