Quality Or Quantity?/Quality Wins With Me All Of The Time! (I Responded To Your Message On This Post Asshole!)

There are things in particular which are inside and outside of this world that distinctly stand out from the rest. And greatly compared to a lot of other things they are clearly considered the “best”.

Many things come a dime a dozen, including people. There is always an excess of what is worthless or of lesser value.

Just because something or someone is outnumbered does not mean that they are outdone.

I wouldn’t worry or place too much emphasis on what travels in packs and what is predictably common or expected of and by those who are average and/or limited.

I get tired of the same ole ignorant boring stagnant shit that a lot of individuals live, love and connect with. Some of their delights are my absolute disgusts.

I live by my rules and desires, happy and healthily. And because that is what it is all about, being “healthy” and not so called “normal”.

Quality and value is found in the highest minority, things that are hard to come by and things that do not come around too often.

Quality is durable. It is made of fine materials and lasts longer. Quantity is flimsy and cheap, quick to decay.

There is always a large quantity of waste to go around. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

If I came up against a crowd of mediocre folk who gathered up against me I would not at all fear or give out any serious regard.

I’d be more worried about the one who stood alone distinguished, and of substance.

I am surrounded by a solidity that I can trust and depend on. A particular sized army that is petit to the ordinary yet ultimately humongous to and of its own kind.

I’ll continue to choose what is unusual and valuable. And naturally associate myself with the things that are of a high grade.

Quantity can never overshadow the magnitude of what is delivered in quality.


Someone left this stupid comment under this post saying:

The best way to get better at anything and to be successful is to face
the weaknesses we all possess. Everyone has weaknesses and in order
to be better, think clear, act appropriately, and succeed, you have to
identify the areas you need to improve on and then take action to turn
your weaknesses into strengths.

I, miss latoya did not approve this comment because it is absolute nonsense and it is not relevant to anything that I have talked about on my blog.

I do not have any weaknesses. I never did. I am full of strengths and have always been successful. And no one can ever break me. I am and have always been exceptional and I don’t give a fuck who doesn’t like it.

Everyone is an individual and there are too many people in the world to generalize. What the problem is with you is that you cannot deal with the fact of a very strong, highly intelligent, sufficient woman who’s weakness is not and has never been a man.

You need to wake up and get a reality check, if you are weak in certain areas that is your problem. Do not place your insecurities on others.

I am a real woman who does not need to improve on anything. And I will not change for anyone or anything. Your opinion is bullshit and is definitely of no value to me.

There are just certain people in life who are not worth anything and should not exist. The world would be a better place. There are people who are better than other people and genuine people of quality such as myself have great purpose and no one can lessen that.

Everyone is not on the level mentally. Fortunately I am an individual who is on a high level and am able to identify things with clarity. You do not know what you are talking about.

I do not belong in the average category and no one can manipulate or brainwash my strong and extremely capable mind.

I know how to read between the lines. What your off the wall comment was really about is trying to persuade me to be weak and passive and yield to the control of ignorance in order to succeed in the things that are beneath me and in accordance with this sick narrow-minded society.

Sorry mother fucker, I will continue to be successful in my own correct ways-by truly being myself, nobody’s robot. I do not need or want the acceptance of quantity (low minded and insufficient folk who think they are what is happening when indeed they are not). They only wish they had the blessings of all of my winning qualities!

Your jealousy and disappointment is very flattering. It shows just how inferior your kind really is.

I’ll never give in to what you want me to be (a female who has to go along with the program in order to get what I am suppose to have and get where I am suppose to be in life-bullshit! I am already there and will get further the same way that I’ve been doing).

Just because you cannot come up to my level does not mean that I will go down to yours.

You keep your bitches weak and submissive do not try to tamper with me! The voodoo to “alter my naturally strong and wise personality” does not, never has, and never will work on me! And this message goes out to all who it applies to-you assholes know who you are. Go and fuck yourselves!

-sincerely miss latoya

I Am Right Where I Am Suppose To Be For Where I Am Headed

It is something how life has a way of working things out. When something is truly meant to be nothing and no one can actually stand or get into the way.

I was born to write. That is a part of who and what I am. And I have come to realize to a greater extent that my internet writings have been a fortunate platform for me to exercise my talent. An advantage that I’ve been given in the event of circumstances due to the many that wanted and tried to hold me back.

Not only is my blog writing a vehicle to share and express my connection to the universe, it is a look into my present and future.

A sincere road that leads to my further “arrival” a system to keep me active and up to date, abreast and ready when the time comes for advancement.

I am doing what I am supposed to do in life-spiritually and professionally. I should not and will not invest in anything other than what (all of the things that) I was called to do in life.

There is nothing wrong with taking other “worthy” employment opportunities to gain a little extra income but my heart is in my innate abilities-which are much greater than some beneath me job that I do not need and am over qualified for.

I do not want and refuse to exert my professional powers for the benefit of certain others. They do not deserve my expertise in the things that I am capable of doing. My talents, abilities and knowledge are for me to excel with.

What is around me makes my life “happen”, tells me to always hold on because we “have” you. We always did and we always will. Just look around you, don’t everything always work out?

And I have to admit that my answer is “yes”. Things always do work out.

Even though I am not surprised in the outcome of my victories, it is so deep to me how I have went through then survived a lot of strange and evil things.

Meanwhile, I’ve reached my blogging longevity. I’ve done a lot of writing.

I’ve been a professional writer from a very young age. And I have been blogging on the internet for seven years straight now. I will be soon coming up on my two hundredth post.

I first started blogging years ago on a site titled blogsource. However, the site eventually shut down and I found an even greater and better blogging site here on wordpress.

Luckily, I did not lose any of the posts that I wrote back then because I transferred each and every one of them straight to this blog and they can all be found in my archives section located further down on the right hand side of this blogsite.

I Am Indeed A Happy Blogger!

Messages From The Mind/The Thought Process/The Dream State

A lot of times dreams and thoughts are omens to a much broader picture that may not fully be apparent in our day to day life. They add pieces to the puzzles of many missing angles. And they make sense out of situations that are seemingly vague.

Sometimes a thought or a dream will tell the whole story, half the story or just inkling. Nevertheless, the information is worth the evaluation if there is a strong hunch and consistency.

The occurrences can be exciting, interesting, alluring and haunting. And sometimes it could be nothing, just the subconscious mind reflecting back on stimulation. Nevertheless, the instances are all educational.

There is a difference between regular thoughts and dreams, and the precognitive thoughts and dreams. And then there is the combination of the two/both as in turning a dream or thought into reality.

When we visualize our innermost deepest thoughts and desires with storyline we create a fantasy, a fantasy that many would consider to be unattainable. Which is why some of us tend to embellish what we know or think is beyond our reach.

Reality often confirms the impossibilities of bringing a fantasy into reality.

“That will never happen for me”, “it would be too good to be true”, some individuals relate to themselves.

Yet if you thoroughly analyze the situation, is it really that far fetched to have the highly elaborated details of ones fanciful come to life?

Could what we sometimes imagine actually translate into signs and clues as to what we are suppose to actually have? Leading the way to fateful pursuits that may eventually get us there?

I do believe so-because fate is also what one makes it. An individual is not always limited to what they are born into and are able to create their own fate as long as it corresponds with the alignment of the universe.

The circumstance is no different than someone overcoming a negative childhood to become one of the greatest success stories in their adulthood.

An earnest desire followed by distinct visualization can inadvertently draw up the patterns that result into reality.

Just like the ole saying “be careful what you wish for ‘because you just may get it”!

I have visualized and received. Nothing that has brought me great wealth yet I have experienced the extraordinary.

Sometimes what one needs is not precisely what one wants at that specific time. As periods of life go by stripping away what is paltry, we learn that the things that we may have wanted we really do not need.

I love to dream during the times when I am asleep, especially when I have the precognitive dreams.

In my own personal experience with my level of elevation, the dream state is often better than the waken state of reality.

At times my dreams are so beautiful, so satisfying and so serene that I wonder what is really the point of me waking up to come back into this worldly realm.

I have learned the answer to this mysterious question that I’d rather not share as it would be giving out too much information regarding what is only relevant to me and extremely private for myself.

Therefore, it is very appropriate to acknowledge that it is definitely not the time for me to leave the earth. My transition is not ready yet. And I can accept that as I know in do time the everlasting beauty that awaits me.

In my dreams I interpret and experience a lot. I have meaningful visits with my beloved departed ones as well as relations and revelations with the universe just as I do here on earth. The supernatural makes connections within all aspects of consciousness.

Dreams are very valuable to us. They share with us the unknown, and they serve many imperative/vital purposes.


Special Gifts- A Burden Or Blessing? A Way Of Life Or A Way To Make Money?

To me personally, having spiritual gifts are indeed a blessing. I could not imagine my life without them.

The only conflict that has dominated in my life regarding my spirituality is the ignorance of others, but one is going to find ignorance everywhere in life with certain people who will just “never get it”.

We are given gifts for a reason. They are not a mistake. They are an advantage. A natural part of life that is vital.

To some, having psychic or clairvoyant ability is a burden and that is understandable considering what they may have to go through and experience. To some it is also a guide and a further awareness of life, and a way to help others as well as themselves. And then to some it is a way to make money by conducting a business out of fortunetelling and spiritual healing services.

There is nothing wrong with one using their gifts/talents to make money just as long as they do not abuse the situation and mislead.

Aside from the complaints that some or many tend to have or don’t have regarding the powers and things that go along with supernatural events there are lessons to be learned, truths to be discovered, and revelations to look forward to.

When spirit (divine or departed spirits) speaks I do listen to each and every word, attentive to correctly discern whatever message, warning, blessing or deception that I may be receiving.

There are some individuals who definitely suffer from mental illness. They hallucinate and have delusions. They see and hear things that have not actually occurred and they hold on to a reality that does not exist.

Do all people who claim to have had a paranormal experience suffer from some type of mental disorder? Absolutely not, in fact, I honestly believe that a great number of people have erroneously been committed into psychiatric institutions due to the fact of their preternatural abilities.

And after they’ve been hospitalized over periods of time and heavily medicated some then began to acquire certain mental disorders.

So many innocent individuals have been so wrongly misdiagnosed as schizophrenic and/or bipolar (manic depression) all because they were born with gifts and because of the ignorance and haste of narrow minded doctors who were quick to act out on their own generalized notions and assumptions.

Luckily, I’ve never had to go through such an ordeal of that nature, but I personally know people who have. And I have had a similar situation with an ignorant doctor at gynecology who looked at me as if I were crazy when my stomach continued to move on its own (push in an out from negative energy) due to my extreme spiritual sensitivity.

There are also conspiracies geared toward those who possess forms of psychic ability.

Sometimes people seek out to intentionally have clairvoyants/psychics committed only to have them experimented on and damaged in an attempt to alter or completely destroy their paranormal gifts (it was tried on me as a young teenager; however the plot ended up in failure).

Voices from the spirit realm often come across as soft spoken whispers. At other times they may come across as clear normal vocal tones or through sound tones-where one would have to make out their words through harmonic/cognizant interpretation.

There is contact that can also be made by “energy” communication, natural forces of the universe.

Messages can and do come in distinct noises and musical tones just as well as the regular vocal ranges.

Sometimes spirits speak out all at once making it rather difficult to completely understand what they are trying to relay.

And this may seem annoying or torturing while in the early stages of development as the mind continues to race with a combination of experiences.

Sometimes the spirits even converse with one another, and talk over one another, each one anxious to get their point or message across.

Over time the strong and disciplined clairvoyant learns to become accustomed to the voices along with the other paranormal things associated with the gifts that are bestowed.

Second Sight

To see into the future and call it forth is not something that is out of the ordinary for someone who was born with a caul (veil).

There are many distinct powers that go along and that come from individuals who posses the natural inherited abilities of the caul.

True caul births are supposed to be a very rare occurrence. Not very often are babies born with the thin membrane enclosed around their heads and face denoting the signs of psychic talent. Yet there have been many who were delivered in this fashion, shining their lights upon the billions of people in the world who they are greatly outnumbered by.

Till this day-even in this day and age of modernly advanced times, there are still those other individuals who do not believe in omens of this kind. They pass it off as nothing more than superstition.

In spite of that fact, anybody with sense knows that just because something is not accepted by a certain percentage of people does not mean that it does not exist.

Everyone has their own beliefs, and system of belief. And that is a right that one is entitle to. However, no one is in authority to force any other into believing or not believing in what they see fit to call as truth.

For those who do know, believe, and understand. The experience of a caulbearer is a very deep and beautiful thing in my opinion-and according to what I have been through in my life.

I cannot and do not speak for all others who were born with the special abilities of the caul due to the reasonable fact that everyone is their own individual. And not everybody’s experience is or will be the same.

Gifts of these statures involve spirituality. A spiritual nature deeply rooted in the hidden knowledge and powers of a supernatural kind.

Extrasensory perception is mystical and exciting.

Looking at things through the third eye is quite astounding and wonderful. And when one feels, hears, tastes, smells and discerns some or all of the things that come along with the happenings they serve as great epiphanies.

So whether or not an individual chooses to use their abilities personally, professionally and/or spontaneously, they should never ignore the gravity that they hold.

Anybody can spread them self around idly and without regard to gain money or advantage.

There is nothing more common than immediate worthless profit.

Everybody, however, is not wise enough to benefit from what they keep sacred as they richly maintain purpose.

There is nothing more rare than the delayed ends of meaningful satisfaction.

So Beautiful/So Magical/So Spiritual

This past summer in July someone made a comment in regards to a time lapse in my posting. They said:

I like ur theme of blog that talk about ur Life Experiences And Personal Views. And u can presented with clearly, easy to understand. Unfortunelly, why u not update anymore the new post ?.

Another visitor also commented and addressed:

Nice wordpress blog. I love the background and had never seen it before. The blog is well written and interesting. I read your June 24 2012 post. I don’t see anything I would change but posting more regularly. Good luck and well done..

These are just a few of the plenty of compliments that I have gotten from those who have viewed my blog and liked the different posts.

My response to the first comment above was:

“I’m a natural born writer and I love to write. However, I don’t post everyday or every week. When my spirit moves me to write something truthful and meaningful is when I post. And that can come at any time and sometimes in spurts”.

Here is a perfect example of what I mean which is written in my post My Blog/My Masterpiece/My Magic https://misslatoya.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/my-blogmy-masterpiecemy-magic/

I don’t always write constantly. And I do not write emptily. Spirit has to move me to write. And when the energy comes and hits me to write it can continue on in a chain or just at intervals, depending on what is induced and permitted at that particular time when something weighty arrives.

Still in the same, I am able to write any time that I want and feel like because it is one of my talents that come through creatively.

“Energy” is the root of all aspiring things, especially the good energies that manifest and take control. There is nothing like your very own good strong natural energy that gets enhanced.

And it is very important to nourish and treasure what contributes to the “lights” of our being.

My Candle Burning Magic

There is genuine “magic” that generates in the burning of candles. And that magic is “energy”.

I have a richly set up altar which is dedicated to my ancestors, loas, spirit guides, and myself. And I do grave (serious) rituals that require more than just the use of candles.

Nevertheless, candles are a vital part of spell work. They set the tone when creating, conducting, and maintaining a condition.

I feel a major difference within myself whenever I burn my candles. They heighten my own energy fields just the same as when I am around bodies of water. And I am not limited to these two elements alone but also to the earth and air itself.

So even if I do not burn a candle I am naturally able to radiate extra energies through any one single element. It is an automatic occurrence that consistently happens all together with me. It is a part of me, a special piece of what I am.

Just imagine how much I and the things that go along with my spiritual energy escalate-when all of the elements of fire, air, water and earth combine as they unite together with my spirit.

Other than using our minds as a magnet to reflect back responses from the universe, candles also serve as an aid to enhance in the process. They enforce and bring forth.

What is exactly yielded is up to the true intent, desire and faith. These three things all go hand in hand when sending out and then gaining or regaining energy in return.

Burning candles is one of the necessary tools for my spiritual devotions and stimulation. And it is a tool that definitely “lights up my life”.

Positivity/Positve Energy

I feel extreme goodness and happiness around me, a spiritual peace and tranquility with the signs and assurance of the positive things to come.

Since I was a young teen I’ve noticed how my environment truly made a difference in my quality of life. The negativity that I often encountered came from the negative vibes of “unsettled” people who I naturally did not care to be around or bothered with.

While they were trapped in their dilemmas my spirit sought to escape from the atmosphere of their dread and despair. I could not relate to them. They were not a part of my world, plans or dreams. Their habitat was no place for my vibrant spirit to absorb energy from.

I could never stand to breath in places that stank with hideous odors. I loved to breath in the fresh and clean airs of fragrances that were pleasurable and refreshing to my senses.

I walk alone in a path that generates luck, love, life and laughter, a solitary path that brings in the beings (and blessings) that are the most suitable, vital and appealing for my spirit to connect with.

As an individual who always entered into things wisely, continuously learning and observing the conflict within those who endeavored to cause “static” (interference, obstruction, negativity,) through their own ignorance and insecurity, I can attest to one thing for sure.

They do and will-without a doubt-“get theirs”.

Everyone who ever attacked or attempted to attack me in return had to suffer. Something negative ended up happening to them and I would know why even if they could not see it for themselves. Some people do not realize that they are wrong in the things that they say and do as they are blinded by their own sicknesses.

And I do not speak these words out of resentment or vendetta. I speak these words out of pure satisfaction in the positivity, in the guarantee that positive energy prevails and will continue to serve out its purpose as well as cause destruction.

Positivity will execute the negativity that gets in the way. I have not once experienced the pains and hurts that enemies intended to place upon me due to my “positive energy” (nature, level, way of thinking, character of being, strong spirit).

Their negativity is absolute nonsense to me, a “nonsense” that the energies that surround me automatically boomerang back, straight out into the universe right back unto them.

This is spiritual, a vindication not done by me but on my behalf and a little deeper than what goes around comes around, more of a justification that administers a severe lesson to be learned to those in particular who need to be taught.

I’ve watched in delight now and over the years, with no remorse, in the supernatural affects of the universe. The powers that are that afflict those who surely deserve it.

So I do not fret when enemies trespass against me because I know that they are just setting themselves up for an instant or future downfall within one way or another. These fools should know better than to mess with a spiritual person.

The positivity and positive energy from my love and light gives me a warm home to live in, water to wash up in, food to eat. Clean clothes to wear, a comfortable bed to sleep in. Entertainment to keep me occupied. A brain to function with and all of the other essentials required to live a quality and healthy life the things that really count and matter. And that is a great part of absolute success.

My Ambition

I am and have always been very ambitious. I have an uncontrollable fire that burns intensely inside of me.

I am full of reasonable optimism but far from naive. I do believe that anything is “possible” and nobody knows that better than me as I have experienced the “incredible”.

When you have true faith and are open to new ideas and unconventionality there is no limit to what one can achieve. And as a spiritual person with experience and perseverance I can attest to that.

My bubbly nature (high-spirited attitude) has allowed me to approach life with excitement. A great enthusiasm to conquer whatever may stand in my way, to challenge myself, to discover and explore, to expand and create, to be all that I can be and accomplish.

I love powerful “momentous” things that provoke change and stimulate improvement. I like to analyze and exchange ideas/perspectives, and thoroughly evaluate circumstances.

I am in connection with the universe and just have that continuous zest.

My spiritual nature undoubtedly accounts for most of my inspiration and motivation as “energy” is a positive generator of productive activity.

Sometimes our spirit leads us into opportunities and destinations before we ourselves become fully aware of what we are suppose to do or where we are suppose to go (and be).

The most vital things in life are to love and respect yourself, to be true to yourself. To believe in yourself and to not sell yourself short by not at least endeavoring to make the great efforts of attaining a well deserved and fulfilling goal.

Living “The Life”/Spiritually Inclined

My home is blessed and my life is pure.

I love what I do and I truly enjoy being who I am. I am so delighted when spirit moves me to write, one of the most empowering expressions of my dynamic energy.

I’m right where I’m supposed to be spiritually as I have this human experience here on earth.

I constantly have my family around me-my “spiritual connection”-guiding and protecting, loving and adorning.

I often feel like a princess, engrossed in the royalties of a lavish richness. The great wealth and stature of abundant refuge my own personal sphere where I am free and able to evolve within my nature, my privilege, my very own birthright, my highest potential.

I live in a society where I’m sure many would tell me that my ways and circumstances are not possible or realistic yet I’ve been living in the preternatural “mode/condition” for my entire life.

Of course there are people who will always come up with some kind of explanation or analysis as to how and why something that would otherwise appear unexplainable or highly unlikely could come into effect, whether the matter regarded an action or a situation.

Individuals like these are plainly ignorant and in denial. I consider myself exceptionally blessed to be one of the “chosen ones” to indulge in such a beautiful and worthy experience.

I go throughout my life as a fierce warrior who is ready for battle, success, and triumph!

My ancestors and orishas proudly lead the way, greatly appeased by my spectacular performances, gleaming with much praise and satisfaction from their young and precious baby-which is no other than me!

They have richly and royally glorified me. And I absolutely without a doubt ultimately glorify them-because we are indeed a very fierce and effective team!

Much love and respect to all of what is around me (my spiritual connection/ancestors, orishas and spirit guides) and I cannot express that enough. And I write this with much excitement and passion. I am so happy and so very proud.

“My elegba”-you are the greatest, you are the best, you are the shit! And you know that I surely say that with all due respect, my love and refuge.

Thank you for giving me my times to rest and refresh, my times to inspire and to be inspired.

Thank you for giving me the time of my life. Thank you for giving me “the life”, the “ultimate” within the nature of my existence.

Elegba, oshun, ogun, orunmila, ochosi and my excellent ancestors who’ve always had my back and who continue to do so-this is the life that you have all made go right, the parts of my life that no one could ever touch.

The orishas laugh at those who think that I’ve been put out of commission when I “take a missing”. Spirit orders and allows me my “vacation period” of relaxation and rejuvenation. And a stage during which I have to attend other duties.

Let all those in the dark continue to be dismayed and mislead by their own lack of sight and understandings.

The spiritually inclined who are on the correct side of the path will never fail to interpret the journey of our predestined lives that are set by what we desire and require.

How could one forget one’s self? Turning away from whom and what they really are. I am not ashamed of anything regarding myself. And I am not afraid to express what I’m about or what concerns me.

Freedom is a very powerful thing. Liberation is a privilege to take advantage of, yet many do not indulge in the opportunity out of fear, the fear to truly be themselves.

Some, who are different and unique in their behavior, appearance or preference and so on, would rather fit in with the general population than to endure the ridicule and rejection that many individuals face.

So instead of having the courage to reveal who they truly are they compromise themselves to gain acceptance.

In my opinion that is a very empty way to live and to conduct one’s life. It is also very sad.

To me, generality is boring. I find myself more interesting in being unique as I am like no other. I find delight and excitement in what I like even if nobody else does.

When one downplays what they are genuinely about they sell themselves short.

I wouldn’t want to be anything other than me, pretending just to satisfy and to get the approval of others.

People who stoop to that level do not deserve the blessings that come along with having true individuality.

Negativity/Negative Energy

The day before yesterday I could feel the anger that was coming from two enemies of mine. One was a male and the other was a female. Shortly after, I felt the jealousy that they still entertained for me.

The female especially, exuded the most jealousy, resentful toward me for the positive ways in which I have conducted my life and in the things that I have accomplished. She lived a “very nasty” past and was not capable of being anything other than somebody’s flunky.

There are some individuals who in life are dealt a bad or unfortunate hand do to certain circumstances yet they endeavor to overcome and work their way out of it through determination and strength.

There was no excuse for this female’s wrong or deliberate turns.

She grew up on the spoiled side, no harsh realities to deal with, no grave experiences to gain any depth or insight from.

She made her own bed to lie in so why get mad at me for innately choosing the most suitable path that complimented my life? She was born to be who she was-and accepted that route without question and resistance!

The male was more so resentful toward me for the strength of my character and mind. You see, I rejected and humiliated him years ago and he has not gotten over it. He cannot live it down.

I was not the type of female that he was use to-or even deserved for that matter!

He had dealt with low scale women all of his life, skanks who did not compare to me. I did not want him or a relationship with him as I am and have always been asexual. And if I were ever going to have a relationship with any male he definitely would not have stood a chance.

I have high standards. A person has to stimulate my mind in any respect. I believe in growth, development and achievement to the better quality of one’s life, the fulfillment of love, peace and true happiness within oneself and their surroundings.

This particular male had set out to fabricate stories about me and did not succeed because I never catered to idle bullshit with no merit. I do not feed into traps of deception that are created purely to cause entanglement.

I am a free bird flying above the highest ground never to be bound by the lowest of dirt.

Yesterday morning, when I awoke from my sleep most of the negativity that I had felt from these two pathetic individuals was gone. My empathic abilities had done its job and my positive energies were in affect dispelling all evil vibrations.

The lingering negative energy was a reminder of what was intended for me, their vain attempts to block me from succeeding in all aspects of my life-which is nothing new.

As a spiritual person, I will always come under attack yet I will never succumb to it.

Aside from having my own unique special spiritual ability (strong energies/power) within which allows me to strike back, I have faith.

I believe in the things that I know are yet to come. I believe in what is. And I know that in which I am surrounded by has the faith in me to see things through.

I anticipate with confidence. Not bound by the ropes of any worry or fear. I look forward to what I expect.

For what is to be-already went to proceed.

Real faith is a very powerful tool. One should not underestimate the tenacity of the mind and spirit.

When something is consistent in nature it builds trust, loyalty, and/or presume.

However, to abruptly take things for granted can lead to one’s chilling disappointment.

In dealing with what is reliable we learn to depend.

And we should always appreciate what we can depend on with honor and grace so that we may continue to receive the most ultimate things that the universe has to offer.

When someone tells me that I cannot, faith tells me that I can. And I do, because I really knew that I could!

When someone says that it is not possible, faith tells me that it is. And I see, because I really knew that I would!

When someone wants me to not believe in what I know, faith tells me not to listen. And I hear, because I really knew that I should!

Faith knocks down the doors that are closed. Faith opens up the windows that are shut. And faith will fly us directly into the sky that is limited.

Without faith there is nothing. And for those who do not believe will receive nothing.

So I don’t believe that I have faith. I have faith in what I believe and what I believe-gives me the faith to continue to achieve.