I do not believe in fear. And being afraid to express one’s self.

I was born with a caul (veil), a thin membrane that will sometimes envelop a newborn baby’s entire face at birth.

The caul itself is a message. A sure sign that denotes psychic or clairvoyant ability.

I recognized a lot of the special abilities that I had early on in life. My clairvoyant gifts were strong, accurate, and necessary. They had brought me a very long way here in life.

I’ve always had a strong spirit. I did not care or worry about what people said or thought. Some people would rather have wanted to consider me to be crazy than to accept or acknowledge that I actually had a gift.

Ignorance is a burden that will always cause confusion. Especially when there are those around who are jealous, and limited within the things that exist and in the things that are possible.

As a child growing up in society I did not feel that I belonged here in the world. And I still do not til this day.


I think that it is deep for a person to have to live in a place where they really do not want to be. A place that they cannot relate to. A place that they do not feel connected to.

The world to me is more of a penitentiary than a suitable place to live.

A world that is governed with bias rules and regulations. A world that conforms to a particular style of life and in which shows a favoritism for certain types of people.

And, I do not at all mean regarding race.

I am speaking in general. About the way of life. How things are operated and catered toward those who share commonality.

We have psychologist who judge people by their mindset and behavior. Deciding on what is considered as acceptable and normal behavior according to research. Many people tend to estimate and form opinions based on experience and study.

As soon as something or someone appears to be what is out of the ordinary, people are ready to draw conclusions or experiment on what is not familiar to them.


There are people in the world who have a habit of not being able to mind their own business. Always worried about what someone else is, or is not doing.

I’ve had that problem quite a lot through out the years. People inquisitive as to why I was living my life the way that I did, not associating with anyone and not falling prey to the pitfalls of this society. They made speculations that were just as equivalent to their mediocre mentality.

Nobody likes to hear the truth when they are looking for something to be negative. Finding out that they could be wrong in their assumptions is humiliating to them. Then they feel silly.

Reality is sometimes too painful for some to deal with. So they look for an escape.

Some people escape through drugs and alcohol. And some escape through illusions and delusions that are associated with mental illness by lying to themselves and about their circumstances. These people are habitual, compulsive, and pathological liars.

I’ve come into contact with many personality types within my young lifetime.

I have a very perceptive nature. And always knew that there had to be way much more to life than what was on this material side. Something much more meaningful and fulfilling. Missing pieces to the puzzle that I needed to put together within my life.

Here and there. And little by little things would start to unveil. Then after a certain point in time bigger things began to unravel. Bringing further insight and clarity that later brought to me true freedom.

The freedom to know who I really was. The freedom to completely be myself. The freedom to genuinely live my life the way that I was supposed to.

I truly know the meaning of existing in the world yet not being anything of it. I love not having to live under any biblical law or influence that does not pertain to my lifestyle. Just living In what comes natural to me under the correct guidance.


Spirituality is my foundation. It is what sustains me. I love the peace and quietness of meditation. The serenity and solitude of being alone.

I love living in a sphere that is full of truth, knowledge, and consistency. An extension of my true habitat and a peek into my eternal destiny.

People who are born with certain spiritual gifts often experience the extraordinary. Their minds think ahead. Their eyes see beyond. And their mouths speak of things that are to come.

Strong and positive energies surround me through out my day to day life. They contribute to my survival here on this earth.

By nature I am influenced by spirit. Vehemently inspired to use my gifts and to fulfill out my purpose.

My actions are automatic. As in the way that I write. I do not plan ahead. The plan leads me.

Through experience I have learned to trust in the things that I cannot explain. I am only challenged so that spirit can reveal to me the further things that I am able to accomplish.

And as I continue to trust in the things that I cannot explain, I still know and understand everything that is around me, and why.

My energy is who I am.

A fiery light that burns. Radiating with the natural powers of the occult. And shining brightly amongst the powers that be and that protect me.


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