Lizette Roubert
Lizette Roubert

My experiences with brujeria:

With all of the personal information that I have on this subject I could write a book about it. I spoke to a lady over the phone about six or seven years ago who was suppose to be a psychic. I mentioned the word “brujeria”.

“Are you Puerto Rican?” she asked me. I said “no”

“Well then how do you know about brujeria?” she said.

Then I went on about the nganga (cauldron), the paleros (grave robbers), the kiyumba (corpse that is used) then she stopped me. “Alright, alright”, she uttered.

I mean the ignorance in some people. I am an African American with Native American Indian descent. I am spiritual and know that magic (voodoo) first originated in Africa so why wasn’t I suppose to know? Anyway, I don’t know where to begin since this all started when I was at the age of seven so I’ll just make it more current and go back a little.

There isn’t enough room in this post to explain every detail in particular-not that it would be necessary anyhow, nevertheless, I will share the main evils. And I must say that brujeria is some very sick shit!

There is and has been a lot of jealousy around me from people that mostly started with family members many years ago. People are very jealous of my character. In the spring of 2003, this Hispanic girl who I never cared for, known since childhood, and who lived directly across the street from me sent her sister over to my house with a statue.

My mother happened to answer the door and the girl was disappointed. Initially unaware of the girl’s intentions, my mother brought the statue that was placed inside of a gift bag up to me. See, their mother had asked to read a published book that I wrote and when the book was returned a month later they sent a “present” along with it.

When I got out of the shower and saw and approached the white medium size bald-headed statue designed in the image of a baby angel I got a strong feeling. The statue that was made of porcelain didn’t at all look right to me, and it gave off a fragrance that I detected was the smell of evil.

My mother handed it to me. I was leery but touched it anyway. As I sat at the edge of the bed wrapped in a towel I held the statue, staring at it curiously. Then suddenly an energy grabbed both my wrists and I heard the words repeat “tie, tie”.

Exactly a week later, on a Tuesday I remember, I was again sitting on the edge of the bed watching television when something hastily dropped down from above me and hit me from the side of my jaw to between my neck and shoulder. It was a hard stroke that was not at all painful. Part of the ritual going into effect I assumed. And this was indeed part of a neighborhood conspiracy against me.

The two sisters were nothing more than flunkies with a bunch of dirt on them. Lizette Roubert and Dorita were the biggest whores of Hollis avenue and their mother catching aids from her dead dope fiend lover (dorita’s father) just gave them more motive to go along with the program as they were miserable and bitter.

Lizette had the nerve to come over and approach me with a phony conversation that following week as I sat on my stoop. Bitch thought that she was slick. She was looking up at my face trying to see if I had a knot up on there that was exaggerated by people who heard about my childhood injury of being thrown across the room as a baby by my drug addicted uncle. I read people immediately!

As Lizette spoke idly I picked up on the scent coming from her body. It was the same fragrance that I smelled from the statue. And all that I kept picking up from her presence was the death card. The same vision kept flashing before my eyes of a skeleton riding a horse with dead people lying on the ground everywhere around him. And I could sense and feel that Lizette was heavily crossed up.

In the summer of 2001, my mother and I were sitting in my room on the bed watching television when I heard a voice call my name. “Toya” it said.

“Did you just call my name?” I asked my mother.

“No”, she said. Then very suddenly something shot down and hit at the bed right where I was sitting and instantly I jumped up! The only thing I could remember was about maybe a week before this guy had brought a plastic bag of stones to me that must have been conjured. I didn’t keep them though, just like the statue I removed it from my house, but the damage had already been done because I came into contact with the articles.

Dorita Almodovar
Dorita Almodovar

A girl of Caribbean descent who was very young at the time came over to my house with her friend, and rang my doorbell. The girl’s name was Danielle and the young bitch lived directly next door to me. She handed me a key that was conjured. I felt the malignant spirit go right through me. My enemies wanted me very badly-they ranged my doorbell again!!!

They buried things in my front yard placed flowers over it then dug it back up before it backfired on them. They wanted me to get curious and dig it up they made the burial very obvious. None of them were very bright.

Yes indeed, I was crossed up and I knew it because I am clairvoyant and could feel it. My extra sensory perception and the good spirits around me would always remind me and keep me up to date on everything that was going on. And I was very blessed with protection and strength because the brujeria was not able to affect my mind. And my enemies tried very hard to.

They tried to confuse me. They tried to take away my strength and confidence. They tried to take away my gifts and spirituality. They tried to make me lose my mind. But I have a very strong spirit and much love and protection from the other side. So I beat all that bullshit!

I did however go through a lot physically due to me being extremely sensitive spiritually. I had to deal with the “snake” which made my body jerk in a very zigzag side to side motion. My stomach would get butterflies and push in and out like a pregnant woman and sometimes it would stretch my stomach out so far that it would pull me. That started in the beginning then subsided.

I had to deal with the “restless spirit”. Every morning around 3am or 5am I would wake up and couldn’t get back to sleep. When I stood up the negative energy would vibrate and shift down my body to my leg. And when I’d go to lay back down the energy would make its way back up my body to my head to keep me from sleeping.

I felt heaviness over me. The evil had spreaded from numerous attacks over the years. It was so heavy over my eyes that things in my vision seemed kind of clogged and far away. I could feel the success that I was suppose to achieve at that particular time trying to squeeze through the blockages my enemies had set before me. I could feel how they were trying to turn and make my life into the disaster that they wanted it to be.

My enemies were attempting to destroy my destiny. And even though it may have seemed like they were succeeding nothing could have been further from the truth. My faith in me and my purpose was way more powerful.

I had experienced all of this garbage already when I was a child. My great-grandmother who thank goodness passed away two or three years ago took my mother and I to a botanica store and had us crossed up by a Haitian man. My mother had a mild nervous breakdown. I was harassed at school by a girl who turned everybody against me because I didn’t fear and want to join in with her crowd. She wrote my name all over the bathroom walls and threatened to beat me up if I entered the school yard.

I walked my little ass right into the yard during recess while I heard others instigate “she better not come in here!” it was all over the school what was suppose to happen to me. I was a tough cookie even back then and did nobody lay a hand on me!

I done come too far in life to let some devil brujeria shit destroy me. I would feel that shit up in my head, giving me a feeling of being somewhere else or in another world. But I was just a kid.

Even during my teenage years they were after me. My enemies used brujeria to try to get inside of my head to give me low self esteem. They wanted me to be self conscious and have complexes. They wanted me to fall for the illusions which I definitely did not so they could play on it. They’d put negative men all whom were of Caribbean descent in my head trying to get me attracted to them. I was and will always be ahead of them!

“Brujeria” the Spanish word for black magic/witchcraft was definitely used to bring me down. I wonder is it because I am so connected with spirit that it always did the complete opposite for me. My self esteem would always go even higher and I would always get much stronger, spiritually and mentally.

When the time came for the brujeria to be removed I saw a multiple of visions. Lizette had just recently moved down south. I dreamed that she’d quickly make a return and surely she did about three months after the “shit” went back to her and the rest of my enemies. I also visioned that there would be a death shortly before she left to go back.

While awake I received a vision of how the “tie-“bind” ritual was done. I saw the woods. I saw my motor vehicle non driver’s i.d. that had been missing from my house lying on leaves with animal blood over it from a chicken sacrifice.

I saw the two main dead spirits that had violated me. One was a black man who appeared to me as a criminal. He was cursing at me but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. The other guy was a Mexican or of some kind of Hispanic descent, he looked like a madman. He was quiet and crazed.

My grandmother suddenly became ill right after I got rid of the brujeria. And she died. One of my aunts who were a part of the conspiracy cried like a baby. The evil came back and got the close thing to her.

(My grandmother had been partially paralyzed for years due to a stroke, and a while before my grandmother died my enemies used her home health aide to put black magic in our sugar. Everyone in the house was complaining about one of their legs hurting but me. I was the only one in the house who did not touch the sugar. One day I caught the bitch whose name was Delores Branch and I cursed her out like a dog and ran her out of our home).

From then on, of course my enemies have tried to send the brujeria back into my life. They were unable to though. It will never return. No matter how hard they try. I can and have touched things and the black magic is of no effect. Some years back they had someone who worked at a dunkin donuts put it in my milkshake. I knew better, drank it anyway and was nauseous for two weeks straight. Other than that I was fine.

Aside from tremendous financial success that I will eventually achieve one day, nothing has changed about me. If anything I am at a point in my life that is better now than it ever was as far as my personal self is concerned.

It’s so weird how you sometimes have to endure crazy things in order to get you where you need to be in life.

This is Lizette Roubert on the far right and her two daughters, one on the left and one in the middle.

So Called Mind Control By Technology Conspired By The Government

I burst into laughter when I read what these people said about me, of course, when you write and maybe say certain things that should be left unsaid you definitely open yourself up to much judgment, criticism, doubt, ridicule and a many lot of other things.

But that is what I love about myself; I have a strong healthy competent mind that no one can sway! Regardless of what anyone may have to say about me.

Believe me; I know that there are those out there in particular who have a lot to discuss about me! Some things are positive and most are negative. I do not care. I am a very intelligent, logical and very sane minded person who knows a whole lot that I have never mentioned publicly.

Now I have in the past heard that some believe in the government controlling people’s minds through technology. I had read up on it a long time ago but do not remember so much as to what was said. I do guarantee though, that I am not one of those victims. I was born with extra sensory perception. Nothing and no one has ever controlled my mind and nothing ever will. It is so sad the ignorance and misinterpretations in this very sick society.

I do believe in certain conspiracies that I know to be true. People do get inside of people’s minds to try to control them that is nothing new. A great deal of the world is affected and I won’t go into detail because my knowledge tends to get me into trouble with those who are unable to see beyond the scope of things. I don’t look for anyone to agree with me, I just don’t have a problem expressing myself.

However, voodoo is real. Spiritual gifts are real. And communication with the dead is real. (But what do I really know? I’m just an experiment by the government who has delusions about non-existent ancestors).

Maybe the government has programmed these “mind controlled victims” with alien data:

 misslatoya , having a website on “black magic and vodoo” , i first
of all 
checked the symptoms and ofcourse as expected they match 100 procent 
mindcontrol ! , 
(read on this website the posting of “victims” of this , they do
call them 
selves “victims” too (ofcourse ) and while reading you will see
that they 
tell exactly the same things as victims on this forum !)
 Also Just found a posting of someone on Eurogroup who after studing
website posted following comment ”
“Hi Monika, The lady who wrote that, misslatoya, after reading few
of her 
posts awhile back sounds like she may be in the process of being 
gangstalked, from what she said now happens when she goes to the
shop etc. 
There was an
 article awhile back that stated a lot of the lightworkers (healers and 
psychics) around the world are getting more seriously attacked than
used to”.

Yes Lisa, it is very real. (my g key started to work by itself,
couldn’t use it earlier) anyway a site well worth having a look at,
very good information, the syptoms mirror mind control a lot, is I’m not that impressed in her outlook on
some people, but very impressed in her knowledge. As they do use both 
to attack us, psychic AND physical. PLEASE people have a look.

Monika Stoces wrote:
> > HI birdy , typical that your G key starts working spontaneusly 🙂 i had all that too happening many times with specific keys on my keyboard …. , i checked the blog , thanks , i am deeply wondering how this lady can believe the visions she gets are really from her ancient ancesters who were priests and more of this stuff , but for sure it is REAL REAL REAL especially “real mindcontrol” 🙂

 Eleanor Please wonder why this is happening , why “black magic”
vicitms are 
stalked too ?,,???!
 Do you think this is coincidence? Ofocurse not , they are victims of
same “technology” causing it , i will post the symptoms of this so
black magic below just take one minute to check out the site for
the victim 
stories too , ofcourse it is one and the same thing ….just to
give an 
idea of the SCALE OF ALL THIS , and it is because of this , that all
stalking going with it , is probabely not “organized” but simply on
of many 
things that the technology is causing to happen (perfecly coherent
to the why question of it ) …MORE OFTEN THAN POSSIBLE BY COINCIDENCE 
(when all this started my computer told me “artificial intelligence
in network , it is all in the patterns ” and that is correct )
 Do you at least consider this explenation as a posibility ? Here is
symptoms of “black magic” , it could be aswell a site about
symptoms (included organized stalking it seems! ONE OF THE SYMPTOMS
WAY IS : ” Irrational behaviour of people towards you.” THIS IS A 

 (once one knows the symptoms and recognizes it ) THIS IS
 about “organized” stalking) ARE ONLY THE TOP OF THE ICEBERG ! THIS

 If you see the symptoms overtired in most case and pains
 and hearing disturbences fear heartbeat ect ect , it could be the
 perfect case summarie of a ti’s , the cover of this humanrights
 is all this kind of nonsenlike subjects ! as long as it “sounds
 and rediculous or paranormal” nobody will take it serious and
 that is
 the purpose ! some victims even will insist themselves on a part
 supranatural or god (the advices and voices and past lives) and a
 part is mindcontrol (the pain and illnesses ) , as if it is not
 clearly one and the same shit !
 After mindcontrol i became allergic to all “adacadabra-vodoo”
 knowing its a cover of all this , and knowing it uses peoples
 superstition to go unoticed ! Discusting in fact. I already was
 allergic to nonsense , but now even more than ever !
 Also “contact problem” just like in mindcontrol victims and
 abductees, and frequent car accidents rapported !
 One Ti i met in UK last week had horrifying “out of body
 experiences as a part of the targetting , and desribed it as
 extremely abusive and scary ! Like disociating from the body !
 be horifying !
 Greets Monika

What i consider again more interesting is the page with symptoms of 
vodoo black magic ! once more chronical fatigue described and the 
bizarre behaviour of others (ti’s call that ‘organized” sometimes ) 
heart attacks cancers and more of the things this technology 
induces , the lady “explains” it as being spirits , just like the 
abductees consider it being alien the cancers and pains , loosing 
career , manipulation of menstruation and dreams and visisions , and 
ofcourse typical the “sexual remote rape” (compare with pamela 
stonebrooke having sex with aliens ! ) Also pregnancies resulting in 
miscarieages ! (same as in aliens ) I is DISGUSTING IN FACT ON SUCH 
how “spiritual ” it feels .(STOCKHOLM SYNDROM I SUPPOSE ) ….i do 
know the “feeling” , but i realize its the same technology killing us 
too ! and manipulating with whom we make children , ! its nazi like 
really to realize al that , they made a clearvoyant “predict to me 15 
years ago a pregnancy and abortion i was going to have (and it 
happened and was manipulated clearly i recognized many sensations i 
did not understand from were they came ” i wondered how the 
clearvoyant could have “know”, now since 2005 , that i realize all 
this was the perbs and mindcontrol technology , i feel like 
vomitting ! Hope you understand how i feel towards clearvoyans and 
related stuff after this, few months ago someone blamed me for 
drawing the conclusion the clearvoyant was not “supranatural 
gifted” , but a part of the mindcontrolexperimentation ! , i felt 
like killing that person at that moment ! Supose you understand .
 Greets Monika

Hi Birdy , you remarked well , she also seems to suffer from
organized (so called ) stalking , i had often the debate with eleanor
and other ti’s on the stalking subject and once more i see it going
together with mindcontrol , even if the victim calls it “vodoo and
black magic” ….it seems clearly to be the same as what happens to us
. I mentioned your post about the organized stalking of this lady , on
the mcactivismforum and will repost my reaction about “organized”
stalking here as well , because i think it can perfectly be explained
by the technology too, that explains why the lady of the site suffers
from it as well ….(my humble opinion is that the impression people
around us are “organized” is a part of the deception this technology
causes , just as it makes some people believe they been anducted by
aliens or whatever )
 here is my post about it to Eleanor (and ofcourse others too )
Greets Monika

The Rest Of This Shit Is Located At:

The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge

I see visions, I get messages, I have dreams and I communicate with spirits all of the time.

Last year, sometime in the spring while I was at my job I received a deep vision. The vision showed me and my enemies in spirit form. We were all separated from one another and neither one of us were allowed or permitted to cross over to the other one’s side.

My enemies were located on the left hand side all grouped together agitated and vibrating. I was situated on the right hand side alone or with one other person partially beside me and I or we were standing still, calm cool and collected.

Through black magic, one agitated and vibrating soul was being extracted from the tortured bunch, slowly being lured towards me in an attempt to try to destroy me. And that is exactly what was going on in my life at that particular time.

There is nobody out there like me around and there is not too many more of my kind left.

And there was this guy who’d been after me for five consecutive years along with others who till this day continue to seek my demise.

During the summer, I went through one of my deep spiritual experiences. I wouldn’t at all mind sharing what went on, however, I don’t feel it is wise for me to do so. The things that were revealed and confirmed to me are too controversial. And while I don’t have any fear of controversy ( through speaking the truth I will always hold my own no matter how it may appear ) or being attacked for what I definitely know to be truth some things are just to be left unsaid for one’s own personal knowledge and protection.

There are all kinds of power within gifted people. The powers come out through lyrics, music and singing. The powers come out through drawing. And the powers come out through writing. And through all of these creative talents these powers make a definite change.

I love being spiritual. I love it when I get the energy to write it is so magical. My ancestors told me to blog more and my blog here is a vehicle for me to exercise spiritual energy through truth, talent and freedom.

The night before last, a young male spirit came to me in my dream very meaningful and sincere. “We need you to get rid of the garbage” were his exact words. “Keep doing what you’re doing”. He is on the other side along with the others. They see and know everything that is going on around my world and I will continue to do as I am told.

My Powers/My Spirit

A very strong positive energy came over me in regards to creating my certain websites. My spirit has led me to express my nature in all of its aspect. The time has come for the powers to completely take over.

This site is dedicated to me and my spiritual connection. I was born with a gift as well as certain others and I am able to communicate with the dead.

Each person is an individual and each person has their own type of unique experience. People with gifts can learn from one another.

Homage To Me, My Ancestors And Loas

Indeed yes, this is a place I can call home, another way to connect with the universe on a spiritual level. I absolutely love having a very unique gift and expressing the freedom and power to truly be my genuine self.

My clairvoyant abilities come from having been born with a caul. My African ancestral roots led me on a path of true knowledge, happiness and fulfillment.

First and foremost I have to thank my incredible female ancestors for making it their duty to guide and protect me all throughout my life. And it was all done out of pure extreme love and I have nothing but extreme love and respect for you all. I love you all so very much.

You are some of the most strongest and powerful women that I have ever encountered and I am so proud to have inherited those genes. My particular male ancestors are just as incredible because you all are genuine men who don’t take any mess.

And what a deep blessing it is to have elegba guarding my life, showing me real love and satisfaction, and thank you so much oshun and ogun for welcoming me, protecting me and guiding me with your genuine love, all of you along with orunmila for revealing to me hidden knowledge.

My spiritual family has been with me from the beginning and you will all be with me forever more. No one can violate our family circle.

My Beloved Ones

When the spirits spoke I knew to listen. When my ancestors called out for me I answered immediately. When my orisha came to get me I went without hesitation. It was automatic connection.

“We had you since you was a baby” said the voice of my powerful ancestors.

I remember the feeling that I had on my way to work one day when you all appeared to me in one of my enlightening visions. You all were so fierce and beautiful dressed in white as authentic voodoo priestesses.

Thank you for my inheritance.

The strong feeling came over me of how beautiful the religion of voodoo is.

I also remember another day coming home from work riding on a bus when a burst of happiness came over me from elegba. I felt so happy that I wanted to cry. And it’s rare for tears to fall from my face but I felt like it could have come upon me.

This is my celebration.