There are those who choose to contact me in private so if  there is anything in particular that one may want to share feel free to fully express yourself!

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  3. I read your blog post about Shannon, a person born of light would never slander another person they way you have this woman. Your a TRUE CAUL ” if your considered true caul then I denounce my caul if that’s whet it means to be born with a caul. Your heart is black n full of evil. If any one plays in black magic it you. I will say though I’m a real witch born of the caul who is psychic and communicates with the dead and heals the sick would never talk the trash and evil you do. What a shame you bring to the caul. I prey the lord has pitty on you and forgives you.

  4. I have a long story to tell, I think you might be a door that opens some new to me…help me understand a little futher…and perhaps tell me more about a gift we both share. I am so very excited. please write me soon. Thank you in advance for you hard work.

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