Caulbearer Connections


petalTrue Calling For This Caulbearer To Answer by misslatoya

Lil Famous Ramsey said 12 minutes ago

Beautiful my Star sister. We are going to lead the new world into prosperity and abundance.

You said 0 minutes ago



roseHomage To Me, My Ancestors And Loas by misslatoya

Kelly said 2 days ago

Really liked your articles regarding the caul. My mom, her mom and myself were all born with the caul. They both passed but I know they still visit me. Sometimes I feel very alone and misunderstood,but after reading about you, I feel better. Thank you!kek

You said 2 minutes ago

You are not alone and that is for sure, neither are you alone within spirit or within the physical sense because your loved ones are indeed around you and there are others out here in the world like us who share that common thread in which connects us together and we definitely understand.


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