Amazon is getting theirs! Not so long after I quit working for them, and they are headed for a downfall.

Amazon is laying off up to 10, 000 people starting this week. 
The most to be hit hard are those who work in devices, human resources, and retail. 
A lot of these people are going to be out of work. 
Amazon is also implementing a hiring freeze. 
I read three news articles that broke today in my alerts. 
Business for Amazon has not been doing too well. 
I also read that Jeff Bezos sold Amazon stock etc…. 
Well, well, well! 




8 thoughts on “Amazon Is In Trouble!

  1. Wow. Trouble for Jeff Bezos. I bet he’s gonna figure out a way soon, but I feel sad for all the staffs that were and will be laid off soon.

    1. Yes.

      So many people are going to be out of a job, and some are going to be unable to support themselves and/or their families.

      And, the thing about this unfortunate circumstances for these people is that this situation for them is taking place so close within the holiday season.

      Life is already hard for some people in general and these people have really got it bad now if they do not have another occupation, or another means of financial support.

    2. Yes. This is so sad. Unemployment can be deadly at times. It usually triggers a chain of other problems like depression, anxiety, financial strain, loss of properties, and in worse cases, divorce. I pray you all get another job. My Dad was recently laid off and I understand the feeling.

    3. Well, I quit working for Amazon four months ago because I was dissatisfied with management.

      I already had another job at the time which I still do working in health care. So I will always be employed, thank God!

      But yes, it is so bad for others. Some people even contemplate suicide at times.

    4. I have no desire to ever work for them again.

      In addition, the hours they gave out was terrible as well as how we had to obtain our schedules.

      I worked as a Locker Hub customer service associate.

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