eye in the skyI have to admit that I am glad that I am working back to my normal routine of three days now.

To me it is better to do three-day twelve hour night shifts rather than eight hour night shifts five nights a week into the morning.

I have the time now to work again with more days off to take more time out to rest and enjoy myself as I should.

The universe is full of better things that continue to remain in store.

Between these years of working more than one job at a time and working the excessive hours including overtime and filling in I don’t know how I continue to do it but I am a smart girl because I always had to make sure that I had back-up.

I constantly have work to do but I work too much.

And I have always said that the nursing field is not my lifetime journey but it brings in the income for the meantime until my real life mission and blessings come through.

Yet, I just need to hang in there.

Well, I’ve had a few nights to linger at home now it will be back to the drawing board. I thank goodness for my opportunities but at times I feel that I am missing out on what I am really supposed to be doing in life.

Nevertheless, I am a happy camper with a fierce punch. And I give praise to all of my spiritual connections that firmly have my back.

I’ve enjoyed this short time of writing I won’t have time again for a while since i’ll be busy but when I get the time and if or when I have something to say and the spirit hits me I’ll drop a few lines!


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