The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge

I see visions, I get messages, I have dreams and I communicate with spirits all of the time.

Last year, sometime in the spring while I was at my job I received a deep vision. The vision showed me and my enemies in spirit form. We were all separated from one another and neither one of us were allowed or permitted to cross over to the other one’s side.

My enemies were located on the left hand side all grouped together agitated and vibrating. I was situated on the right hand side alone or with one other person partially beside me and I or we were standing still, calm cool and collected.

Through black magic, one agitated and vibrating soul was being extracted from the tortured bunch, slowly being lured towards me in an attempt to try to destroy me. And that is exactly what was going on in my life at that particular time.

There is nobody out there like me around and there is not too many more of my kind left.

And there was this guy who’d been after me for five consecutive years along with others who till this day continue to seek my demise.

During the summer, I went through one of my deep spiritual experiences. I wouldn’t at all mind sharing what went on, however, I don’t feel it is wise for me to do so. The things that were revealed and confirmed to me are too controversial. And while I don’t have any fear of controversy ( through speaking the truth I will always hold my own no matter how it may appear ) or being attacked for what I definitely know to be truth some things are just to be left unsaid for one’s own personal knowledge and protection.

There are all kinds of power within gifted people. The powers come out through lyrics, music and singing. The powers come out through drawing. And the powers come out through writing. And through all of these creative talents these powers make a definite change.

I love being spiritual. I love it when I get the energy to write it is so magical. My ancestors told me to blog more and my blog here is a vehicle for me to exercise spiritual energy through truth, talent and freedom.

The night before last, a young male spirit came to me in my dream very meaningful and sincere. “We need you to get rid of the garbage” were his exact words. “Keep doing what you’re doing”. He is on the other side along with the others. They see and know everything that is going on around my world and I will continue to do as I am told.

5 thoughts on “The Visions/The Messages/The Knowledge

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