“Offended” Is Not Necessarily The Equivalent As To Being “Hurt”/Although It Means The Same To Some There Is Actually A Big Difference To Those Who Sincerely Know


I am a very intellectual and analytical person by nature. I have always been very perceptive, unconventional, and very open-minded. And I have always had a very strong sense of self.

Now what I have learned growing up and had to try to understand is the way that some/certain people get their “feelings hurt” and what that actually means (It was indeed foreign to me-and that is no lie!).

I never would get hurt mentally or emotionally through what was supposedly considered “Damaging or “Wounding” within the eyes of those with a typical mind-set yet I did not realize in specific instances that others in particular who were limited in knowledge did not take it that way.

My mother would often tell me “Toya, you have no feelings.” Even people who were close to me knew that nothing really bothered me, I was just that way.

A neighborhood guy who didn’t even know me well enough came up to me on the street and said to me many years ago “You care/love animals more than you do people”.  I have to admit that he did discern me correctly.

Individuals often put their own insecurities on others. If they perceive something as a hurt and/or get offended by that same something in the like or what have you they will automatically assume that that is or will be another person’s same exact hurt.

I totally disagree, although, the majority of people or a great deal of the population are affected in that mode/fashion there are way too many other people within the world for everyone to actually feel and behave in the same.

610797-200The difference between being offended and actually hurt within my eyes and within reality is:

“Annoyed and Irritated”! (Just as “hatred” isn’t derived from fear or hurt)

I do of course get angry and pissed off at times depending on the mood and/or tolerance of the energy that is around me just like anybody else, especially and specifically if I am lied upon and other not so kosher/acceptable instances but it is not all of the time. It is stemmed entirely out of “anger” which is a natural and very healthy emotion. It is just how one goes about handling their hostility or rage.

And I usually just naturally dismiss and rebuff the offense because it does not and will not stay with me. It will quickly pass and it is all forgotten about.

One can be offended without being “mentally” or “emotionally” hurt. When one is hurt they “feel bad” or “distressed” (they can be angry at the same time too) over whatever the incident. If someone has a significant impact on them perhaps- “striking a nerve” of some sort it will resonate because it may “hit home”. The negative emotional affects will linger and the “mental” assault/attack will be prolonged as harm and injury has been caused upon the mind and spirit.

Many people do not intentionally set out to hurt another person’s feelings in fact most thoughtful people try to avoid that misgiving. In my life, though, there of course have been people who have deliberately said and have done things to try to “hurt” or “break” me to no avail.

They’d even prefer to believe that I was “faking” my strength or putting up a “front” (not everyone, just certain knuckleheads). Some people will even take one’s “kindness for weakness”.

The real deal is that those are imbecile or uninformed people who are not strong enough themselves and who are not wise enough to determine “cause”,  “effect” and “circumstance” so they cannot imagine no one else not feeling the pain in which they endure through the burden of their own lack of knowledge/self ignorance (they are limited in scope, view, and experience).

We all are the way we are for a reason. I always rose above and mastered my situations, recognizing myself as a spiritual soldier armed with qualities and characteristics innately bestowed upon me as a means for vital survival and as an instrument for influence and change.

I will always debate when necessary. I will always stand up for myself and I will always love and respect myself.

In Response To “Let It Go”/A Brief Exchange Of Communication

You’re wrong, I have not been offended yet I am turned off by ignorance. I am nowhere near anything like the average person. I do not get hurt by what people think or say or whatever else certain folks may want to assume and generalize by their false perceptions, nevertheless, people will believe what they want to believe and that is their own problem not mine.

Anyhow, I think that you’re very knowledgeable in what you believe and you are correct some people are deceived by demons and the like. However, I guarantee that what I possess (spiritual abilities) are very natural genuine gifts that I was born with and I absolutely did not have to do anything to obtain them. And my gifts get even stronger with age. It is all completely natural. The bible and the story of God is definitely not 100% the truth and I know this for a fact.

And again, I hope you do not take anything that I write the wrong way. If you met me in person and had a talk with me perhaps you’d take whatever that you may have misinterpreted in a different light depending on your mentality.

You are of a different culture with you’re own points of view and beliefs and whether you believe it or not I’ve had Jewish associates both religious and non religious and I am familiar with some of their modes of faith and we got along just great. We do not all have to agree but I do see truths that do make sense in what you have said and I do not doubt you either.

What is true and right for you is as real and the same as what goes for me within my reality. There is a whole lot that I could go into and would like to (you have good insight) but I feel that talking it over “verbally” gives a better approach and advantage for communication and clarification and feedback compared to just corresponding through writing.

P.S. It was so nice of you to take out the time to explain where you were coming from but don’t get me wrong I do not take bullshit personal I just do not have time for it (just speaking in general).


i never doubted you, as a jew we believe some genuine people exist but are told to assume that even if they are genuine G-d in the torah warned us that he banished these unseen beings, they cant communicate but with those but do not believe in the living G-d and instead believe in them, but the torah is clear that there are other g-ds and one must not put them over g-d or be tricked into it,

my ancestors Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, the 12 tribes of Jacob aka Israel all where aware of shamanism and the unseen, that G-d banished these g-ds and their legions on the sixth day into a spirit world unlike the one we go to directly as men or the one we live in now, they where left un finished able to shape shift, breed, live and die, the older ones rule over many mischievous demons or submit to the will of g-d so they live thousands of years, fairies etc etc all the same shape shifters, G-d spared them only because they offered to serve him as testers to prove they are more worthy then man kind., but who ever believes in them are cursed, there are amulets i tibet made by monks and gurus requiring chanting and even sacrificing animals to bond with these demons, they hold monthly de possession sessions, its a all time high superstitious world Thailand, Tibet etc

But, i aint doubting you, just asking if your are SURE what you encountered is not a jinn, genea or demon (all the same) since angels only do what G-d tells them like robots and have no free will as we and those banished creatures?

The Shabbat i the book of genesis is a eternal commandment and testimony to the world who the final judge and ruler ad creator is, we sanctify it to rest with him, our father and shabbat means saturday in hebrew and not friday or sunday as in a sun god mithra or rome.

in any case, i love to meet or get to know people who have connected with or obtained keys to the unseen , but most likely they did something to obtain those powers, which are mostly illusion like our life when it passes., i take it people offended you in the past here, im not, i hope its true which makes it even more hurtful to anyone lying if its not, we are protected from all these deities but not from our own family members and community doing harm to one another, so no matter what sometimes hoodooo or something has to take place or we live in years of misery too.

“Race With The Devil!” (Still So Very Fantastic!!!)

race-with-the-devil-movie-poster-My new years eve rocked! I was never the type to party I spent a very nice and cozy quiet evening comfortably at home after enjoying a delicious dinner of fried greasy chicken wings with steamed broccoli watching in my opinion one of the best cult classic horror action movies of all time that I hadn’t seen since childhood back in the early eighties.

When I was a little girl I remember immediately after watching the film running to get my large “Barbie Traveller Mobile Home” toy vehicle and my loads of “Barbie and Ken” dolls to reenact the suspenseful shocking ending!Race With The Deviil

I love all types of genre, however, horror and suspense/thriller are my favorites and aside from “The Return Of The Living Dead” Race With The Devil is my top bestracewiththedevilfire.

The film was very deep and all so real in so many instances even though it was a work of fiction (art often imitates life). I could relate to it especially since I am a spiritual person and as it pertained to much of my true life experiences of conspirators after and against to destroy due to having certain knowledge (anything that wasn’t otherwise suppose to been seen, heard, felt and/or pursued) that was meant to be kept hidden and so on.Race With The Devil Sacrifice

Afterwards, I watched another deep thriller that I had not seen since as a child titled “Crowhaven Farm” (About witchcraft and reincarnation). It’ was so great and all so new to me now!Crohaven Farm

The 1970’s offered some really awesome flicks.

I even remember “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” which I’d love to see again. The nineteen eighties were also terrific months ago I found
“Visiting Hours”, another great chiller!visiting-hours

And I could not forget “One Dark Night”.

As I looked back at these films they brought back such good memories of my childhood, that era, and all of the fun. I also see how as being a child born with special spiritual ability I was automatically attracted to the particular films that were in relation to my own nature without even realizing it!Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

My mother took me to see every movie that I wanted to see back then. She even bought me my own VCR and I was out of control renting, watching, and recording movies from BQ/Brooklyn and Queens cable (That was the original name before it became Time Warner). I had a blast of entertainment. Atari too!One_Dark_Night_(1983)

(Played my video games all of the time) I had it all growing up!

There was another great thriller that involved mannequins that came to life, I’d also love to see that film again but I totally forgot the name of the film it wasn’t “Tourist Trap” though.One Dark Night Initiation

I cannot forget to mention a few of some good action flicks such as “Ten To Midnight” with Charles Bronson. “Vice Squad” with Season Hubley And “Angel”!One Dark Night Mausoleum

It feels so amazing to relive it all!!!

One_Dark_Night_4angel-movie-poster-P.S. (I watched “Race With The Devil” again last night with a relative-they also enjoyed it very much after all of these years)