My Yoruba Deities/Oshun

seasonalI love it when I am surrounded by the presence of my own personal Orishas who never cease to amaze or to disappoint me.

They are loyal and very sufficient along with my good ancestors.

As my Orishas take turns as the leads of my life and take turns working together within my worlds naturally directing and affecting/effecting chance and change in the favor and in the accordance with the universe they serve as extremely beneficial guides and protectors.

This is pumpkin season and what other better reason than to mention the beautiful “river goddess” Oshun.

Oshun and I go way back! I remember the first time I received her honey-colored beads.

And I remember the first time I gave/offered her a cute little pumpkin along with some honey years ago. I buried it with a ritual and experienced some of Oshun’s fierce power as she invited and took me along on a comfortable and relaxing “spiritual float/travel”. She was so ecstatic because I gave her the pumpkin not to just get something in return but only truly from my heart and out of pure gratitude.

Oshun has shown and given me nothing but love, respect, insight, peace and safety.

And again this year she gets a cute little pumpkin out of the appreciation that she deserves!








Veneration to you Oshun!

Got Me “LaToya Lawrence” Literally Down To A Tee!!!

capture(Special Note: This Article Is Just Not Mainly About Me. There Are Others Who Could Find (their names/spiritual numbers), Read, And Possibly Identify With Their Own Celestial Realities). Some people do not like the truth and some just cannot deal with or handle the truth in general. However, I have always been a lover of truths as well as a teller of the truth no matter who did not like it and when I first came upon this material that I copied and posted below I could not believe how accurate is was. It’s as if someone genuinely sat me down and read me with the deepest of facts and spiritual knowledge of my well-being and existence.

I have always been a believer and lover of astrology/zodiac and the like. Whoever wrote this material actually has “deep” legitimate insights and elaborate details that are undeniable.

I, LaToya Lawrence, am very impressed!

Name Latoya Lawrence etymology & traits for life path nr 11

Ruling Planet: The Moon
Colors: Green, Cream
Gemstones: Pearl, Jade, Moonstone
Qualities: Charismatic, Inspiring

Character and personality traits to this life path number:
Visionary, idealistic, teacher, sensitive, a perfectionist, aloof.


  • The number 11 is the number of spirituality, magic and mysticism.
  • General meanings for 11 are: spirituality, intuition, wisdom of the soul, charisma, knowledge, awareness, draw from the faith force call of the soul, but also suggestibility, instability and vulnerability.
  • With a 11 in the properties you are a sensitive and creative person, with a great interest in art, spirituality and culture and have great confidence. You have to support the power to help people even when they find themselves in an uncomfortable unpleasant situation.
  • In a personal eleven year, you should pay attention to the union of body, mind and soul. It is a year of inspiration. Learn to trust your intuition. Live out your feelings and try acting on intuition.
  • From a spiritual point of view the 11 symbolizes imperfection. The 11 has the capability of ideas becoming reality. We are talking about taking things in, approaching them and growing.

Numerology meaning for the name Latoya Lawrence

lunchThe life path number of Latoya Lawrence is 11. The number 11 is a master number. Numerology number eleven is related to light and is regarded as the teacher. Knowledge is enlightening and helps to live consciously. You are an idealist a dreamer and sometimes a mystic. Since you have a lot of vision, you should be an inspiration for others. You have the gift to open doors and help others to achieve more. You should follow your hunches, because you’re psychic. You are a good speaker and people like to listen your stories. You should learn to be more practical and start thinking about creating real plans and writing them down. Otherwise you tend to live too much in the clouds and nothing gets accomplished. Learn to respect appointments and start being on time. They are wise and intuitive. Often clairvoyant with extremely sensitive feelers for vibrations and extrasensory perception. Can be a spiritual teacher for others. Also sudden changes and unforeseen events do not make them lose composure, because elevens know that change is the only certainty in life. For a long time you are on the spiritual path. You’ve been a very long time on the spiritual path, maybe even more than one incarnation. You have learned through spiritual evolution a lot about the mysteries of life and death. You possess courage, talent and leadership. You are intelligent, wise, intuitive and often prescient, with extremely sensitive extrasensory perception skills and a strong inclination to the spiritual. At the same time you have the power to take on many changes and unforeseen events. The key words here are altruism and society. You came to the unique incarnation of the examiner. You must learn to love thy neighbor as thyself and take it to your deeds. Your strong intuition gives you valuable wisdom and inspiration! Eleven is one of the most difficult vibrations, since it requires a constant high level. You must learn to be patient and at the same time able to make quick decisions. You need to consider the balance between exploration of material, physical life and invigorating spiritual life, which is based on your own understanding. You can be successful in the field of science because you are attracted to all the new inventions and discoveries. You might want to choose an astronomer, astrologer, or a bible researcher and interpreter of the profession. You are original and creative. You can be a teacher, writer, philosopher, orator. He gives courage, power and talent with strong leadership skills.
477342-200The life path number of Latoya Lawrence is 11. Life path number eleven is a master number. Inspirational poetic idealistic aesthetically driven, exceptional famous spiritual Enthusiastic fanciful As one of the master numbers indicate the eleven from the potential to change other people’s lives. With the destiny number eleven you can inspire others with your enthusiasm and teaching ability. It may be that you personally feel your destiny number eleven as a test, because this number drives you to a life ideal to serve a mission. Working despite (or thanks to?) your nervous energy and the pressure under which it puts you. It is quite possible that they you be known or even famous (at least in your own environment). A sensitive, caring and artistically gifted you behave supportive, inconspicuous, diplomatic and friendly. You need a partner or spouse. Learn to wait and be patient while working behind the scenes. Since you tend to analyze over things, you work well in groups that need attention to detail. The team steps up their imagination by being uplifted by you. You have the power to influence others and lead them through their imagination to higher knowledge (or a new way of looking at things). Realize that you can have access to your former self. Elevens are old souls (who have their life lessons well integrated). You are able to visualize concepts and put them into reality in order. Do not live a life that only embraces fantasy, instead of taking life the way it is. Opportunities may arise for you in psychology, (because of the associated with the eleven spotlight), in apprenticeships, as an analyst of any kind and in consultation theater world (healthy human mind and intuition).