There are those who choose to contact me in private so if  there is anything in particular that one may want to share feel free to fully express yourself!

9 thoughts on “Questions Or Comments? Contact Miss LaToya

  1. I read your blog post about Shannon, a person born of light would never slander another person they way you have this woman. Your a TRUE CAUL ” if your considered true caul then I denounce my caul if that’s whet it means to be born with a caul. Your heart is black n full of evil. If any one plays in black magic it you. I will say though I’m a real witch born of the caul who is psychic and communicates with the dead and heals the sick would never talk the trash and evil you do. What a shame you bring to the caul. I prey the lord has pitty on you and forgives you.

  2. Hi Latoya I’m in urgent need of help, could you get back to me via email and ill explain my situation
    Thank You

  3. I have a long story to tell, I think you might be a door that opens some new to me…help me understand a little futher…and perhaps tell me more about a gift we both share. I am so very excited. please write me soon. Thank you in advance for you hard work.

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