Blood Type/Personality Type

596382-200A person’s blood type really does matter.  My mother use to tell me when I was a teenager that my blood had a lot to do with my character and how I was, and I agreed with her as my intuition confirmed that she was correct in her assessment.

I just love the way my mother and I was always able to share and to discuss our own thoughts and insights with one another.

What I found out and revealed to my mother later on in life though was just how deep the blood type revelations had been when it had come into concern with me.

I always did a lot of reading and exploring. Back then, there was no internet available to me for a quick look up to recognize, analyze, or to debate with an intriguing and too familiar subject.

And just like in regards to astrology (a favorite topic of mine in the past that I use to indulge in during my teens and in early adulthood) blood type is a definite indicator of one’s own innate traits. Personal experience has taught me that this is genuine knowledge.

Aside from being born under the zodiac sign Taurus (which of course has nothing to do with my blood type) I shared the similar and exact same characteristics (stubborn, serious, consistent, hardworking, trustworthy, good listener, detail oriented, analytical, creative and inventive) to a person who was born with my specific blood type.

And not only within personality was I a perfect match, but also within my tendency for certain foods, and to the inclines of my particular lifestyle.

As a loner, I kept myself away and separated from most other people, chiefly those who I did not relate to. Living healthily, and quietly.

At the age of fourteen I became a strict vegan.

I suddenly became turned off by red meat, however, later I took the vegetarian route by eating poultry (chicken & turkey) and seafood (whiting/shrimp) as well as certain fruits which had absolutely agreed with my blood type.

Generally red meat is not allowed for my type of blood.

It was like I was naturally being lead down the right path of harmony within myself physically as well as spiritually within the great universe.

Life sometimes has a way of leading and bringing us into the appropriate modes and direction in accordance to plan. There is so much more to life and things than what seems to meet the eye.

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