reflectIn my experience going as far back as a child being born with a caul/veil I felt like the natural energy of magic was surrounding my aura.

Extra sensory range would often project from heights that were tremendous yet manageable.

I was so sensitive that I had refused to go back to school at one point during childhood. I was so often distracted by all of the energy that I would soak up from the environment.

It was sometimes hard to concentrate while in the midst of the other children as I could pick up on their vibes, thoughts, and whatever else that was going on around me. When I was totally alone though I felt more at ease, more at complete attention, although I could still pick up on various spiritual sensation without being in contact with anyone physically.

My not attending school became a big attraction.

Everything was fine at the beginning. I was living in a different area of Queens, New York. I first began going to the day care center at the age of two years and nine months and I completely loved it.

I could already read and write by then because my mother had already taught me at home. When I graduated from day care (I still have my report card til this day from kindergarten all S’s for satisfactory) and went on into the first grade the children who I attended school with there were all of different nationalities and they were all so very smart.

We all genuinely liked one another.

Aside from regular school work, we all did arts, crafts, and nature. We’d rehearse to put on plays. We would conduct “show and tell” and other fun and productive activities and our achievements would be put up on the bulletin board. We were all so very well-educated on up.

The problem began with Black Magic (Brujeria). Us caulbearers or bearers of the veil are at many times regarded as targets.

We can become very spiritually vulnerable to the particular negative counterparts that are lurking within our society once we are recognized for who we truly are.

They do not care how young we are when they try to hurt or kill us.

leisureAll that they know is that they have to stop us before we can accomplish whatever it is in specific that we are put here on the earth to do.

Of course, our destiny and purpose is to become something great in life. To make positive change, powerful influence.

Negativity doesn’t want to see that happen. Demonic influence doesn’t want to see that appear. Our natural intuitiveness and natural powers of occult are a threat to the very well-being of their existence.

By the time I was about to hit the second grade I had to move to a different location. My first grade teacher (I still remember her name) was disappointed because she had intended to promote me into a “smart class” during the following new school term year.

From then on, I had always did very well in school and within my school work assignments. However, I could not tolerate to be within an environment of those who were degenerate in nature and who were not on my level.

As a true caulbearer or a person of the veil it is very important whom one occupies them self around and whom one associates them self with. I learned at a very early age the types of people who I was not meant to and not supposed to connect with and/or be around, and my spirit would absolutely not allow it.

The energies and powers that are associated with the caul/veil indeed also serve as a spiritually authoritative yet magical protection.

For a few years I went through a truant officer, counselors, and a family court judge whom all could not understand why I did not want to go back to school and since there was not anything wrong with me mentally or physically it became a “big mystery” to them that I could not understand.

There were literally teenagers out there on the streets of my neighborhood who had dropped out of school doing nothing but dealing drugs and loitering about yet I was the one continuously being harassed by those in the “system”.

I wanted no part of the world the way that it was. I needed my own time to grow and develop independently. Knowledge and understanding came fluently. I was firmly and properly on board to a better sense of self, purpose, and foundation.

I could not wait until I turned sixteen. I was then free and legally at the age to go and pursue my own educational resources of choice.

If I had the brains and opportunity to get published with a mainstream publisher at the age of ten or twelve I knew that I could go and do anything that I wanted to with the luck and faith of the universe.

My mother had revealed to me later on in life that she was glad that I had left the school atmosphere during that particular period of time because after all it wasn’t school itself. It was the environment and what was in the schools that had disgusted me and made me want to leave.

I have no regrets that I look back upon. I have done very well despite the circumstances of evil Black Magic. It is all over now.




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