Us Caulbearers Never Walk Alone

Yes, by nature I have always been a very strong individual mentally, emotionally, and even physically. I have also always been a loner yet I have never been and have never actually walked alone.

I have always been very well-liked by others and I was always able to make friends very easily yet never desired to associate with undesirables who became fond of me only those of my class or level would I choose to allow into my circle if I were amicable enough toward them or interested, however, I was never the type that wanted or needed to be around a crowd as I always found confidence and contentment within myself and within my surroundings no matter where I went.

I held my own ground and had preferred the solitary style of my own nature.

Those who I did become sociable with, depending on exactly who it was because different personalities can also bring about the innate variety that is within ourselves, we had stayed in touch but didn’t have to constantly make contact with one another, although, others do often tend to reach out more to me because they are attracted to my aura and find that they can communicate with me in many ways that they are unable to communicate within others in specific and because I am a fun person to be around but for the most part because I am genuine and unique.

I appreciate people who think ‘big’ and that are able to exchange significant and challenging ideas with me, individuals that are not afraid to climb that ‘higher ladder’ unto infinity, reaching that anomalous spectrum unbounded by restriction, those that have that natural drive and enthusiasm because I am not just a talker or a thinker but I am a doer, a person who makes and demands change.

Like I have said before, I’ve always had people who truly cared for me and that had looked out for me other than family and some who have even went out of their way for me because I was indeed worth it yet the majority of them who weren’t on the level never really knew me for the individual that I actually was as I was never one that was average or ordinary.

Just because people spend time hanging around our presence does not at all mean that they exactly know us all that well.

Insecure individuals as well as those lacking within particular knowledge would rather define us for who they want us to be instead of accepting us for who we authentically are as human beings personality that distinguishes character, ability and all.

Some if not most people in general take for granted and assume what others are like under certain circumstances due to their own limited view of perception and experience within the inner or outer scope of things.

Nothing counts more than self awareness and discovery, the realization of the reality that is around the very structure of one’s very own foundation and direct source of information.

First hand experience is the best hand to learn from, not only to undergo but to properly interpret what we come to know.

As children born of the caul or children that are very spiritually inclined and “in tune” with the universe around us we have a radar that is very well within and beyond the range of frequency, allowing our ‘spiritual antennas’ to receive and transmit energy to the highest and magnificent of degree.

Except for ourselves, other individuals looking at us from the outside cannot see what we are surrounded by around ourselves.

I’ll say it again, I have never been and have never walked alone even when I did not know it, my ancestors and spirit guides have always been there beside me watching over me and providing for me through fashions of arcane communication and relation.

I can recall so many accounts of occurrence, times when I was in the midst of danger and they had come to save my life and/or had prevented serious injury and harm from being done unto me.

One that I’ll end with, though, pertains to the night my dining room was filled with the presence of a large group of my deceased relatives (the place where I had kept one of my altars at the time) and the strong bond that was felt there between us all along with the love and the security. They were all there gathered together in my home all able to visit and to spend moments of vital family union. Only the good members of the brood were allowed to come through.

Later on that night, after they all had left, one of my other deceased relatives had arrived to an empty setting and I was able to see him clearly and a voice had said to me “That’s Uncle Lee”.

I had said to myself, “Oh maybe that’s just a made up reference”, because sometimes foreign entities will come through or those that I am not familiar with to say things that I can’t put together or that just have no purpose that I am not immediately cognizant of, however, this was no foreign spirit messaging me that night I later found out.

I happened to mention the incident to my mother, what I had heard, and the description of the apparition that I saw, and she acknowledged to me that the man’s name was indeed “Lee” (a name that I’ll use instead of his real name because I am very protective and respectful toward my ancestors and I don’t share certain things that are sacred between us), he was her uncle, her mother’s brother and that he would always arrive to gatherings late after everything was over and after everyone had already gone.

Everything that my mother had described to me about my great uncle from his physical demeanor down to his character traits in which I had visioned and had felt within him through my own sight had astonishingly coincided with what my mother had told me and I had never seen this man before and we had never discussed him.

One thing that I know is that I am so proud to have him as a part of the family along with the others who are around me and who all will never let me ever walk here on this earth alone or without their love, guidance and protection.



In reply to kay allen.If one is truly of the light then you are never actually within the hand of any spiritual or physical enemy you are just within a battle that you will have to overcome by conquering the negativity (and negative energy) that may be around or surrounding you (you should never consider yourself as a victim/the word victim should only be used as a figure of speech).If you actually consider yourself a helpless victim then you will be. Having someone attack you should instantly make you want to fight back (that is just my nature and my perspective).

Even if at first or for most of your life you have not been aware of having been born with a veil there should be a significant indication of preternatural occurrences depending on the levels of strengths that are developed upon within your talents through experience.

So what I am saying is whether or not you were aware of being born with a veil, and if you were paying attention, (how could anyone not as that is what one is as a gifted person you have to notice the things about yourself especially when those things differ greatly from within others) there had to be a connection as well as recognition even if you were unable to put your finger on it.

So through out all of what you have picked up about and within yourself and have been able to interpret, use that, and add that on to what you have come to know now (being born with the “knowing power” because that is what it means to be born with the veil it is the gift of second-sight imparting one with luck and a link to the spirit realm there are all kind of special things that go along with being born in that fashion and I know this for a fact as I was born with the caul from the head and face all the way down to the nape of the neck my caul was perfectly intact due to my mother having had a cesarean section and I came out with the perfect head I was asked as I got older if I had chewed the caul because it is said that if you swallow the remnants of the caul or through a solution from it that it will protect one from seeing bad spirits only good ones one would be able to see.

I know all about these things my doctor and a few of the nurses knew what the caul birth meant too, anyway, that was back in the 70’s) and as you discover and evolve you will automatically find the answers and the correct judgment within the next route to take, however, ahead of anything, you must face truth and then live within your own truth and not let anyone discourage you (no one will be able to cause discouragement as long as there is strong foundation within yourself) as you can follow nobody else’s path but your very own.

You will be able to conquer whatever comes your way if you are “properly” aligned and in balanced with the universe in a “favorable” mode yet that only comes through particular destiny.

Old Souls

Every child’s doodling is not an unorganized maze of scribble scrabble and every baby talk speech pattern is not a confusing utterance of mumble jumble.Messages from the spirit realm can actually be communicated through the unpremeditated actions of a toddler through the modes of automatic writing and verbal language just as within adults, one just has to know what in specific to look out for as the circumstance has more than one description according to personal individual bearing and expression.

There are many imperative manifestations derived from the presence of a child at any age and the channels of energy generate in a variety of forms and these children need to be nurtured and encouraged and also taught thoroughly about their gifts if possible.

Sound tones, language and vibration stimulate within non apparent chant or transmission in fashions that are beneficial to the attributes that serve to a positive state and intention that is geared toward discovery, communication and further development.

Sometimes there are hidden revelations of information within the twirls and circles of doodle a “written word” or “significant numbers and letters”, even within distinct clear drawings there could tell a story of what was, what is, or what may soon to come.

Instrumental “Tunes” Of A Caulbearer

I can without a doubt believe upon certain things and happenings in life even though I may have never experienced them yet at the same time through the specific experiences that I have had I know what is definite and what is possible.

That is why I often naturally talk through my own life and eyes because I cannot speak for anyone else but in my own personal knowing I am able to detect and make a reasonable judgment when I do come across others who are within my category or whom share a similarity.

So even If someone does not or was not to believe a situation or circumstance that one knows to have occurred that merely serves as a lesson to be taught. Just because of the doubt of another doesn’t make the outcome of a discovery any less of a reality.

I remember back in the nineties when one of my up in age cousins told my mother over the phone about how intelligent and enlightened that I was and how I kept becoming “And nothing is making her that way”, she concluded.

In other words my cousin was saying that I was not “typically” around anyone or going anywhere to learn and to pick up on these precise things that she was hearing from me at that period. She was giving me a compliment at the same time while she was astounded for me to naturally somehow be so well-informed and reasonable.

One of my mother’s friend’s had told me “I don’t know how you know the things that you know”, when I would speak to her casually about issues and/or tell her about what was going on out in the streets around my old neighborhood years ago. She was impressed with how accurate I was at reading people and situations things that other people in common only learned and discerned through their age and experience. She stated that I knew things that weren’t of a general nature things that people usually had to go through in order to know.

Yet caulbearers are old souls and we are wise in ways that people do not always appreciate.

I impart that is why I hated so many adults while I was growing up and had no respect for many of them because many of them were wrong about a lot of things and refused to hear otherwise they believed they knew more due to their age.

In reality, aside from age, awareness comes from the level that a person is on along with their experience. Many have lived yet have incorrectly evaluated most of their experiences.

Another cousin of mine expressed to me that after all of the things that I had been through in life how “It’s not doing anything to you”. And he was correct I wasn’t at all affected in any negative fashion in regards to the tribulations that many people in specific tried to inflict upon me. The negativity that others have thrown at and toward me is really just a true reflection of themselves and their own ignorance, insecurities and hang ups.

I did not ever let people’s bad energy envelop upon me and allow it to project around my life. A lot has to do with how one views life, what they believe in, and the type of individual they are and I never thought the way the rest of the world did. I have and am on my own wavelength.

“You’re a wizard”, one who’d known me as a child had said to me in the past. “Nobody taught you anything, you taught yourself. You have a gift, I watched you when you were a little kid”.

There are many of us who share within ourselves different forms of so called wizardry.

I am a wizard according to that person within my specific field of intellect, talent and spiritual ability, and to me, others are also wizards and masters of their own particular crafts and design and one doesn’t have to be born with a caul to hold these other kind of ingenuities. There are geniuses of technology, mathematics, science, music and so on, and nothing is too small whatever one is able to excel in.

As caulbearers of course we are mysteriously “In Tune” or “Tuned In” however one wants to phrase it. There is a link and connection not only unto the universe and spiritual realms but also unto and between divinities itself which intertwines to use us as vital instruments to manifest samples of its celestial energy.

Everyone has their own free will and how they decide to manage or utilize their talents and whichever road they are drawn to take.

Aside from the actual caul birth (facial attachment with the membrane) and the definite associated traits, there are no one complete set of rules that identity for an authentic caulbearer when it comes down to individual ability and/or behavior; however, there are very specific and unmistakable qualities that will inevitably demonstrate throughout a caulbearers life.

I have been “spotted” along with a few others by spiritual people of genuine intuitive ability yet I don’t know whether it is something that can be actually taught but rather “gathered” not everyone can make a determination so one just has to be able to “recognize” in order to detect a real person born of the caul/veil.


Stages Of A Caulbearer

In my experience going as far back as a child being born with a caul/veil I felt like the natural energy of magic was surrounding my aura.

Extra sensory range would often project from heights that were tremendous yet manageable.

I was so sensitive that I had refused to go back to school at one point during childhood. I was so often distracted by all of the energy that I would soak up from the environment.

It was sometimes hard to concentrate while in the midst of the other children as I could pick up on their vibes, thoughts, and whatever else that was going on around me, when I was totally alone though I felt more at ease, more at complete attention, although I could still pick up on various spiritual sensation without being in contact with anyone physically.

My not attending school became a big attraction.

Everything was fine at the beginning. I was living in a different area of Queens, New York. I first began going to the day care center at the age of two years and nine months and I completely loved it.

I could already read and write by then because my mother had already taught me at home. When I graduated from day care (I still have my report card til this day from kindergarten all S’s for satisfactory) and went on into the first grade the children who I attended school with there were all of different nationalities and they were all so very smart.

We all genuinely liked one another.

Aside from regular school work, we all did arts, crafts, and nature. We’d rehearse to put on plays. We would conduct “show and tell” and other fun and productive activities and our achievements would be put up on the bulletin board. We were all so very well-educated on up.

The problem began with Black Magic (Brujeria). Us caulbearers or bearers of the veil are at many times regarded as targets.

We can become very spiritually vulnerable to the particular negative counterparts that are lurking within our society once we are recognized for who we truly are.

They do not care how young we are when they try to hurt or kill us.

All that they know is that they have to stop us before we can accomplish whatever it is in specific that we are put here on the earth to do.

Of course, our destiny and purpose is to become something great in life to make positive change, powerful influence.

Negativity doesn’t want to see that happen. Demonic influence doesn’t want to see that appear. Our natural intuitiveness and natural powers of occult are a threat to the very well-being of their existence.

By the time I was about to hit the second grade I had to move to a different location. My first grade teacher (I still remember her name) was disappointed because she had intended to promote me into a “smart class” during the following new school term year.

From then on, I had always did very well in school and within my school work assignments. However, I could not tolerate to be within an environment of those who were degenerate in nature and who were not on my level.

As a true caulbearer or a person of the veil it is very important whom one occupies them self around and whom one associates them self with. I learned at a very early age the types of people who I was not meant to and not supposed to connect with and/or be around, and my spirit would absolutely not allow it.

The energies and powers that are associated with the caul/veil indeed also serve as a spiritually authoritative yet magical protection.

For a few years I went through a truant officer, counselors, and a family court judge whom all could not understand why I did not want to go back to school and since there was not anything wrong with me mentally or physically it became a “big mystery” to them that I could not understand.

There were literally teenagers out there on the streets of my neighborhood who had dropped out of school doing nothing but dealing drugs and loitering about yet I was the one continuously being harassed by those in the “system”.

I wanted no part of the world the way that it was. I needed my own time to grow and develop independently. Knowledge and understanding came fluently. I was firmly and properly on board to a better sense of self, purpose, and foundation.

I could not wait until I turned sixteen. I was then free and legally at the age to go and pursue my own educational resources of choice.

If I had the brains and opportunity to get published with a mainstream publisher at the age of ten or twelve I knew that I could go and do anything that I wanted to with the luck and faith of the universe.

My mother had revealed to me later on in life that she was glad that I had left the school atmosphere during that particular period of time because after all it wasn’t school itself. It was the environment and what was in the schools that had disgusted me and made me want to leave.

I have no regrets that I look back upon. I have done very well despite the circumstances of evil Black Magic. It is all over now.

Warrior In The Midst (A Caulbearer’s Power)

I remember in the early part of the year 2000 when I had gotten one of my occasional spiritual readings from a Yoruba priestess that I would consult with once in a while and how she had stated to me that I had envious, jealous people in my neighborhood but that I had a “Strong Spirit” and she was very accurate and correct about the things that she revealed.

She confirmed everything that I could supernaturally “see” and “sense” that was indeed going on around me.

The Yoruba priestess explained to me that the people’s envy and jealousy was at the root of them spreading their gossip about me at the time and this also happened to be around the same time that my foes were in the middle of working their Brujeria on me to make me succumb to the rumors along with the other malicious intents that they all had wanted me to fall under and come down from.

Nevertheless, I was totally unaffected by any of the lies and gossip that circulated around the neighborhood and slightly beyond, and I victoriously survived and conquered all of the black magic without any damage having been done to my state of well-being.

There was a lot of damage done though as far as to the manifestation and hindrance of my destined success/prosperity but career was an option that was always able to be rebuilt as it was and still is available for me now and for my future prospects.

My talents, ability and fate is something that my enemies could never take away from me as I am too steadfast and determined, and my celestial purpose is far too strong for that anyway.

It is ridiculous and sick when people stay on the same entire thing constantly year after year and decade after decade, especially without having any reasonable merit yet that is what cults do as they are predominately out to steal one’s soul and power, preferably a caulbearer.

Caulbearers have psychic ability and pose a threat to such evil sects and demonic activity in general, and if there is a good caulbearer with a substantial amount of ability or a serious depth of special talents and they are unwilling to join in for unity or so that their energy could be stolen and drained, these cults would endeavor to a lifetime of continuous torture and follow.

Trance (Eyes Of A Caulbearer)

As caulbearers we can literally “see” more than what actually meets the bare eye. I’ve had many experiences of what I call ” My moments of trance”.

There was a time back in the year of 1999 when I had gotten on a city bus on my way back towards home. I sat in one of the middle front seats. Instead of sitting all the way back I sat more towards the edge of the seat to automatically turn to look upon fellow passengers who were seated toward the middle and back of the bus.

I had no main intention as my eyes were just attentively lured to observe without any particular cause or hesitance of my own. It was more of a gesture of impulse that had arisen from within me.

As my eyes wandered straight down to the back of the bus then from side to side through the mid part section my quick glimpses had all of a sudden came to a halt, going into a full mode gaze. My eyes were firmly fixed on a guy that I could swear that I had never seen before yet at the same time who also seemed quite familiar to me.

I literally could not take my eyes off of him. I was not able to move and I asked myself “Why do I keep staring at him, I don’t know him”.

“You do too know him”, said the soft voice of a calm feeling that had enveloped upon me.

As empathy literally spoke to me spiritually I still did not recognize this person who still strongly seemed familiar unto me. “No I do not know him”, I said once again within my thoughts as I was still unable to move, caught up in the grasps of the stare.

“Yes, you do know him. He’s from the neighborhood”, the feeling addressed again, this time with a little more detail and within the same comforting and assured essence.

Shortly after those last words and “spiritual sensation” I then became “conscious”. I recognized the guy that I had been staring at and only then was I able to turn away.

The guy was indeed from my neighborhood. He had a crush on me during the prior year of 1998 all summer long and had wanted to date me (get inside my panties) but I would not give him the time of day. He’d kept asking an associate of mine at the time to hook him up with me.

Of course, this guy had not known the true reason why my eyes were steadily gazing upon him momentarily through out the bus ride. I had embarrassed him enough though as he was seated next to an older woman that he was dating who was old enough to be his grandmother (It was all about money, a “sugar mama” thing).

He quickly got up out of his seat headed towards the front exit pretending that he wasn’t really with the woman just before the bus headed towards his stop. He stood in front of me looking to speak as I kept my head down.

The gifts of the caul will make one stare. The gifts of the caul will also make one turn around when someone is behind them or to make one catch a view of something necessary and/or of further importance. There were times where I could stare heavily, in return gaining insight or warning on any particular individual and/or circumstance.

The “stare” or “trance” are both a very powerful spiritual connectivity. They are links and passages into the unknown and unseen, vessels to supernaturally read people and places thoroughly and through.

Another incident that I remember was how I kept staring at the ground one particular summer night. There was the address of an associate of my grandmother’s engraved in the concrete in front of the house where he lived. My eyes kept lingering down towards the imprint and I did not understand why.

Two or three weeks later, my grandmother’s associate got caught by a policeman on the street drinking a can of beer. The policeman told my grandmother’s associate that if no one was around and able to verify his address for him (since he had no identification on him) that he was going to arrest him.

Luckily I was the one who was there and who was able to prevent him from ending up in jail that night due to the fact that I had kept a mental note of the address after having the spiritual encounter that made me “stare” attentively at the front pavement of his home.

Everything has a story to tell and a person of the caul is one who can surely and automatically read back many of the detail.

A True Story Of One Born With The Caul/Living “The Life” Of My Spirituality As A Child Of The Caul

At a very young age my mother always told me that I was gifted and special. I was very intellectually and spiritually advanced for a child. I entered the Charles R. Drew day care center when I was just two and a half years of age. I first learned to read and write by the time I was three since my mother already had been teaching me through books and literature.

I knew and realized that I differed greatly when it came into comparison with other children. I was friendly and outgoing yet at the same time very quiet and a bit of a loner-which was sometimes mistaken as being shy.

I was always loved and praised for my brightness and personality by my mother. And praised and acknowledged for my school work by my teachers.

I grew up very secure and confident but never arrogant or big headed. Certain people who’d hung around me perceived me as more of a humble type person.

I’d see visions through my third eye, dream things that would come true, and I would know things before they’d happen. And while I was so young at the time I just thought these natural occurrences were abilities that everyone had. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized much different.

I was able to sense things about people that other people couldn’t sense. And I could accurately read people, and feel their motives and emotions. I was very wise and wise in ways that quite a few did not appreciate which caused animosity and jealousy, and resentment not just among strangers or acquaintances but also amongst certain family members.

I’ve always had this special connection with the universe, the spirit world, and particular animals (especially puppies and dogs). I had many dogs throughout my lifetime; however there was one very beloved one that remained with me for seventeen years. “Brandie” was part German Shepherd and Collie-extremely intuitive and exceptionally bright-she was rare and one of the best things to ever happen to me. There are animals that are gifted too.

There was always a lot of luck around me. I didn’t do the same things that everybody else did. I had a very strong mind and I never got into any trouble. Mostly everything that I wanted and desired would come to me and others didn’t think that that was fair.

A lot of people fear what they do not understand. And there are some in particular who envy and/or hate the certain attributes that a person may possess. This type of negativity often inspires malicious acts upon intended targets by those who endeavor to cause destruction. And no one knows this better than I do.

At the age when I was just seven, my great grandmother (my mother’s father’s mother) took my mother and I to a Botanica store, had my mother read by a Haitian man then had us both “crossed up” through black magic/Brujeria. She wasn’t alone in her mission to try to destroy and bring my mother and me down. This old bag had a group of followers along with her, most who were in her same category-junkies (dope fiends and alcoholics). One of my aunts later joined in with the conspiracy. It was a big thing, and a very not normal situation.

I am a thirty seven year old female of African American and Native American descent with a little bit of European bloodline. I come from a family of strong gifted women (my mother’s mother’s side of the family). Extra Sensory Perception runs throughout both sides of the family, including my father’s side, which I hate to mention since his family was not anything to be proud of due to them being undesirables.

I am the only one to carry on the legacy of my anointed ancestors who reigned as powerful priestesses and who reveled in the beauty of their African Voodoo religion. They’ve protected me all throughout my life, watching over me since the day of my birth up until now, for always and forever.

Some years ago my head orisha Elegba came looking for me. I saw and felt his spirit as he was genuine and of substance. Born with a caul, which is also referred to as a “veil”, over my face I was automatically initiated into the priesthood as I naturally possessed occult powers.

I met a Yoruba priestess fourteen years ago who had informed to me that I had to get into the priesthood or that I would have setbacks in life. She could see that I was a clairvoyant medium who was born to be a messenger. Since then I had also been read by two other Yoruba priestesses, a Curandera, and a Babalawo.

I must admit that they were all legitimate and on the money when it came to what they revealed. I even worked with other psychics who helped me to remove most of the Brujeria (the tie/the bind) until I was fully prepared to do on my own. I certainly always had the abilities; I just had to break through the blocks.

Many believe that Yoruba, Santeria, and the like are evil, demonic or satanic. I can assure that it all is not. And I will attest to this. There is a negative and positive side to everything in life. People choose what roads they want to take and everyone is not being deceived.

No one ever coerced me into becoming involved with my orisha/ancestral spirituality. I was naturally drawn to it because I am of it and it is of me and I went to seek further guidance. This was part of my calling. Elegba, Ogun, Oshun, Orunmila, Ochosi and i go way back. And they have been nothing but loving, very kind and fiercely protective of me.

I’ve never been on drugs. I am asexual, I never ran around having sex, I’ve been a vegetarian for over twenty years. I do not deal with negative people. And I am not relaying this to sound judgmental; I am stating these facts as a definite example of orisha/ancestor worship as a positive thing for those who are inclined.

My ancestors and orishas are all about love and respect. If they were so satanic and demonic I’m very sure I would not be in the predicament that I am in. Satan does not care to help, encourage, or demand preservation. Evil’s main concern is to conquer, deceive and destroy.

There are many “so called” Christians whose life has never been as clean as mine. So I will not tolerate any ignorance regarding my “veneration” from anyone. Like I have mentioned before there is negativity and positivity in any walk of life.

I have been through many trials and tribulations due to the malevolent acts of others yet I wasn’t affected by it. I was just made even stronger and wiser.

I am surrounded by an undeniable freedom and peace. I am shielded through my spiritual connection to the universe. And I am blessed with the gifts bestowed down to me from the caul.

These were always my own original words of wisdom and discovery that came from my own true heart, mind, spirit, and soul. And this knowledge can be enlightening and beneficial to many:

As a spiritual person it is important to know where you come from, to know where you stand, and to know where you are going. Once that is carefully and accurately established then there is foundation.

With observation comes experience. With experience comes learning. With learning comes growth. And once each stage reaches development we can began to teach. Wisdom can be gained at any age depending on a persons mind and what they may have went through in life.

There are many books that one can read and there are many sources of inspiration available for our evaluation but nothing can compare to what we actually accumulate through our own personal happenings.

After we have experienced certain things for ourselves we may be able to understand some one else better or relate a different perspective. You don’t always have to go through the same thing as another to understand them or to relate. The enlightenment gained, however, gives a bigger and better picture to see and grasp at.

In dealing with truth, there is trust. In dealing with trust, there is confidence. In dealing with confidence, there is strength. And when all is met with one another then sealed together, there are limitless passageways to get through in dealing with life.


 Positive Spiritual Energies Are More Powerful Than Ever And Are Here To Stay

I was born a clairvoyant with very strong spiritual abilities and had people after me for thirty-years trying to ruin me and my life. I was aware of the “second-sight” and knowledge that I had since I was a young child.

What I didn’t understand is why certain people in particular were so intensely set on trying to destroy me in every way possible until I got a little older. Jealousy and sickness was behind their motivation. Witchcraft was put on me as a child to change my destiny and to repress and disguise who and what I really am.

Since I’m a person that no one can scare, manipulate, influence or control they didn’t want me to get anywhere in life.

In the past I’ve went to psychics only to find out that I was more knowledgeable and powerful than they were. I also noticed that certain people weren’t after them the way they were after me and that was because I am genuinely of a positive nature and character.

A lot of those readers were money hungry, energy-stealing liars out to use whatever level of power to their own advantages. So therefore they served no significant purpose and I didn’t see anything so special about them. A few were even in the police database.

Now the powerful good legitimate gifted ones like me were very few and very hard to come by. Yet we are sometimes underestimated or called fake while the true perpetrators continue on with their scams.

I spoke with a clairvoyant like myself who told me that her mother and sister didn’t believe in her. She said their skepticism was due to jealousy and that they’d rather consider her as schizophrenic than clairvoyant.

I’ve had that done to me in similar instances, certain people trying to downplay my abilities wanting me to believe that my powers are strong but nothing serious or that I don’t have the abilities to do any major spiritual work.

I don’t understand why anyone would come along and tell any of us spiritual beings what we are or not capable of doing when we’ve had supernatural experiences all of our lives and know ourselves better than anyone else. A lot of the time they wish that they had the special abilities for themselves or just don’t understand the way clairvoyant or psychic power works.

Many of the positive spiritual people will often be attacked whether it’s spiritually, verbally or physically by sick ignorant people.

I personally never cared if anyone believed in me or not because I am very secure within myself and the truth is always obvious as it will always eventually reveal itself.

However, it is another thing when certain others try to repress and destroy those in particular that are different, special and spiritual. Soothsayers, sensitives, spiritualists, mediums, psychics, clairvoyants whatever you want to call them all have various abilities at all different levels. And they are able to interact and connect with the universe and the spiritual realm.

These spiritually gifted people share vital purpose in life and the very good ones that stand out are very wise and accurate in what they know even if they don’t share it with the world.

As people with paranormal ability, there will always be those who doubt or try to discourage us that is just a part of life. The spiritual journey and enlightenment will never cease to fail. And the negativity from others will never stop the power.


New Life/New Beginning

I have a rare very unique deep powerful gift. And I have always been fascinated by the power I’ve seen in other gifted people. You can learn a lot about what is and what is possible through observing one another.

I am not defined by any “worldly” or “religious” laws. I am not defined by what anybody assumes about me. I am not defined by any lies that people tell on me. And I am not defined by the use of various witchcraft techniques during the past, present or future to alter my life. I am only defined by “truth”. The truth I live- which is my reality.

Spiritually, I “hear” things. “feel” things. “smell” things. “taste” things. “know” things. And “see” things. I am a child of the caul/veil an “old soul” strongly connected to the outside world. My “fuel” here on earth is brain, duty and power. I’m full of knowledge, task and energies.

Spirituality is my foundation. I am sustained by the supernatural forces around me. In tune and aligned with the universe, my time to ultimately “shine” has come. Interference caused by “battles with demonic people” in my past consequently resulted into reconstructive intervention for my future.

The universe, my ancestors, and my loas all have me with them. And I absolutely love it! It is a beautiful blessing, the only true life that I know. I am grounded, guided, loved, respected and ultimately protected. I have a spiritual shield around me, I have success around me, but most of all I have peace around me. There will always be opposition that will continue to end up in failure because my enemies “can’t touch me”. I’ve had a lot of luck within my life. And that luck always outweighed any negativity that was around me.

Everyday I feel the supernatural radar that is around me. I absorb and advance from day to day, week to week, and month to month and so on. Every stage is a step to a higher level. I’m on a clear steady powerful cycle of my life as a spiritual person. I’m affected to this extent because I love and accept myself. And naturally connect to the individual that I am.

There are advances in my spiritual devotions as well as I continue to evolve. I always do my own spiritual work. I don’t get or need help from anyone else. And it is better for me that way because it is purely my special energy charged for my own set purposes. Major things have come into my life due to the rituals that I’ve done. I recently got a new home and a new job and I actually visioned these things ahead of time along with more serious things that are to come.

I live a clean quiet determined life. My spirit doesn’t take kindly to certain individuals as they are not “spiritually healthy” for me to be around. I do get along with all types of people even though I’ve always been a loner. I like to be by myself, do things on my own, I’m very independent.

I am carefree but not careless. The world is not a safe or guaranteed place in any kind of way so I don’t take anything for granted. I always intend to go forward with better life, better things that I know I deserve.

I had a whole different life at childhood, a whole different life in my twenties and now I have a whole different life now. What separates the pattern in this time frame is that everything that was torn from me (being spiritually robbed/violated) has found its way back. “We are brought back together to never be apart”. And now we have a brand new life, a whole new beginning.

Spiritual/The Only True Life I Know/Gifts Of The Caul

Little Note:

“Everything that I write on my sites comes from me, my own experiences, my own true knowledge or the things in life that I experienced around me (what I’ve seen and heard for myself).

I often speak about quite a few things that most others can’t see or grasp that is why the site is just not for anybody (because maybe everybody won’t relate). I’m not trying to gather a crowd, I’m just being myself.

I write my blog. And I do enjoy it when the spirit moves me to put something out. Now there are billions and zillions of people out there in the world and many of us can come up with similar ideas or similar modes of expression that are honestly just mere coincidence. A whole lot of us are the same in our certains ways and in the way that we do things.

I know though when to smell a perpetrator! I have caught someone on the internet who is trying to copy some of my style from my site in an attempt to make it their own. I even had a dream about this months back before they did it- so there was no doubt about it!”

Now, on with my post!

Great Blessings From The Universe Are With Me Enlightening Me, Guiding Me, And Inspiring Me.I Speak From Experience And Truth. Join Me On This Ride Of Knowledge. -Miss LaToya

What exactly is a gift? A gift is an inherited natural skill or ability that someone is born with.

A very special and rare gift is a caul/veil birth. A caul is a thin membrane that may sometimes envelop a newborn baby’s face/head at birth. A caul/veil indicates special spiritual abilities.

It is a power bestowed as second-sight/clairvoyant/psychic talents and which also imparts one with luck and a connection to the spirit world.

Other gifts and talents that include those who are connected to being born with or without a caul/veil describe extreme creativity.

Those in particular who have the natural skill or ability to draw, write and sing.

And, of course, there are many others with beautiful gifts of carpentry and tailoring and a many of other things that contribute to the productivity of our planet.

Our gifts are for ourselves. They can also be used to help others if one chooses to do so. Gifts are very vital and beneficial to the existence and future of mankind.

Without truth, knowledge, growth and discovery we would all truly be lost.


Feeling what you see. Feeling what you know. Feeling what is going on around you, feeling another person’s thoughts and emotions, feeling the meaning of truth. Feeling what is beyond.

It can sometimes seem like a heavy burden to those who do not know how to fully appreciate the “aptitude” of this great gift, a deep exact understanding of things unknown, of things to be, of things itself.

Many people have gut-feelings and intuitive notions, comprehensive suggestions that alert them and make them aware.

Empathic ability picks up on the “pivotal” core of reasoning.

Ever been overwhelmed by someone else’s anger, sorrow and even the negativity that they carry- an acknowledgement to you as to their own true character and so on, ever hear something random or in particular, or see or smell something just to get a vibe that won’t let go? Clues that give you undoubted information, these instances may appear as memory joggers when indeed they are premonitions!

Why do we have to feel these things to such a grave extent, because we’re suppose to, because we need to, because we were made for it as a spiritual person. Why be oblivious to your nature? Part of what makes you who you are!

The third eye:

Is your third eye open and clear? If so, what do you see? Do you understand what you see? Visions can be spontaneous and visions can be triggered.

I have seen many of things through my third eye. I’ve even had people (intruders) communicate with me psychically, showing me things that they intentionally wanted me to see such as objects, events, themselves- and we were able to look directly at one another and talk to each other through our minds “telepathically”.


I love a good night’s sleep, even an afternoon or evening nap when I may feel exhausted. We all dream frequently or once in a while but not many dream prophetic like the psychic or clairvoyant.

Precognitive dreams are inevitable to persons who are very spiritually inclined. And visions during dreams serve as vital knowledge for they often alert of possible dangers that can be prevented due to critical forewarning.


Ever communicated with someone through your mind in various ways intentionally or unintentionally? Ever communicated with anyone through your mind while you were asleep? Ever send and receive verbal messages from the spirit world through your mind?” I express and share most of my accounts, experiences and revelations privately.

Nevertheless, hearing some one (a person’s voice, thoughts) or something (noises, accidents) in your mind, verbally relaying messages and information through the mind, communication (hearing/talking) with others during dreams- with or without actual visualization and interaction between you and the individuals, “All a conscious part of telepathy”.

Automatic writing:

When I write and get that “natural” energy- I become unstoppable! I do not plan beforehand with my particular input. All of the information just flows out deliberately and spontaneously. I find absolute comfort and joy as I write and the writing that I do has the same soothing, healing and peaceful affect as meditation.

Magical writing/drawing:

I don’t have the ability to draw. It is similar in writing though since both involve creativity from the mind and work from the hands.

There is a such thing as writing through to the universe as well as drawing to ward off spiritual attacks, and to bring about positive spiritual energies through truth and passion that comes out in the creativity and talent.

I’ve done it many times. It is essential to my spiritual well being. Similar to the laws of attraction how just by earnestly wishing for something in return reflects back, bringing you what you want.

It is absolutely no different than drawing descriptions, images and pictures of things that you may want to block out of your life or bring into your life and so on.

Writing words is not so much different than conducting a spell. Intent, energy and faith are all that it takes to ignite the sentences with power.

Divination writing:

In my opinion, it is similar to dictionary divination whereas you ask a question and go through the pages until you’re prompted to stop to get the answer for whatever definition your finger landed on.

It was very accurate when I did it years ago. To me the dictionary was a safe innocent tool. I never messed with an Ouija board, I’ve read tarot cards. I keep a deck of them.

I had got a pen and paper, focused then asked questions one at a time. My hand would begin to shake rapidly when it was ready to automatically write down the answers. I just relaxed and let the spirit guide activate my hand. I think it’s so deep how these things in life actually exist and work. It is a very real experience for those who are inclined.

There is a whole lot more to me than anyone will ever know or understand, however, I am not for everyone to know. And that is the “beauty of my spirit”.

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Caul/Veil And My Spirituality

In my own true words:

I was born with second sight. When I was a little girl my mother always told me that I had a gift. And when I was a younger lady a spirit voice came to me while I was lying in my bed and said “you’re special”. And the spirit kept repeating those words for days after until I believed and accepted it.

To be born with a caul/veil is a very deep thing. It’s a very special gift that most people don’t fully understand if they understand at all. The life of a person born with a caul/veil can be very trying depending on how strong their powers or abilities are. For some they may have just a touch of something, some get the whole entire thing all at once and then there are the very powerful ones whose abilities get stronger as they age.

It’s not comfortable having to deal with the torture of evil spirits and being bombarded with the feelings and thoughts of people all around. You will always be ahead knowing what others will never know. Not to mention the casual spirits that I have to hear all day long every single day. These abilities should not always be considered a burden because they can save your life. So I’m never ungrateful even though the experiences get to be tough at times. Taking the good with the bad in this case is well worth it.

In my personal experience I know that I am rare, very unique and very special. I’ll never be an average person and I don’t want to be because this is all that I know. To be brutally honest I hate this world that we live in. I don’t want any part of it. I always hated it here ever since I was a young preteen. I look forward to the day of going to be united with my good ancestors but only when the time is right, meaning that I will be ready once I’m finished with this life.

Meanwhile I have to live out the dreams that I’ve had during my sleeps. Just like many others gifted with the caul/veil we have things that we must complete here on earth. For me, even as much as I already know it just gets better. Learning what continues to blow my mind.

I was born with a double veil. And I am a clairvoyant with natural healings abilities and the power to make things happen.

Altar: my beautiful altar is dedicated to my head orisha, a vessel for my other orishas who are continually around me, a haven for my deceased relatives to come through, a definite source of protection for me and a place where my power is exercised.

Religion: I don’t pray to or serve the god of the bible. I was never genuinely connected to him ever in my entire life. Growing up I always knew there was something else that was more fulfilling what I would call something “greater”. And I was right. My third eye has showed me great knowledge. I was born with strong spiritual powers and automatically connected with supernatural things. My native religion that I connect with is voodoo. My spirituality sustains me, it is me.

I perform spells that actually do work. And my altar is genuinely a sacred space in my home that holds fierce power.

My ancestors: the certain women in my family who passed away ages ago have protected me from the day I was born, communicating with me every step of the way. The day we made our ultimate connection for me here on earth gave my life newer meaning. They’ve been guiding me to my destiny, teaching me my rites as a priestess.

Orishas: elegba came looking for me. I saw his beautiful spirit. He appeared to me in a reflection of a shadow of gold similar to sunlight shining over a field. Elegba is awesome he is so genuine. My personal experience with this orisha goes beyond words. He has been loving, extremely protective, instructive and nothing to fool around with. He treats me like I’m his baby girl, a true daughter. He has shown me generosity. Some times when his spirit is around me he turns on the light to the room where my altar is-and guess what? The light bulb in the fixture of the ceiling in the room has been dead and never replaced. Elegba lights up the room with his power!

Oshun is also very generous. She has been so sweet to me. Oshun is another special one who has went out of her way to protect me. She is very powerful, I’ve felt her power. She is voodoo! Oshun instructs me too. I listen to all my chosen orishas. They give me so much respect and I respect them. The oshun that I know is a beautiful down to earth motherly one who I can depend on. She has knowledge strength beauty emotion and a sense of humor.

Ogun is fierce. A great protector and I know that for a fact. He showed me that he is another one not to be fooled around with and I like that. He is so serious and extremely powerful. He won’t hesitate at all to shed some blood. He makes sure that trouble stands out of my way so that I may go forward to achieve certain things and progress.

Orunmila is like a grandfather to me laying down wisdom and showing me the future. I’ve known him to always be calm and quiet always keeping his ears and eyes open. Orunmila watches over things with a cool confidence making sure that everything is in order and going right and I love him for that.

To sum it up the orishas in my life talk with me they walk with me and they show me a many of things we have a genuine relationship that is built on love trust and spiritual power.

Ochosi is last but not least. I’ve noticed that he stays in the background of my life. Ochosi doesn’t interact with me the way the other orishas do. He does his part at a distance keeping a low profile but just as sufficient and protective.

Candle burning rituals is part of the essence of spiritual life. Incense burning, meditation, divination along with other methods also bring about enrichment.

I’ve elevated a beloved one in the spiritual world. And it’s a beautiful thing to be able to have that power. I, enjoy visiting the spirit world during times in my sleep.

Naturally I often get messages upon waking up day to day and night to night. Or when I’m just out and about or just leisure around whether I see it in a vision, hear it in my thoughts or feel it in my body. There is a whole lot that I know about that is going on in and beyond this sick world things that other people will never know about or understand.

The botanica shop is my supermarket. I get all of my spiritual food from there. All shops are not good to go to though. I have a favorite one though and I have been to many. You have to find a botanica shop that agrees with your spirit. My angels led me to the one best suited for me.

I am so happy and so much at peace on this spiritual journey of mine.

I can recall so many instances where my orishas and ancestors had my back, so many amazing situations that I’ve encountered, very incredible and unbelievable to the unbelieving. I’ll carry all of those experiences with me as constant encouragement and inspiration.

My spiritual family and I have a genuine relationship that is built on a fierce love and respect. I have inherited vile strength ever since the day I was born. I am absolutely unaffected by the bullshit of this world.

– thank you so much my beloved ones.

The positive side of voodoo:

Like I’ve said before voodoo is a very beautiful thing. It is a vital part of my African roots that I am proud of. There is a good side and a bad side to everything in life. You have to choose what road that you want to take. I personally use the natural power I have for voodoo in a very good and beneficial way (white magic) but I have no problem with getting down and dirty when I have to.

I have my statues situated on my altar as a representation of what I serve and who I worship. Whatever is needed and asked for by my orishas, ancestors and spirit guides are always added on at any given time. Candles and incense are required along with other things that I won’t disclose (a wise root worker never tells their secrets) for my beautiful ceremonial devotions. And what is so deep about this lifestyle of mine is that nobody got me into it. This was all inherited. My ancestors made the connection after many years of preparing me for survival along with my spirit guides then elegba came looking for me to bring me on home. I am so free! I feel so free, and at peace!

No one on this earth can destroy me because my family will destroy them through me. This I definitely know.

The orishas are not mean and cruel for no reason. As long as you live accordingly to your nature whatever that may be to an individual they will be there to make your life better. (Being true to oneself is the key) they allow me to truly be myself regardless of anything else- in fact, they promote it! This is what has pertained to my life, my orishas provide very well for me. They know what is so very important in my life and no one but them can take that away.

The negative side of voodoo:

I’ve been a victim of black magic for twenty-nine years. And what I mean by victim is that I am constantly under attack by sick unhappy jealous envious people who want to, and ignorantly keep trying to destroy me. That is why spiritual people need to maintain vital protection to sustain them. My enemies trespassed in my house and came upon my powerful altar. They had the nerve to try to use satanic measures to destroy my protection every morning around 3am this past summer and failed miserably. The orishas laughed at them. My ancestors said: ” we had you since you was a baby”. That is all that need be say.

A feeling of violation comes over you when witchcraft is being worked. Each individual is different. Most people don’t know if someone crossed them or is trying to cross them up. A spiritual person knows. I saw the voodoo spirits that were put on me. I could hear them. I could feel them. I could taste them. And I knew each and everything that they were sent to do to me. I’m extremely sensitive spiritually. When I had the majority of them removed they were extracted from me which of course drained me physically. It was a very sick experience.

The dangerous side of voodoo:

Real voodoo should be taken seriously it is not a game. Dealing with the dead can be uncertain you can’t trust just any spirit. Some come through with ulterior motives just looking for the opportunity to do harm. It is best to deal with those who you knew on earth before they crossed over if possible. If not work with someone experienced that you can trust because if you don’t know what you’re doing voodoo can and will backfire.

I’ve been fortunate not having to go through any of that but know about it through wisdom.


The Truth About The Caul And The Truth About Voodoo/Signs And Symptoms

The Truth About The Caul And The Truth About Voodoo/Signs And Symptoms

I speak from experience:

A lot of people have written me asking me information about the matters of being born with a caul/veil and voodoo and black magic because I know so much about it. These two subjects are my life experience. I am a very honest person, often brutally honest and I don’t hold my tongue.

There are certain people out there and I don’t know where they get the nerve from who assume things about people they absolutely know nothing about. Most of the time they are insecure attention-seeking individuals who want to steal the spotlight, and for what? There is room for everybody without trying to scope out other people’s formats in an attempt to prove that they’re the only authentic or original.

A while back, I received this email from a Shannon lee wolf. Now I don’t know her personally but after reading the email I got a very negative vibe and I was right about what I felt. As a person myself born with a caul and having genuine empathic abilities I can read and see through people right away. I am a very good judge of character. Now I’m not here to knock her but I damn sure didn’t at all trust her and I damn sure don’t agree with her about what she considers to be “star children among us”. But if you come after me I’m gonna go after you! This is nothing serious; however, I do know how to read between the lines. This is how it went:

Thank you misslatoya, for offering this place for caulbearers to share! And warmest greetings to all caulbearers who long to find a place to call “home”.

I believe that the time has come for caulbearers to unite with oneanother…to find a place where they can meet other caulbearers…to share with those who understand the troublesome things they see, hear, smell, and feel.

To share the pain and loneliness a caulbearer feels…to heal and find peace with themselves and their gifts. To become the beautiful beings they were always meant to be!

Please come and visit my website anytime! If you feel at home there, send me a membership request, and I will get back to you very shortly…

Don’t take this the wrong way,

However, I was born with a double veil. I’m a clairvoyant. I am fully educated about the caul. I have extremely strong spiritual abilities and work professionally and have family members who are naturally gifted as well and were voodoo priestess so obviously you misinterpreted something somewhere along the line. You came across one of my sites that I was just sharing a little information. I have blogged for years. And have other sites that you may not be aware of.

Of course, everyone has their own experiences. I am a natural born writer. Writing comes natural to me so my spirit tends to express itself in that manner. I have no desire to try to save anyone or the world for that matter I never thought of anything of that nature. So I’m not literally trying to educate anyone I’m just expressing and naturally using my talents and if some choose to learn from that information then so be it.

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From: Trellix Mailer <>
Subject: A comment form was submitted
To: latoyalawrence
Date: Thursday, November 4, 2010, 11:03 AM
fullname: Jade Edwards
comments: My name is Jade Edwards and I was born a caulbearer…and the founder of the Sok Ko Healing Modality.  I came across your web page which gives some details on the subject matter.  I’m pleased that you’re trying to educate the public…however, there are a few typo’s which I’m sure you didn’t mean to do.  The following is a link to a website I am a member of.  I believe you will find it to be the most authentic and soon to be go to for caulbearers and family to meet and learn.  While you’re there, please feel free to use the information so you can update and expand your page.
The site has been on line less than a month and has already achieved world-wide attention!  Plus I highly encourage you to contact the sites owner…who is also a caulbearer.  Her name is Shannon Lee Wolf and she can be easily reached from the above website.  FYI…she is also in the process of inviting one or two individuals who provide services/support to people.  If accepted…you would be providing services to caulbearers and or their families.  I hope you take this email seriously and contact her.  Or if you feel better communicating with me and then I contact her…that would be fine as well.
Bye for now,
Jade Edwards – Founder
Sok Ko Healing Modality

These people come from out of nowhere trying to bother me and I got my own things minding my own business and had the nerve to ask me to join.

These sick people, of course, I declined on the cunning offer. I’m a leader not a follower.

Everyone indeed is their own unique individual and Shannon says that those born with a caul/veil are lonely, feel tormented and afflicted and have a tendency for alcoholism or drug abuse.

Now maybe I am just a very strong person but I have never ever had those feelings and there are people in the world who weren’t born with a caul/veil who go through feelings of abandonment and use destructive ways to cope with their life.

And everyone born with a caul/veil is not on the same page even though they may share certain abilities or experiences. I know this for a fact. You can be born with a caul/veil and still not be of one another because there are many spiritual dimensions, paths, beliefs and genealogical factors involved.

I’ve met people born with a caul/veil that I can’t stand and who are not on the spiritual level that I am on. And I’ve met those who weren’t born with the caul/veil who do have insight into things and who I can connect with. It all depends on the individual.

From my own personal experience the definite signs of being born with the caul/veil are a wonderful experience if you are truly connected with your inner spirit. I’ve always been secure since my childhood because I was loved. Whether you are born with a caul or not as a child if you get the love and assurance that will instill and continue to encourage your own self-acceptance in life.

People born with the caul/veil are very perceptive and intuitive and often see, hear, know and feel things that others will before they themselves consider knowing or doing it. They have wisdom and special creative talents (one of my power outlets often comes from me writing through to the universe).

They are clairvoyant. They have the ability to see visions, have dreams and to hear things that are prophetic. They can taste and feel what is not within normal range or normal contact such as with spirits, foods or energies. (I’ve bit down on energy before and the best way that I could describe it is like a thick buzzing mass of electrical current) and they are able to communicate with the dead and with others through telepathy.

Those born with the caul/veil also have a strong connection to the spirit world (I’ve spotted a lot of demons here on earth along with a lot of other things). They have hidden knowledge and know the truth about life.

In my past I’ve been read by three authentic Yoruba priestesses and one babalawo and I can honestly say that they were right on point. They could see what I was born with and what I was destined for. They gave me confirmation in many things. I investigate as I experience and learn. I’ve also in my past been read by a curandero and she was pretty accurate.

There are many psychics out there and so-called psychics. A true reader of any kind will know private details about you and your life. I’ve dreamed and picked up on so many personal details about people around me that I had found out to be all so true. It doesn’t even have to be people that I personally know. It could be famous people; it could be the president of the United States.

Another factor about those born with the caul/veil is that they shouldn’t speak so much about what they have and about what they know to everybody. Some things should just be kept to just a selected few if any. Some will be condemned as having mental illness by ignorant ones who do not understand or who do not believe and some may become the victims of evil people who fear them.

Now pertaining to voodoo and black magic, negative voodoo manipulates and will try to play with your mind then work on your emotions. Some people write to me with exaggerated outrageous stories of the signs and symptoms they claim to experience that don’t even make any sense.

Yes voodoo/black magic definitely is real, it does work and it can be life threatening and ruin a person’s world. Voodoo/black magic can affect your mind, health, career, relationships and spirituality. People put it in your food. They take your personal items (hair, sweat, semen, vaginal secretion, fingernails clothing etc…) and sacrifice animal blood over it, bury it or conjure with it.

In most rituals they use pictures and your name to have spirits “sniff” you out then come harass you. This happens a lot in love rituals. They make you constantly think of a person.

Mind control:

One of the most common rituals is putting confusion into a person’s mind. Attackers try to make you think the opposite of what is the truth.

For instance, if you are attractive they will want you to think that you are ugly. If you are smart then they will want you to think that you are dumb, silly things. They will even put feelings and thoughts into your head to be at a particular place where you would normally have no desire to go. And they often give you the feeling to crave and do things for their own personal thrill. It’s all to control and destroy a person.

In more serious cases attackers set out to make people commit suicide through the use of voodoo/black magic mind control. And some people tend to fall for the tricks not realizing they’re just a part of a game. Black magic will try to make you mistake illusion for your own true thoughts and feelings when indeed they are not. It takes a strong knowledge of self and a strong mind to conquer voodoo/black magic.


Those under the influence of voodoo/black magic may feel like their life has come to a standstill. Even in their minds. Attackers try to impede intelligence as well as social advancement. They don’t want your mind to grasp knowledge; they don’t want you to be able to catch on to things. Attackers want to make you incompetent and lose confidence in yourself. They want to feel above you and if there is something they can do that you can’t they won’t feel so intimidated.

They want you to fail in your relationships. When they see you very happy and harmonious with a lover, a relative, a friend or even a pet it drives them crazy. They want you to suffer, argue and be miserable like them.

Voodoo/black magic is controlling a great deal of the world.

Some definite signs are:

Headaches, perpetual negative thoughts or voices in the mind, the feeling of things crawling on the inside of your skin along with a throbbing burning sensation, closing up of the throat, constant pain, pressure and stiffness in certain or all parts of the body, continuous excessive menstrual bleeding not associated with the normal cycle, arousal of the genitals, rape and orgasm during sleep (waking up upon stimulation), irrational behavior from others.

Shannon Lee Wolf

Update: may 27, 2012- I don’t know how I forgot to mention this after all of this time. Shannon claimed that none of my stat visits were from her which I knew was purely bullshit! And I don’t know why she lied when the bitch has been following my blog. She is still following my blog till this day. I copied this from my blog follower’s page where she signed 1 year, 6 months ago

I hate this jealous bitch shannon lee wolf. If there is one thing that I can’t stand it is a liar and I got proof. Bitch can’t deal with the fact that there are people out there with much greater power and true knowledge that others don’t have (such as herself). I never took down what I copied/pasted and posted about the caul. Word press took it down last summer in june or july of 2010 because of order of the way.

Shannon says that I am angry and am trying to retaliate against her, angry at what? Shannon is so worried about me. She is the one who keeps coming to my site. I never visit her site. Every time I turn around her website keeps coming up on my site statistics search engine in detail so I got curious, seems to me like the bitch is trying to compete.

The truth always prevails. I am not thinking about her or whatever lies that she wants to tell or spread but I will say this. She better be real careful about messing around with good honest people. When her time is up and her shit crumbles she’ll learn not to fuck with “miss latoya”.

Shannon lee wolf’s bullshit:

“My Voice” Weblog By Miss LaToya Lawrence  –  After becoming aware of her material being exposed as verbatim, Miss Latoya quickly removed her article displaying the same text as The Order of the Ancient.  She is understandably upset with me for pointing her website out, and has some harsh words for me for inviting her to join my site as a proposed caul bearer.

Obviously this bitch isn’t playing with a full deck. I didn’t remove anything! And it wasn’t my material! – sincerely miss latoya lawrence (and order of the way went after shannon lee wolf too!)

  1. misslatoya Says:

    December 24, 2011 at 2:19 am eTalk is cheap. I knew that she was going to write to me and apologize; I could see it in my mind and feel it in my body all toward the end of last week. The only thing that she is sorry about is that I had proof to show that she lied on me. I can sense things about people that other people can’t sense.

  2. And she don’t know that I caught her post on her site where she first put that I declined on her membership offer only after she listed my site then she quickly changed it because that wasn’t true.

  3. And as far as me not being a threat that is also very untrue, on the 11th and 12th of december 2011 on both sunday and monday all day long for two days straight I felt this woman shannon lee wolf very intensely along with this other guy that I know of.

  4. It was heightened negative energy and every detail had come to me of what was going on. I burned a candle and just shortly after I got verification that she was indeed involved and one day later my energy blocked her out completely.

  5. Even now, after I received this comment from her all I felt was negativity from this woman in the pit of my stomach, vile negativity. All I get is bad vibes from shannon lee wolf.

  6. Shannon Says:

    December 20, 2011 at 3:13 pm eHi Miss Latoya,

    I did list your site among those with verbatim text to on my site. I was also sited by for using the word “caulbearer”, which they claim to own, but do not.

    I apologize for erroneously assuming that you removed the plagerized text, as clearly removed it.

    I have removed your site address from my verbatim list, so the hits you’ve been getting from there should stop. None of the hits were from me, as I don’t see you as a threat of any kind, and truly wish you well on your ventures.


The Order of The Way Ltd. Submitted on 2011/01/15 at 8:06 pm
Re: Legal Cease and Desist Notice Against

This is the legal department of The Order of The Way. We have come to identify that your website is gratuitously illegally duplicating and misrepresenting legally copyrighted content from:

(1) our sites and
(2) The Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils, by Robert George Crosbie, ISBN 0953820602, for whom the Order of The Way has been authorised to act in this action.

The following page on your site, in particular, contains flagrantly plagiarised and illegally reproduced texts direct from the above websites.

You are hereby further advised and notified that the unauthorised and unlicensed use of the title of Caulbearer, its plural form Caulbearers, is therefore plagiarism (illegal use of intellectual property), and in breach of the legally held intellectual property rights of the above author, in whom both these titles and works legally vest.

Stop duplicating our content and remove all infringing pages immediately. If you do not abide to this in the next 24 hours of this mail receipt, we will be forced to carry out legal proceedings against you. We will release DMCA complaints as per Section 512 with all major search engines and hosting providers. Should this happen, your site will be banned permanently from the search engine database and dropped from hosting.

All content and images on and is copyrighted by US and International copyright laws, and any kind of duplication or reproduction is illegal. We demand you to stop this infringement immediately or else get ready to be sued for damages.

For, and Robert George Crosbie

Denis McGowan
Legal Team,
The Order of The Way Ltd.

Re: Legal Cease and Desist Notice Against
This is the legal department of The Order of The Way. We have come to identify that your website is gratuitously illegally duplicating and misrepresenting legally copyrighted content from:

(1) our sites and
(2) The Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils, by Robert George Crosbie, ISBN 0953820602, for whom the Order of The Way has been authorised to act in this action.

The following page on your site, in particular, contains flagrantly plagiarised and illegally reproduced texts direct from the above websites.

You are hereby further advised and notified that the unauthorised and unlicensed use of the title of Caulbearer, its plural form Caulbearers, is therefore plagiarism (illegal use of intellectual property), and in breach of the legally held intellectual property rights of the above author,  in whom both these titles and works legally vest.

Stop duplicating our content and remove all infringing pages immediately. If you do not abide to this in the next 24 hours of this mail receipt, we will be forced to carry out legal proceedings against you. We will release DMCA complaints as per Section 512 with all major search engines and hosting providers. Should this happen, your site will be banned permanently from the search engine database and dropped from hosting.

All content and images on and is copyrighted by US and International copyright laws, and any kind of duplication or reproduction is illegal. We  demand you to stop this infringement immediately or else get ready to be sued for damages.

For, and Robert George Crosbie

Denis McGowan
Legal Team,
The Order of The Way Ltd.
The Order of The Way Ltd.

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Reflections On Certain Parts Of My Life

 In My Own Words By Miss LaToya Lawrence

My Past, My Present, My Future

( I’m A Sweet Child Of The Caul, One Born With The Great Veil )

I can’t run from who i am. And i don’t want to. I was born with a caul, bestowing to me the gifts and powers of “Knowing” and “Healing” along with many connections to the spirit world. I am reminded every day of my birthright as my personal spirit guides, guardians and informers envelope me with great spirituality. It is no amazement to me how i am unaffected and undisturbed by things here in the world that are considered hurtful and distressful to many. My mind does not entertain what it deems as “bullshit”. And what is bullshit in my opinion may not be the same bullshit to others, yet that is what makes me so special and unique-My way of thinking, living and being.

I am very unusual and very proud to not be normal. I am a genuine individual. My mind thinks ahead, my eyes see beyond, my mouth speaks the truth, my body interacts with energies and my spirit feels the weight of the world. One may wonder how i am able to bare such beauty, power and burden with such ease, grace and longevity. And i’d simply acknowledge that i am concurrently and consistently sustained by the natural forces of the universe that are aligned with me.

Some may think that i talk a lot of shit. But i am all the “shit” that i talk-and, with no apologies. I am a old soul in a fairly young body speaking my wisdom and truths as i know it to be.

 My Temporary Trial In The Past

My Nature Making It’s Way ( And It Feels So Natural )

When my nature calls out to me, i scream out inside. And i beg for it to “Please Come Get Me!” “Please Take Me!” And my thoughts scream “I Love You!” It is so desperately drawing me near to my destiny but something is caught in between trying to keep us apart. I know it’s the evil and negativity of this world that doesn’t want my nature to flow. It would rather have me live what this world considers to be normal. Innately, what is natural to most is very unnatural to me. It is totally foreign. I refuse to be lead by the world. This place will never claim me. I’d rather perish.

My nature tells me certain things to do that is infinite to the state of my well-being until the day we make our ultimate connection. My nature is my real mother, my real family who let this world borrow me for the time being-all the while not leaving me without my true natural state of heart and mind. I am not influenced by this sick place called “The World”. I can and will not be deterred from the absolute woman that i am and, i definitely mean at no cost! Negativity makes me want to vomit. Positivity makes me want to holler. I am caught up in the rapture of my natural beauty, knowledge and creativity and there in the bosom of my destiny is where i forever want to be.

I can handle anything this world puts out because i am carried in the wings of my spiritual mother and family as they shield and guide me with wisdom and strength. My spirits grip tightly around my brain, loving me and keeping me grounded in my nature. They are my sisters watching over me-i am one of the babies in our family. My nature’s force to take me gets stronger and stronger and i continue to welcome it because i always pull further and further away from a place here that does not at all suit me. I have already made a ultimate connection with certain powers but i still yearn for the arms of my natural mother to wrap around me so that i may begin to live more abundantly in spirit the way i was inevitably meant to be.

I already have the privileges of not worrying and fearing so where there may be minor blockages my nature cannot and will not be denied. What is suppose to happen eventually has to come to be one way or another in my case. There is no other way. It is so natural. My nature calling to come get what belongs to it. Again, i have to say that i want to scream! I want to scream out in excitement. I feel the love that my nature has for me and we will fight until the end for one another and, we will win. There is no doubt. My anticipation is overwhelming with wonderful passion.

 My Future

Living In The Light ( I Live My Life Right )

My mind thinks up high as i ride on my spiritual plane. Sometimes i look down, and can’t imagine taking steps on a dirty ground. I wouldn’t know how to walk. I keep my feet in the air, enjoying the great winds that keep me afloat. My eyes steady seeing through each cloud. No longer a mist but a view in the sky.

I watch my stars as they begin to open and rise. Then i discover a revelation that comes to me as no surprise. Determining my pathways, my reasons, my whys. I have a lot of knowledge do to my nature and much experience. I also have a lot of strength that was gained through my nature and by my experience. All throughout my years i have survived in such a way. Never desiring to go astray, as i gracefully made it day to day.

I did not choose to be this way. This way chose to be in me. And it is so innate for me to not want to do what is considered to be “What’s In”. I’m a sophisticated lady who is living in the light. Certain kinds consider me to not have a life-not because i don’t-but because i live my life right.

25 thoughts on “A Child Of The Caul/Veil: As Real As They Come (Genuine Knowledge)

  1. All I can say is thank you so much. I have experienced a lot of the same situations, but at the time I didn’t know there was a name for it. I just knew at an early age I was born with a veil. I am almost 40 years old and it is only now after reading your blog that I understand my life so much better. I am different, I have always excepted that, but this goes above everything I expected. Luck has not been my friend though. I have been through a lot of really bad situations and none has broken me it has made me stronger. I know now that I must do what I need to do to become one with the universe. I had black magic put on me as a teen, and I didn’t know why. I remember hearing my mom tell my dad I wish I still had her veil as I laid helpless on the couch. Not sure of why she said that then, but know i know. There is power in the veil. Again thank you so much.

  2. Hi, I was Tod by my sister that when I was born my mother told her I was born with something covering my entire body, she called it a vail.I have dreams that come true and I can read a person as soon I I come in contact with them.One thing that really bothers me is that I can”t remember most things from my past.HELP

    1. To genuinely be born with a caul/veil is a beautiful blessing and I know that for a fact firsthand.

      If you truly have the gift of second-sight and depending on how strong or developed your abilities are all that you have to do is naturally wonder or ask within your thoughts about something that you want to know and the truth and answers will come and be revealed to you as that is what always happens with me, however, it may be different with or for you as we that have this gift are all unique within special talents and abilities.

  3. Ok how do I active caul power when I want too. Go beyond sensing and warnings. And be confident to tell people of events and thinking processes. Etc…

    1. Spiritual power is not something that one turns off and on it is innate and inevitable just as breathing and existing. Inborn talents are within our use at any time an individual would just have to know and understand how to utilize those skills and ability if it isn’t already discerned through one’s own personal tendency by nature for some it may take further development as our own experiences is the teacher.

      There are all types of elements we come into contact with that indeed do stimulate our powers and heighten them accordingly unto the circumstance, however, we people of the caul are all different and what may encourage and motivate energy to react and activate in one may not be the exact stimulant that radiates and manifest for another.

      I do understand your question completely as you desire to seize on how to call upon things at the direct time and moment that you want to “seek and know” and to be able to trust in yourself enough to know that the information received and given is valid before giving counsel to anyone else, and that is an excellent concern but at the same time it is a gift that cannot be taught and a true person with clairvoyant/extra sensory perception learns that as I did within my own personal life.

      An authentic gifted person of second-sight knows how to teach them self as that privilege is a fortunate tool given to us as a guide for us to listen to and to aide us within our journey we just have to recognize the voice when it speaks out to us.

      Also when seeing into the future of others as well as into the visions of ourselves it is within the “interpretation” is what we have to distinguish from as many scenes and symbols have numerous meanings and messages that may not always instantly become clear and what we can see is liable to happen the next hour, day, week, month, year, or next tens years and/or etc…

      And a little side note:People who are not spiritually inclined don’t usually understand how our gifts operate so there are often times when you’ll be able to see things that they will not immediately recognize or be able to substantiate because they don’t have the insight and spirituality to grasp every revelation. And last but not least, a real person who is anointed will never reveal every thing that they know within their own gifts because it is not for everyone to know and when you observe and pay attention to reaction that will show you who is real and who is not-and not within the way that is common or average but in the way as we as gifted people can detect.

      I only speak of what I know within my own true words of what I have learned and experienced within life so this is coming straight up from one person of power to another because I am not afraid to “not” bullshit anybody.

  4. Hi there, thank you for an awesome website, I was born with a veil, and have had similar circumstances like that described in the text. I have been bewitched by a an ex lovers wife..(yes). I have a burning sensation on my limbs, and dream of millipedes during or near my menstrual cycle.I have tried to pray, go to priests, you name it, I have done it..but to no avail. Please help me, I have become afraid to sleep, as I feel that my dreams are too heavy to handle, they destroy my present with utter confusion, so much so, that I am not sure which state of mind I am in…and people want to fight with me all the time, even for no reason..why is this? what can I do?

  5. I was told I was born with a veil over my face by my auntie that’s was married 2 my dads brother my mother never told me anything about being born behind the veil as a matter of fact she kept me confused for a lot of years n even did what she could 2 make life very hard for me my dad on the other hand was a Christian but mom tried 2 always keep me from being dads baby my sitsters was really jealous of me so I always got seconds n was not allowed 2 exile as a child I had 3 children from a man that was very abusive 2 me ofcourse there where some good yrs we did separate when the kids was young I still went through life always feeling imcomplete so that being said I’m now starting 2 know whats the meaning of being born a caul n I must say I’m very exicited n ready 2 began a new n interesting life I’m so thankful the spirit gave me insight 2 connect with others like my self my understanding is elighting now n I’m on FIRE to move forward n a positive manner I also have a man n my life that we both want the same things n life I love GOD n only wants to do his WILL from this day forward thanks everyone for listening n sharing

  6. Hi there i was born with a Veil as my mother told me in a house of ten five brothers and five sisters im the middle son but the fourth child and i feel lost.

    1. I myself have never at all felt lost I felt as if I didn’t belong here in this world and I still do feel that I don’t belong here within this physical realm of what is foreign to my personal state of being yet at the same time I am grounded, am naturally able to cope due to spiritual and mental exceptional ability and flexibility, and I am absolutely confident within my own purpose as a spiritual person/human being.

      You just need a firm direction that is applicable to you within your own true identity and individuality, definite and specific answers of significance that relate to and that bring clarity to your own special existence and journey that would also impart enlightenment and help develop a deeper perspicacity for the world around you.

  7. hi La Toya i am really in need of some help. How do i get spiritual help if a voodoo spell was cast on me?

    1. You can get help from a a genuine spiritual person gifted and/or experienced within handling these type of circumstances. You could even do it yourself depending on the situation and if you are capable.

  8. Thank you for saying what I have felt and/or needed to hear. It has been difficult having such a gift and trying to navigate by myself. Love and Liight

  9. my mother told me that I was born with a veil can you inform me on this matter. I do know that most people treat me as if they misunderstand me blessings.

    1. Many of us are greatly misunderstood and misjudged. To a lot of people what we go through and can often deal with through out daily life would appear as a load of fiction, opinion, or just mere craziness to the uninformed and unbelievers.

      What information are you looking for in particular? Be specific.

    2. I was also born with a veil and I was talking before I had teeth. So from the time I was born I lived with my grandparents because my mother was afraid of me. I no that I was sent here for a reason I use to remember but I have forgotten trying so hard to be normal and I forgotten. But I do no that there is a mission I don’t no when and how it’s going to come back to me …. but for now it’s a struggle.

  10. I am learning. I had the same expierieces. it is not easy to understand. thank you , Mono

  11. I see the similarities with you and me and I noticed that we had the same of things happen to us. So far you are the only person I have seen that would even speak out about people born with a veil. I have waited all my life for this moment. Keep going because I am going to find my way soon.

    1. As You Continue To Embrace Your Special Spiritual Gifts And/Or Spirituality, Moments Of Knowledge, Growth And Advancement In Your Powers Will Always Take Their Place. Pay Close Attention To The Messages And Directions That Reflect On Your Life. When You Completely Find The Way That Is Truly Meant For You It Will Absolutely Bring You Nothing But Peace, Strength, Happiness And Much Knowledge. And Nothing And No One Will Ever Be Able To Touch You! So You Keep Going!

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