teddy bearShortly after my grandfather (my mother’s father) passed away in the year of 1977 his dead spirit had appeared before my three year old young eyes inside the apartment of where his mother resided.

My mother was there present with me and bore witness to this event as the occurrence had gave her a bit of a scare as she was unable to see what I had clearly witnessed, her father standing by the back window of my great grandmother’s bedroom, and I pointing and asking her “Who’s that?”

She had questioned me, puzzled, “Who?”

“Right there”, I had went on, motioning toward the unidentified apparition in mystery.

My mother was so frightened at the scene that she gathered up our jackets and headed straight for the front door but just as we were on our way out of the apartment my great grandmother was in unison entering inside.

“What’s wrong?” My great grandmother had asked, noticing the upset within her granddaughter.

“Toya just saw something that I couldn’t see”, my mother explained.

“Oh, don’t worry”, my great grandmother had insisted and assured. “It’s just your father that she saw”.

As healthy children we have all I’m sure played with “other imaginary people”, imaginary people who we’d pretend were right there within our surroundings. I use to imitate as I was a teacher with all of my dolls or with the “invisible children” as the occupants of my classroom in my bedroom as well as playing cashier on the kitchen table with all of my invisible customers, and so on, very normal kiddie behavior in general.

So normal in fact that when particular children are really talking and interacting with a entity that is actually invisible within the appearance to others it is taken merely as a part of the wild imagination of any ordinary child.

cuteOn occasion many people have and still do unfortunately even under hostility continue to underestimate the knowledge and understanding of a child or young one during their inexperienced learning stages of development.

There are those old youngster souls, though, the ones that are highly in tune and that have been here in this world before and beyond even so they may not have total or any recollection at all of the previous encounters of their existence they do have the subconscious remnants and the present capacity of invocation and unaccountable nature along with the exceptional advantages of sharp-wittedness.

I’ve come across a few of these type of children personally myself and they have tickled me with their “brightness” and “carriage” it was so cute and I advocate the wisdom that is found within “the power of the particular”.

I have to admit myself that at a very young age I knew and felt too many of the things that I was way too young to know and to perceive yet I was absolutely “conscious” of life and specific details regardless that is why I am able to speak upon the issue. At ten years of age I laid my hand upon my grandmother’s (my mother’s mother) hands while she was in the hospital due to a stroke and had “woke her up” from her months at remaining in a comatose state.

A family associate suggested that I be brought to the hospital to perform a “child’s touch”, and what do you know it worked!

All of those little “tea parties” and “make-believe” friendships are not always derived from the innocence of a kid’s creative mind-set sometimes it is none other than the manifestation of an innately acquired skill to communicate with the other-worldly.


Young Ones:(https://ladylatoya.wordpress.com/2016/01/23/young-ones/)



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