A Scream For Help?!/Sorry Great Grand Mother, It Is Time For You To Pay!

About four years ago I did one of my vital rituals. And in one of the rituals I made a special request for my great grandmother who’s name was Amanda Byars (my mother’s father’s mother) to be removed from the earth.

She ended up in the hospital on three different occasions all within short periods of time from one another.

The second time that she was in the hospital she phoned the old house that I use to live in but I refused to speak to her.

Almost a year after I had done the spell I was disappointed and had become very impatient. Then just a few days before I was about to conduct another ritual for her demise I received word that she had died/passed. And I was overjoyed.

Three months before Amanda croaked, I called her up on the phone and told her how I knew everything that she did in the distant past. How I always knew about the voodoo/black magic that she had worked on my mother and I back in 1982 and how she was still trying to put hexes on us up until the current.

Amanda would send the shit through the mail and have her flunkies bring it to our house.

The first thing that I mentioned to Amanda was “you’re old so you don’t have much longer to live”. And she chuckled. It was a little faint half a laugh.

“Your voodoo does not work on me, so why do you keep doing it?” I said to her. “Didn’t those people that you went to tell you about me?” “Didn’t they tell you what I know and what I can see?

She just kept quiet and listened to my words. “You are going to hell”, I continued. “You had the nerve to tell my mother that I better get smart and get married because you thought your spells had ruined my work opportunities. Well I got a job didn’t I?”

Amanda still kept quiet, still listening to my words. I told her off a little more before I hung up on her.

Next up I was waiting for a call from her partner in crime which was my dopefiend/crackhead aids infected hepatitis c aunt Ernestine Lawrence known as “Tina”.

I knew Amanda like a book. She got scared. Neither one of them ever had any real strength. They were both the types who had to drink and do drugs (get high) to gain and gather courage.

When Tina did actually call later that night Amanda just confirmed to me all of her guilt. I did not bother to answer the phone I had no intentions on doing so. The call itself was enough verification of their fears.

The night before last, Amanda Byars paid me a visit during one of my dreams. She was kissing, cuddling, and pressing the side of her face up against mine. She was trying to make me have some affection for her.

Now after all the dirt that the bitch did and continued to try to do while she was still alive here on the earth she now had the nerve and audacity to come run to me for help.

I can’t stand that stank, rotten, lying, filthy, trashy bitch.

Amanda is trapped in a prison that she cannot escape from, suffering miserably in the afterlife without relief and peace.

My ancestors refuse to let her through to our spiritual net. She absolutely does not belong with us. So she decided to come straight to me to get my permission for acceptance and entry.

Amanda will never gain any access to the family circle, the domain of where my spiritual ancestors reside. I wouldn’t elevate that bitch if my life depended on it!

Where are the coconuts (Haitians and other Caribbean’s) who used her and abused her then threw her away. Who had so much dirt on her that they could make her cross up her own grand daughter and great grand daughter through her jealousy and worthlessness.

Most of them are probably long gone by now (dead). The more recent ones though-they can’t help her. I’d bet they’d really like to have her invade my spiritual territory and cause a rupture. That will never happen. It is totally impossible!

In death people do not get better. They do not change. If anything they get worse. And this bitch just got even stupider.

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I Am A Fighter, A Survivor

I was destined to be very successful in my life and I know that for a fact. I have accomplished many things and have grown up to be a very lovely young lady.

I am full of strengths, intelligence, and talents. And when one is endowed there is nothing wrong with knowing and showing it. That is why we are given tasks-to be aware of them and then to perform them.

Some time in the middle or toward the end of the year 2010. I felt the need to get a confirmation reading from one of the Yoruba priestesses I had known for the past thirteen to fourteen years. I hadn’t contacted her in the four years before.

I spoke with her daughter who’d informed to me that she was unavailable at the time so they both referred me to the babalawo.

When I had my session with the babalawo he indeed did confirm everything that I had received through my own “special spiritual” revelations. There was nothing the man told me that I did not already know beforehand. So he was on the money accurate!

He acknowledged to me how I could see what was going on all around me. He even told me that I had to start worshipping a particular orisha that I was already serving. I didn’t give him any information except for the specific days in which I knew my enemies invested much of their time and energy into working against me.

Most of the reading like I said was excellent confirmations. I was not off track with anything in my life.

The only significant problem was that I needed “spiritual work” done regarding a certain blockage that I had known was upon me.

Negativity from my jealous and envious enemies was in constant motion, subjecting me to hindrance.

So the babalawo revealed to me all of the necessary tools for the ritual along with the sacrifices and blood sacrifices that needed to be done for the specific protections and openings into my awaiting natural fortune.

“You need to retaliate” the babalawo said to me.

“That is what I want to do”, I told him in return. “So are you going to take care of it?”

“They won’t know what hit them!” the babalawo assured, speaking of my enemies.

I could have taken the babalawo up on his offer, however I did not. And I made that decision through pure wisdom and loyalty to the beauty that is around me.

It is not always good to take the seemingly easy way out. The results could sometimes generate negative consequences.

I came this far on my very own with my own strong special spiritual abilities that are very powerful and very rare. And I will continue to sustain and succeed.

The process just takes a little longer because of the purity that is within me.

A delicate and precious flower is to be handled in the most cautious and dignified manner. And much greater is the reward of coming through on one’s own with the equipment that is surely built inside for the battle.

My ancestors and orishas are so proud that I put my trust in them and myself rather than in others. I would not put faith in too many people, especially if you don’t really need the helping hand. It is alright to seek guidance as long as you don’t let anyone steer you down the wrong path.

I have something that many would love to try to take away and rob me of.

The babalawo also mentioned opening up areas in my love life (intimate was the exact word that he used).

And that was a big red flag right there for me because I am a proud asexual by nature. I was never meant to be in a romantic relationship.

Why fix a thing that is not broke to begin with or in the first place?

My enemies, as well as certain spiritualists, endeavored to have me in a marriage relationship. In other words-you will not get your blessings (what I by nature am suppose to get and have) unless you be with a man.

That is what they all had planned out for me yet they weren’t strong enough in spirit or evil to bring the situation into existence. And no doubt-they never will!

Almost a month ago, my enemies made an attempt to kill me in my sleep with the help from their summoning of these so called “priests or/and priestesses” that they contacted. They tried to send and place a spirit of death upon me (I literally saw the dead man’s corpse, felt the effects of the spell, and dreamed the scheme of the plan).

I was too strong in my own spirit because I am the real deal-a natural born priestess who was by birth born with occult power.

As long as one is of quality and substance and is truly of the fierce light that burns-no darkness and wind can ever blow out the flame.


Respect/Real Respect

Real respect is to hold esteem or high regard for someone or something. I find it interesting how individuals place value on what they define as modes of respect and disrespect.

When certain people speak to me and I ignore them they will sometimes interpret that as a sign of disrespect, especially if it was a greeting such as “hello”.

And I do admit that I do not have any regard for a lot of the people that I do not speak to or ignore. However, I will not go as far as to say that it should always have to do with it being a show of disrespect.

I have talked nicely to many people that I have absolutely no respect for. Just because someone is nice to you towards your face does not mean that they like or respect you.

And it was not a matter of me being a phony. It was about being courteous and polite.

After all, we do share a society together whether we all like it or not and we all can’t just go around behaving abruptly just for the hell of it.

There are times to be nasty and times not to be.

And most of the time I do not even care one way or the other. I don’t need the people that I dislike, loathe, and have no regard for. They have no great impact on my life. All of us cannot and will not get along and will never always come into agreement with one another.

Some one told me a long time ago “you talk to people who downgrade you”.

Was I supposed to feel bad about that? This particular person did not know me very well! He was no good, not too bright in the mind, and thought that he could make me feel stupid.

A lot or some of the people who don’t know me personally, automatically assume that if I walk around so carefree and confident as I normally do and/or communicate with other individuals in an environment where I may not be well liked by those who speak negatively about me-that I am unaware of it or that I am just foolish.

It is nothing more than a generalization because many would perceive things that way if they were in that same predicament. They probably would have felt uncomfortable or even bad about themselves.

I am well aware of all my surroundings. I did not socialize with these people and they were not around me in my personal/private life. These were certain individuals who I worked with or who I happened to live in the same neighborhood with at the time.

Everyone just isn’t as strong as I am when it comes to not worrying about what others say and think about them.

What anybody says or thinks has absolutely nothing to do with me. It is all about how I think and honestly feel about myself and the way that I respect myself.

I have a self esteem and strength of mind that supercedes any type of bullshit. It may even be a bit of conceit. Whatever it is it works very well for me!

There are people who have a lot of respect for me and there are people who do not-and either way it does not faze me at all. And I do not mean that in a negative light.

People respect people for many different reasons. I respect people by their character. Not for the type of occupation that they have because a job does not make a person. And not for the things that they do because everybody has their own motives. I am more concerned about where a person’s head is at.

Whether an individual has respect for me or not does not at all reflect my true value or worth.

Very few people in this world know me well enough-and the majority does not know me at all for that matter-to truly understand and respect me for who I really am anyway.

Everyone at least deserves to be treated with common courtesy and a respect for humanity.

Natural Beauty/What Is Real Is Better Than What Is Fake

When I watch television I can’t help but to notice how a lot of celebrities nowadays resort to having plastic surgery.

It is sad how displeased they are with their appearance. And so displeased that they are willing to go under the knife and waste thousands of dollars on lifts, rhinoplasties, breast implants and tummy tucks.

In my opinion many of them looked a lot better before the surgery. And many of them look a lot better without make up.

I could never imagine allowing a doctor to perform cosmetic surgery on me if the procedure was not necessary (even if it was necessary I’d be reluctant to do it).

I can understand the people with medical problems and those that have been in terrible accidents who may need plastic surgery for reconstruction purposes, but for those who purely do it for the sake of vanity is just ridiculous.

A lot of females in the african american community (as well as celebrities whether white or black) parade around wearing the most outrageous of weaves some of the hair pieces do look decent as they are created nicely and neatly but, then you have those particular weaves that really need to go. The ones with the crazy color combinations and the ones that are very wackily styled.

I knew a girl who would get a different weave done on her head every friday. It was some kind of sickness to me because she already had a nice grade of her own natural hair.

I think it would be much better and appropriate if women invested more time, energy, and money into maintaining their real heads of hair as opposed to buying that expensive fake hair.

It is not natural/real so why bother to wear it? Why are these women so obsessed with sporting long hair that is not theirs?

I knew another girl who would wear her weave in a big bun under a scarf to make it appear as if she had plenty of thick long hair underneath. Then turn around the next day revealing her short thin permed locks. She’d do it all of the time when her natural hair wasn’t fixed. Who was she fooling?

You have some women who go and put on so much make up that they look like a clown. What are they trying to cover up and why aren’t they comfortable in their own skin?

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than being natural. That is the best appearance. I do not and have never worn any weaves or make up, nor have I ever had the thought and desire to transform myself through any type of cosmetic surgery.

The body is precious and should not be tampered with. I love everything that I was born with and would not change a thing that would be totally insane!

The Beautiful Skin That I Am In

I am a thinker, a challenger, a truth teller and seeker.

It is very good to observe, question, talk about, and evaluate the many things that are going on in the world and around us.

By nature, I was always the type to thoroughly analyze and investigate. I was never easily influenced by anyone or anything simply due to something being laid out as fact or generalized as standard/normal, because I was very strong willed and had a very strong competent mind of my own.

As a female, I have experienced ridiculous bias that was foreign to me growing up. It was foreign because I never knew that I was supposed to be restricted in certain areas as far as my gender was concerned.

Society likes to dictate how a woman should be, act, think, and feel when the only way that I truly know how to conduct myself is naturally. And that is the same way that I will always continue to do. My character and disposition contradicts the stereotypical role and definition of a female. And no one will ever be able to stop or change me.

I’ve heard the most absurd things from assholes, including low scale women. “She’s too hard for a girl”.

I never knew as a woman that I was supposed to be weak! I had never been that way in my childhood or teenage years and certainly not in my adulthood.

“When a man say is how it goes”.

I never knew that a man’s words spit out gold and authority especially when he is not speaking truth! I have never heeded or been affected by anybody’s opinions or scolding that did not appeal or apply to me and my philosophies, whether they were male or female.

I know and am well aware that there are jealous/envious sick-minded people, and people who will always go around telling and spreading silly and vicious lies on others. This type of behavior goes on everyday and everywhere.

A rumor that I had found very strange about me is the one about my skin or face. Ever since I was a very young girl I have always been pretty and very attractive. I’ve had good skin and a nice grade of hair. And none of that is really important; however, it contradicts what my enemies were trying to do.

From my comprehension I believe that they wanted to give me a complex or a low self esteem, just another one of society’s ploys to keep a young and bright woman down by attempting to make her feel insecure about herself.

The biggest mistake that those in particular made is generalizing me. I am my own individual. And instead of playing into the obnoxious mind games, I learned from the ignorance of others. They showed the knowledge and the common sense that they lack, and the insecurities that they themselves actually have.

I have never ever had a skin problem yet my enemies had worked a black magic spell years ago for me to “breakout” then have people taunt me with lies. These stupid rumors went on for years with these chosen few sick people. And I never understood it.

Till this day I still do not understand it. When I was a teenager they tried to put in my head through black magic that I looked hideous and I never fell for it.

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder but I’ve never been an ugly person. And not that it matters-a lot of other people considered me to be pretty too. I have my own eyes. I can see myself for who and what I really am. What an insult to think that I would have been dumb and weak minded enough to not know better. Such stupid asses!

Why are and were they so hung up on my looks? I know why. A lot of guys were attracted to me and could not have their way with me because I had too much self love and confidence. Another reason why is that so many women have allowed themselves to be dogged out by men due to their own battles with low self esteem.

Everybody has their own motives for why they are sick and malicious and do what they do.

It all stemmed from jealousy, but my enemies all went about it the wrong way. If I ever did come to develop a skin problem such as acne it definitely would have not affected my self confidence. Things like that do not faze or bother me.

The most beautiful girls have breakouts due to allergies, their menstrual cycles or hormones and it is no big deal. I know that my hormones act up sometimes during my period. It is natural. I had to learn that I was rare in my thoughts about this matter. I realized that many people do associate a blemish, bump, or spots on the face with low self esteem and I think that is so sad.

There are people with clear skin who are as ugly as hell and they want to crack on attractive people with minor shit that holds no significance.

Only a true fool would ever come to the conclusion that I would feel bad or insecure about myself over breaking out with something. I always had a pretty face and complexion. I love the way that I look. I like my naturally oily skin that keeps me looking young in appearance. I like my slim/thin figure. I like myself.

This garbage is no different than a woman being regarded as a bitch or a slut, two other words that do not faze or bother me. And I’ve seen women go crazy over being called a “bitch”.

One lady acted as if she wanted to kill me over calling her one. I didn’t even mean it in the way that the rest of the world uses it. To me it was more of a way of saying “you asshole”.

The bottom line is that the world is a sick place full of good, mediocre, and evil people. There will always be those who will come along to try to break people’s strengths, play on their weaknesses if they have any, and destroy their spirits.

And sometimes it happens more so when you are a woman. Society loves to prey on and beat down women by bashing their reputations and physicality, coercing them into buying into submission and repression for meanness, power, selfishness, and personal gain.

There are individuals who will fall for the games and those who will not. And there will be those who will get confused.

I keep my ears and eyes open. I take everything in then sort it all out. I enjoy my life and my discoveries. It is a blessing to not get caught up in all of the nonsense.

My Family/My Spiritual Connection/My Back Up

I never feel lonely. I have always been secure within myself and my surroundings. I am very grounded mentally and spiritually. I have all that I need to sustain me.

The Family Circle:

It irritates me when a relative does not get acknowledgement because they are dead. Does their being deceased make them any less of your family, no way, certainly not!

(I am mostly unlike any of the family-but if someone were to mention oh she favors so an so in some form or another-that is because they’ve never exactly seen or came into contact with family that I actually do share similarity with)

I have relatives that are still alive here on the earth (and some distant relatives as well) whom I absolutely do not care a thing for or, about! And I do not take after anyone of them at all either-thank my lucky stars.

My dear family members that I truly love and respect have for a long time been in their graves, but they definitely are not forgotten. I see a lot of them in myself. We were all genuinely of one another. And we still are in spirit. And that fact is so sentimentally beautiful to me.

We can pick our friends; however, we cannot pick the families that we are born into. Yet those as humans should continue to be very selective when they hold a particular standard in regards to mating.

I am asexual, so would not definitely make the mistake of mixing with an individual of a lesser value. I still intend on going to a sperm bank if I ever considered to have a child.

I deeply wish that I weren’t genetically related to certain members of my “so-called” family (especially my father and one of my dead great grandmothers-which was my mother’s father’s mother. They were the two biggest mistakes that were made during the mating process). I can’t even bare to call them relatives.

What hugely makes up for the misfortunes though-is that aside from whatever else was created through the “runts” of the family-there is a solid foundation. Overall, my original family tree is a class of strong, authentic, intelligent, dignified and gifted people individuals of pure integrity folks who are just like me who I love, and am proud of.

My ancestors and I have a very powerful bond that connects us together through my mediumship. Our strong relationship is built on genuine love and trust. They serve as my spirit guides along with other elements of the universe.

Our family circle is important to us as we are particular in which we surround. We hold each other near and dear forever and for always. We are tight knit and legit. And we never cease to quit.

I love who and where I come from because it is a part of what defines me. My lineage explains a lot of my spirituality, the gifts that I was born with, and the particular things that I am inclined to.

I am still my own unique individual with my own mind and beliefs. My family circle and I are all one in the same, with us all sprouting out from our very own distinct branches.

Even in their deaths they (my beloved ancestors) never left me. They remained around me as shields and resources, passing on to me the valuable assets of my birthrights.

Nothing and no one can ever violate our “family circle”.

My Spiritual Clan And Our Family Tree:

I have great love, protection, guidance and loyalty from my beloved ancestors and orishas. We are a complete spiritual team.

I call them “my spiritual clan (the orishas/loas and elemental universal forces) and our family tree (my ancestors/spirit guide energies)”.

They were always there for me. Leading me in my way and escorting me throughout my journey of exploration and discovery.

Things that I knew and perceived about life when I was a child were revealed, defined, and confirmed to me during the stages of my development.

By nature, there is an unwavering consistency of character and affect between my spiritual connection and I.

I am a person of my word. One who is able to be relied upon. And a person who does not fail to come through if I am genuine and/or knowledgeable about the situation.

These responses are automatic and intense. And not only toward one another but within ourselves as “dependability” and “productivity” are our own natural inherited traits and ability.

My spiritual clan and our family tree are completely aware of every and all inside and outside things that are associated with the happenings of this life and can concurrently manage through any type of barrier.

I have confidence in them and their wisdom. They have proved so much to me time and again, upholding everything together and sharing with me a lot of hidden knowledge.

The loas are powerful supernatural beings greatly differing in force yet not so foreign from us in attitude and reaction. They have dispositions that are very similar to humans.

My departed loved ones who lived as strong authentic yoruba priestesses in their day an age work harmoniously in accordance with the loas.

Other noble relatives of mine who weren’t involved in the priesthood serve their purpose through various means of devotion.

And all of them are highly venerated. I am just as devoted to them as they are to me. All of my good ancestors, and the specific loas that are attached to me, are the loves of my life.

My ancestors and orishas have always had my back in what seemed like the most chaotic of times. Nothing was ever too big or too small for them all to handle. And I was always important enough to gain their solicitous and undivided attention.

That is what is so fabulous about the universe. It has the ultimate power to simultaneously preserve any situation at any time with anyone and anything.

My spiritual clan and our family tree know more about what I am capable of-than I do myself. And the overwhelming love and faith that they have in me is priceless/ irreplaceable.

The spiritual connections that cling around me and the energies that surround us are my greatest motivators and inspirers.

Dirty, Rotten And Pitiful

There are these two guys who are severely disturbed. They are very sick in the mind.

One of them are light complexioned with hazel/green eyes. He is of Haitian descent and very undesirable.

He may think that because of his fair skin and colored eyes that he is a very good catch but indeed he is not. In my opinion he is very unattractive and unattractive in more ways than one.

He stinks with body odor, very bad hygiene. He’s had the crabs and a few other nasty sexually transmitted diseases.

The women that he messes with are just as low scale as he is and obviously hard-up. They got him really thinking that he is some type of hot shit when he isn’t anything at all. A particular woman of his crotch is just as funky as his.

The other one has brown skin with dark eyes. He is also a person of a Caribbean descent. And he also has his share of disease. He is ugly in appearance and he knows it. He is very self conscious about the way that he looks.

He is on drugs. And wishes that he wasn’t in the predicament that he is in when it concerns having to deal with certain women who are just as tore down as he is. He gets embarrassed by them.

With the issues that these two degenerates struggle at they still find the time to worry about me and my life.

They have been trying to invade my world for a good six and seven years now they definitely do not have a life, obviously unhappy, miserable.

They both got knocked down in their efforts yet fail to give up on the possible hope of seeing me fall in some way or another.

I do not know them personally. They both approached me in the past, both stupid in their actions. I ignored one at the time, and patronized the other while reading their motives and picking up on some of their character and situation.

They have another pathetic partner in crime by the name of mike hayward who is just as equally funky and undesirable with no smarts and no life.

They are all in cahoots together, the three of them embarking in vain and with certain others to bring me down. These degenerates were attracted to me but could not at all make me become attracted to them in an attempt to lure and deceive me through spells using negative energy.

Silly mind games that do not register with me, I guess those tactics work on the type of women that they are use to so they use extra effort with witchcraft for me. Oh what fools! They fear what they cannot trap and destroy.

Last night they tried to put thoughts in my head about them not really wanting to be with me to retaliate for my not budging in my interests of any kind and for the ways that I have put them down. Now what in the hell would I care in one way or another about how they regard or feel about me?

They are angry because I was not foolish to fall prey to their whims and not weak to be broken by evil.

Those degenerates are repugnant and worthless. I don’t have any time for imbecile nonsense that does not pertain to my productive world.

They are very low on their luck. All one has to do is pay them to do dirty work, especially if they are hungry or in need of that junkie fix.

I wrote about these same two main demonic souls that are after my spirit/energy on september 13, 2012 in this post titled “there is way much more to me than what is in a dream”

I believe that ignorance is and becomes a sickness when those in particular refuse to rise above their lack of knowledge or understanding regarding any specific subject matter that may be at hand-by not endeavoring to learn and explore more thoroughly.

When one acts out on something continuously and without purely thinking it all through, and weighing out all of the factors, they are headed for perpetual downfalls and disasters.

And while I do understand that some are not equip enough in the mind to always efficiently establish a keen comprehension of things, these types often tend to ignite much trouble.

As where some have the desire and aim to grow and move forward by further educating themselves through communication and experience, there will be those who will remain incessant, constantly relishing in their stagnancy.

When some do not recognize a particular logicality they can become highly irrational during certain situations.

And what can we do about individuals who have and exhibit this kind of personality and behavior? Sometimes absolutely nothing we just have to let their narrow mindedness run its course. Some people will never change. And the ignorance totally reflects upon them.

Jealousy and envy can and will spark up denial and make one not accept or believe what they do not want to acknowledge or hear as truth.

We all go through things in life. I have never had any real major problems or issues with individuals who were of substance. It has only been the ones of a lower class, lesser value, who make attempts to cause me turmoil.

It is sad but some people set out to harm other people like me because of what we know and what we possess.

Yes, I have always dreamed things that have inevitably come true for all of my life. It is an irreversible part of my nature, and one that is trying to constantly be tampered with by perpetrators.

There are these two guys in particular who continuously use witchcraft as a tool to scramble my brain and dreams (oh when will they learn that they can’t?).

These two guys who do not even know me personally but know of me and have approached me in the past are scared of the things that I know, dread the good things that are to come to me, and desire to drain me of all the natural good luck and positive “energies” that I encompass by destroying me.

I am very experienced in my paranormal abilities and many steps ahead of them, in fact. They think by interfering in my dreams by causing confusion through skewed foreshadows that I would not be able to figure out what is going on around me. It is not at all hard to figure out that they consider a person in their sleep to be a vulnerable target which is quite the contrary in my case.

While using oblique techniques to distract my dreams from the realities that they usually confer, these two guys manipulate the dream state, sometimes even making scenes of their own personal appearances themselves.

When the mirages in which they create prove to be non affective they then attempt to block out my dreams completely, thinking that I will not know anything at all.

The both of them are drug addicted (currently indulging in the usage and abuse of dope and cocaine and some other street drugs of choice or dependency) which explains why their brains are not functioning correctly aside from sheer stupidity.

Nevertheless, there is way more to psychic/clairvoyant/medium ability than what is in a dream and in me.

Everyone is their own individual, capable of whatever they were born with and also whatever else that may come to them later on in life and with age.

Certain people are not limited in what they are able to do and accomplish.

Empathy “to feel”, clairvoyance “to see and know”, clairaudience “to hear”, and telepathy “to communicate back an forth through the mind”, are just a few of my very strongest points of awareness and they are to not be underestimated as those in particular often interpret more than others would ever really imagine that they could.

My dreams are mine and for me alone. And absolutely no one can significantly alter them or take them away from me. When one is grounded and has developed a higher sense of self and a foundation around them which serves as a guidance and a protection-there is no room for interference.

The distractions merely become and serve as acknowledgements of warnings, lessons to evaluate and to use for one’s own advantage at the perpetrator’s expense.

When one is in tune and in balance, and aligned with their nature, the great universe will continually work on your behalf automatically placing shields and positivity and removing blockages and negativity.

I feel nothing but goodness, luck and happiness around me. And it feels beautiful and endearing.

I have no pity for those two guys (my perpetrators).

They are like leeches. They won’t back off of me because I am a female which is so ridiculous. In their evil, they seek to prove to themselves as males that they are more powerful than a “woman” (these two are also guys who beat up on their girlfriends to prove their manhood).

Between them and I there really is no comparison.

In reality they are fighting on their own, against themselves. My gender is irrelevant when it comes to spirit. I have a very strong spirit.

And authenticity is what makes one ultimately powerful. Vile strength comes from love. And I have nothing but pure love that lingers all around my spirit. Genuine hatred can also serve as a strength. I know how to level/balance both love and hate together as a whole.

Yet I still have love. And I am greatly loved.

So what it all balls down to for me is not a battle against those males and (myself) a female-even though I know that they do not look at it that way- but against good and the bad. And that type of evil definitely has no chance against someone like me.