The Perfect Day!

Delicious Day! 

157012-200About two and a half weeks ago I had a regular routine monthly staff meeting with my colleagues.

The executive director there at my place of work gave me a thank you card signed with a greeting wishing me success in the advancement of my career along with two free AMC movie tickets.

Well, this afternoon I along with a guest of mine used those movie tickets and enjoyed a wonderful day at the theater.

We went to see “The Perfect Guy” (premiered yesterday nationwide)  which was a very good suspense thriller. The film was so great I really enjoyed my outing today!

Hadn’t been to the movies in a while it was nice to relive my ole stomping ground! Woo-hoo!!!

“The Big Four O” Still Young And Lively

BaBy Toya

My Beautiful Li’l Baby Photo

How Lovely To Look Back 

07-20-2007 10;27;44PM

I turned forty years old this year. What A long time on this sick earth. I’ve endured a beautiful life thanks to the spiritual advantage of circumstance.

The fantastic climax (ultimate blessings) surely to come soon or eventually.

The certain rotten tribulations that I was not meant to endure yet sometimes had to undergo never reflected it’s ugly head on my aura and/or appearance. No demonic strains ever taking a toll on my bearing.

Living a lifestyle of truth and exceptional spirituality.

The beauty and power of the universe, my ancestors, and my orishas shine radiantly upon me.

“Oh how lovely to the Peace, Purity, And Protection that still surround me.

I’ll always Love You Baby Girl 

“Your beginning leads to the future, your future” – My Spirits inform to me

Go Figure?: Food For Thought


I think it was sometime in April that I was sitting up in orientation for one of my other occupations ( I always keep more than one job on the back burner ). I can hold down two or three jobs at a time. I can be a workaholic!

Anyway, while I was in or at orientation you know the usual is filling out a number of papers such as tax forms, employment agreements/acknowledgements, work availability and so on. So one paper came across race/ethnicity and I asked the lady heading the class if it was okay for me to list more than one nationality because there are the options to do that these days.

“Yes, whatever you identify with”, the lady directing orientation had informed to me.

And, of course, I identify will all of who I truly am.

Out of nowhere this dark skinned trashy/dope fiend-looking illiterate-sounding undesirable up in age female butted in my address uttering some shit about “I am whatever my father is”.

She stated something about that is how the government sees it.

I told the bitch that I do not go by the government, I go by reality.

The female then related to me that what she was saying all goes back to “science”. The ole egg and sperm dilemma.

It instantly started to come to me what was really behind her trivial outburst.

She tried to infer that genes along with sex is strictly determined by the father regardless of the attributes of the mother. I had to correct this bitch but I did it in a way without giving her too much information and she shut up.

What I did not get into with her is that the male does not solely determine the sex of a child it is a combination of both parents which determines the sex of a child. Even some men are hung up in that false ego bullshit.

Shouldn’t she have learned a very long time ago that all the gametes in the women’s eggs carry the X chromosomes while within the male’s sperm carry only half the X and half the Y chromosomes-both about a fifty-fifty match. And that the male sperm is only a factor variably in producing the sex of a child-meaning that the circumstance is scientifically indefinite/unpredictable.

Of course our sex is naturally predetermined by fate beforehand from a spiritual standpoint/point of view and turn out of events but “If the male’s X happens to hit the female’s X it’s a girl, if the male’s Y hit’s the female’s X it’s a boy”, you dumb bitch!

Also where she was stupid at was saying “I am what my father is” in regards to race/ethnicity when she didn’t even fully know his background just making assumptions while lashing out and trying to get back at me.

If I were truly what my father was dispelling my mother and his mother that would make me a 100% full blooded Cherokee Indian because that is what his father was. Did the stupid bitch know that? “Hell no!” 

What all this really was about I picked up was that this person knew that I considered my father and his side of the family to be “trash” ( and in reality they truly are ) and since she also was trash that was her way of trying to retaliate against me for not acknowledging their kind in any relation to me.

I am sorry but there are no trash traits within me and I do not apologize for that! My strong substantial bloodline of the family comes from my mother’s side I don’t even have my father’s blood type thank my lucky stars!!!

Update: Still Kicking With A Supernatural Force!

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After my last post back in March regarding “you know who”, particular enemies tried to retaliate of course by using black magic in an attempt to interfere with my career.

I didn’t even bother to write about it back then because it wasn’t worth my time but I am just mentioning it now to let it be known that my insights as always were correct and that their actions proved it as they often continue to tell on themselves.

( I never let anyone manipulate my situations and what I know to be definite truths )

I forgot all of the exact dates that they were trying to work on me through satanic measures ( I didn’t log it down but I remember that they always try to fuck with the energy in my left arm when they want to tamper with my jobs ) but you know like I’ve said before when you hurt one of their kind and/or get the best of them they join in together to retaliate.

( You’re not suppose to take up for yourself you are suppose to let them run over you and get away with their shit! )

Of course they did not win I am still doing very well and very good within my life. Just too busy to be on the internet sometimes but I am still on the scene and I still very much enjoy conducting my writing talents/abilities!!!