Voodoo/White Magic, Black Magic


Aside from the many negative of energies returning back to the sender black magic can also bounce off away from its target and unto inanimate objects.

Often when my adversaries would try to cross me or another family member up who were fortunately protected and spiritually resistant to the harsh effects of the demonic activity the energies would boomerang and go into specific parts of the house causing both minor and major temporary or permanent damage.

When we’d look at and observe all of the unexplainable sections of water stains, mildew, decay, cracked paint, dirt and dust, or problems with plumbing there was only one thing that added up and that was the manifestation of evil that had went into it.

Ever since her teenage years my mother had worn good quality sterling silver bracelets that she still wears till this day and whenever she’d get significantly ill her bracelets would turn very dull and dark, nearly black.

The same thing would happen to the bracelets when someone directed the workings of black magic toward her way and by the look of those bracelets along with the scenes of our home that occurrence just revealed how bad of a state the both of us would have been in if we had actually became vulnerable to all of the spells that were intended to inflict havoc upon our life.

I remember years ago how someone brought a business card into my home that was conjured, thinking that such a small item such as a thin piece of card stock wouldn’t raise up any type of suspicion, however, as one highly sensitive to vibration I had detected the negative energy within more ways than one as I watched the vileness as it sprung out from the business card and traveled within the atmosphere.

Immediately, I removed the business card from the house and threw it into the outside garbage can and three days later the guy that brought the card his car had broke down and eventually he had to get another vehicle. He was stopped dead in his tracks.

His mother also had the nerve to get involved because among their kind they wanted to get in on the conspiracy and possibly be the ones responsible for having the ammunition to take me and my mother down in order to gain that street-trash credit that entertains the junkie mindset.

In another endeavor the silly bitch had sent her son back over to our home this time with some yarn that was conjured. As I was crocheting I felt the negative energy after it had left out of the acrylic threading enter into my leg, nothing happened though, when he left I threw the yarn away so he’d be non the wiser yet he knew that there was no desired result because, along with other failed attempts by many others, when he had gotten home he asked his mother, “Why can’t nothing happen to her?”

And his mother told him as she had to face the truth, “That is just the way that it is”.

Shield Of Armors

About a weekend ago around the fifth and sixth of this February month I was at home and could literally “feel” and discern the thoughts and verbal utterances among the number of my adversaries. I felt the same negativity repeat this past week falling into the weekend (twelfth and thirteenth of this month) yet to a lesser extent as they had a malignant plan within the scope and within their making.

Friday night into Saturday morning I had received a “very funny feeling” that was around me and that was heightened as to alert me as to something that just was not right.

My adversaries were ultra pissed off and severely disappointed within me due to the fact that I absolutely and without a doubt have no regard for any of them whatsoever.

All of their efforts in their attempts to cause my destruction through their past and continual lies, schemes of manipulation, and so on, have tremendously failed because of my analytical and intellectual vigor, my extremely resilient mind and spirit, my definite uncaring attitude of what they or others may say or think about me, and my sufficient foundation of  spiritual purpose.

My foes that are very low within character and that are highly intimidated and envious of mine were all so eaten up inside, and as they were constantly eaten up alive they had also become even more rancorous and inspired to “discipline” me as my apathetic nature and firm sense of self, along with my additional infuriating stubborn distinctions, catered to them all as just “another serious of a problem”.

By my unique and natural modes of mentality they were and are unable to defeat me and that is again a “big problem” in their sick minds, and within their evil eyes.

On Sunday, February 14 St Valentines Day, at exactly 10:04 p.m. I had sat comfortably in a chair at the facility in which that I worked as something had suddenly hit down within the seat of the chair right behind my tush.

Instantly I had known what the occurrence was and what it was meant to bring.

It was a sign of action intended by the onset of “Brujeria” which I have experienced within the past that was currently unable to come into fruition and boy were they so very angry, confused and afraid. Afterward, my adversaries were also disappointed in how they were unable to persuade certain other individuals to join within their lies and within their indulgence into witchcraft many people have for a while now been on to them.

People are not falling for their lies the way that they use to and not everybody did to begin with.

It was just three weeks ago that my enemies attempted to cross me up within my paths through this same type of mode of evil as I could sense and feel the warnings of the deliberate condition that they had wanted and tried to set before me. The only hindrance that they continuously fail to understand though is no other than their own utter state of ignorance.

They’ve on many occasion struggled to break down my shield but I am a congenital whirlwind of barrier.

Brujeria cannot, and will “never” ever again touch and/or battle up against me. I myself am a protection, the sources around and within me are a protection, the universal aspects that surround the planes of life that are around and within the vibration of force radiate protection.

I laugh harshly at all the inferior low life of fools that honestly believed that through out all of their own shortcomings and envies and jealousies and previous triumphs or attempts at and over the other more fortunate and guiltless of souls that they could just conveniently go run and resort to the aides of surreptitious deceptive witchcraft in order to get the undeserved solutions of their own selfish and unjustifiable way.

They may have destroyed other people in particular on other specific terms as to their false sense of access to easy measurements to control, however, they cannot win and have not won them all because I am an individual who is here and who is plenty of aware, and I am also one of whom that is within genuine fierce effect, an inborn power that is of a significant and natural of means.

There are us who are especially chosen spiritual warriors within our own right we are out there and we refuse to let the evil prevail among us, and we dare anyone of a demonic nature to try to blow out our flames of divine glow as the darkness is never under any circumstance able to outshine or overpower the light.


No Alteration Through My Gratification:(https://ladylatoya.wordpress.com/2016/02/08/no-alteration-through-my-gratification/)



This past Monday I went to bed early around 8 p.m. because I had to get up early the next morning to go to work. As I slept during the night into the wee hours I saw three visions in my dreams they all had meaning that I had discerned, and even one that had played out at work later that day, however, another out of the trio was quite a bit disturbing to me-rather strange and all so very sick.

Years ago, about fifteen, a young female singer was killed in a tragic accident and back then shortly after the incident had taken place I noticed how I became harmlessly preoccupied with her death, watching the news and television reports and reading the news paper and I didn’t understand why my attention had suddenly focused on and turned to this famous R&B singer as I didn’t have anything against her personally (she had made some good music songs that were appealing) yet I wasn’t really a fan.

I remember one night how I had lay awoke in bed and had a vision of how rapidly her spirit had departed from her body instantly after the violent impact of the deadly event, her spirit was in transparent mode (not human likeness just a large size clear solid flickering blur) and with sort of a circular form within it’s appearance fluttering and moving swiftly through out the area of the accident.

I could be wrong but what I had gotten from the scene of vision was that her spirit was knocked out of the body so quickly and unexpectedly that it was rattled and disoriented within it’s roam around the vicinity.

Then it had also come to me within the energy that this young deceased singer had wanted her life back I could definitely sense and feel that she was dismayed and adrift during the initial exit out of this world the experience had actually took me back to the setting under the paranormal terms.

Later that year, about two to three months after the reflections and vision I went down to South Carolina and stayed a week with my father’s side of the family (I discovered two reasons for my journey that were meant to occur while I should not have gone within the first place but everything happens for a reason and I did make it back home safely and with indeed purpose) and aside from other explanations of my visit another revelation had arisen to the surface.

I unwittingly asked one of my cousins about the famous singer who had passed away and he came out and told me that her grandmother lived just a short distance behind their land and that when she would come down there to visit her grandmother riding in a vehicle (it was so long ago I do not remember or not whether he mentioned the super star was traveling in a limousine or what) that she’d wave to them all out from the car window the people who had recognized her and knew who she was related to there down in South Carolina.

I also asked other relatives and they verified and confirmed the story and they also gave me detail about the attitude of the singer’s mother toward a neighbor once as people in the area were mostly well acquainted with one another.

So there was the connection between me and the situation and circumstance not to mention that my father’s own grandmother had “well-known” extra sensory perception within the family no one could do anything without her knowing about it when she was alive, and I have this gift on both sides of my family, and then some, that is why I have a “double veil”.

Anyway, back into this past Tuesday morning of the wee hours of as I slept, that weird yet factual dilemma in regard to one of the visions observed within my dreams catered once again to this famous female singer who had died fatally. In the extremely vivid scene she laid on her backside dead with her eyes closed,  the cognition allowing me to acknowledge her identity, while someone was in the process of trying to perform a “Resurrection” ritual.

Someone actually attempted to revive her spirit into my body and suck out my animated spirit. They intended for her and I to switch places.

I am not vulnerable in my sleep I have 24 hour natural spiritual protection every time the ritual tried to literally extract my spirit from my body I would jerk simultaneously in resistance and it would automatically wake me up and every time this incident occurred for the undisclosed period (me falling asleep them waking back up) that it lasted I would see the singer’s lifeless face, eyes closed, on her backside.

I noticed that this didn’t happen until I wrote my two last recent posts this past saturday but as “energy” and “spirit” inspires and provokes me to write, a gift and a significant purpose that is beyond my head and control at the same time within my talents and unpremeditated missions of sharing through my own knowledge and personal experience “divinity” will in no way intentionally expose me to any danger through what I may reveal but as “spiritual vessels” we type of people in specific are and do become targets, nevertheless, whenever a “higher plan” is scheduled into effect there is no deactivation.

Second Sight/Living With Real Paranormal Abilities:(https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/second-sightliving-with-real-paranormal-abilities/)

Occult Power

Aside from family members, friends, associates, neighbors, enemies, strangers, and whoever else people also need to watch out for the “posers” who claim to help the sufferers and people who are the unjustly objects of evil black magic.

Many practitioners camouflage themselves as good healers, always on the lookout for positive energy and positive souls to drain and to corrupt.

We live in a world that forever battles between the good and the evil. We cannot afford to be oblivious to the demonic intentions of those who cover themselves up with persuasive talk and false displays of character-Miss LaToya http://ladylatoya.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/some-of-the-associations-of-black-magic/

I have heard some other psychics and/or clairvoyants in the past impart how they were able to see or to read into the lives of many others but that they could never see as much in detail or into anything significant at all when it came down to digging into their own personal lives and concerns.

I am just the complete opposite when it comes into that department. I have always been able to see deep into my past, present, and future, as well as into the lives, thoughts, feelings, and utterances of others without even trying.

And it seemed that I could see or read more about what was going on around and within my own personal surroundings and into the things that concerned what was going on around and within my own life more than anything else!

The same thing went and still goes for me in regards to healing and grave (serious) spiritual work.

I have consulted and did work with other spiritual persons within the very distant past which had proved in some ways to be very helpful and beneficial and in other ways to serve both as a distinct warning and learning experience to further grasp and analyze.

I had discovered that I was way more naturally powerful in occult sufficiency than those that I had visited and dealt with and therefore obligated and fortunate enough to handle my own healing procedures that were especially conducted for my own personal spiritual growth and sustainment.

I work entirely alone with the great assistance of the universe, and energy is best and most uncontaminated in that way.

Just as there are the positive extra sensory perceptive energetic folk such as my self, there are also the negative demonic and degenerate folk who reside on the other side of the podium. And I surely stand innately divided as we do not mix, constantly within opposition as they are always in conflict against me and all that is right and truly good within a particular mode/fashion.

I have had a so called psychic and a few others who attempted to “help and heal” by their own ulterior methods. Healing and helping that I did not need, want, or ask for!

We all have our own free will, so if one approves of any specific special spiritual work done by a spiritual person then they are wittingly and willingly giving their own consent.

However, then there or those, and you have those in particular who will go behind one’s back to influence them, their life, and their surroundings and etc…,without their permission and knowledge-even when in their demented mind they considering it being helped or healed-to maintain a control over them. And that is indeed no other than a form of evil malicious devious black magic!

It is wrong to try to affect a person’s will through any type of underhanded manipulation.

The few who tried this with me I had to laugh harshly at, underestimating my ability to know and to pick up on what they were doing then underestimating my capacity to repel it.

Those individuals who knew that I would perceive or foresee at the same time tried to confuse my mind and weaken my senses to make me susceptible and vulnerable to their tactics of reconstruction.

It never worked out though. If anything, the black magic would eventually rebound along with the touches of my satisfying techniques of spiritual revenge!

There were even those spiritual workers who had initially intended to harm my aura and well-being but were unable to due to the powerful protective forces of the head Orisha and intelligent entities that governed around my illuminated spirit.

Instead they had and were forced to make amends by reprimand or else they would have to suffer the consequence of numerous perils.

How humiliating for them to have to bless me in replace of the many curses that they originally had designed!


A True Tale Of Voodoo And Revenge

My jealous and miserable great grandmother (Amanda Byars) was one of the biggest liars and trouble makers that I had ever come across in my life.

She wasn’t very bright, she was very envious, and she had done a lot of dirt within her life that she could not handle.

Plagued by numerous regrets and resentments she took out her pains and frustrations on those who had not made the same disastrous mistakes and errors that she had undoubtedly made.

Although I could not believe every story or word that she would convey to me one particular tale that she had told struck my thoughts enough to have had an impact and strong ring of truth to it.

I believed the story then. And I believe the story now. It speaks true.

Years ago, long before Amanda passed away, she mentioned to me a tale that had taken place down way back in the south.

My great grandmother had originally come from North, Carolina.

Now I do not remember exactly what part of the south that this incident had actually occurred because it was so long ago when I first heard about the story.

However, the rest of the details are still fresh within my mind.

There was a young teenage girl who had gotten pregnant. She then decided to go through the procedure of having an abortion.

Just as a lot of other young people do the teenage girl trusted and confided in a friend of whom she thought that she could trust.

The friend later went around town telling everyone about the circumstances regarding the girl’s situation and the termination of her pregnancy.

Word had eventually got back to the poor teenage girl (and back to her angry mother as well who’d already had previous knowledge of her daughter’s prior condition) who was undeservedly the victim of neighborhood folks harsh judgements, rumors, and perpetual gossip.

After some time had passed. And after things had blown over a little bit the fifteen year old girl’s mother had invited her daughter’s friend over for dinner one evening.

The woman had a very special meal planned for the young lady who had spread her daughter’s personal business and secrets all over the town, causing the child much grief, heartache, and dread.

This mother loved her daughter very much.

The woman was infuriated at the ordeal and what her young baby had to go through on account of that big mouth trouble maker who could not keep her mouth shut.

The mother went and took a trip out into the woods in search for a snake to kill.

After puncturing then drawing up blood from the snake the woman prepared some ingredients for a very nasty voodoo trick (ritual).

The unsuspecting young friend of the fifteen year old girl had come over and enjoyed her venomous dinner, unaware of the dangers that cryptically lurked behind their evening engagement.

After more time passed, the friend had taken quite ill medically.

One day something had came up and got caught into the tunnel of her throat. The girl had got choked then gagged on some matter that she could not properly cough out.

The girl’s own mother had to come to her aid with strong firm pats to the back of the neck. Which did fortunately release and bring forth what had suddenly caused a blockage.

Small size oval-shape objects expelled from the young girl’s throat then right straight down out of her mouth.

The girl’s mother curiously cracked open each of the small size objects to find tiny baby snakes curled up inside and ready to slither.

These objects definitely turned out to be snake eggs.

From then on, the young girl who had ate that ominous meal cooked by the mother of the friend that she thoughtlessly or spitefully betrayed, had never been the same.

She stayed sick with constant illness until the day when she finally died.

The All Seeing Truth/Not Blinded By The Lies

My third eye is open. It is very clear and very active. I can see things and people for what and who they really are. And I can “see” and “feel” from many miles away. I have looked at pictures of people and spotted who was demonic.

There is nothing too big or too small for my spiritual antenna to “pick up” when the moment calls for it. Feeling, knowing, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting all go hand in hand for me.

Those of us who are “in tune” do know about the unknown and do have a lot of knowledge. I knew what life was all about at a very young age, about eleven or twelve. And even though that we are aware of so much, we don’t know every single thing as there is always something to be uncovered and discovered.

We have our own different origins, belief systems and experiences so therefore we may not come in agreement regarding all or certain terms of what is fact, which definitely does not make a “claim” false or non existent.

Can anyone actually “dictate” to you what you comprehend and what you’ve experienced? Absolutely not, what is truth to one is foreign to another yet both is real but not to each other.

“God” is a subject that is controversial to some when held into question. Though he does exist, many do not believe in him or what he is supposed to represent. And the bible teaches that anyone who does not follow him and serves something “other” is being deceived by Satan himself who is suppose to be a liar.

Now I am not going to get heavy into this but I do “know” of that to indeed not be true. And I can back it up for myself even if I could not prove it to anyone else who would not agree. I don’t want to persuade no one about anything. I am here to take what I “recognize” is genuinely for me, and in accordance apply it to my life.

Very frequently, there are these public candle lit vigils and makeshift memorials that are dedicated to people who are murdered and killed. The “vigils” which are meant for the gathering of friends, family and those alike, to offer prayers on the behalf of the deceased and their relatives, and to call on god to receive the deceased into the eternal kingdom of heaven.

Although it may look pretty-the mixture of balloons, flowers, teddy bears and other articles-it is a very demonic event, especially when the individuals have died violently.

“Clean” mourning ceremonies should be regarded and held in a sacred manner, such as in a home or a particular church or temple. There are definite ways to elevate a departed soul that has crossed over into the spirit realm, but the act has to be done properly.

“He or she is with god/Jesus now”, I’ve heard so many repeat after completing their task of outside in the open public devotions. “Yes”, I will agree “they are with god”. However, who is to say that actually means this is good, and that they are in a good right place?

What those in particular have actually done is “assisted”, “bounded”, and “sealed in” an open invitation into hell for the targeted souls.

I remember some years ago, a member from a very famous rap group who came from around my old neighborhood, was shot and killed. As usual, there were people who made a display memorial outside in the open, in his honor, on a side street against a gate with candles and other articles of choice.

As a highly sensitive spiritual person passing by the scene, I felt nothing but intense negative energy. Malignant spirits were hanging all around in that spot.

Another highly public makeshift memorial event (which took place a decade ago) that also happened to be displayed alongside a gate, involved the murder of two young girls, who till this day are still given candle lit vigils upon an anniversary date.

And while lots of people believe these girls who died between the ages of twelve and thirteen, are dwelling in “a beautiful place of peace” with their lord. I guarantee for a “fact” they are not. I know firsthand.

These girls are evil spirits roaming around and getting energized every time a ritual is carried out in remembrance to them. And, their lord is right along with them as he is energized and glorified every time he indirectly perpetuates tragedy for his own “eternal” benefit.

There are a very many of secrets, cover ups, lies, manipulations and conspiracies. And some that even include affiliates of the government who are involved, as they too are instruments of evil forces.

Some everyday people know exactly what is really going on and pretend that they don’t if you are not one of them. Some actually are in the dark, not aware by the operation and activity of spiritual dimensions. Some have their own divine sustained path outlined through whatever was appointed for them. And you have a lot of others who are caught in between.

This world is bigger than all of us and sometimes way beyond our control. There is so much more that could also be said and deliberated on, and a lot is kept behind closed doors. And, sometimes that is for the best depending on the circumstance and the repercussion that may follow.

There are explanations of ”great” purpose as to why I and those in particular are able to see, feel, hear and amongst other things, know into what is hidden.

The truth always finds a way to identify itself, even if it doesn’t sit right by those who’ve been blinded by lies and deception. It isn’t a matter about who does not believe though. It is believed only to those who “matter”.


Spiritual Survival/The Supernatural Way

Spiritual attacks

In this day and age of sick, evil, jealous and malicious demonic souls pure rare special spiritual beings and those alike need and require the ultimate shields of spiritual protection.

There are those who endeavor to (steal) take other people’s “positive” spiritual energy. It’s done through meditation and the use of evil voodoo and black magic.

Black magic

There are various mechanisms of spiritual evils. There are different forms of voodoo, obeah and witchcraft that can be separate or combined (mixed together for negative purpose) and those who may be targeted should always be on the look out (very vigilant of their spiritual body and surroundings).

White magic:

White magic is a form of beautiful voodoo that can provide ultimate protections through reversal, cleansing, shielding, opening up doors to success, clearing pathways/obstacles and many more life-changing events to control your own destiny (to make the life that you want and desire for yourself).

The same damage affects caused by black magic is the exact same amount of intense healing affect that white magic is able to concur and result with additional power if you are truly genuine and have love from and blessings through your ancestors and orishas.

Spiritual revenge:

There is absolutely nothing wrong in seeking revenge on those who have worked evil against you. Retaliation is vital and very necessary in certain circumstances.

Often most people cross people up hoping and thinking that their victim will never know or find out what was done to them.

However, instinct “gut feelings” and common sense often kick in with particular people leading them to investigate the things “occurring” in their life that may not seem right.

A spiritual person on the other hand instantly and definitely without a doubt knows when they have been attacked or crossed up. Some spiritual people-if powerful enough are able to “handle” their own situation by overpowering their opponent.

Others may need further assistance in matters of particular spiritual needs from another “power source” (spiritual worker).

If possible though, it is better to do the work on your own as your energies are enforced and vitalized for your own special purpose.

Note: you must be very careful seeking help from other spiritual people too. All of them indeed are not trustworthy and may be out to do just as much harm as an enemy. Spiritual folk are definitely not exceptions when it comes to those who will attempt to steal away energy and to deprive you of luck and goodness. So do not rule them out as potential “spiritual attackers”.

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My experiences with brujeria:

With all of the personal information that I have on this subject I could write a book about it. I spoke to a lady over the phone about six or seven years ago who was suppose to be a psychic. I mentioned the word “brujeria”.

“Are you Puerto Rican?” she asked me. I said “no”

“Well then how do you know about brujeria?” she said.

Then I went on about the nganga (cauldron), the paleros (grave robbers), the kiyumba (corpse that is used) then she stopped me. “Alright, alright”, she uttered.

I mean the ignorance in some people. I am an African American with Native American Indian descent. I am spiritual and know that magic (voodoo) first originated in Africa so why wasn’t I suppose to know? Anyway, I don’t know where to begin since this all started when I was at the age of seven so I’ll just make it more current and go back a little.

There isn’t enough room in this post to explain every detail in particular-not that it would be necessary anyhow, nevertheless, I will share the main evils. And I must say that brujeria is some very sick shit!

There is and has been a lot of jealousy around me from people that mostly started with family members many years ago. People are very jealous of my character. In the spring of 2003, this Hispanic girl who I never cared for, known since childhood, and who lived directly across the street from me sent her sister over to my house with a statue.

My mother happened to answer the door and the girl was disappointed. Initially unaware of the girl’s intentions, my mother brought the statue that was placed inside of a gift bag up to me. See, their mother had asked to read a published book that I wrote and when the book was returned a month later they sent a “present” along with it.

When I got out of the shower and saw and approached the white medium size bald-headed statue designed in the image of a baby angel I got a strong feeling. The statue that was made of porcelain didn’t at all look right to me, and it gave off a fragrance that I detected was the smell of evil.

My mother handed it to me. I was leery but touched it anyway. As I sat at the edge of the bed wrapped in a towel I held the statue, staring at it curiously. Then suddenly an energy grabbed both my wrists and I heard the words repeat “tie, tie”.

Exactly a week later, on a Tuesday I remember, I was again sitting on the edge of the bed watching television when something hastily dropped down from above me and hit me from the side of my jaw to between my neck and shoulder. It was a hard stroke that was not at all painful. Part of the ritual going into effect I assumed. And this was indeed part of a neighborhood conspiracy against me.

The two sisters were nothing more than flunkies with a bunch of dirt on them. Lizette Roubert and Dorita were the biggest whores of Hollis avenue and their mother catching aids from her dead dope fiend lover (dorita’s father) just gave them more motive to go along with the program as they were miserable and bitter.

Lizette had the nerve to come over and approach me with a phony conversation that following week as I sat on my stoop. Bitch thought that she was slick. She was looking up at my face trying to see if I had a knot up on there that was exaggerated by people who heard about my childhood injury of being thrown across the room as a baby by my drug addicted uncle. I read people immediately!

As Lizette spoke idly I picked up on the scent coming from her body. It was the same fragrance that I smelled from the statue. And all that I kept picking up from her presence was the death card. The same vision kept flashing before my eyes of a skeleton riding a horse with dead people lying on the ground everywhere around him. And I could sense and feel that Lizette was heavily crossed up.

In the summer of 2001, my mother and I were sitting in my room on the bed watching television when I heard a voice call my name. “Toya” it said.

“Did you just call my name?” I asked my mother.

“No”, she said. Then very suddenly something shot down and hit at the bed right where I was sitting and instantly I jumped up! The only thing I could remember was about maybe a week before this guy had brought a plastic bag of stones to me that must have been conjured. I didn’t keep them though, just like the statue I removed it from my house, but the damage had already been done because I came into contact with the articles.

A girl of Caribbean descent who was very young at the time came over to my house with her friend, and rang my doorbell. The girl’s name was Danielle and the young bitch lived directly next door to me. She handed me a key that was conjured. I felt the malignant spirit go right through me. My enemies wanted me very badly-they ranged my doorbell again!!!

They buried things in my front yard placed flowers over it then dug it back up before it backfired on them. They wanted me to get curious and dig it up they made the burial very obvious. None of them were very bright.

Yes indeed, I was crossed up and I knew it because I am clairvoyant and could feel it. My extra sensory perception and the good spirits around me would always remind me and keep me up to date on everything that was going on. And I was very blessed with protection and strength because the brujeria was not able to affect my mind. And my enemies tried very hard to.

They tried to confuse me. They tried to take away my strength and confidence. They tried to take away my gifts and spirituality. They tried to make me lose my mind. But I have a very strong spirit and much love and protection from the other side. So I beat all that bullshit!

I did however go through a lot physically do to me being extremely sensitive spiritually. I had to deal with the “snake” which made my body jerk in a very zigzag side to side motion. My stomach would get butterflies and push in and out like a pregnant woman and sometimes it would stretch my stomach out so far that it would pull me. That started in the beginning then subsided.

I had to deal with the “restless spirit”. Every morning around 3am or 5am I would wake up and couldn’t get back to sleep. When I stood up the negative energy would vibrate and shift down my body to my leg. And when I’d go to lay back down the energy would make its way back up my body to my head to keep me from sleeping.

I felt heaviness over me. The evil had spreaded from numerous attacks over the years. It was so heavy over my eyes that things in my vision seemed kind of clogged and far away. I could feel the success that I was suppose to achieve at that particular time trying to squeeze through the blockages my enemies had set before me. I could feel how they were trying to turn and make my life into the disaster that they wanted it to be.

My enemies were attempting to destroy my destiny. And even though it may have seemed like they were succeeding nothing could have been further from the truth. My faith in me and my purpose was way more powerful.

I had experienced all of this garbage already when I was a child. My great-grandmother who thank goodness passed away two or three years ago took my mother and I to a botanica store and had us crossed up by a Haitian man. My mother had a mild nervous breakdown. I was harassed at school by a girl who turned everybody against me because I didn’t fear and want to join in with her crowd. She wrote my name all over the bathroom walls and threatened to beat me up if I entered the school yard.

I walked my little ass right into the yard during recess while I heard others instigate “she better not come in here!” it was all over the school what was suppose to happen to me. I was a tough cookie even back then and did nobody lay a hand on me!

I done come too far in life to let some devil brujeria shit destroy me. I would feel that shit up in my head, giving me a feeling of being somewhere else or in another world. But I was just a kid.

Even during my teenage years they were after me. My enemies used brujeria to try to get inside of my head to give me low self esteem. They wanted me to be self conscious and have complexes. They wanted me to fall for the illusions which I definitely did not so they could play on it. They’d put negative men all whom were of Caribbean descent in my head trying to get me attracted to them. I was and will always be ahead of them!

“Brujeria” the Spanish word for black magic/witchcraft was definitely used to bring me down. I wonder is it because I am so connected with spirit that it always did the complete opposite for me. My self esteem would always go even higher and I would always get much stronger, spiritually and mentally.

When the time came for the brujeria to be removed I saw a multiple of visions. Lizette had just recently moved down south. I dreamed that she’d quickly make a return and surely she did about three months after the “shit” went back to her and the rest of my enemies. I also visioned that there would be a death shortly before she left to go back.

While awake I received a vision of how the “tie-“bind” ritual was done. I saw the woods. I saw my motor vehicle non driver’s i.d. that had been missing from my house lying on leaves with animal blood over it from a chicken sacrifice.

I saw the two main dead spirits that had violated me. One was a black man who appeared to me as a criminal. He was cursing at me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. The other guy was a Mexican or of some kind of Hispanic descent, he looked like a madman. He was quiet and crazed.

My grandmother suddenly became ill right after I got rid of the brujeria. And she died. One of my aunts who were a part of the conspiracy cried like a baby. The evil came back and got the close thing to her.

(My grandmother had been partially paralyzed for years do to a stroke, and a while before my grandmother died my enemies used her home health aide to put black magic in our sugar. Everyone in the house was complaining about one of their legs hurting but me. I was the only one in the house who did not touch the sugar. One day I caught the bitch whose name was Delores branch and I cursed her out like a dog and ran her out of our home).

From then on, of course my enemies have tried to send the brujeria back into my life. They were unable to though. It will never return. No matter how hard they try. I can and have touched things and the black magic is of no effect. Some years back they had someone who worked at a dunkin donuts put it in my milkshake. I knew better, drank it anyway and was nauseous for two weeks straight. Other than that I was fine.

Aside from tremendous financial success that I will eventually achieve one day, nothing has changed about me. If anything I am at a point in my life that is better now than it ever was as far as my personal self is concerned.

It’s so weird how you sometimes have to endure crazy things in order to get you where you need to be in life.

This is Lizette Roubert on the far right and her two daughters, one on the left and one in the middle.


The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge

I see visions, I get messages, I have dreams and I communicate with spirits all of the time.

Last year, sometime in the spring while I was at my job I received a deep vision. The vision showed me and my enemies in spirit form. We were all separated from one another and neither one of us were allowed or permitted to cross over to the other one’s side.

My enemies were located on the left hand side all grouped together agitated and vibrating. I was situated on the right hand side alone or with one other person partially beside me and I or we were standing still, calm cool and collected.

Through black magic, one agitated and vibrating soul was being extracted from the tortured bunch, slowly being lured towards me in an attempt to try to destroy me. And that is exactly what was going on in my life at that particular time.

There is nobody out there like me around and there is not too many more of my kind left.

And there was this guy who’d been after me for five consecutive years along with others who till this day continue to seek my demise.

During the summer, I went through one of my deep spiritual experiences. I wouldn’t at all mind sharing what went on, however, I don’t feel it is wise for me to do so. The things that were revealed and confirmed to me are too controversial. And while I don’t have any fear of controversy ( through speaking the truth I will always hold my own no matter how it may appear ) or being attacked for what I definitely know to be truth some things are just to be left unsaid for one’s own personal knowledge and protection.

There are all kinds of power within gifted people. The powers come out through lyrics, music and singing. The powers come out through drawing. And the powers come out through writing. And through all of these creative talents these powers make a definite change.

I love being spiritual. I love it when I get the energy to write it is so magical. My ancestors told me to blog more and my blog here is a vehicle for me to exercise spiritual energy through truth, talent and freedom.

The night before last, a young male spirit came to me in my dream very meaningful and sincere. “We need you to get rid of the garbage” were his exact words. “Keep doing what you’re doing”. He is on the other side along with the others. They see and know everything that is going on around my world and I will continue to do as I am told.

15 thoughts on “Voodoo/White Magic, Black Magic

  1. Hello Latoya
    I am desperate need of help. I believe o have been plague and or someone is causing havoc in my life. It seems as though someone have cursed me and I can not get anywhere. I would like to go more into detail via email. Thank you

  2. Hello Latoya,
    As I’m Reading your stories, I felt the need to reach out. I am in desperate need of someone to help me. My husband, out of the blue, said he was in love with another woman. He abandoned our home. I was told she did something powerful to take him away. He’s starting to neglect our children as time passes. Can you help me and my family?

    • I do not do love spells to bring people together or to make another attracted to someone who would not have otherwise had any interest in the other person to begin with. I do not believe in the changing of the will of a person who does not want to be bothered and I have never understood why a person would want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with them and would go to the lengths of “magic” to manipulate and to get their own way.

      Now if a loved one has left someone purely by their own decision without the influence of any sorcery no I would not do any love spell to bring them back because that is of their own free will to do so and to go away, and/or to move on for whatever reason that they see fit.

      On the other hand, though, if it was by the influence of some type of sorcery that a loved one turned against another or had went astray then I would reunite the individual and bring things back to the way that it is supposed to be- and that goes for relationships in general such as family and friends, and so on.

  3. hallo latoya
    i am shocked to read al the things what happens because believe it or not almost the same
    happened to me.i am stil in spritual battle day in day out.
    keep on going and may god be wity you till end of times.
    robert louren
    the netherlands

  4. My horoscope keep telling me someone got an evil eye on me. The next it says someone is trying to harm me & a love r a close friend. Me & my love been having problems and I been real sick lately. Mouth dry, lips burning, fingernail coming off by itself and etc

  5. I have an group of people at Sutherland Global Services at 1180 Jefferson rd in Henrietta, Ny gang stalk, harassing and using satanic practices against me and my 6 year old son!! They’ve changed us from head to toe the both of us lost EVERYTHING. Physically!! Some of their names are Thomas Levans, Jean Massey, Dilip Vellodi, Bret, Brennan, Abdul, Ryan Porteus, Nancy Ott, Kamisha and there are more!! They’ve been doing this since, May 27, 2014!! I use to work with them and they planned this!! They uad tried getting my son kidnapped, had tried getting me hit by an car 3 times in 1 night and had my house burned down!! My nee number is (585)520-2132!! Me nor, my son look the same at all in any kind of way, shape or, form!! They’ve been adding me on Facebook and stalking me around the city as well as, slandering my name!! I’m from Michigan ad I don’t speak to anyone in Rochester, Ny so, NO ONE should know anything about me!! Your help is highly appreciated and I’m NOT the only one their doing this to!!💝💝

  6. HELLO,
    The miracles i want to do in my church is that how to see the spiritual things about those whom want to see what is going in spiritual way in life and when i telling him or her that this and that is going in your life for spiritual then i can treat for him or her.
    from, Samuel Arthur.

    • I know that there are people around me doing things to my physical appearance and also blocking my finances. I haven’t been able to find a job and can’t pay my bills. It seems like this year everything I try to do goes against me or I’m always saying the wrong thing. Can you help me to get rid of these demonic forces.

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