PaPa Legba

Nine years ago, i contacted and worked with a Yoruba priestess. When we first talked over the phone she scheduled me for a reading. I was looking for a little guidance on how to expand the spiritual work that i had already been doing. I had my own altar set up in my bedroom with pictures of the saints, a statue of the virgin mary, the elements of earth, wind, fire and more! This was my own personal altar for which i did my own spiritual work with the strong energies that manifested and worked greatly on my behalf.  I visited the Botanica stores quite often back then.

Since i was born with a veil i couldn’t help but to notice the spiritual powers that i had. All i had to do was wish things and they’d happen, so taking it further with prayers, offerings and candle burning was the icing on the cake. This Yoruba priestess in particular who was located in Georgia explained to me that i was a medium who was born to be a messenger. And that a lot of my female ancestors were trying to reach me but didn’t have enough of the energy to do so. She told me i had to set up a separate altar other than my own personal one. One that would only be for my ancestors. The Priestess explained to me in detail all of the things that i needed to know and the things that i needed to do in order to maintain the altar so that i would be prosperous and have the protection from any negative energies. The only problem was back then i did not fully understand the significance of the spiritual relationship between me and my ancestors as i do now, and i did not keep it up like i was suppose to. So i had left myself open to spiritual attacks in certain aspects of my life.

The Yoruba priestess also acknowledged to me that i had to get into the priesthood or else i would have setbacks in life. Again, back then i didn’t fully understand how vital these things were for my survival here on earth in this life. During the time my enemies were trying to conquer me with heavy black magic i had a dream that i was the one who would defeat them and i spoke with another Yoruba priestess who verified that revelation to me. Just to be sure, i asked her was i going to be destroyed? She responded to me by saying “Destroying You?” Your enemies need to be more worried about you destroying them!” “Do you know who your loa is?” I said , “No”.  She explained to me that my crowning Orisha was Elegba and that one of his numbers were 21. And she told me some others things that she didn’t want me to forget.  All of this took place a while back before i was able to completely grasp what was being told to me but i knew it was all the truth. And finally, everything has totally come to the light for me.

Elegba kept coming to me. Particularly in the early part of 2006 my spirits were intensely telling me what i needed to do in order to get reunited with my destiny. After some time passed i went and got Legba’s veve, invoked his spirit offering his favorite things. And my Papa Legba was so much appeased. In only three days i received the requests that i asked for. Since then, i’ve been continuing to serve Elegba and now by keeping it up on a regular basis my life has so much more clarity. All of my female ancestors have the strength to make contact with me. I’ve seen them all in visions and they have assured me that there will never be any more darkness in my life. I see where i get all of my strength, power and character from. These women from my past generations were priestesses themselves! Everything in my life is continuing to go the way that it is suppose to without any interruption. The spiritual peace and vibrations that continue to flow through me is amazing! As a caulbearer my spiritual life has always been beautiful but now it is even more beautiful.