A Real Caulbearer

1485234-200Shannon Lee Wolf is a glutton for punishment. She just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into a huge whole.

Initially I would just ignore this woman and her crafty and vain attempts due to the fact that I am a productive person, and one who is far ahead of her intellectually as well as spiritually.

However, I am moved by spirit to convey this message.

I knew that this one was coming, I was just waiting for how it would be presented out to me by the ever contemplating bullshit of Shannon Lee Wolf.

Well number one, I am exceptional and very rare as an individual. And I was born with a unique power and I do have genuine psychic abilities that cannot be compared to (different people are anointed in their own various modes for their own specific purposes and by their own distinctive nature).

I have an extremely strong spirit and a natural connection to the spirit world and to the universe. I am also very intelligent, very talented in many different areas, and very blessed.

And, there is nothing that anyone can do to change or to take away from any of that. And there is definitely nothing that anyone can do to refute the gifts and the so called “grandeur” which have been beautifully bestowed upon me so trying to deny or to downplay the truth about who I definitely am and what I definitely do possess will not in any way whatsoever have any affect on my state of mind or state of well-being.

Highness in any form is not defined by whether or not others are able to recognize within or without of it.

I am not the insecure type -nowhere near it- and I will not go out of my way to try to prove anything to anybody because there is no need or desire for me to do so. I really and truly do not care.

When a person is authentic they are not worried in the least as to the attacks, opinions, misgivings, or ignorance of others because it is absolutely irrelevant to their circumstance and/or situation. Why should one seek to defend what they live and breath? What they are made up of? That is the most ridiculous concept!

My first natural reaction would be to shrug off the ludicrous nonsense as I inevitably did. The lack of knowledge on the part of those in particular just serve as reminders and to the further advancement of the infinite scope.

And so laughable considering that I have literally saved peoples lives through my predictions.

And it is so weird and twisted how Shannon Lee actually thinks that she can manipulate my mind through the use of her own contrived techniques along with the excerpts that are strictly derived from my own writings and phrases.

She cannot come up with certain impressions/content of and on her own so she frequently uses my styles and mode of expression to throw right back at me!

( Just like when she comes to my blog to gather information from my numerous writings to convert into her phony books regarding caulbearers -the last resorts and the lousy attempts to endeavor to make the money that she cannot otherwise acquire due to her well deserved unfortunate predicament ).

She’ll always be a poor struggling writer with no true noteworthy success!

1487334-200Whoever falsely informed Shannon about me surely set her up for a very hard downfall. Yes, that’s right. Let’s not pretend that this all just genuinely started with the article by “The Way”.

Shannon needs to remember that I am the “real one” who is born with a caul. Indeed not her!  So she does not need to even go there. Aside from Shannon’s sickness, I do not even understand why she continues to keep insisting that she is a caulbearer when she definitely is not and I would meet the bitch in person and tell her that straight to her face!

That article was just an excuse to divert true intentions that did not go all too well.

Without going into the obnoxious and gory details, people have been coming after me for years (and using different people to do it) on account of who I am and because of the gifts that I possess. No, of course, everyone was not fully aware of what I had or to the extent thereof, nevertheless, the ones who did have a clue as to my identity never let the ordeal die down.

People like me are dangerous, and we are scarce (rare and hard to find or to come by) in this day and age. And I cannot be touched or affected by the negativity or bullshit that is intermingled with “the garbage type of people” (I am too spiritual), and I will not dare to let anyone stop or to discourage me in anything.

What the problem is is that I am a person who rawly imparts the truth in a world that likes to put fear into people in order to control them. The plan was to make me look as if I did not know what I was talking about -even though they absolutely knew that I did- regarding the things that I spoke of. To stop me from writing altogether (on or offline). And to get me off the internet pernanently.

What better plan than to attempt to discredit someone who was not and who would not turn to corruption.

There are many demons out there who place and who seek to place darkness and negativity onto and towards the good yet it does not and will not always work upon everyone.

My psychic abilities are very intuitive and very accurate and on point, and I am not oblivious to any of the slightest design.

Shannon Lee Wolf is in connection and concoction with others that I personally “know of”, and who have tried in so many far from ingenious ways, forms, and fashions to try to bring me down in the past.

They had initially sent her because she was just another flunky who had nothing else going on for herself and within her life. And because she has the ability to maneuver the heads of like-minded individuals who share her same mentality and who are vulnerable to, or who are easily influenced by her attacks or tactics that are the notorious derivatives of evil black magic/witchcraft.

Without a doubt, Shannon Lee is so very jealous of me. Of course, I do not expect her to admit it verbally. Yet I know cognitively, and it is all too evident within all of her responses and activities.

The woman is so envious of my intellect and knowledge. My writings and content. That is the real reason that she started following my blog in the first place. To keep up to date so that she could steal my material. And I was already aware that she was stealing other people’s work before certain people came to me talking about her.

I did not need the confirmation of anyone to prove to me that Shannon Lee wolf was a liar and a poser! Though I did appreciate their coming forward and putting their trust in me.

That is how I knew that they were telling the truth in the first place. They had just verified what I knew to be true all along.

1487142-200And as more truth be told there are no hackers. I know that it makes Shannon feel better to actually believe that there were some since she is unable to cope with the harsh realities of those who have recognized her for the female version of the new Jim Jones.

Shannon needs to also lay off of this bullying and this dark caulbearer crap. Sounds so warped as it is purely a reflection of her own disturbed creation and a fabrication of the taunted imagination.

I honestly do not know or have never been in any contact with this person that she revealed as “Wolfesbane”. For a caulbearer who’s caul got left behind inside the tunnel of her mother’s rotten and smelly crotch-she sure does not have any insight at all!

For a caulbearer who’s caul slipped off her face because her abusive boyfriend told her so-she sure did not know who her friends were. Yet she claims to be “in tune”. Why didn’t she know in advance that someone would dig up her personal business then post it onto the internet for public observation?

And although I have never corresponded with the person-whoever they are-who actually got a hold of the information then uploaded those files up unto the web, I applaud their momentous deed and was so honored and privileged to take further delight in the matter by lending a helping hand in spreading the very important news and awareness.

Maybe Shannon’s boyfriend (Johnny Blade) abused her so much by knocking her upside the head with his fist that the abilities that she never had to begin with became automatically dormant.

And I definitely was not wrong about Shannon at all.

The woman is weak. And she was so easy to destroy. She has been ruined for a long time now! She just cannot see it! Before she came onto the scene she wasn’t shit, it had just gotten worse later on.

And this last quote from Shannon lee: “If your blogs about me were to be deleted from the internet, we could both just go about our business and think of one another no more. It’s a very simple thing to do, and all of this silliness would end”.

I have been writing and blogging for years about my own thoughts, experiences, life in general, and other issues in particular way before this woman even came into the picture. How did my blogs start or begin to become about her? This is all news to me!

Just another attempt to stop me from writing period.

The audacity for her to dictate to me what to do with my written posts about what is going on within my life.

To be honest I do not randomly think of Shannon Lee Wolf at all. I know things and I feel things about her just like I do with anything and everyone else when the moment calls for it, but I have been went about my way. I was never left behind. She is not able to move on alone and on her own. This silliness will end when she stops coming to my blogs to steal my shit (although I know that she will not no time soon).

It is the principal of the matter. I hate people who try to take from others to build their self up when they have absolutely nothing.

The manipulators always twist and turn things around when they cannot get over in doing their dirt. So then I (and everyone else who is equip and who is not easy prey) become the one’s who are the culprits-I have no time for that bullshit!

If I am so dark and not as special as she wishes that I wasn’t, then why keep coming to my blog? If Shannon Lee Wolf would stop coming to my blog there would be absolutely nothing for me to mention about her. I could care less about the spiritual attacks that she tries to work against me. Anything that she does is just a waste of time and will backfire on her like it already has!

From Shannon’s own words:

( Marsha Crystal Starchild the woman who is attacking you is very evil.

The Curious Caul Yes Marsha, she is. I’ve been bullied before, but this one is very different. Evil to the core. Only Archangels have the force to fight her. There is no way I could do it on my own! )

1458139-200Well, I know that Shannon Lee Wolf will be leaving a host of comments just about every day or every other day as she continuously does, however, I will not respond to any of them. Or to the incognito perpetrators that she sends to private message me, follow me (my blogs), or comment for a reaction (to get a rise out of me and whatever else that is foolish) whenever she does not get the response from me that she is looking for.

Goodbye Shannon, unlike you I have a steady roof over my head, an occupation to indulge in, and a steady income that flows within my home. I have a life that definitely does not include you!

And if you do not understand that honey, then you’d better go and reach back up into your mother’s cunt and take out that imaginary caul then rub it all around your eyes and deep into your face so that you can see and discern a little bit more clearer!


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Submitted on 2013/07/25 at 3:38 pm | In reply to shannonleewolf.

LaToya….Something that just occurred to me, that I never told you. When I cited your blog as verbatim text to The Way (i.e. Bob Crosbie) yours was the only other site that carried his message. At that time, there were so many sites and forums with his “words of wisdom” that led to his caul bearer cult…that it was unclear if your blog might be just another one of his identities, as he had so many. Because you hadn’t given him credit for the text, it seemed very probable that “you” were “him”. (All professional and even newbie writers know how to avoid plagiarism.

When I got the clear picture that I was mistaken that you could be him, I did apologize to you, LaToya. Most people, caul bearers or not, would have accepted the apology and left it as water under the bridge. But strangely, you opted to take it as an invitation for war. How odd. But, at that time…I didn’t understand that there were Dark caul bearers, lol. I naively thought that we were all of the Light. I learned very quickly that this wasn’t at all the case! And I began learning the ways of the caul bearer dark side. It all equalled revenge and punishment -Truth and Honor left to the wayside.

But, yeah, Crosbie knew that I was tired of seeing his numerous sites set as traps for Good caul bearers looking for support and understanding to become ensnared in, and that I offered a safe and private site for Good caul bearers. He preaches hate and disdain for “garbage people” just like you do. So he tried to have my site shut down for simply using one word. “Caulbearer”. He claims to “own” the word. It seems that like you, he thought that I was weak and easily “destroyed”. And like you, he was wrong.

I’m a Good caul bearer. I’m no where near as “weak” or “stupid” as you have determined. I work for the Light Side and you, Rich Williams, and Crosbie (The Way) work for the Dark Side, along with many many others. Caul bearers on the Dark Side are very self assured, arrogant, and presumptuous. What they fail to recognize is that we Good caul bearers are in tune to you all, 100%. We are quiet, but see you. We know you. And when you throw fire balls at us…we watch you.

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Submitted on 2013/07/23 at 6:50 am

And…you keep on insisting that I am morbidly jealous of you. Again, I’m puzzled. Why would I be jealous of you? You wrestle with yourself and torment yourself with delusions of grandeur and a sense of power and psychic abilities that you don’t have at all. You believe that sharing one’s childhood vulnerabilities makes them weak, which is really quite sad. You believe that bullying and harassing others is a sign of strength. How backwards is that?

When I first subscribed to your blog, I was interested in a caul bearers perspective. I wanted to read what you had to say – is that so very evil? We had a tiff over the information you shared from The Way site, I apologized, and it should have been done with. But it was you who began flying off the handle with your strange rantings about me. You began to morph everything I did into something dark and awful. But you made it all up in your head. And you pretend that I’m all twisted up inside and have no peace or contentment. I don’t mean to sound rude, but after awhile, it just becomes amusing to watch you spinning out of control inside of your own darkness.

You can sidle up to hacker Rich Williams (Wolfesbane) all you like, and make believe that everything he has to say is true. But it doesn’t make it true, now does it? The both of you are so obsessed with me, it’s just plain weird. And funny to watch. But do I appreciate your actions? Of course not. If your blogs about me were to be deleted from the internet, we could both just go about our business and think of one another no more. It’s a very simple thing to do, and all of this silliness would end.

Hanging Yourself With Your Own Rope/You Don’t Need Me!

418020-200The Curious Caul 
My nephew just posted this on my personal page…and it couldn’t have been more well-timed. Mr. Rogers was my father-figure growing up, as my father moved away and I never heard from him after my parent’s divorce when I was two yrs. old. I never felt worthy of Mr. Roger’s love and guidance…I always believed that he was talking to all of the other children, who were worthy. But how I loved him and still do. ♥

“Would you be my, would you be my, would you be my neighbor?”-Obviously Shannon Lee Wolf is very mentally and emotionally scarred and disturbed and I have absolutely no time for her or her unfortunate state and/or situation.

I have no type of sympathy or regard for Shannon whatsoever.

If She has no peace and happiness within her life and cannot find peace and contentment that is purely her own personal problem, however, it is impossible for her to steal away any of mine.

Nobody threatens me or will ever intimidate me.

Shannon Lee Wolf is a very stupid woman. She does not realize the things that she shows and reveals through her actions.

I say “More Power To You” for your blog about me-which I never go to read by the way (and all of the other pitiful and desperate things that you continue to do). She hurts no one but herself.

I am not inspired at all to know or at the least bit worried about anything that she has to write or say about me. I am not a weak person like she is.

Oh what a fool, the power that Shannon Lee Wolf gives to others!!! And the silly woman let’s everyone know it. She is easy to destroy.

This is Shannon’s latest stalking entry, it is so deep and all too sad the way that she is so preoccupied with me and my life.

I never understood why I had so much magnetism amongst the trash (the garbage type of people). Should I just stop my rant about them right now in this matter and just be flattered by their unwavering morbid envy and jealousy that they constantly entertain towards me? I think not.

Admiration or attention from them never serves to me as a compliment, it just shows that the more that they continue to come after me the more that I continue to stay and remain up at the top.
426572-200Little note:

This Shannon Lee Wolf situation is so obviously transparent. I do not know why she thinks that she can get her shit off through me. I am not the one to be played with. What a crazy, stupid, delusional bitch who has the weakest and the most corny “game” strategies.

In this day and age I do not even think the little children would fall for this stupid shit.

The bitch can keep suffering. This is my site I ain’t takin’ shit down!!! The truth is here to stay and it will always remain!

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Submitted on 2013/07/21 at 7:57 am

So, now you say I’m stalking you? Your hate blogs about me began 3 years ago – that is stalking. And you say you’ve never done anything to me? Maybe I’m just having my say after years of your slander and twisted lies. I’ve been quiet about them up until now. I’m tired of seeing your blogs about me on the internet. You’ve been contacted several times by Kellie Curran that her WordPress account was hacked, and that she didn’t write those awful comments about me on January 25th 2013, and all you did was block her. I believed that she had written them, but it wasn’t her after all. And yes, we know who it is. Do you want me to go public about that? And believe me, we know a whole lot about him. He is as evil as you are, maybe even worse.

You brag over and over how honest and truthful you are. But you are purely about vengeance – you ignore the truth and keep on with your efforts to make me look like the mentally ill one. Maybe if you deleted all of the hate blogs you’ve ever written about me, we could all have some peace again. Did you ever think of that?

And…if you blocked me from your FB page, it obviously didn’t take because I’m not blocked. It’s you who holds hands with and protect hackers, not me.

The Crazy Loon Is Internet Stalking Me!/What A Serious Nut Job!!!

419606-200Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf is worse than that character that Glenn Close played in “Fatal Attraction”.

I do not know why she continuously keeps trying to contact me over and over again. All that she is doing is making a complete fool of herself and showing just how “psychotic” and “confused” that she truly is.

Sharon Lassiter/Shannon Lee Wolf is not in touch with reality. She is extremely delusional and talking out of her head.

She needs help. She needs to be admitted into the psychiatric ward of her nearby hospital and to be put on some serious long term psychiatric medication.Then once Sharon/Shannon Lee stabilizes her mental health and cooperates sufficiently with the doctors maybe she’ll be able to receive that disability that she could not otherwise acquire.

With Sharon’s mental illness she will or may get the disability honestly this time.

She keeps visiting my facebook page. I blocked her profile a few days ago and she found an underhanded way to get back in to make the most pitiful and desperate comments.

I don’t know why she is taking her frustrations out on me. I did not do a thing. She did everything to herself. She says that I have been after her for three years and that is very strange because I have not known her for three years.

Sharon/Shannon Lee came after me and she knows this. This is a current copy of my followers list for my blog:

dovergraye@live.com 2 years, 8 months ago


Sharon/Shannon Lee has even created a blog here on wordpress.com in dedication to me in an attempt to retaliate and to give her a false sense of justification and/or credibility.

And I do not know what she keeps hollering on about these so called lies and attacks on her character. What lies? She is everything that anyone who is on the level knows that she is. And if the truth hurts then that is just too darn bad.

Sharon/Shannon Lee tried to ruin me in the beginning for no reason, just because I am a good person with talents, gifts, and a purpose. And because she is a no good nothing, and a nobody, with a dirty past who constantly manipulates and tries to take advantage of people with her deliberate schemes.

I did not, and I am not doing anything.

All what Sharon/Shannon Lee tried to do to me just went back and backfired onto her ten times the more worse because she wasn’t right. If she was truly a genuine and upright/upstanding person the universe would not have sent karma back to bite her. And she just cannot handle the sharp, piercing chunk that was bitten into and, out of her nasty ass.

Sharon/Shannon Lee is only continuing to make things bad for herself. Her nonsense has no meaning and it is not doing anything to me. What is the purpose?

She keeps accusing me of being in cahoots with these “hackers”. Some ploy that she has concocted. I wonder who these hackers are actually supposed to be because in reality they absolutely do not exist as far as I can see!

Either she is living in the “Land Of Make-Believe” with her neighbor and friend Mr. Rogers (the non existent father figure that she looked up to-“woman has serious psychological issues that need to be dealt with”).

Or someone has just messed with her head “real good” and she is just too stupid to see it. And the people or person who did it they obviously know it, and they know how to get to her!

Apparently people are playing on her mental illness and confusion. Or Apparently Sharon is still just making up stories to start trouble and to keep things further ongoing.

This situation has gotten so old and this sick woman needs to go away and finally leave me alone for the better. This obsession that she has is ridiculous. The more that Sharon writes to me the more crazy that she appears to become.

It infuriates Sharon that I do not pay her any attention. Why should I?

I’d sure hate to be inside of her miserable and demented world. Everyone of her actions shows how messed up and pathetic that she really is.



shannonleewolf.wordpress.com x

Just dropping by to say hello, sweet caul bearer sister!

You sure have spunk, I’ll give you that, you little mischief maker. I love you so much, you are my all, my hero, my everything.

Big hugs, your best friend, Shannon

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Submitted on 2013/07/16 at 2:53 pm

I think it’s really cute how you think I’m scared of you and walking on eggshells, lol! :P

shannonleewolf.wordpress.com x
Submitted on 2013/07/19 at 7:40 am

You are the world class hypocrite, miss latoya! You spread lies and gossip about me with your blogs, then pretend that I’m the bad guy and you take the high road, lol! Who do you think you’re fooling? You join up with hackers who spread lies and hate, too – even against my friend’s child. Wow, you are soooo enlightened. All you have is yourself and those of the Darkness. And you think this is good and clean and pure, and filled with peace. While all you do is slither around in the shadows doing the devil’s work. You are so pathetic, and filled with jealousy. You are one sad sack, little missy.

shannonleewolf.wordpress.com x
Submitted on 2013/07/20 at 8:55 am

Just a little note for you – we know you’re not working solo, as you say you are. You’ve got a certain little demon hacker by your side. We are caul bearers, we are not fools. I’ve been silent long enough – we know of your evil schemes against caul bearers of the Light. We are not afraid of your silly black magic – you can’t hurt us with that garbage. You and your tiny little minions can fight us to eternity, and you will never even touch us. I’ve done nothing to you, except tell the truth. It seems to you, the truth is like a horror show. You believe you are special above all others. You’re not. All you’ve done is isolate yourself in the realms of darkness, and you call it “pure”. It’s nothing but folly. We send you the love and gentle swards of the Archangels – we don’t have to do anything else, but clean up a few of your silly little messes. :)

I believe that you shouldn’t read that person blogs sometimes it is best to let go of ones who want to hurt you. Also one on the blog seems to know a lot about you is it a friend or foe? The flame will go out as long as you don’t feed it. I would take all the stuff concerning her off my page only a fool would feed the flame.

June 19 at 8:20am

  • The Curious Caul Barbara, I totally understand where you are coming from. However, I have ignored her for 3 years and she hasn’t stopped her mission to blacken my name. A very dear friend of mine was affected by her blogs – these blogs are out there for the world to see, and anyone who doesn’t know me might have every reason to simply believe what they read. We are talking about real people and real lives being affected – not just mine, but others’ whom I care about. I just can’t sit back and allow these sick people to keep hacking away at me and say nothing. That other person was a member of one of my groups. Out of the blue one day she started accusing me of using caul bearers as “lab rats”, in some sly ploy to make money. Only a sick mind could conjure such twisted images of me. She then dug up my personal court records that have personal medical comments in them. This is not okay. These women have hurt a lot of people with their slander, and it’s time somebody stood up to them.
    • Barbara Hoffman I understand where you are coming from but the truth will set the ones free and by feeding the fire with fuel the sickness will keep going on. Your life is yours do not give it to them to do as they please take it back if you understand what I am saying.
    • Barbara Hoffman And you say your mate can tell if a person is a CB so is she one?
    • The Curious Caul Barbara…by saying nothing, the truth wasn’t being told. I’m taking my stance by telling the truth, you see? My life is mine, indeed — and I’m taking it back by speaking the Truth. They have taken it upon themselves to take parts of my life and create sick lies – by standing up and speaking the Truth, I am taking those parts back. As I said, when I was quiet about it, it was going strong. Have you heard this quote…”Your silence gives consent.” – Plato By being quiet, I was giving them permission to say whatever they wanted to. I am now speaking out, and saying “NO!” What they are doing is not only immoral, it’s illegal. Both cyber-bullying and Slander are offences that I can take to court.
    • The Curious Caul We have no way of knowing if Miss Latoya is one or not. She has never shown her face online — lol, and she points at us and yells “Incognito!” hee hee, it’s really pretty funny! Kellie Curran – yes she’s a caul bearer. A Dark One who loves to start trouble and scream like a banshee. What a foul mouth she has – if you could see the emails she sent me! Those two together remind me of the ladies in the movie “Death Becomes Her”. Fake and rotten to the core. And I’m tired of sitting back and just allowing them to slander me.
      The Curious Caul Oh…and how could I forget? I also had some correspondence with the person I believe to be responsible for the comments, and he fully admitted to me that he did indeed dig up my SSDI records to try to prove that I was a “poser.” As if being ill and struggling to survive makes me a poser. Oh, person of question…born of the caul…at one time we were friends and I gave you hours of my care and time. Do you really not care who you hurt – so many people who loved and trusted you? It’s really really sad.

My Enlightening Musings Of The Early Day

678348-200Last night I did sleep good yet I awoke in the early hours of the morning before daybreak to the scorching heat that kept me quite uncomfortable and unable to get back to sleep right away (It is so hot in New York right now).

The fan felt good as it blew cool air back and forth toward my way.

I laid in my bed listening to the quiet of my room and absorbing the peace that was around me and that continuously surrounds my life.

My mind began to wander and I thought about how lucky and fortunate that I am to naturally be detached from any negativity and/or anything that would come into confliction with me and within my life.

When certain things come into my mind aside from just the normal here and there musings that everyone experiences there is usually a reason.

Sometimes a warning or an alert to keep me up to date with a situation that is taking place, or that is currently going on, or even an incident that may have already been going on. Any which way that is meant and served as a measure to inform.

( My signs were so right on cue for today as they usually are. There was a definite confirmation in detail that I will not share or mention)

I do not cater to and I do not have time for trivial matters and minds that attempt to provoke one due to their own personal insecurities and/or unresolved issues.

I am not an adult who takes steps back into childhood to feed into nonsense brought on by individuals who cannot get their way and who cannot gain satisfaction through spite. I didn’t have time for that shit back then.

I am glad that I have never been the type to scare easily or to back down from a matter or a confrontation if the circumstance had merit and was in my opinion worth the while for whatever reason that may be for whatsoever.

I have never been the type who needed other people or a group of people to back me up in order to fight my own battles. I do not gather courage from others and have never feared or took anyone else seriously who did.

There is nothing wrong with people joining together to ignite some controversy or a defeat for a good cause. However, if those same people individually could not stand alone-then do not stand at all, especially against me.

I will not be fazed. Either way I still could care less.

1193255-200I have a mind that cannot be manipulated. A strong spirit that cannot be broken. And I have a character that cannot be tampered with.

I am good, I have no serious problems in life. And I darn sure am not going to let anyone make any silly and unnecessary problems that derive from the imbecile mentality.

I thank my lucky stars that I have never been the gullible type, falling for the games that the ignorant have tried to set before me.

I was always on a higher level. And I will always continue to think upon that particular level.

When things are going on good in one’s life and certain others’s are struggling with their misfortunes, and are down and defeated by their own shenanigans they sometimes want company.

Their actions tell the whole dreary story!

They want to see others in their same predicaments or worse, and walking around in their tore up and decrepit shoes.

I say no thank you. You can have and keep all your miseries all to yourself.

I never did care and would not start to care now about who does not or who will not like me, or approve of my stances, facts, knowledge, and/or beliefs and what so have you.

Nobody’s thoughts or words will ever have an affect on me or change my ways, modes of  thought, being, and state of existence.

Any asshole that is looking for a premeditated rise out of me surely will not get one.

Mad about that? Mad about the fact that I am unaffected, unfazed, and do not care? So want to send some one else (or a few others) to do the dirty work?

So funny. So Sad. So will not work!!!

It is very wise to stay alert, but to also ignore, and to let and allow the tortured people to battle a fight that they create within themselves in vain.

As one continues to dismiss them by going on with their own day to day life they’ll eventually get tired and then further worn out. Remember, it takes two to argue, and only one to walk away!

Who is and will be the one continuing to stand as the fool?!

A Link I Think That They May Have Missed!


I am not being a little devil, however, as I monitor this person in particular who I care not anything at all about and that I am so tired of, and who keeps constantly monitoring my sites with certain different people who she’d really be surprised to know just how much aware of them that I truly am.

Nevertheless, i’ll just keep quiet and continue to observe as they come from different states and so on.

I think that maybe I’ll help them out on something that they may have missed since they are on their toes, paranoid, and walking on egg shells about the things that I personally write.

And no honey, I do not write about you (not even thinking about you!), you’re not worth any of my time and energy but obviously I am worth all of yours!


They keep spying on all of my blogs:

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Blood Type/Personality Type

596382-200A person’s blood type really does matter.  My mother use to tell me when I was a teenager that my blood had a lot to do with my character and how I was, and I agreed with her as my intuition confirmed that she was correct in her assessment.

I just love the way my mother and I was always able to share and to discuss our own thoughts and insights with one another.

What I found out and revealed to my mother later on in life though was just how deep the blood type revelations had been when it had come into concern with me.

I always did a lot of reading and exploring. Back then, there was no internet available to me for a quick look up to recognize, analyze, or to debate with an intriguing and too familiar subject.

And just like in regards to astrology (a favorite topic of mine in the past that I use to indulge in during my teens and in early adulthood) blood type is a definite indicator of one’s own innate traits. Personal experience has taught me that this is genuine knowledge.

Aside from being born under the zodiac sign Taurus (which of course has nothing to do with my blood type) I shared the similar and exact same characteristics (stubborn, serious, consistent, hardworking, trustworthy, good listener, detail oriented, analytical, creative and inventive) to a person who was born with my specific blood type.

And not only within personality was I a perfect match, but also within my tendency for certain foods, and to the inclines of my particular lifestyle.

As a loner, I kept myself away and separated from most other people, chiefly those who I did not relate to. Living healthily, and quietly.

At the age of fourteen I became a strict vegan.

I suddenly became turned off by red meat, however, later I took the vegetarian route by eating poultry (chicken & turkey) and seafood (whiting/shrimp) as well as certain fruits which had absolutely agreed with my blood type.

Generally red meat is not allowed for my type of blood.

It was like I was naturally being lead down the right path of harmony within myself physically as well as spiritually within the great universe.

Life sometimes has a way of leading and bringing us into the appropriate modes and direction in accordance to plan. There is so much more to life and things than what seems to meet the eye.

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Superstition?/Old Wives Tales?

515417-200Aside from the abilities of the caul and that come along with Extra Sensory Perception, there are the “ordinary” supernatural causalities that become enhanced by the gifts of clairvoyance.

If one’s right hand starts to itch does that really indicate that money is coming or will be received sometime soon or within the near future? From my own personal experience, yes indeed!

Now each and every individual is different and of course every time a distinct occurrence that is or that could be considered as an omen will not always coincide with what may be expected.

Sometimes a happening has other mysterious hidden meaning, or is just a natural function and stimulated reaction to something in specific or spontaneous.

Common or casual premonitions do not come to everyone in the same exact mode or form.

My mother’s ears burn when someone is talking about her. I sting and burn on the skin underneath my right eye when people are talking about me.

And my nose has occasionally itched when people have dropped by unexpectedly. A very distinct deep itch within the inside right nostril of my nose.

Now I do not and have never thought of the silly superstition regarding the day of “Friday the thirteenth” as being a particularly bad day of events, or negative omen in any fashion or another.

In fact i’ve always considered the number 13 to be a lucky number.

When using practical common sense and at the same time a very open mind one should be able to distinguish things out with reasonable forethought.

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A Powerful Light That Shines Far Away From The Darkness

435922-200It is deep but everyday I gather information through my empathic ability. It can sometimes be overwhelming to “feel” the many different things from day to day, however, I cannot complain because the condition is very vital for the existence of my life as well as the many circumstances that evolve within and around it.

The severity of feeling can differ here and there depending on whatever factor. Numerous modes of energy and sensitivity often develops or comes about. Several different things will be felt back to back, altogether, or back and forth.

Although this in no way interprets a truce of any kind between my foes and I, my enemies wish that they had me on their side!

During the beginning of last week, I do not remember the exact day whether it was on Monday or Tuesday, is when I gathered this information along with other inclinations.

I bet they did not want me to know that!

They and what is around them cannot compare to my combination of brains and supernatural power.  And I do not at all feel flattered by their wishful thinking.

I am sure they could use a person of my skills, however, my skills were not meant for their path.

In and within the battle of good versus evil the good will always survive, prevail, and serve as the stronger more dynamic force.

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