On Saturday, I watched a classic black and white movie titled “Impact”.

It was a 1949 film that starred Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines, Helen Walker, and Charles Coburn.

When I first read the synopsis, my interest was struck, but the movie turned out better to my liking than I had first imagined.

So many old films or films alike with these types of plots are predictable though this story took a pleasingly different little turn.

I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end.

I also liked the cinematography and the script for that era of time.

The film was about a woman.

She had a man who truly loved her- he thought the world of her. But she was just using him for his money and the luxurious things he could get for her.

The woman had a lover on the side.

One that she incorporated for the scheme in the murder of her unsuspecting husband.

Without giving away the entire storyline- Everything seemed to have gone as planned, however, what was planned did not at all go as it had seemed.

There is a detective on the scene who is on the style of Alfred Hitchcock within characteristics while distinguishing a style of his very own in solving this case of a death that is not what it appears.

Throughout, the viewer (us watching the movie) gets to see how things proceed and how they unfold with another sweet piece of entertainment that develops in the storyline with the supposedly deceased character.

What angered me about the film was how the wife had such a faithful, loving husband, who cared about her and thoroughly provided for her regardless of her snooty attitude toward him at times. He treated her like a princess- in return she sets him up to get killed. She was ruthless throughout the story.

It is just a reminder of how dirty people can be just like Patrick Swayze’s character in the movie “Ghost” was set up by someone who was supposed to be his friend to get robbed then all went wrong resulting in his murder.

The thing I appreciated about “Impact” was the killer got what he deserved not realizing he was unsuccessful within his intended fatal venture.


9 thoughts on “An Entertaining Underrated Classic

  1. Wow, I think she didn’t know a good thing when she had it. I like that the plot is shocking but simple. Is good that the script seemed good for that time period as I don’t normally watch films of this genre, and of this period. It is tempting though thanks to your “impact”ful review, so thanks 🙂

    1. Yes it is good when a plot isn’t too predictable allowing a little thrill to the story.

      And, of course, we all have our own preferences in genre as well as all other things. Thank you so much. I appreciate your input. 🧸❤

    2. Hello Misslatoya, I don’t think Ive ever watched Impact well the B&W version I do enjoy watching them tho because the story lines are actually pretty good. Whos at wrong tho the husband or his wife? Obviously plotting to kill him is wrong however isn’t putting up with her bad attitude and being treated badly by her buying her anything she desires and still loving her from what I’ve read here he seems to be her doormat 🤣, Anyhow have you ever watched the film 1984 by george orwell?

    3. Yes! You are totally right.

      The husband put himself within the position of being taken advantage of (unless he was just stupidly blinded by his affections) and the wife walked all over him.

      The husband and the wife were both at fault to an extent because I would not tolerate any mistreated from anyone and I definitely would not let anyone use me.

      On the wife’s part- if there were someone I hated enough to have killed I would not have wanted to been around them even for their money. She should have never married the man in the first place- but some people will sell and compromise themselves for greed!

      No, I have never seen George Orwell 1984.

      However, after your mention of it I Googled it and saw that it is on one of the movie apps downloaded on my smart TV.

      So, when I get off from work and get settled, I am going to watch the movie later tonight. From what I have read it seems really interesting.

      After I view the film I will let you know what I thought of it.

      Thank you for your time and comments. I appreciate your responses and interaction. And thank you for mentioning a good movie for me to check out.

      Have a blessed day! 🧸🌷

    4. I got a chance to check out the George Orwell 1984.

      When the movie began it did not look to me like a picture that would hold my attention. So, I tried to give it a chance. However, the movie was slow, boring and dull to me.

      I get the message of what the movie was trying to convey but I could not watch the entire film shortly into it.

      I did not like the movie at all.

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