shelfThis past Wednesday I worked a twelve hour overnight shift into Thursday morning.

When my task was complete I traveled on home, changed my clothes then sat and chatted a while with a relative then headed back out the door to do some grocery shopping.

When I got back home I took off my clothes for good this time helped to put the food away then relaxed comfortably in my bed, ordered some dinner from a restaurant because I did not feel like cooking, watched a horror flick then by a quarter to one Friday morning I went on to sleep.

I’d been up for a little over twenty-four hours where do I get the energy?

I’ve done worse than that in the past as I have actually stayed up for thirty-six hours straight with a tiny bit of dozing off here and there on free time doing a three day in a row twelve hour night shift work assignment due to the fact of how far that I had to travel back and forth to work during that period. By the time I would arrive home in the morning there was only two hours worth of sleep that I could get before the travel from New York back through New Jersey so I just stayed up.

Then every following Friday I’d do one more overnight twelve hour shift rounding the entire total to forty-eight hours a week but the last day was not a consecutive day as my days were Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then Friday, I will not be doing that anymore so far away from home. I need to get my rest I did that for three months straight.

No coffee (I am not a coffee drinker), no nothing just pure energy and determination.

When I use to work in retail some of my fellow employees called me “the energizer bunny”.

I once worked at Sears and Bloomingdale’s at the same time going to long island to Sears from 11 am to 5 pm then heading on over to Manhattan to Bloomingdale’s from 10 pm to 6 am doing overnight invoice, merchandise handling and packaging for delivery while the store was closed after hours.

I do believe there are energies that surround us and that aide us within stamina and endurance because where there is a “will” there definitely is a “way” and we get plenty of divine help when we are eager about helping ourselves but when I look back on my life and the things that I have been through and accomplished I do not at all know how I’ve done it.

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