My ancestors and loas are truly the loves of my life. We have a genuine relationship built on absolute love and trust. As born into a family of great spiritual power I was one to inherit the unique powers bestowed upon me through my lineage.

I come from strong women of African American and Native American ancestry not to mention a little bit of European bloodline. These women have watched over me from the time of my birth up until now. I can name countless spiritual encounters that have played a major role in my maintenance and survival.

As born by birth with a caul over my face automatically I was initiated into the priesthood as I naturally possessed occult powers. Before my time, my beautiful ancestors reigned as powerful priestesses, reveling in the beauty of their African voodoo religion.

There are others in my family who have possessed the gifts of extra sensory perception; however, I am the only one carrying on the legacy of my anointed ancestors as they purely come from my specific “bloodline” side of the family. And there is one in particular that I take after the most.

As a spiritual person it is important to know where you come from, to know where you stand, and to know where you are going. Once that is carefully and accurately established then there is foundation.

With observation comes experience. With experience comes learning. With learning comes growth. And once each stage reaches development we can began to teach. Wisdom can be gained at any age depending on a persons mind and what they may have went through in life.

There are many books that one can read and there are many sources of inspiration available for our evaluation but nothing can compare to what we actually accumulate through our own personal happenings.

After we have experienced certain things for ourselves we may be able to understand some one else better or relate a different perspective. You don’t always have to go through the same thing as another to understand them or to relate. The enlightenment gained, however, gives a bigger and better picture to see and grasp at.

For instance, I didn’t find a movie I viewed as a child nearly as interesting as I do now- after literally having went through what the film was basically about. Since I now had firsthand experience in that particular matter, I appreciated and held a good comprehension of what I watched, therefore enjoying it more to a new level.

I’ve been fortunate to be led on by my own spiritual inclinations. My information comes from within, whether it be through intelligence, the gifts of the caul, my wise, loving, fierce, protective ancestors and orishas or the great universe. Anything else is just an enhancement.

Every day of life to me is a supernatural event. I am it and it is me and we are a part of each other. When I do my spiritual work I know just exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it and why. As I am sustained by the natural forces that be, the results are satisfactory.

In dealing with truth, there is trust. In dealing with trust, there is confidence. In dealing with confidence, there is strength. And when all is met with one another then sealed together, there are limitless passageways to get through in dealing with life.

6 thoughts on “Sustained By The Universe/The Truth In Knowledge Is Power

  1. I have been through a lot of hard learned experiences since I was a child. Too many to list here. That’s why I noticed my differences at age 6 or before, just not having much recall memory before age 5, or I just didn’t resonate with it till I was 6.

    1. Thank You. I’m Glad You Enjoyed It. I Feel That Anyone Who Is Spiritually Inclined Or Who Experiences And Believes In The Various Powers Of The Universe Should Not Be Afraid To Acknowledge It. They Should Embrace It Because It Is A Definite Part Of Life Even If There Are Those Out There In The World Who Do Not Understand. It Is Very Important For Us To Truly Be Ourselves And To Be Able To Express Who We Are. As Unique Individuals We Contribute Greatly As We Were Born To Fulfill Our Purpose In Life.

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