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Melissa Campa

These are lies of demonized souls, go far back as far as you can remember. The first time you felt abandoned or abused whether physically or mentally or sexually. The door was open from that day forward. You see I was just like you even suicidal, literally would negotiate with a voice telling me you’ll never see heaven you already love every day in sin (addicted to pain killers) so if you were to die and kill your self you would go to hell as you would go to hell anyways by the judgment of your sins according to your God! I cried I cut I screamed and then I remembered my dad took me and my brother to church Very young and we went up to the alter with our dad and accept Jesus as our lord and savior. I never knew exactly what I did but I knew I was more Of a threat because of it. The difference between a child of God that has a seed from a young age vs a new age follower or atheist is that the one who was brought up in a Christian home has been to church before has heard the word of God is a threat to the devil because gods word says in (Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.) you see I may not change your mind about God I’ve yelled at God when people I loved died I cursed God for allowing me to get beat my child’s father I was so mad but I still felt like who else do I have. My parents both live their lives and I had it rough growing up from being molested to watching my dad beat my mother while she never fought back and beat on us and because of my father I became so defensive always fighting and protecting the weaker individuals who I saw bullied. But if my mom or dad couldn’t do right by us as children. My dad the same man who hit me and my brother and mom took me to the living god and he placed a seed that seed is in certain chosen people. Jesus said if they hate me they’ll hate you too if the crucified me they will do it you because of ME. Jesus said but be of good cheer I have overcome the world. The devil the demons Satan comes against us threw other people who have been deceived who listened to the suggestions that God did this and its his fault. This whole world is ruled by demons look at the president! I’m not perfect I sin and I may sin again tomorrow I may say the same prayer god forgive you know how it goes but Jesus does because he knew god knew we will never ever be holy we will never get it right! If Jesus came to preach the word right now in this generation he would chose his disciples and they would be former pimps former murders former thief’s former gang members former homeless people former drug dealers and homosexuals. He never would ride around with the people of the church the holy traditional church and hypocrites. He would save the ones from what we see as the worst people he says these people are the first in the kingdom of heaven because basically people like them need more love and god sees the heart and he sees the soul has authority to cast out demons of torment of perversion, abuse and immortality etc. before you click off maybe you already did just give him a chance crawl to him say a few words and then next time maybe stand up to him say a few more words and if you ever feel like nothing is working with the new age practices you still can’t find peace you can’t find healing then run to god surrender in private take baby steps god know we can’t just change over night he knows we will never get it right. He’s not a god of suffering because the Old Testament was of the way the first living people of the world had to be obedient and this why god sent Jesus Christ his word says behold i make all things new. The new commandment I give you is to love each other. If I can suggest maybe listening to deliverance prayers on YouTube with head phones and water. Baby steps pray in private goodnight


In reply to Melissa Campa.

You sound like a very mentally and emotionally disturbed individual and one that isn’t intelligent enough to understand the depth of my writings.

Just because some people don’t like or agree with God and have different viewpoints or perceptions regarding him and his way does not mean that they are suffering, lost, or have been broken in some way. If anything it is quite the opposite and you need to stop being ignorant and closed- minded.

I was born a gifted child and one with the wisdom and knowledge to “see” and “discern”. I’ve experienced a lot of supernatural occurrences and ones that you have no idea exist. I was a happy child there were just some adults and relatives around me who weren’t happy within themselves but it wasn’t everyone.

I’ve never been or walked in your shoes as I’ve never been raped or sexually abused by anyone and I’ve never been mistreated by a parent. “Spiritual essence” in which constantly followed me would never have allowed those vile things to happen. I was lucky and blessed and had natural spiritual protection.

I was raised and brought up in love by a darn good mother and had lots of love given to me by my mother and solicitous attention given to me as well as from certain others that were around me. I was very well taken care of as a child on up that is partly why so many people were jealous of me.

So you’re venting to the wrong person.

I am very happy and fulfilled within myself and have a great peace of mind and what I venerate and believe in suits and serves me very well. Things are working out within my life accordingly and the universe is bringing to me the elements in which I desire.

I have been attacked all through out life by “particular” individuals-along with principalities-for being a good and unique person by those who are not of my caliber and who have a lack of knowledge into things in specific.

Yes, I do agree with one thing you’ve wrote and that is God does concern himself moreover with the negative people but it is not because they’re all sincere within their heart and deceptively mislead and all good people are not hippocrates because we don’t need or have to serve or consult with god to genuinely be of a positive nature or character by his definition.

You’re a tortured soul and you are brainwashed and people who are deeply troubled often incite to bring unnecessary problems to others. Go and get yourself some serious help.

2 thoughts on “A Tortured Soul

  1. Maybe you took what I said way out of context but that is okay. On my dads side of the family, they’re all full native Apache Indian natural healers and psychic intuitive people. This gift has also been passed down to me, my brother, my daughter and my second son. I do have my own YouTube channel as an intuitive reader and I’ve known how to read tarot since 13! I’m not religious and actually I don’t agree with the church but I love Christ. My older brother who is very intelligent, musically gifted as well and we both have YouTube channels, he happens to follow the old Norway mythology and that’s his belief system and also acknowledges Christ…. so I apologize if you felt the need to defend yourself by cutting me down and saying I’m a Tortured soul, I may have at one time. Not now, I didn’t come on your page to make you feel bad or anything else. I was just sharing my experience and in doing so shared a bit of my story because I know the power of awareness . I do quite well on helping others with my gifts as you do yourself. The downside of having the gift of being an empath is we go through stages (not going to identify myself with yourself) that was my mistake to say I related because it caused me to strike a defensive nerve in you. My grandmother is a natural psychic and doesn’t even need things to tap and that’s another downside of growing up with Christian parents but with one side of the family always telling you what’s going to happen, at a certain age I just told them to stop and not tell me anything unless it pertained to my health or health of my children. I’ll only be opened ear to emergencies because I need to experience life as it comes, as a reader. I can read for everyone else, God has spiritually blocked me from reading for myself. I see angels as well but I know they come around when someone I know may pass or it’s a channeling for someone who may pass. I’ve been attacked with magic and it was a hellish experience and by my own mother in law, till this day she try’s to interfere with my free will and her sons free will when it comes to me. If it wasn’t for God and my belief in Christ I wouldn’t be as powerful as iam to fight against it. I’ve had spells casted on me by ex girlfriends and just some horrible things people did out of pure hatred and envy. You’d be surprised what people with control issues and money will do to block someone else’s blessings. I was taught to never use magic against magic. It’s the worst thing to do to reverse it but hey what do I know, it’s just in my bloodline, God put me in this family for a purpose. I’m really sorry, hopefully one day you figure out who I am, never was trying to cause judgement, other than that, it’s not important, it’s still all love and I wish nothing but good vibes, love and an overflowing of abundance. Again I apologize for hitting that nerve. Be well ❤️

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