A Message To The Fellow Gifted And Spiritually Inclined

My Spirit has lead me to write this post and whenever my spirit gives me a message i definitely know that it is for a reason. I never doubt. I know the feeling and why.

Every now and then there will always be sick envious people who are very furious because they cannot get under our skin and bring us down. They will say and do anything just for a reaction. Believe me, they are truly miserable because we are satisfied, happy and at peace with ourselves and have no worries because we know that our lives are fine and will continue to go right.

I know that i was born to lead not even intending to. I’ve always been a leader not a follower. There are plenty of assholes – as there will always be in all walks of life. They are very insecure and afraid of the truth in all aspects of life. I ignore them because i know what is really behind the root of their problem, they don’t realize how much they give themselves away by their actions.

Anyhow for those who may be unaware of the tactics and wiles of their shenanigans Gifted people and/or people who are very smart ( who know too much ) will always be targeted in life. Don’t fall for the game. Continue to believe in yourself and definitely do not doubt and be discouraged.

I don’t understand why certain people continue on with their stupid bullshit that is so obvious to see right through. And specifically this caul/veil post http://www.caulbearer.org Order Of The Ancient Way.  And after this i will speak no more on this particular jealousy that some have of my gifts and knowledge. This happened once in the past, someone left a comment however i did not approve it because it was nonsense, but now just to let the record show, regarding this crap about how most topics concerning what i’ve written on my blog concerning the caul and, how the information i wrote can be found anywhere on the internet is very truly a lie because everything i have written is from my own personal experience. I’ve only copied and pasted one article concerning the caul from caulbearer.org (which was removed from my site by Order Of The Way) and that was for reference to those who wanted to come to their own conclusions.

I am highly educated about being born with a caul due to the fact that i was born with a double veil. Animals are also born with cauls and have psychic ability as my dog did. I’m clairvoyant. I have all the abilities including healing and the ability to make things happen by doing spiritual work. I’ve worked with other psychics and priestesses. I have been foretelling the future since the young age of three and my powers continue to get stronger as i age.

I’ve experienced things that know one will ever come across on the internet. I am so spiritually sensitive that my body physically reacts . I am absolutely aware of everything going on around me at all times and nobody can touch me. Now everyone born with a caul will have their own different experience. So if i or anyone else has not experienced something that someone else has does not mean that it does not exist or that it is not possible. In fact, that is beautiful and it is a blessing. Experiencing things that no one has heard of means that you have a special protection.

Here Is An Example Of Bullshit That I will Not Cater To:

  • Vasak Says:

    August 5, 2009 at 11:04 pm eI despise people like you and if you want to challenge me you will not succeed .So as far as i am concerned you can go and fuck yourself!

    Wow Miss LaToya! You have really shown that you are a truly “sensitive” person.

    Peace and blessings to you.

  • misslatoya Says:

    August 5, 2009 at 5:58 am eSomething definitely has to be wrong somewhere in your life for you to be worried about me and my business! You are the sad one! You are a very ignorant person. I have not stolen anything. People copy my own original writings from my blog and post them on their sights as mere reference or because it is of some interest to them and i do not have a problem with it! I don’t put significance on posting from other sites. It is no big deal. I’m not claiming them as my own , i don’t need to and i don’t want to. My experiences bare much more significance and value than what is posted on the world wide web. And, as far as delusional is concerned- I pay you no mind whatsoever. Everything that i have been taught spiritually has been verified. And i have plenty of other people to back me up even though i do not need any back up. You talk about unprovable things. Nobody has to prove anything to the world, or reveal everything that they know- and without me going into further detail if you were bright you would know this. It doesn’t matter what people like you think. You have no idea who i know and the things that i have accomplished so if you think that it’s all ego and contradiction, i really do not care. Your opinion is of no value to me. I am more special than you could ever imagine just like certain others in particular. I despise people like you and if you want to challenge me you will not succeed .So as far as i am concerned you can go and fuck yourself!

  • Mordekai Says:

    August 4, 2009 at 10:33 pm eI am a natural born clairvoyant with extremely strong abilities and do not need to learn anything from anybody i’ve been taught by spirits and the spirits of my ancestors. So know what you’re talking about before you speak on it!

    What a load of nonsense! You “don’t need to learn anything from anybody”, yet you claim to talk to dead people? So these dead ones are as real to you are living people, yet only they can teach you things? Very convenient indeed…just like the priests of religions who claim the unprovable as a shield from provability, lest their lies be seen for what they are.
    You speak in the spirit of contradiction, and those who think in such a manner confuse not only themselves but those who are also confused by the rains of unreason and delusional thinking. The net seems to be infested with such sad individuals there days, going on about “gifts”, “powers” and “psychic abilities”.
    Miss La Toya, do you deny that the main texts on this blog concerning caulbearers have been shamelessly culled from caulbearer websites that have been copyrighted and in existence for more than twelve years, yet you dare to steal from the caulbearers whilst ignoring the damnation that comes upon the blood of men and women who dare to do such evil? So be it Miss La Toyah, but even if you think you can avoid the wrath of the Force of The All that watches over all true caulbearers, your false beliefs will not prevent what will be taken from you. The choice is yours, and you will receive warnings to change your course, though you may have already missed some of them because of your inflated ego.As always in The Way, the choice is yours.

  • misslatoya Says:

    August 3, 2009 at 12:21 am eYou must have misinterpreted something because i have not been influenced by anyone or anything. I have my own knowledge and my own judgements through my own experiences and know what to and what not to take as the truth. I was born with a caul and can honestly tell you that i do not relate to most of the people who claim that they were born with cauls. I have never been lonely or confused about anything in my life. I don’t know where you get that i’ve been influenced a lot by caulbearer.org, if you are insinuating that i’ve learned things through websites and through other people, you better think again. I am a natural born clairvoyant with extremely strong abilities and do not need to learn anything from anybody i’ve been taught by spirits and the spirits of my ancestors. So know what you’re talking about before you speak on it!

  • Wing Says:

    July 31, 2009 at 2:08 am eI was born in sept 1984. I too was born with a veil.
    I read some of your stuff around a year ago LaToya, I can see that the caulbearer.org site has influenced you alot. Which I cant say if its a bad thing or not. But I’ve still been looking for the meaning to everything, I wish I could travel the world asking the elders of all religions, races, about their cultures views on veils. To know the truth.
    But I can say, that everyone is born with innate abilities. Everyone has the capability to feel/see things outside of this reality. But our society has been twisting truth for longer than any of us could know. And there are alot of different factions fighting for control of what is truth. So you have to take anything you hear with a grain of salt. Be careful of what you believe. But its always good to have a open mind.
    I will also say on a side note, as a general truth for me, caulbeares are truly lonely creatures.
    Its hard for me to listen to people (especially women) talk about the most mundane and selfish stuff. Meanwhile I have thoughts of millennium long conspiracies, and the end of our society hanging on my shoulders. It just doesnt mix, especially when youve always felt like you were just watching everyone else live their life while you live on borrowed time.
    Thankfully I pick the greatest friends, and I wouldnt trade them for anything, including control of the world. So I dont feel as lonely as I did as a kid, but still some days are harder than others. I just wish I could find a decent woman that wouldn’t lie to me, I always know then they are lying to me. But really thats my own problem and I shouldnt be bringing it up.
    In the end, I dont bother my friends with my deep thoughts and feelings, I just enjoy my time with them and try to laugh, but for the most part I have just gotten used to being alone, I will take on the world by myself when the time is right, if I have to. Id prefer to have the help of my fellow brothers and sisters at that time though. But as i see it, I am probably most definitely making up for things in a previous life.
    My biggest influences in all this, is my dreams. My dreams have showed me alot of things, some things make sense, and others dont. Other dreams just feel like im preparing for something.
    Its a confusing existence. All I know is that when I die, I will die fighting, until the very end, just like all my dreams…