New Life/New Beginning

I have a rare very unique deep powerful gift. And I have always been fascinated by the power I’ve seen in other gifted people. You can learn a lot about what is and what is possible through observing one another.

I am not defined by any “worldly” or “religious” laws. I am not defined by what anybody assumes about me. I am not defined by any lies that people tell on me. And I am not defined by the use of various witchcraft techniques during the past, present or future to alter my life. I am only defined by “truth”. The truth I live- which is my reality.

Spiritually, I “hear” things. “feel” things. “smell” things. “taste” things. “know” things. And “see” things. I am a child of the caul/veil an “old soul” strongly connected to the outside world. My “fuel” here on earth is brain, duty and power. I’m full of knowledge, task and energies.

Spirituality is my foundation. I am sustained by the supernatural forces around me. In tune and aligned with the universe, my time to ultimately “shine” has come. Interference caused by “battles with demonic people” in my past consequently resulted into reconstructive intervention for my future.

The universe, my ancestors, and my loas all have me with them. And I absolutely love it! It is a beautiful blessing, the only true life that I know. I am grounded, guided, loved, respected and ultimately protected. I have a spiritual shield around me, I have success around me, but most of all I have peace around me. There will always be opposition that will continue to end up in failure because my enemies “can’t touch me”. I’ve had a lot of luck within my life. And that luck always outweighed any negativity that was around me.

Everyday I feel the supernatural radar that is around me. I absorb and advance from day to day, week to week, and month to month and so on. Every stage is a step to a higher level. I’m on a clear steady powerful cycle of my life as a spiritual person. I’m affected to this extent because I love and accept myself. And naturally connect to the individual that I am.

There are advances in my spiritual devotions as well as I continue to evolve. I always do my own spiritual work. I don’t get or need help from anyone else. And it is better for me that way because it is purely my special energy charged for my own set purposes. Major things have come into my life due to the rituals that I’ve done. I recently got a new home and a new job and I actually visioned these things ahead of time along with more serious things that are to come.

I live a clean quiet determined life. My spirit doesn’t take kindly to certain individuals as they are not “spiritually healthy” for me to be around. I do get along with all types of people even though I’ve always been a loner. I like to be by myself, do things on my own, I’m very independent.

I am carefree but not careless. The world is not a safe or guaranteed place in any kind of way so I don’t take anything for granted. I always intend to go forward with better life, better things that I know I deserve.

I had a whole different life at childhood, a whole different life in my twenties and now I have a whole different life now. What separates the pattern in this time frame is that everything that was torn from me (being spiritually robbed/violated) has found its way back. “We are brought back together to never be apart”. And now we have a brand new life, a whole new beginning.

Spiritual/The Only True Life I Know/Gifts Of The Caul

Little Note:

“Everything that I write on my sites comes from me, my own experiences, my own true knowledge or the things in life that I experienced around me (what I’ve seen and heard for myself).

I often speak about quite a few things that most others can’t see or grasp that is why the site is just not for anybody (because maybe everybody won’t relate). I’m not trying to gather a crowd, I’m just being myself.

I write my blog. And I do enjoy it when the spirit moves me to put something out. Now there are billions and zillions of people out there in the world and many of us can come up with similar ideas or similar modes of expression that are honestly just mere coincidence. A whole lot of us are the same in our certains ways and in the way that we do things.

I know though when to smell a perpetrator! I have caught someone on the internet who is trying to copy some of my style from my site in an attempt to make it their own. I even had a dream about this months back before they did it- so there was no doubt about it!”

Now, on with my post!

Great Blessings From The Universe Are With Me Enlightening Me, Guiding Me, And Inspiring Me.I Speak From Experience And Truth. Join Me On This Ride Of Knowledge.      -Miss LaToya

What exactly is a gift? A gift is an inherited natural skill or ability that someone is born with.

A very special and rare gift is a caul/veil birth. A caul is a thin membrane that may sometimes envelop a newborn baby’s face/head at birth. A caul/veil indicates special spiritual abilities.

It is a power bestowed as second-sight/clairvoyant/psychic talents and which also imparts one with luck and a connection to the spirit world.

Other gifts and talents that include those who are connected to being born with or without a caul/veil describe extreme creativity.

Those in particular who have the natural skill or ability to draw, write and sing.

And, of course, there are many others with beautiful gifts of carpentry and tailoring and a many of other things that contribute to the productivity of our planet.

Our gifts are for ourselves. They can also be used to help others if one chooses to do so. Gifts are very vital and beneficial to the existence and future of mankind.

Without truth, knowledge, growth and discovery we would all truly be lost.


Feeling what you see. Feeling what you know. Feeling what is going on around you, feeling another person’s thoughts and emotions, feeling the meaning of truth. Feeling what is beyond.

It can sometimes seem like a heavy burden to those who do not know how to fully appreciate the “aptitude” of this great gift, a deep exact understanding of things unknown, of things to be, of things itself.

Many people have gut-feelings and intuitive notions, comprehensive suggestions that alert them and make them aware.

Empathic ability picks up on the “pivotal” core of reasoning.

Ever been overwhelmed by someone else’s anger, sorrow and even the negativity that they carry- an acknowledgement to you as to their own true character and so on, ever hear something random or in particular, or see or smell something just to get a vibe that won’t let go? Clues that give you undoubted information, these instances may appear as memory joggers when indeed they are premonitions!

Why do we have to feel these things to such a grave extent, because we’re suppose to, because we need to, because we were made for it as a spiritual person. Why be oblivious to your nature? Part of what makes you who you are!

The third eye:

Is your third eye open and clear? If so, what do you see? Do you understand what you see? Visions can be spontaneous and visions can be triggered.

I have seen many of things through my third eye. I’ve even had people (intruders) communicate with me psychically, showing me things that they intentionally wanted me to see such as objects, events, themselves- and we were able to look directly at one another and talk to each other through our minds “telepathically”.


I love a good night’s sleep, even an afternoon or evening nap when I may feel exhausted. We all dream frequently or once in a while but not many dream prophetic like the psychic or clairvoyant.

Precognitive dreams are inevitable to persons who are very spiritually inclined. And visions during dreams serve as vital knowledge for they often alert of possible dangers that can be prevented due to critical forewarning.


Ever communicated with someone through your mind in various ways intentionally or unintentionally? Ever communicated with anyone through your mind while you were asleep? Ever send and receive verbal messages from the spirit world through your mind?” I express and share most of my accounts, experiences and revelations privately.

Nevertheless, hearing some one (a person’s voice, thoughts) or something (noises, accidents) in your mind, verbally relaying messages and information through the mind, communication (hearing/talking) with others during dreams- with or without actual visualization and interaction between you and the individuals, “All a conscious part of telepathy”.

Automatic writing:

When I write and get that “natural” energy- I become unstoppable! I do not plan beforehand with my particular input. All of the information just flows out deliberately and spontaneously. I find absolute comfort and joy as I write and the writing that I do has the same soothing, healing and peaceful affect as meditation.

Magical writing/drawing:

I don’t have the ability to draw. It is similar in writing though since both involve creativity from the mind and work from the hands.

There is a such thing as writing through to the universe as well as drawing to ward off spiritual attacks, and to bring about positive spiritual energies through truth and passion that comes out in the creativity and talent.

I’ve done it many times. It is essential to my spiritual well being. Similar to the laws of attraction how just by earnestly wishing for something in return reflects back, bringing you what you want.

It is absolutely no different than drawing descriptions, images and pictures of things that you may want to block out of your life or bring into your life and so on.

Writing words is not so much different than conducting a spell. Intent, energy and faith are all that it takes to ignite the sentences with power.

Divination writing:

In my opinion, it is similar to dictionary divination whereas you ask a question and go through the pages until you’re prompted to stop to get the answer for whatever definition your finger landed on.

It was very accurate when I did it years ago. To me the dictionary was a safe innocent tool. I never messed with an Ouija board, I’ve read tarot cards. I keep a deck of them.

I had got a pen and paper, focused then asked questions one at a time. My hand would begin to shake rapidly when it was ready to automatically write down the answers. I just relaxed and let the spirit guide activate my hand. I think it’s so deep how these things in life actually exist and work. It is a very real experience for those who are inclined.

There is a whole lot more to me than anyone will ever know or understand, however, I am not for everyone to know. And that is the “beauty of my spirit”.



Spiritual Survival/The Supernatural Way

Spiritual attacks

In this day and age of sick, evil, jealous and malicious demonic souls pure rare special spiritual beings and those alike need and require the ultimate shields of spiritual protection.

There are those who endeavor to (steal) take other people’s “positive” spiritual energy. It’s done through meditation and the use of evil voodoo and black magic.

Black magic

There are various mechanisms of spiritual evils. There are different forms of voodoo, obeah and witchcraft that can be separate or combined (mixed together for negative purpose) and those who may be targeted should always be on the look out (very vigilant of their spiritual body and surroundings).

White magic:

White magic is a form of beautiful voodoo that can provide ultimate protections through reversal, cleansing, shielding, opening up doors to success, clearing pathways/obstacles and many more life-changing events to control your own destiny (to make the life that you want and desire for yourself).

The same damage affects caused by black magic is the exact same amount of intense healing affect that white magic is able to concur and result with additional power if you are truly genuine and have love from and blessings through your ancestors and orishas.

Spiritual revenge:

There is absolutely nothing wrong in seeking revenge on those who have worked evil against you. Retaliation is vital and very necessary in certain circumstances.

Often most people cross people up hoping and thinking that their victim will never know or find out what was done to them.

However, instinct “gut feelings” and common sense often kick in with particular people leading them to investigate the things “occurring” in their life that may not seem right.

A spiritual person on the other hand instantly and definitely without a doubt knows when they have been attacked or crossed up. Some spiritual people-if powerful enough are able to “handle” their own situation by overpowering their opponent.

Others may need further assistance in matters of particular spiritual needs from another “power source” (spiritual worker).

If possible though, it is better to do the work on your own as your energies are enforced and vitalized for your own special purpose.

Note: you must be very careful seeking help from other spiritual people too. All of them indeed are not trustworthy and may be out to do just as much harm as an enemy. Spiritual folk are definitely not exceptions when it comes to those who will attempt to steal away energy and to deprive you of luck and goodness. So do not rule them out as potential “spiritual attackers”.