Shield Of Armors


evil and darknessAbout a weekend ago around the fifth and sixth of this February month I was at home and could literally “feel” and discern the thoughts and verbal utterances among the number of my adversaries. I felt the same negativity repeat this past week falling into the weekend (twelfth and thirteenth of this month) yet to a lesser extent as they had a malignant plan within the scope and within their making.

Friday night into Saturday morning I had received a “very funny feeling” that was around me and that was heightened as to alert me as to something that just was not right.

My adversaries were ultra pissed off and severely disappointed within me due to the fact that I absolutely and without a doubt have no regard for any of them whatsoever.

All of their efforts in their attempts to cause my destruction through their past and continual lies, schemes of manipulation, and so on, have tremendously failed because of my analytical and intellectual vigor, my extremely resilient mind and spirit, my definite uncaring attitude of what they or others may say or think about me, and my sufficient foundation of  spiritual purpose.

My foes that are very low within character and that are highly intimidated and envious of mine were all so eaten up inside, and as they were constantly eaten up alive they had also become even more rancorous and inspired to “discipline” me as my apathetic nature and firm sense of self, along with my additional infuriating stubborn distinctions, catered to them all as just “another serious of a problem”.

By my unique and natural modes of mentality they were and are unable to defeat me and that is again a “big problem” in their sick minds, and within their evil eyes.

plant lifeOn Sunday, February 14 St Valentines Day, at exactly 10:04 p.m. I had sat comfortably in a chair at the facility in which that I worked as something had suddenly hit down within the seat of the chair right behind my tush.

Instantly I had known what the occurrence was and what it was meant to bring.

It was a sign of action intended by the onset of “Brujeria” which I have experienced within the past that was currently unable to come into fruition and boy were they so very angry, confused and afraid. Afterward, my adversaries were also disappointed in how they were unable to persuade certain other individuals to join within their lies and within their indulgence into witchcraft many people have for a while now been on to them.

People are not falling for their lies the way that they use to and not everybody did to begin with.

It was just three weeks ago that my enemies attempted to cross me up within my paths through this same type of mode of evil as I could sense and feel the warnings of the deliberate condition that they had wanted and tried to set before me. The only hindrance that they continuously fail to understand though is no other than their own utter state of ignorance.

They’ve on many occasion struggled to break down my shield but I am a congenital whirlwind of barrier.

Brujeria cannot, and will “never” ever again touch and/or battle up against me. I myself am a protection, the sources around and within me are a protection, the universal aspects that surround the planes of life that are around and within the vibration of force radiate protection.

I laugh harshly at all the inferior low life of fools that honestly believed that through out all of their own shortcomings and envies and jealousies and previous triumphs or attempts at and over the other more fortunate and guiltless of souls that they could just conveniently go run and resort to the aides of surreptitious deceptive witchcraft in order to get the undeserved solutions of their own selfish and unjustifiable way.

candlesThey may have destroyed other people in particular on other specific terms as to their false sense of access to easy measurements to control, however, they cannot win and have not won them all because I am an individual who is here and who is plenty of aware, and I am also one of whom that is within genuine fierce effect, an inborn power that is of a significant and natural of means.

There are us who are especially chosen spiritual warriors within our own right we are out there and we refuse to let the evil prevail among us, and we dare anyone of a demonic nature to try to blow out our flames of divine glow as the darkness is never under any circumstance able to outshine or overpower the light.


No Alteration Through My Gratification:(





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