About four years ago I did one of my vital rituals. And in one of the rituals I made a special request for my great grandmother who’s name was Amanda Byars (my mother’s father’s mother) to be removed from the earth.

She ended up in the hospital on three different occasions all within short periods of time from one another.

The second time that she was in the hospital she phoned the old house that I use to live in but I refused to speak to her.

Almost a year after I had done the spell I was disappointed and had become very impatient. Then just a few days before I was about to conduct another ritual for her demise I received word that she had died/passed. And I was overjoyed.

Three months before Amanda croaked, I called her up on the phone and told her how I knew everything that she did in the distant past. How I always knew about the voodoo/black magic that she had worked on my mother and I back in 1982 and how she was still trying to put hexes on us up until the current.

Amanda would send the shit through the mail and have her flunkies bring it to our house.

The first thing that I mentioned to Amanda was “you’re old so you don’t have much longer to live”. And she chuckled. It was a little faint half a laugh.

“Your voodoo does not work on me, so why do you keep doing it?” I said to her. “Didn’t those people that you went to tell you about me?” “Didn’t they tell you what I know and what I can see?

She just kept quiet and listened to my words. “You are going to hell”, I continued. “You had the nerve to tell my mother that I better get smart and get married because you thought your spells had ruined my work opportunities. Well I got a job didn’t I?”

Amanda still kept quiet, still listening to my words. I told her off a little more before I hung up on her.

Next up I was waiting for a call from her partner in crime which was my dopefiend/crackhead aids infected hepatitis c aunt Ernestine Lawrence known as “Tina”.

I knew Amanda like a book. She got scared. Neither one of them ever had any real strength. They were both the types who had to drink and do drugs (get high) to gain and gather courage.

When Tina did actually call later that night Amanda just confirmed to me all of her guilt. I did not bother to answer the phone I had no intentions on doing so. The call itself was enough verification of their fears.

The night before last, Amanda Byars paid me a visit during one of my dreams. She was kissing, cuddling, and pressing the side of her face up against mine. She was trying to make me have some affection for her.

Now after all the dirt that the bitch did and continued to try to do while she was still alive here on the earth she now had the nerve and audacity to come run to me for help.

I can’t stand that stank, rotten, lying, filthy, trashy bitch.

Amanda is trapped in a prison that she cannot escape from, suffering miserably in the afterlife without relief and peace.

My ancestors refuse to let her through to our spiritual net. She absolutely does not belong with us. So she decided to come straight to me to get my permission for acceptance and entry.

Amanda will never gain any access to the family circle, the domain of where my spiritual ancestors reside. I wouldn’t elevate that bitch if my life depended on it!

Where are the coconuts (Haitians and other Caribbean’s) who used her and abused her then threw her away. Who had so much dirt on her that they could make her cross up her own grand daughter and great grand daughter through her jealousy and worthlessness.

Most of them are probably long gone by now (dead). The more recent ones though-they can’t help her. I’d bet they’d really like to have her invade my spiritual territory and cause a rupture. That will never happen. It is totally impossible!

In death people do not get better. They do not change. If anything they get worse. And this bitch just got even stupider.

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